What Is Nerium Intl? Scam Or The Fountain of Youth

Darn, it’s almost impossible to find a real and honest Nerium International Review. The SERPs (search engine result pages) are spilling over with fake reviews, which actually are over hyped sales pages from MLM recruiters looking for new enrollees.

To be honest, I am not a big fan of MLM. If you are looking for an unbiased review, you came to the right place. You don’t have to worry that I will try to sell you the Nerium product or sign you up for their opportunity.

What is Nerium International?

Jeff olson image
Jeff Olson, Founder & CEO

Nerium International, founded by Jeff Olson is a Multi-Level-Marketing company that sells a beauty product through a network of independent distributors called “Brand Partners”.

“Beauty Products” is a multi-billion dollar business with a lot of available products, so I guess that one more product for those seeking beauty can’t hurt.



What is the Nerium Product?

In plain English, ‘it’s a wrinkle cream’! Of course, Jeff and his devoted crew are not using this term. Instead, they say this:

NeriumAD is an Age-Defying Treatment developed from the company’s “patent-pending” Nerium Oleander extract.

This little plant seems to be the “Fountain of Youth” because “third-party clinical trials” of Nerium Day or Night Creams supposedly showed cases of reduced fine lines, wrinkles, hyper pigmentation, and improvement of damaged skin.

How did they find out that the extract of this plant can do wonders?

“We had ‘a eureka’ moment in our research labs when we stumbled upon what Nerium oleander could do for skin.”

You see, sometimes it’s not too bad to “stumble”.


What is the Nerium ‘Brand Partner Business Opportunity’?

In typical MLM fashion, Nerium products are exclusively sold and distributed through independent consultants, called ‘Brand Partners’. You can choose your own methods and are not forced to a particular ‘modus operandi’.

There is, however, one certain thing ALL brand partners will have to do……..,and that is recruit, recruit and recruit.

How much does it cost to become a Brand Partner?

In order to get the ball rolling, so to speak, you need product and marketing materials & tools. Nerium provides three types of start-up-kits which contain product and lots of marketing stuff to launch your new business adventure.


  • Success Pack for $ 499.95 – 5 bottles of Nerium AD
  • Premier Success Pack for $999.95 – 12 bottles of Nerium AD
  • Brand Partner Launch Kit for $99.95 – 0 (Zip – Nada- Zilch) product but a plethora of marketing material


What is the Nerium Brand Partner Compensation Plan?

As a Nerium brand partner you can earn money in different ways;


  • Selling the product and receive commissions ranging from 10% to 25%
  • Recruiting other folks and receive additional commissions from their sales
  • Weekly acquisition bonuses for every new auto-delivery order you receive


The more products you sell and the more people you recruit, the faster you’ll move up in the company hierarchy and receive additional bonuses.



What are the Nerium Complaints?

MLMs do have a bad reputation and an unusual high number of complaints compared to other companies. We have to understand that there always will be complaints against any kind of business, even the best ones, but it doesn’t mean that they are actually bad.

Finding the complaints is not easy though. MLMs are clever and learned to bury complaints in search results by putting out a whole bunch of fake and positive ‘reviews’ which are actually web pages by participating members to promote the product.

Nerium is no exception to the rule; you will have to dig real dip to find the complaints.


Nerium is NOT a Work at Home Job, it’s a Business!

Well, this is not really a complaint but the voicing of ‘a preference’. Many people are simply NOT interested in starting their own business. They would rather do easy work, like data entry, to make some extra dough to supplement their income.


Expensive Start Up Cost

I don’t understand why some people think that starting a work at home business does not require some investment. It’s not a job but a business, and like any other business, there are start-up costs involved.

It’s a lot cheaper than a regular brick and mortar business, because you don’t have to pay rent/lease or salaries for employees. But you do need products and marketing material, and you won’t get these for free, no matter what kind of business you want to start.

Having said that, a lot of people are complaining that the start-up cost for a Nerium product partner is way too high.


Find out about my #1 recommendation that requires NO Start-Up Cost!


The Nerium Product is Bad

There are many complaints of people reporting to have allergic reactions to the Nerium Beauty Cream, and a lot from others that claim to get serious rashes. You also hear from many people that they saw NO improvements at all using the product.

Many people claim that the “before & after” images are not real but photo shopped. This is not too far fetched, considering that many others do this; but they usually put a very small disclaimer somewhere.


is nerium international a scam


Naturally, you have people that are totally enthused by the product and swear by it. To tell the truth, at about $90 bucks a bottle, it’s way too expensive for me to do a test on my skin to find out ‘which is which’. You can read more Product Reviews here


The Product is Defective

Nerium bottles come with a little pump and the darn thing seems NOT TO WORK more often than that it does. Well, poop happens, as they say, and it should not be a big problem to take care of this problem.

Not so with Nerium, if you believe the hundreds of complaints about the pump. Nerium refuses outright to replace the product or issue a refund because “the bottle was already opened and some product has been used”!


what is nerium international


Duh, how can one find out if the pump works or not without trying?


Monthly Auto Order/Sales Requirements

In order to earn income with Nerium, you need to achieve “active status” and REMAIN active each calendar month.

