What Is Digital Altitude? Beware Of This High Ticket Scam


is digital altitude a scam
Michael Force – Founder

Name: Digital Altitude

OFFICIAL Website: http://www.digitalaltitude.co

Type: A Multi Level Marketing Pyramid Scheme

Founder/Creator: Michael Force


Founded: 2016

Works Best For:The Founders & Top 2% Members


Rating:1 out of 10 points


Update: February 10, 2018


In June of 2017 I received a rather nasty ‘Cease and Desist‘ letter from some law firm in Illinois threatening the filing of a lawsuit for both, damages and attorneys’ fees and costs incurred by their client as a result of my Digital Altitude Review.

I wonder what this law firm has to say about the latest development…

On February 8, 2018, the FTC Obtains Court Order Halting Business Coaching Scheme

Reason: Defendants falsely claimed consumers could earn substantial income


This also proves that my publication IS NOT ‘utterly false and without merit, and constitutes defamation per se…’, as their lawyer claimed.


Enjoy reading my Digital Altitude Review:


In his Mission Statement, Michael Force, the front man of Digital Altitude says, among other things…

“Our program was not designed for business people. It was designed for moms, dads, high school graduates, waiters and waitresses, passionate creatives, college dropouts and anyone in between”

Let me cut to the chase!

Empower Network was the Largest Pyramid Scheme ever on the Internet; founded by David Wood & David Sharpe, and launched on October 31, 2011. The pyramid imploded a short 3 years later, and 97% of almost 200,000 members lost significant amounts of money, some even their life savings!

You think I am making this up and lying to you, right? Take a look at the screenshot below; the official EN Income Disclosure for the period of January 1, 2013 to October 31, 2014.


95 percent of members lost money with en


And the 97-percenters, losing their money, have been “moms, dads, high school graduates, waiters and waitresses, passionate creatives, college dropouts and anyone in between“, the same group of everyday, hard working folks Michael Force is targeting with his Digital Altitude program.

By the end of 2014, most ‘founding members‘, and most of the top earners, have either left EN altogether, or tried to distance themselves from EN, announcing their departure like this guy.

iPAS 2 Review_James BonadiesName is James Bonadies, and I used to be a top producer in Empower Network.

Although I have a lot of respect for this business, I feel and felt extremely uncomfortable selling something that I learned is impossible for the average person to succeed at.

It is true, most of the time, the average person doesn’t do what is necessary to succeed online whether in Ipas, Empower Network, MTTB or any other “how to make money online” programs. The average person I say as if I am above average. Which I am not. Not even close. However, my results are far from average.

I got sick of shoving lies down the throats of innocent people, at the time I didn’t know they were lies, and got sick of selling the system so other people can sell the system. I call it the “revolving door to hell!” That is what it is…the revolving door to financial ruin.


So, what does Digital Altitude has to do with Empower Network, you may ask? Nothing and Everything!

The Modus Operandi is 100% Identical!

What Is Digital Altitude?

Digital Altitude was, supposedly, created by Michael Force, retired US Marine, and former Empower Network Top Producer, with a history of scam reports (mobilemoneycode.com – now defunct).

It is a High Ticket MLM Pyramid scheme that teaches you the best ways to target unsuspecting and gullible opportunity seekers, and convince them that a membership in Digital Altitude will make them rich beyond imagination.

Members are called Affiliates and receive a commission for every new member they recruit into this scheme. At the same time, Affiliates are building their ‘downline‘ of affiliates, three tiers deep.

The only purpose of Digital Altitude is to recruit as many new members as you possible can, and build a huge team of affiliates.



How Does Digital Altitude Work?

They give you a $1, Fourteen-Day-Trial, which is nothing more than a good way to collect some of your personal data, most importantly, your credit card information. Other than that, you’ll get to watch a lengthy sales video, geared to convince you to join as a paying member.

It will cost you $17 per month to become an affiliate. At that point, you are called an Aspire member, and you will have access to some training videos and a life-time coach. The coach is supposed to guide you through the pyramid, but the main purpose is to get as much of your hard earned money as possible. They are not really coaches, but highly trained boiler-room salespeople to close deals.

There are THREE Aspire levels with different cost, different commission payouts and different training levels. You see, they ‘drip-feed‘ you training for one simply reason: You want us to teach you more, you have to pay more.

Digital Altitude Aspire Levels:

Aspire Walker: $37 per month

  • 40% commission
  • 1 tier payout
  • Members Area
  • Start Up Training Videos
is digital altitude a scam
Why Are You Surprised?

Aspire Hiker: $67 per month

  • Up to 50% Commission
  • 2 Tiers of Payout
  • Members Area
  • Start Up Training Videos
  • Weekly Training
  • …and more

Aspire Climber: $127 per month

  • Up to 60% Commission
  • 3 Tiers of Payout
  • Members Area
  • Weekly Training
  • And much, much more!

Of course, the Climber level is the most desirable level to be on, but many newbies (remember the waitresses, college drop-outs and stay-home-moms) may not have the financial means to whip out $144 every month just to see how things will work out. Anyways, you want to be a Climber for best results.

