Internet Marketing – WHO CAN DO THIS?


On this website we will explore How To Learn Internet Marketing (IM) and How You Can Make Money Online and most importantly, WHO CAN DO THIS?




Yes I know this is a bold statement, but keep on reading because I am going to back this up. Thousands and thousands of people have started their Home Business and taking advantage of the opportunity the Internet is providing. And they all came from different ways of life.

What was their motivation?

* Unemployed in need of making money

* College Students to support their tuition

* Stay home MOMS (and DADS) wanting to earn extra income

* People in low paying jobs looking for extra income

* Folks getting tired of the everyday grind at their boring jobs

* Retirees out of boredom or to supplement their fixed income

* Disabled People unable to commute

* Folks like me with a burning desire to own his business

* People that want to set their own work hours

* Veterans unable to find a regular job   They all did it and SO CAN YOU! I will show you in just a few minutes How You Can Start Your Own Business Today. Let me ask one question though before I’ll get to it.  

What do you think could prevent you from starting your own Internet Marketing Business?


What else could it be?
You already know that an online business is like any other business. It takes a lot of dedication, hard work and the realization that this is NOT a GET RICH QUICK scheme (those are SCAMS). And now I make another bold statement.  

Building an Internet Marketing Business Requires Only These THREE THINGS


  • KNOWLEDGE: You need to learn the basics of the business from the ground up. Therefore you must be willing to study hard to be able to implement the knowledge into your business
  • HELP: Ever so often you will need help. I know from experience how frustrating it is when stuck and there is nobody to turn to for help
  • A WEBSITE: You need your own WEBSITE over which you have total control (not the kind you would get from the scammers). You need to control the design, what goes on it (content) and what you want to get out of it.

  I would like for you to watch a short video at this point to give you an idea of an absolute legitimate program I am going to introduce you to. Wealthy Affiliate is the only online program that goes far and beyond any other you may find on the Internet. Just give it a go……..6 minutes can be the turning point in your life.


Start the video here!

You just witnessed how simple and quick it is to build a WordPress website. This however is just a tiny little detail of what is Wealthy Affiliate is all about. You see, I have to admit falling for some of the Online Scams in the past years and when I found out about WA I was very skeptical. But I took the right turn and never looked back.

Are you with me so far? Now you need to take the right turn.

  I can get you started, right this minute, with your own business in under 5 minutes for ZERO DOLLARS, YES you heard right $0.00, no credit card required, zilch, zippo, nothing. I understand when you are skeptical but let me put you at ease. Read my Wealthy Affiliate Review now and find out what their program is all about.

What Do You Get for $0.00?

The BEST ONLINE TRAINING you can find. Included are

  • Video Classes
  • Tutorials
  • Classrooms
  • Courses


  • From a College like community of 10,000’s of members
  • Live Chat support
  • Topical discussions
  • A huge library of “how to, what, when…..” Topics
  • Personal help from me (Username: mackiejw)
  • Personal help from the founders (yes, they are very much involved and available)


  • Fully functional WordPress Sites
  • Ready to make you money

All this for FREE. Sound unbelievable and crazy, but it is for real. Wealthy Affiliate is THE ONLY program that will let you join without paying a single penny and you can stay as a STARTER MEMBER for as long as you wish.

What do you have to lose? Nothing. Choose the Starter Option, $0.00 from the chart below and you will get access to this great opportunity instantly. Take a look around the community, get a feel for it and chat with some of the members.
  how to start internet marketing   John Profile My name is John and if you have any questions or concerns, I would like to know about it. Just drop a comment below. I promise to get back with you within 12 hours Cheers

16 Responses

  1. Fozzie

    I accessed your links in the article for the video and the review snd it says there are no such page on the site – you might want to check this out and maybe re-link. 😉

  2. Dan Boomer Girolmo

    uh…no… you may need a correction here.