This requires that you create “200 PQV” in sales to personal customers OR place a personal Auto Order that creates “80 PQV” (no matter if you need the product or not).

I am not able to tell you what this means in DOLLARS, because Nerium, like all the other MLMs, does not like to speak in plain English.

Instead, they refer you to their 16-page compensation plan, which is more difficult to understand than a mixture between ‘Zwaheli, Swiss German and Ngkosa (that’s the African talk with the clicking sound)’.


It is very hard to get a refund!

This is my favorite among all the complaints, if you should ask me to put a rating on them. I read about 120 reports made to the BBB, about how difficult it is to get a refund if you decide to quit being a Product Partner.

Here are two examples.


nerium international review

what is nerium international


In case you want to read more similar complaints, you’ll find them here.


Is Nerium International a Scam?

nerium pyramidWell, they do sell a tangible product and some people do indeed make some money. Basically, Nerium is a MLM Pyramid, but so is Mary Kay and many others in the industry.

Legally they seem to be doing nothing wrong and the quality of the product is a ‘toss up’. Some folks like it a lot, others can’t stand it.

Is their business opportunity a good deal? As I said before, it’s a MLM Pyramid and a funny one by the looks of the structure.

Look at the image; theirs has THREE LEGS, or whatever that thing in the middle may be. In any case, the one thing that all these MLMs have in common, is the fact that only very few, less than 2% of all members, make a livable income.

The others make close to nothing or even lose significant amounts of their hard earned money.

This sad fact combined with all the cons I listed above, is the deal breaker for me. I am happy to have found my # 1 recommendation which allowed me to build a legitimate and sustainable business.


I hope you liked reading my review as much as I enjoyed writing it and would love to hear your opinion. So, chime in and leave a comment on your way out.


The Nerium Alternative

If you ask me if there is an alternative to the Nerium product, I would have to say that I don’t know. Wrinkles are a by-product of getting old and since this process cannot be stopped or reversed, we have to live with them. Nerium is definitely not the ‘Fountain of Youth”.

The business opportunity on the other hand is a totally different story. Maybe you don’t want to become a ‘pushy product partner‘, but have the desire to build your own legitimate online business, I can help you out. Check out my #1 recommendation and take a FREE test drive.

I am not crazy enough and tell you that you will be a millionaire six months from now, or even that this is the right thing for you. This is for you to determine. All I can do is show you how I started out.

That’s all for today. Thanks for stopping by

John Worthy


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6 Responses

  1. Dave

    Hi John, to quote your article “The others make close to nothing or even lose significant amounts of their hard earned money. ” how does anybody lose a significant amount of money? Youre asked to make a one time investment of $500,that’s it. My wife has made over $1,500 profit and has only been a brand partner for a little over 3 months. She never has to invest another penny, so again explain how people lose a significant amount of money? BTW, as a full time ‘job”, yes, its probably a bad idea. But to supplement youre income, why not?

    • John Worthy

      Dave, thanks for stopping by. I really appreciate your comment and fully understand your need to defend Nerium. Fact is, however, that your claim of a “one-time-investment of $500, that’s it”, she never has to invest another penny” is not true. What about the “Auto-Delivery Order (ADO) program”? Without it, and staying ‘active’, your wife will not make a penny, other for direct selling the product for a 20% commission. That’s the reason why so many Nerium Brand partners have a bunch of inventory they are never able to sell (like my ex-wife). Here is a short excerpt of Neriums idiotic compensation plan
      1. You must be enrolled in the ADO program and have an active ADO order with at least one Nerium product with a minimum 70 QV.
      2. You must also have at least three Preferred Customers each with fully paid ADOs being shipped each calendar month.
      3. You must also have a qualifying Auto-Delivery Order on which earned credits will be applied next month.

      That explains why so many folks lose significant amounts of money. For those interested in the plan, here is the link…http://www.neriumsupport.com/downloads/comp_plan.pdf

  2. Rena

    Just passing by. I am not affiliated with Nerium as far as being in business with them but I do use their product. It really is a great product. My skin, since using Nerium feel and look so much better; but to be honest, I can get the same kind of results using Avon products. I’m not bashing or saying that this product isn’t excellent because I love it. I’m just saying that I’ve used Avon skincare products before and these two products can compete with each other. The only issue I have with AVON is their constant discontinuance of products. Especially the ones that I grow accustomed to. Although, I don’t totally agree with some of what you write in your reviews; I love reading your stuff!

    Have a great day and thank you for sharing with us your thoughts & expertise!


    • John Worthy

      Hi Rena, thanks for your comment. You are right, there aren’t many differences between these kinds of products and I am not beating up on them, per se. However, I am not very fond of MLM and the recruiting stuff. That’s all.

  3. David Fogarty

    You need to do a little more research. My wife had no clue how to photo shop. She’s had amazing results. The oops moment was actually MD Anderson Cancer research that stumbled upon the skin therapy results this extract was given. All e poison is removed from the oleander plant. I could go on and on. And the company offers full refund even on opened bottles. Get your facts straight bud!

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