We covered the different species of affiliates, let’s move on to the “products” you will be selling. I almost choked to death when I looked at the stuff YOU MUST BUY before you have the PRIVILEGE to peddle it to your recruits, and collect your full commissions IF you close the deal yourself. In case you need the help of your ‘coach‘ to make the sale. you only get 20%, 30% or 40%, depending on your affiliate level.


The Digital Altitude Products:

There are 5 High Ticket products; they call them Membership,, which is more appropriate because they are not really tangible products. I am not going to list every little detail, or module of each membership; you can easily find these out from any one of the affiliates sales pages


1) The Base Membership: $595 one-time payment

This is a video based, motivational training, which consists of 12 modules in 3 sections…

  • Prepare
  • Launch
  • Grow

…your business. This covers subjects like…

Module 10: Create a captivating customer experience that reels ’em in and keeps ’em hooked.

Module 11: How to build a cult-like-tribe that hangs on your every word.

Module 12: How to build automated systems that save time and make you money while you sleep.

I can guess you’ll get the drift, right?


2) The Rise Membership: $1997 one-time payment

Again, a video based, motivational training, which consists of 19 modules in 5 sections…

  • Commit
  • Customers
  • Create
  • Words
  • Partners

and teaches you stuff like…

Module 10: How To Instantly Trigger A Powerful Desire In Your Customers’ Minds That Almost “Forces” Them To Buy.

WOW. Once you are done with this part, you know ‘how to twist your prospect’s arm“. LOL


3) The Ascend Membership: $9997 one-time payment

It’s time to move into the upper echelons of the pyramid; not into the very top though, that’s fully occupied already, but pretty high up. You are either filthy rich and don’t care much about money, or you did indeed build a downline that makes you enough dough, that spending 10 grand for a 3-day retreat in a hotel in Las Vegas won’t hurt too much.

The $9997 covers travel and all accommodations for TWO, so you can bring your partner, spouse or friend. But think about it for a second; if you would book the whole trip yourself, I am certain you wouldn’t have to spend more than 6 thousand dollars. There is another nice little sum of at least $4,000 that goes into the pockets of the founders of this scheme.

But hey, a lot of folks like to rub shoulders with like minded buffoons, hyping themselves up and have a few drinks on their success. Oh yea, I almost forgot; they do talk and teach you about important topics like…

  • 6 Strategies To Scale Traffic: How to scale your traffic from a small initial trickle all the way up to millions of hits.
  • How To Build A Team: Discover the “power of duplication” and how it can literally “multiply” your sales exponentially.

Hmmm, you could have googled these 2 phrases and found a bunch of good info FOR FREE!


4) The Peak Membership: $16,997 one-time payment

Are you bored yet? We are almost there. The Peak offers you 20 topics, which are kind of the ‘garden variety‘, like…

  • Create More Efficiency In Your Business: Find out how to ‘grease your business’ wheels‘ so it runs faster & smoother.
  • Adding Massive Value: Find out how to add massive value to your products and services and get your customers hungry for what you’re selling.
  • Secure Your Retirement Income: 5 strategies to secure an autopilot retirement income that pays you while you sleep.

They have to keep the big bucks coming in; I am talking about the few scheisters that cooked this whole thing up and reside securely in the very top of the pyramid.


5) The Apex Membership: $27,997 one-time payment

OK, I’ll get it. The GOAL is to make it to the top. It cost only 28 grand to be invited to a 7-day retreat, again in Las Vegas. They do have an agenda for each day, besides laughing all the way to the bank. Guess what? If you make it there, you are now officially a member of the “LESS THAN 1 PERCENT“; those that made the big bucks.

This comes with the privilege of laughing at the 50% of still active members struggling to fill the holes in their downlines, created by the great number of members that simply took their losses and quit, and desperately hanging on, trying to recoup their investment.




Is Digital Altitude A Scam?

In my humble opinion, yes, Digital Altitude is a scam and I will tell you why. Legally, they may get away with it because of the way the law is written. Their memberships may qualify as “tangible products”, although their course teaches ONLY how to recruit new members.

This Is Why Digital Altitude Is A Scam!

1) You Have To Pay a Monthly Fee To Be An Affiliate!

Affiliate Marketing is the most popular way to make money online, and millions of people do make a livable income by promoting other people’s products. None of the legitimate affiliate networks, and companies with their own affiliate program (see Amazon), charges any fee from their affiliates.

2) You Have To Purchase The Product You Want To Promote!

Only pyramid schemes require their ‘affiliates’ to purchase the product in order to promote it, even if they don’t want to use it for themselves.

3) You Only Get Commission For The Level You Are A Member!

Assume you join and can only afford the “Climber” Level @ $127 per month and the $17 Affiliate fee per month. You refer a new member, which decides, and can afford, to buy into the “Ascend” level @ a price tag of $9997. Since you are not a member at that level, YOU WILL NOT receive the commission for your referral. A system like this forces members to spend money they can ill afford. I call it a scam.