    Karatbars is a completely free account or as a model to use to SAVE Real Gold Money, and REFER others to get their own free account if you want to, or to earn with as a ‘Starter’ as you implied above. If you wish to get paid Weekly AND in addition to monthly, you will need to activate the secondary Optional reward payment system, called the Dual Team System. (pays weekly for successful commissionable activity)
    You can do that by buying a marketing package (not required)… or perform simple efforts AND EARN one of them with Double Income in your 1st 6 weeks as an affiliate. Therefore the only limit is YOU, Not your own personal financial situation. Every aspect is optional.
    Each person that opens a free account, for no cost, no maintenance fees, no website fees, and No requirement to use it and no penalty if you don’t use it, will also get 4 free marketing links. they can have it vaulted overseas for free, or get put into the production queue and delivered insured into their hands by FedEx. Deliver 1 gram same cost as up to 40 grams, 100 grams or more is free delivery. A person who chooses to become an affiliate, can even earn money 0.5-6% paid monthly, from purchases of referrals that buy something, even if the referrer doesn’t buy anything. NOTE: the referral may have even been located from one of YOUR own free programs John, to FIND SOMEONE to SELL SOMETHING TO. No money is made unless someone buys something.

    I was a licensed and bonded repoman for 27 years in Southern California, recovered over 34,000 pieces of collateral and knocked on over 300,000 doors asking for money, keys or info. So my review will be quite different from the average uninformed person, out there. I am a skeptic by experience. Does that make sense to anyone reading this?

    Unfortunately How can anyone offer a truly good review of this great movement unless you are a part of it, or you would know that this offers more than saving money, and or making money. An actual informed critic needs to be involved in the use of a Karatbars account to evaluate it from the inside out… and as I said that is free also. Karatbars is Not a subscription bill to pay, nor a consumable. The Basis of the account is creating volume by Saving Money First, NOT Last.
    If any affiliates decide to MAKE money after that by referring others to get their own account and participate anyway they want to. If they decided to ever stop telling others about this, look what they have on their shelf ?… an ASSET , when has that EVER been a bad thing ? everyone say NEVER.

    As far as the Karatbars gold products go… No One Out There in the Gold Sales outlets can make it Better in Quality, Size, and Security than Karatbars does. And with ALL the features and benefits it offers to Just USE the account without telling anyone else at all ? Best overall that I have ever seen available… (from the old Crusty ex-repoman)

    As far as Price goes… the REAL Question behind the price question is ” How do you get the Most, of the BEST Quality, for the Least amount of Time, Effort, and personal finances”
    Watch this 4.5 min video to understand…
    “Why get Karatbars Gold instead of anywhere else”

    as a ex-repoman, I never really repossessed anything from someone based on how much money somebody made, It was always because of how much money someone KEPT. Keep it in paper anything, and you will buy less stuff in the future. Keep it in gold, you will buy more…it is that simple

    thanks for giving people this information John, and not deleting it

  3. Shirley

    John, I love this article. It certainly explains that anyone can do this using the Wealthy Affiliate Training Program. I’ve been a member for two months and I now have three websites up and running with affiliate links and I’m starting to see traffic. I expect to see money coming in with the next three months.
    I am 60 years old, retired and handicapped (in a wheelchair) and I can easily do this, with the flexibility it allows in my schedule: Working from home, sitting at my computer for just periods of time during the day, allowing time for me to nap and take care of other things when I need too. It’s work, but very flexible work and I’m even beginning to enjoy the writing (I just write like I talk). Best wishes. Shirley

    • John Worthy

      Thanks for stopping by Shirley. Wealthy Affiliate is indeed the place for anyone trying to build an home based online business. No scam, no spam, no annoying upsells. Sure, it takes work and the willingness to learn, but success will be ours.

  4. Tom

    I have tried quite a few online “schemes” where you supposedly BUY the key to online money making success. In the end, the success was not so much. You typically one of 1000’s selling the same thing.

    Wealthy Affiliate is unique in that they urge you to find and develop your own niche. They even give you the tools to do so for free.

    It is only after you prove to yourself that you can make money that you are given options to multiply your income further.

    • John Worthy

      That’s too true. I am glad I found Wealthy Affiliate. Here anyone can get all the knowledge necessary to succeed. And all the tools at the same time. Thanks Tom

  5. Rachel Graham

    “What was their motivation?” bullet points really does make you realise that anyone can do this, with the help and support given by Wealthy Affiliate. We just need to motivate ourselves and believe that we can be successful if we work hard at it. Great Page!

  6. Jackie

    Hi John. I like the way you communicate with your readers. It feels like you are chatting with a friend. Well done. Jackie x

  7. James W D

    I agree anyone can be successful with the right mindset and the right work ethic. Wealthy Affiliate definitely gives you the tools and the knowhow, you just need to provide the right motivation for yourself.

    • admin

      Thanks James. I think so too. Just hope a lot of people wanting to do something on their own will come by my site

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