What Is The Big Profit System-Pyramid Scheme Or Legit?

For the past 5 years I have reviewed many systems and products that claim to make you a lot of money in almost no time, and it is really no secret why so many people still working 9-to-5 jobs they hate, instead of using these systems, getting filthy rich and living the high life…these crappy systems don’t work, period.

Recently, I came across a product that looks a lot like the infamous, and now bankrupt, Empower Network, and has the flair of Digital Altitude, which has been shut down by the FTC just last February.

Let’s have a closer look at the Big Profit system, shall we?


What is the Big Profit System?


According to their sales page this is…

A Breakthrough System that regular people are using to EASILY make $1,000 to $10,000 per week, without Internet Marketing or even speaking to anyone‘!

WOW, that’s really a mouthful of hogwash, if you ask me; especially when this sales page is THE ONLY SOURCE OF INFORMATION that can be found. There is no Company Name anywhere, nor is there any mentioning of ownership.

However, there is a Disclaimer at the bottom of the sales page that tells you that …

…the Company referenced in the BPS videos is an independent entity and BPS simply provides a marketing system for that company’s Independent agents to use to assist them in producing sales. (BPS) is an independent entity and is in not in any way a part of any company that may be mentioned on the following pages.

In other words, my bullshit alarm went haywire while reading their disclaimer.

I noticed another important detail that makes the Big Profit System sales page different from others. There is no link to a purchase or check-out page, but there are several links for you to Schedule A Consultation With A Success Coach, which opens up another really interesting page.

This is what you will see…


Big profit system review


… stern warning that you need a MINIMUM of $1,280 if you want to become part of Big Profit System, and IF you don’t have the money, there is no need for you to schedule a consultation call with a success coach.

It took a bit of ‘finagling‘ on my part to find out what this Big Profit System really is…a high ticket MLM scheme just like EN, Digital Altitude and MOBE.


How Much Does the Big Profit System Cost?


In good old pyramid fashion, the Big Profit System provides 5 different levels, and in order to appear legit, each level contains a different set of ‘digital products’.

  • Level 1: $ 1,000 + $280 admin fee
  • Level 2: $ 3,000 + $280 admin fee
  • Level 3: $ 6,000 + $280 admin fee
  • Level 4: $12,000 + $280 admin fee
  • Level 5: $20,000 + $280 admin fee

You can take a closer look at the levels on this sales page…take note of the Level 5 image which is eerily similar to the images used at Digital Altitude and MOBE


Big Profit System Compensation Plan:


BPS is a typical MLM pyramid scheme with a relative simple compensation plan. You will get 50% of the level a newly recruited member joins Big Profit System. Understand that you are not getting paid for selling the so called products, but for recruiting new members into the different levels of the pyramid.


commission structure


You only get paid if your recruit joins at the same level you are, or any level below yours. If your recruit joins at a higher level than you are situated in, you will not get any compensation.


How Much Money Can You Make with the Big Profit System?


It is a well known fact that only about 2% to 3% of all members of an MLM scheme make good money, while 94% not break even. So, if you are an MLM pro and have no problems with your recruits most likely losing their hard earn money, you might be able to make as much as BPS claims in their sales video.


What Are The Concerns About Big Profit System?

I could simply say “It’s an MLM pyramid scheme” and leave it at that. But there are other real issues I need to bring to your attention:


Hidden Ownership!

Maybe it’s just me, but I find it mighty strange that whoever is behind this Big Profit Systems tries its best to remains unknown. A reputable business would certainly not act this way. I was not able to obtain any information about their website, or who owns the domain name. Definitely strange and weird.


False Earning Guarantees!

The image below shows at the top of their sales page:


hyped up earning potential


They practically try to lure people into their scheme with an outright lie. Their ‘products’ are worthless and will NOT make you any money. They are just a front to support your recruiting efforts.


The Big Profit System Compensation Plan:

Many people, including myself, are making money in Affiliate Marketing by promoting tangible products and earning commissions WITHOUT having to purchase the product in order to qualify. Just imagine that car sales people haveto purchase all the model(s) they want to sell to be able to earn a commission.


Their “Products” And The Prices!

Reading their Level List with the so called product descriptions gives me goose bumps…not because I am getting excited, but from ~Angst~ (German for FEAR). Thousand bucks for “Personal Development Courses” or $3,000 for “Free Traffic Mastery“? I know places where similar videos are offered as BONUS gifts.


Fake Testimonials!

Big Profit System uses ‘spokes models’ for the testimonials on their sales page. Took a little bit of digging, but “JENNY V” also gives testimonials as ‘GABRIELLA‘ for a Spanish speaking agency.

what is big profit system




Is The Big Profit System A Scam?

Well, it really does not matter what we call this thing, I NEVER will recommend any of these high priced pyramid schemes. However, I know one thing for sure…IF enough people would report BPS to the FTC, and BPS is located in the USA, they would shut this outfit down just as they did Digital Altitude, and for the same reasons.


What Is The Alternative To The Big Profit System?

I don’t know exactly how many people make money online, but the number must be staggering. They are NOT making money with crap like the Big Profit System, but with legitimate online businesses as affiliate marketers, website designers, internet consultants, video creators, etc.

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