Imagine Car Sales Men have to purchase each model they want to sell in order to earn commissions!

Here is how legitimate affiliate marketing works. If you promote a $10 product and the customer arrives at the merchant’s site through your link, and buys a $500 product instead, you will receive the commission.

4) If You Don’t Recruit, You Are Screwed!

You need to understand that you can make money ONLY if you recruit, recruit and recruit; like the devil chases after souls, you need to target ‘dreamchasers’. James Bonadies admitted that he “got sick of shoving lies down the throats of innocent people, and simply quit, although he made a ton of money.

5) The Coaches Are Not Coaches!

As soon as you join Digital Altitude a ‘personal coach‘ will be assigned to you. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Let me tell you what they really are, and I speak from my own experience. They are well trained, hard core Boiler Room sales people with one purpose only…to make you upgrade to a higher level. Take my word for it; I’ve been there with a similar scam, back then when I was an inexperienced dreamchaser (you can contact me for details, if you wish).

6) If Your Coach Helps, Your Commission Gets Cut!

Moving right along. It is not easy to recruit, and it is particularly hard in a high ticket scheme. In cases where you need help from your ‘coach‘ to close a deal, they cut your commission; instead of 60% you’ll only get 40%. How cool is that?

7) Is Digital Altitude Legit?

I mentioned earlier that the law in regards to the legitimacy of MLM pyramid schemes is vague and not very well written. However, one point has been made very clear:

If the main income is derived from recruiting new members, then the operation is ILLEGITIMATE.


Conclusion To My Digital Altitude Review

2_thumbs-downI laid it out for you as I see it; honest, albeit biased. Admittingly, I am not a friend of MLMs for many reasons, but there are many legitimate companies, selling tangible products people want to buy and use, using this system. The main problem is, however, that only a very small percentage of members actually make money.

Members with no or little success leave faster than their spaces in the downlines can be filled again. Mary Kay, the grandmother of MLMs said very eloquently…”It’s like keeping the bathtub full with the drain open“.

Unless you are an experienced marketer and able to build a stable, and productive downline, you should stay away from MLM, particularly from those that DO NOT sell tangible and useful products.

Digital Altitude is selling a dream, that will turn into a nightmare for many participants. Yes, they will teach you some marketing strategies that could be useful in a legitimate online business. They cover topics like email marketing, how to create sales funnels, how to drive paid and free traffic to your offers, etc. But at an insane price tag. Most of this information can be found easily on the net; some free, some at a cost that is affordable for waitresses, stay-home parents and college drop-outs.


Here Is An Alternative To Scams:


Making money online, legitimately, is possible, but you have to understand, that it is a business, and needs to be treated as such. It requires:

  • Knowledge
  • Hard Work
  • Determination
  • Some Investment (between $50 and $100 per month)

I can show you the best way to get started, if you are interested in leaving the 9-to-5 rat race and becoming your own boss.

Yes, I want to find out about John’s #1 Recommendation!

Before you leave, let me say that much: Wealthy Affiliate is NOT an MLM or a pyramid scheme as some folks say. It is by far the best Internet Marketing Learning Center you can find. They are in business for over 10 years and taught over 500,000 everything necessary to build a sustainable business.

Yes, I am promoting WA with this blog and receive commissions for referring new members, but members ARE NOT required to promote WA; they can build any kind of business they want.

So, hit the link above and find out what Wealthy Affiliate is all about.


That’s all for today folks and I would love to hear your opinion about my Digital Altitude Review, or any other opinion you want us to hear about. So, don’t be shy and leave us your 5 cents worth on your way out. Like always, thanks for stopping by…


John Worthy



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  1. Rosie Marie Thomas

    I was so excited when I was introduced to Digital Altitude in 2016. I was actually talking to real people who were speaking my language. I got caught up and I believed because real people talked to me via Skype. I went to three Masterminds and met all the people I had seen on the videos, so I believed more. I wanted something more and I believed I had found it. Then abruptly in February 2018, FTC shut it down. Consequently, I had quit my job, invested all my retirement money and I was all in. Well, it was a scam and I must suffer the consequences of being taken in by the hype. I was so mad for so long, but I have forgiven all those involved in the Digital Altitude scam. My life was temporarily ruined. I file bankruptcy and cried my pillow wet many nights. I had to accept, forgive and, I had to move on with my life and cut my losses. My losses were great for me. I don’t know about anyone else, but I have been scarred and I hope the people who got my money are enjoying their lives because GOD got me….and this too has passed. My life is better and I have learned how to sift through the crap. My advice to you is to research and do not jump for anything that sounds too good. You must do the work in any endeavor you set out to accomplish. There is no such thing as “done for you” and everything is a Gamble. I pray that you choose the right path. I really got had, I lost, and I had to learn to move on. Life is about looking through the windshield, not the rear view mirror.


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  3. Chathura jayasinghe

    Thank you Mr.jhone..I didn’t pay even 1$. But I just confused .how could they cheat people by them words. I can not understand. Ya .digital altitude is one of good business for rich people.not for everyone .


