What Is Funnel X ROI? My Funnel X ROI Review Will Tell You!

Funnel X ROI is for Top Affiliate Marketers what a Single Zero Roulette table with a $100 minimum bet is for High Rollers in Las Vegas! For those NOT familiar with the term high rollers, here is a detailed description.

I am sure you've heard the saying 'It takes money to make money', and  Funnel X ROI is taking the meaning of it to a new level. Let's find out if you really can make $300 per day as the creator of Funnel X ROI claims you will.

Funnel X ROI Review Summary

Product Name: Funnel X ROI

Product Type: Comprehensive Affiliate Marketing Platform

Creator/Owner: David Dekel

Price: $50.00 per month / plus $880 to $5,950 for  operating 'inventory'

Who is Funnel X ROI for? Experienced Affiliate Marketers  with 'Money To Spend To Make Money'

Funnel X ROI founder

Summary: David Dekel created a 'Pay-To-Earn' sales funnel system that has the potential to make you a lot of money IF you have a substantial amount of money to invest, AND have already experience in different forms of Affiliate Marketing. 

Rating: 3.0 out of 5

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What Is Funnel X ROI?

One thing is for sure...it's a different kind of Internet Beast. First off, Funnel X ROI  is 100% FREE; David Dekel will NOT charge you a single penny to join his program, because he will make enough commissions of YOUR work.  More about this later.

Secondly, you CANNOT just waltz in and become a member, it is 'by invitation only' and you have to be invited by an active member!

Most importantly though, every dime you are going to make with David's system will be coming from  3rd party affiliate marketing opportunities , like MLM (Multi Level Marketing), etc.

How Does Funnel X ROI Work?

You must get an invitation if you don't have one, but that's no problem. Do a simple Google search for the program and look for obvious 'Affiliate reviews'. Mine is not one of these because I am NOT a member of this program.

Once you find a review with affiliate link and click on it, you've been 'invited'.  Becoming a member is FREE, but the member that 'invited' you will receive commissions from the products you purchase

You see, Funnel X ROI is basically a SALES FUNNEL for 5 main products and 2 supplementary offers, and affiliates are paid commissions for each sale from their invitees.

What Are The Products And Their Costs?

Each individual product in the funnel is described in a step-by-step manner, supported by easy to follow videos. 

1) Easy 1UP - 6 Levels $25 to $2,000

This is an MLM that pays you 100% commission of the initial buy-in from the members you recruit. You only qualify for commission on the level you bought in to. For example: You bought in at Level 3 - $500 and one of your referrals gets 'all-in' at the $2,000 lever, you only will receive $500 commission.

2) Now Lifestyle – $100/year or $24.97/month

This is also an MLM, but in the Health and Wellness niche and offers vitamin supplements and video workout programs.

funnel x roi review

click image to enlarge

Now Lifestyle was founded by well known Joel Therien and offers 3 affiliate programs with marketing tools for your sales funnel.

  • Health & Wellness for 5 Family Members – $100/year or $24.97/month: A membership for a customized diet and exercise program for you and 5 family members.
  • Business Automation and Autoresponder – $250/year or $24.97/month: A landing page builder and lead capture system
  • Reseller Program – $250/year or $24.97/month: This level gives you a license that will allow you to sell and collect up to $100% commission up front, and 90% for residual monthly commissions.

3) The ROI Panel – $197, $597, or $1497

David Denkel calls this 'The Profit Vision System' and is ind fact HIS big money maker. 

In reality it is a connection to ClickMagick, which is a tracking tool so you know where your clicks are coming from and whether it was effective or not. This is quite important to have, because it will give you detailed stats of your Solo Ad campaigns.

4) Funnel X Advance – $200 - $597 - $1,997

Selling is not required with this program - it is a Pay Per Lead system:

Funnel x roi review

You earn $1 for every qualified lead you send into the program.

There are four levels to choose from, with the top three levels offering tools and pre-written materials for your campaigns.

Each successive level offers more training and bonuses than the previous one.

5) Motor Club of America (MCA) - $19,95 / month

Join the $19.95/month membership and you will get $80 commission for each referral. This is a straight forward, legitimate MML that offers roadside assistance like an AAA membership.

Supplementary Programs

Advertising Boost – $49/month or $458/year

This program allows you to create enticing offers by adding vacation stay bonuses to generate more leads.

Udimi (Solo Ads) - ??? Cost 

A lot of Affiliate Marketers struggle because they are unable to drive enough quality traffic to their offers. One way, and it is no secret as Mr. Dekel wants to make you believe, is through Solo Ads.

Many Udimi members have large email lists of potential customers, and you can purchase 'CLICKS' at a set price (A click is when the email recipient clicks on the link to your sales page).

The sellers will run email campaigns using THEIR list to promote your offers, and you will pay a set price (starting at $35 per 100 clicks).

The Pros Of Funnel X ROI

Comprehensive And Powerful

Funnel X ROI has the ability to make you a bunch of money as I already mentioned earlier, IF...

  1. ...you are an experienced affiliate marketer
  2. ...you have between $5,000 and $9,000 to invest

The Cons Of Funnel X ROI

Funnel X ROI Is Not For Beginners!

Contrary to what David Dekel says, his system is definitely not for newbies. Without a solid understanding of the fundamentals of Affiliate Marketing you will get overwhelmed and losing your investments.

At the center of the system, you will have to create a sales funnel, complete with sales pages, sales videos, email swipes and the set-up of Click Magick.  True, they cover all of this, but not in detail and in a way a total newbie would fully understand.

For Newbies Jane & Joe I recommend to get a solid foundation at Wealthy Affiliate, the place that taught me, and tens of thousands others, the fundamentals of Affiliate Marketing!

It Is Darn Expensive!

Let me be frank...I make a full time income online by maintaining several websites, and I would be hard pressed to spring the money necessary to join Funnel X ROI. Not that I couldn't afford it, but I am not willing to risk 8 or 10 grand giving David's system a try.

Call me cheap if you must, but that's me.

Is Funnel X ROI A Scam?

When I first encountered this system, I did think it's just another one of these money grabbing, trashy products that give our industry a bad name. 

But after taking a close look at what really is behind the name, I have to tell you that David's system is not a scam, but 100% legit. It is expensive, but the investment has the potential to make you real big bucks.

The Alternative

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Start your Affiliate Marketing Business TODAY and learn the exact business model and strategies that will earn you a 5-figure monthly PASSIVE INCOME! 

I invite you to a complete walk-through to see how we can help you build AND grow a successful ONLINE business! It's 100% FREE to get started!

That concludes my Funnel X Roi Review. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. 

Thanks for stopping by, and if you have any questions, don't be shy and leave word in the box below...I will get back with you within 24 hrs.

John Worthy

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