    This really piss me off,I got scammed twice and i couldn’t tell anybody about, this two binary options company are five star rated on different sites and blogs, Many of these brokers misappropriate traders money thinking these traders will not act. Beware of where you invest in and if you lost your money, first I couldn’t reach their vendors and couldn’t sign in my account,I worked at a bank, at least with my knowledge of banking and monetary values should have saved me but that didn’t stop me from putting my life savings and loans into this,I lost my job and I sort for different ways to get my funds back, went to CySEC, credit card companies, my lenders, funds recovery companies and every other way to get my funds back, but still couldn’t get it,I decided to let go and move on, till I met a finance analyst who introduced me to riotchargeback@tuta.io come, he was really professional and very helpful in six weeks,I couldn’t get my gains but he was able to hack into them to allow me log on to withdraw my invested funds, this really help me put my life back together, for what it cost, this was worth every value, am sure this can help someone here too.you can thank me later.No more funds to be lost! I do hope this post can bring relief and hope to folks out there.

  5. Catherine savage

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    • Team Archer

      Have you found a Binary system that is legitimate yet?looking forward to any news you may have.. thank you

  6. Jeanette muller

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  7. Stephen

    Why is that whenever I search for any mlm review or digital based product businesses which include marketing training, I come across blogs like yours that absolutely tear in to everything and then with a subtle twist always refer to Wealthy Affiliate?

    I’ve been apart of WA and they offer really nice training regarding taking your hobbies and passions and building an evergreen website / passion with long term seo in mind.

    So all the slander regarding digital altitude is pretty ironic considering they offer incredibly lucrative online training for anyone wanting to become an Internet marketer.

    They teach you Seo, Copywriting, Social media growth, Setting yourself up for success by changing your mindset. Growing teams etc.

    You can take that knowledge and again apply it to something you love. The bonus is you can promote DA and make a healthy commission whilst doing it.

    Like anything there’s a price. If you aren’t willing to invest in your own success and growth and constantly throw the word scam around, you’ll never get anywhere.

    It actually pisses me off when the word scam is thrown around without actually getting involved in business or have gone through any of the training and applied it.

    The word scam has the same weight as the word terrorism in the online marketing space.

    It’s controversial and if used correctly with some witty copy you can easily convert the people who come to the site looking for scam review to easily get them to follow suite and join you in any ventures you put forward.

    So my question to you John is, why do you insist on slating a company you haven’t fully invested in and actually used for 12 months?

    I am genuinely curious.

  8. chidi

    John, thanks for this valuable review and I definitely Am running as fast as I can Away from this pyramid scheme they can keep the $1 but this $2000 it’s insane. I’ve been looking for a good way to make money online from home but this just doesn’t cut it. It’s just too expensive to buy their packages. Please john could you recommend anygood way I could comfortably Earn from Home. Thank you

  9. Matt Broderick

    Thank God I found this page bec i was up to step 5 and the thing sounded fishy!!! I keep on hearing people talking about wealth affiliate and was curious to know if its legitimate and what you think about it ?

  10. General Ironeagle

    I am not a paid reviewer because if I was, I would have known DA is a scam.
    They get you all excited, let you join for $1 for 14 days. Within seconds of signing up your coach calls to inform you that for$37 a month, you can only be trained. You can’t make money until you pay a franchise fee of $2000.
    If I had that kind of money laying around, I wouldn’t be looking to work on the internet.
    So disgusted!!!
    Definitely gonna join Wealthy Affiliate.

  11. Benny

    Am opting out asap, thank God I read the reviews. Done with the 6th step and was asked to buy ” rise products” 2k plus. Hmmm, where do I get that kinda money, well the coach asked me to borrow, have been thinking deeply all day till I decided to do some research and am glad I did. Thanks to JOHN. But please I really need a legit online biz I can do to mk money from home as a stay at home mum. Thanks

    • Debbie

      Benny, Did you find a work at home company? I work for a company that is completely legit. Where are you located?

    • Mona

      Hi all, i am so glad I am reading this too and want me refund as i am within the 14 days however their customer service email address does not work!!!! Can anyone help?

    • Dawn Cumpian

      Freelance work on the website, Upwork. They’re located in California. Depends on your specialty or experience what you can find. In the past it was free to join, they just get a percentage of your pay. I’ve done some advertising work plus for past 2 years off and on some eBay work for some guys out of Canada. You can find legitimate work but be wary though, there’s always someone looking to scam you, even on this site. If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is. I stay as far away from pyramid scams as I can. Good luck.


    Ok I just completed two steps. I am in doubt ever since I joined them. I am thinking of it from a long time that it would be a Pyramid scheme. So just now I completed two steps. But I want to know what product they are selling, so just googled it and found your article. Thank god I found it or else I am about to pay 2 grand. I am from India and its hell hard to get two grand this fast.
    Now I am thinking that there is not any online business that could help us to do some side work.
    Thank you John for your help.

  13. Geoffrey Jackson

    I am a 28 year time-served fraud investigator. You have to make your own mind up about everything that occurs in the virtual world. There are people who are making a lot of money in some very original ways, but if they sold you their method, and paid you for selling it to others, who would then be paid for recruiting… with kick-backs for the upper levels from all activities at the lower levels, then, and however they named, presented, packaged their “products”, if there is nothing tangible on sale apart from the right and training to enter into the commissions structure, then it is a pyramid scheme through and through and entirely illegal in any advanced democracy.

    If you are of a legal age for entering into contracts in the country in which you signed into a pyramid scheme, then you have been scammed and have one heck of a fight on your hands to get any money back. I have never seen a “successful” pyramid scheme where legal costs were not the largest budget item in the expenses column. The fat margins obtained from selling nothing are largely dedicated to preventing any legal decision that classes the pyramid scheme in question as a pyramid scheme. It’s a classic case of “I may be a clump of human digestive waste solids, but I will spend all the money I have to spend to prevent you calling me that and to prevent you making it acceptable for others to call me that. Every cent you put in my scheme is likely to be used to engineer your own down-fall should you attempt to fundamentally undermine my activity. When it gets known that a few people have lost everything suing me, no-one else will try for a while and I can go back to making gross margins of up to 90%, or even, allegedly,even more, so I really, truly, do not care…”

    I don’t think any of the “defensive statements” about DA come from the upper echelons of DA. Those statements are not cool,calm, and collected at all, and all leaders of any large scale fraud are extremely cool, calm, and collected. If they were not they would fail before they made enough victims for anyone except those victims to care.

    Any scheme where you are not invited to sell a tangible product or an independently proven service, such as training, is extremely suspect. If you cannot see where the money you are being promised as earnings is going to come from, just using your judgment as a sound, typical, honest citizen: walk away, walk away… Training in the company’s own activities does not count as an independently proven service, and is only ever seen as a salable product in pyramid sales or other scurrilous activities. Some companies do not pay “affiliates”, (so not employees, since employment law is pretty clear about that in all advanced democracies), during training, and that is, really, as far as anyone legitimate will attempt to take hopeful newbies for a ride.

    On average people make more money taking empty aluminium cans to the recycling center than they do, still on average, in any pyramid scheme. “On average” because you cannot end up with less money at the end of a day picking up cans, while is is necessary for people on the lower echelons of a pyramid scheme to end up with less money at the end of a day of activity for the scheme to provide the huge amounts of cash taken by the people at the very, very top echelons. If it was absolutely impossible to find gullible folk it would be absolutely impossible to make money in a pyramid scheme. Look for the generation of wealth before you convince yourself that all the money drifting upwards through the ranks of any activity is actually going to be there for you for a very long time. When a pyramid scheme becomes too cumbersome for its founders to control, when it looks as if the authorities are closing in on those founders, they simply get a good set of ruthless corporate lawyers to take the whole thing apart and share out the remaining assets, 99.99999% of which would be cash, between themselves and fat bonuses for the individual lawyers. Pursuing even a de facto company that has been voluntarily liquidated prior to the commencement of legal proceedings is so very unlikely to have any success that it is very, very rarely attempted.

    In 28 years I never encountered a scheme that looked like a pyramid that was not a pyramid, and only in the handful of cases where the relevant law enforcement and judicial bodies really got going hard, fast and extremely wisely to enforce relevant legislation and deprive the founders of their “fruits of criminal activity”, did any of the founders and top side-kicks not find themselves in an extremely comfortable financial situation. Ready to set up the next scheme.

    If you are reading this and think that I could be shooting at you, well, you must have one mighty guilty conscience: I have named no specific scheme and no specific individual. If you wish to name your own scheme and/or yourself as being targeted by this piece, please do…

    • Michael

      If training was not a independently proven service than everyone on the internet that sells any type of training is a scam artist according to your definition. Do you think that Tony Robins is a scam artist as well? He charges thousands of dollars just for the privilege of attending one of his seminars. His training is no more tangible than a digital product. In fact by your definition the whole of ClickBank is one big Ponzi scheme because every product that is sold on that website is a digital product. If anyone truly took the time to really assess what is being sold then they would realize that the training that they are selling is actually a good deal. Their Base and Rise product is being sold for $1800.00 and it provides a lot of information that I have paid a lot more money for. The Ascend, Peak and Apex products are seminars where you get face time with some of the top earners in the Digital Marketing world. So just calling it a Ponzi scheme does not make it so. There are products and they do have value and you sir better step into the 21st century.

      • John Worthy

        Michael, I am getting tired explaining, or trying to, the differences between a Tony Robins, Mike Dillard (for example) and scams like DA. Try to figure out why Empower Network (the Granddaddy of scams like DA) filed for bankruptcy. As soon as pool of fools (new recruits) dries out, these schemes collapse.

        • Madhuvanti Godse

          hey John!
          I completed 6 steps for free and was checking for reviews before i go ahead and invest money,since the amount is quite huge from me $ 1997 is big money in india and don’t want to get scammed and thank god i found this article,Do you think there is no genuine online work exists in this world?

  14. Rob

    We too lost / got stolen 10 grand from Micheal Force in his cc pro days.. a disgraceful human being .. Karma will get him in sure

  15. Peter

    My only comment is on the price for DA. At the top of your article you say:
    “Price: Outrages”. “Outrage” is a word. “Outrages” is not a word. Feel free to google it.

  16. Sondra

    Thank you for sharing the review. I am a Wealthy Affiliate member, slowely working away at building a website with great SEO.

    I just stumbled upon someone that started WA around the same time as me that had become enamoured with DA. I wanted to learn more about DA but I didn’t want to give out my email address to someone that has been talking in blog posts about it being beneficial to send out multiple emails out to someone each day as long as it contained useful information.

    From the comments here, I see there are some DA supporters. I wish them best of success.

    However, I prefer to listen to your advice. I noticed when I Googled for information about Digital Attitude quiet a few entries popped up concerned about it being a “scam” or an expensive program. Those types of warnings in Google are almost non-existent with programs that don’t make people feel taken advantage of.

    Anyway, you did a great job of explain the costs, the commission structures and the training that would be provided if I were to sign up for DA. It’s always interesting learning about different programs.

    I’ll stick with WA’s strategy of working on creating good, useful content and not being spammy. Best wishes for continued success.

  17. John Worthy

    Martin, thanks for chiming in. I do agree with you to a certain extent. However, the pyramid structure of DA is not legal.

    • Jade

      Hi John one of my friends came across DA in an ad online. And she told me she was going to vegas very soon. And she is really excited about it. How do I tell her it’s not legit. And plus she is a college student to.

  18. Matt

    Sounds like Scientology doesn’t it? A man-made SCAM where they brainwash people into paying to reach higher and higher levels of basically nothing. Or at least it is common sense that you don’t have to pay for. So, what exactly does Digital Altitude or Aspire sell? What is their product? Their product is selling memberships to their ‘program’, right? And, then when you sign up, your product is doing the same and getting people to sign up just like you did? Do I have that right? The program itself is a bunch of training videos on ‘how tos’ which is how to make money online? So you are scamming people into buying this memebership that claims they will teach you how to make millions online with websites, affiliate marketing, blogs, funnels, etc. THE PROBLEM IS THAT MAKING MONEY ONLINE IS A FULL TIME JOB TO DO AFFILIATE MARKETING. You have to write posts every day and provide quality content. What is hard is getting enough traffic to come and click on your ads. So, this program claims to teach you how to do all of this? It seems you would be NOT making money off your affiliate website niches, but instead spending time selling the actual membership to this training courses, right? I hate these companies who claim they have the secrets to make money online, but they are only selling the memberships to get the secret and the secret itself is no secret.

  19. Tonya

    I just signed up today thinking the $1 would be a good trial, but after reading all this feedback. I’m going to cancel. They give you all these high hopes and leave out the important parts. 37 is basic and they lead you to believe that that’s all its going to take to get you started when that’s a lie. i’m a single parent working a full time job and I don’t have extra money like that to spend. they say you have 14 day but they don’t respond to you in time. they tell you to watch these videos and then contact your coach immediately, but when you do someone else responds to you to set up a meeting with your coach…..ummmmm wtf……I am livid right now….. I just need a nice legit side job I can work from home. cant afford to be scammed.

  20. Theresa Ramey

    Thank goodness for this review! I just started the DA for the 14 day trial and when I signed up I unchecked the box allowing them to debit my credit card for the monthly fee very glad that I did!

    • Robert

      I did not do the $1 promotion, but rather paid $97.00. I see no box to uncheck. I do not believe they can auto debit my account. Can they? Do I need to do something here?

  21. Jay

    Hi John,
    Thanks for further confirming my doubt on DA with your posting. I have started to suspect that it is a pyramid scam. I wish to venture to online marketing so that I am able to work from home and have plenty of time.with my family.
    I will definitely check out WA. Can you share your experience and word of encouragement for on online marketing?


  22. adnan

    Can i join wa for free and make a free site becouse i have no money to spend that the site required 47 to be a premium member?

    • John Worthy

      Hello Adnan, yes you can. Although you only have access to the first 10 lessons of either of the 2 courses, there is enough additional material available that will get you going with the FREE sites. I myself was a free member for about 9 month, build 3 Niche Sites which made me about $1,400 (total) per month before I became a Premium member. I then converted the free sub domains to .com sites and still make money of these without having to do any additional work. Give it a try, you have nothing to lose. Also, you are NOT required to promote Wealthy Affiliate; you can IF you wish, but it’s totally up to you.

      • Venus

        Hi John , I would like the information on how to make extra money from home without being scammed. I almost sighted up with aspire but didn’t go further. I don’t have money like that to just give away. Thanks for the on-site about these pyramid s Thanks Venus

  23. Gynald Acierto

    It’s tiring reading reviews one after the other. I found out that sometimes, reviewers are paid and or has to say that the other is a scam and in the end of the review will promote the one where he is into. I think, both WA and DA if they can give any earnings to their members or affiliates without having the need to recruit or invite other people into the system, then that’s GOOD, and NOT SCAM. But if they all requires every member to invite, then i must say that earnings are really just derived from members membership fee. Why use education as a product> it supposed to be free! If the education packages teach about crypto currency mining then that’s BETTER! There is a real passive income!

    • Aaron Jolivette

      we pay for education in the real world. And in the real world nothing is free. So happens people with knowledge sell educational things online for monetary value. Why not. They specify you can learn it all on your own in the trial however they got it all on there program. they don’t say you have to recruit its just a option to those who wish to earn income. Others pay for the information like I did.

  24. Ben

    I don’t mean to burst everybody’s bubble here, but just go do a google search right now. Type in “[any online marketing product] scam” or “review”. What you will find is that at the end of most reviews that show up on Google page 1, like this one, there is a promotion for Wealthy Affiliate! What does that tell you? That Wealthy Affiliate has the exact same philosophy. You know what they teach you there? HOW TO PROMOTE WEALTHY AFFILIATE. Seriously go try it. This is how they teach you to build your own business – by promoting THEIR business! What if you have your own product? What if you want to promote a different product? Too bad. That’s not the wealthy affiliate model.

    • John Worthy

      Ben, too bad you are uninformed and should get your facts straight before posting your comments. Wealthy Affiliate teaches their members how to make money online with websites, regardless what product. Promoting WA is up to members and only a very small percentage is actually promoting WA. I myself promoted other products on 2 websites for over one year before I started building a site to promote WA. Don’t speak about which you have no clue.

      • Mason

        Exactly as Ben said, it seems every affiliate in Wealthy Affiliate are to be taught to “bash” every other internet marketing company just to recruit more people into their business. It’s very sad they must call everything a scam, when they are guilty of a lot of what they accuse other companies of. Just google search “wealthy affiliate scam” and you’ll see many other bloggers are doing to Wealthy Affiliate exactly what you are doing in your scam reviews to other companies.

        But even sadder that this supposedly review of Digital Altitude is totally butchered. Because for one, something labeled expensive doesn’t mean it’s not valuable. As one would think $180k for a Ferrari is too expensive, whereas some thinks it’s totally worth it. But Digital Altitude had their first product based event just in March 2017, but this review was written well before then, so how can you judge that the company isn’t worth it before they even properly launched their products? Were you at the event to actually review what they teach?

        Obviously this how you get your traffic to your blog, bashing every internet marketing company. With all due respect… you, Ethan and Kyle just make me sick with your false reviews about everything just for the SEO traffic. But even worse that you all write reviews about companies that you actually never joined and thoroughly personally reviewed before writing the review.

        Although I completely disagree with just about every one of your reviews on your site, I have a little more respect for you than Ethan and Kyle, because at least you do for the most part allow comments from both sides of the story. Ethan and Kyle never approves or delete comments that are in favor of the company they just bashed in the review.

    • Alex

      Actually very few WA members promote WA. Most build niche websites selling physical products as affiliate marketers. Promoting anything in the make-money-online space is extremely difficult and most people don’t touch that industry.

      However, WA obviously does a great job teaching it’s members how to get great rankings on search engines 😉

        • Paul

          I too am a member of WA and joined after being left high, dry and disillusioned by MOBE.
          WA does have its own affiliate program that pays fairly if you choose to promote it. After all, they have to keep recruiting members or customers like any other business.
          The difference being is that their training and hosting allows you to build websites in any niche you choose and their training focuses on that and actively encourages it.
          The promotion of WA is very minor and most people choose to do it after establishing themselves in easier to crack markets.

  25. Emiko

    thanks John…
    I was making enquiry about the business.
    and i found your post…I’m an undergraduate student. I’m looking on how to make extra cash to take care of my school bills..
    I don’t know if you can refer me to any legit affiliate scheme…
    that I can earn from..
    I have tried PTC ads but it’s really not helping it’s add to make a dime from there

  26. Dhinesh Rajarathinam

    John, thanks for this valuable review as i am in the earlier stages of the digital altitude program.Cancelling it right away after posting this comment. I would like to know more in detail about the WA and also how long it took for you to earn money that made you quit the regular 9-5 job. Could you please email me in detail about it?

  27. Manuel

    Hello I need to start making some money. Is there any legit business that I can do from home?

  28. Drake

    Hey John,
    I joined the 2 week $1 trial last week and I got to I think step 7. I was a bit skeptical the whole time but it seemed like it was legit. I was just looking to see what your role is suppose to be in DA and was really looking forward to working for them until I got to step 7. when I got to step 7 I instantly stopped doing anything because when I got done with the video it says go straight to the products and buy the limited time offer of $2,000 for the rise product because it is normally like $3,200 so they said. This really like round house kicked me in the face and woke me right up so then I started doing research and I had my mom do research with DA as well and I came across your review. after reading this it all started to make sense and put pieces together. This kind of stuff makes me mad especially since Michael is a Marine because my Dad was also a marine and I know that my dad would never take advantage of people like this. now I am still looking forward to doing some online work but not anything like this so if you could can you let me know what other things are out there that I can work on at home?

  29. Genevieve

    CORRECTION – It was to read:

    My gut said “NO!”


    “My gut said know.”

    My apologies for any confusion I may have caused anyone.

  30. Genevieve

    Thank you for your review, John Worthy. I am so grateful to my brother (who advised me to Google DA), you and all those who have commented on your review.

    I was sold on DA only tonight (8th March, 2017), giving them my credit card details, when they offered a ZERO dollar sign up fee; I thought I had nothing to lose by giving it a free trial run. It was only a case of me wanting to earn enough to support myself fully, maintaining independence and autonomy, in my retirement. I wasn’t running after a million dollar lifestyle and was totally turned off by the videos of the man in charge of this scam. THAT should have been enough to listen to my intuitive reasoning, that I should not part with my financial information, on a sales video I could not trust or feel at ease about. However, the ZERO dollars trial period convinced me to give it a shot, even though my gut said know. I rang my brother, for advice, AFTER I had given my details. I’ll be calling my credit card company, to put a stop on DA and their ASPIRE system, tomorrow morning, as it’s now 11.45 pm and I’ve taken all this time tonight to read through and reflect on every single comment on this review site. It’s been a major wake up and reminder call to me, tonight, to research what I may have some vague interest in; before giving out my credit card details!

    Now, it is time for a very late dinner than prayer. I will pray for all the victims of this scam: those who have been affected and lured by DA; those who are still involved in DA. I’ll also pray I have the wisdom, next time, to not ignore my gut feelings when something like this happens again. I will pray special prayers for the divorcee of a Pyramid cultist and also Kody, who is just trying to find a way on this online world we live in. What worked for you, John, may not work for everyone. Hence, Kody should not be blamed for any lack of success in a company where you were fortunate to achieve.

    Tim was wise in his words, when he said: “The greater the struggle, the greater the life.” I’ve learnt that through my own life experience. However, I also know another two phrases that may lift up those victims of this (or other) scam: “The larger the fall, the higher the bounce” and “Triumph over tragedy.”

    In closing, thank you Robert for your wise words: “I may have just dodged a bullet.” By the Grace of God, by calling my brother tonight, reading and giving time for reflection on all of this, putting a stop on my credit card tomorrow and cancelling the INSPIRE program tonight, I pray I’ve learnt a salutary lesson and have managed to dodge a lethal bullet.

    With love, peace, gratitude and God Bless to all, Genevieve.

    • John Worthy

      Hi Teri, you need to stop/cancel payment at the credit card company…or better yer, cancel the cc altogether and have them issue a new one


      Its so bad that nothing legal have been done to the fraud and unethical activities of this binary options phenomenon,I lost $46750 of my life savings,I was scammed by Steven Silver and his group of associates who refuse to approve withdrawal request,this guys are 5 star rated on most ratings and blogs,they stopped picking my calls and even threaten me with a law suit,imagine? this group of people are a disgrace to human race,I tried all I could to get my money back,went as far as reporting to A.S.I.C, but still nothing happened,I almost gave up till I met my one time account manager Christopher Jones,who gave me an unofficial advice to hire a hacker he knows to help get me funds back,I really didn’t believe but still went ahead to contact hackwizz((AT))yandex((DOT))COM ,ill say he was very professional and told me am not alone in this,he got all the relevant information and in about six days,I was able to log on to my account,although I wasn’t able to withdraw the gains,I was able to withdraw all my initial deposits and assets which was more than I expected,I think this can help someone here too.

  31. Allyson Dawson

    Hi John,

    thank so much for your review. I signed up for the free trial and sure enough a coach contacted me. I have not been productive with them and after reading your review I am canceling. They have been hounding me thru email and text messages, and today I got an email from Michael Force saying he is breaking up with me due to I have not completed step 1. I was just about to complete step 1 but something in my gut said I should do some research and found your review. I am happy that I did. I do need to find something that keeps me home and makes me some money to help out my family. I was fired 2 months before giving birth to my now 3 month old. My husband has been carrying us financially during this time but if I want to avoid moving in with his mom I need to start making some money. Is there any legit business that I can do from home?

  32. Niky V

    Hello guys, I have joined the aspire system-digital altitude. Firstly, I was really excited that I have found something that may actually work. So, I completed all the steps (start-up), no contact from the coach whatsoever. I decided to contact him through email, however, he only replies to the questions which were money related. First contact with my coach =asking for money straight away. He sent me a link, to upgrade, cost $2000!! I replied back, mentioning that I do not have sum an amount ( am working full time and university student) and guess what, no reply from my coach.
    I have decided to cancel my membership, I am not saying the program or whatever it is, don’t work. In my opinion, it don’t work for people who don’t have a few grand to invest from the beginning. As am new to online marketing and really wanted to make money from home, I have to say am disappointed with the DA.

  33. Adam

    Wow I was just about to start the $1 trial for 2 weeks I was convinced as…needing to make extra money for my new young family.. need to make money not loss money…is there anything out there that is legit and works ??

  34. Michael Thaxton

    No matter how bad money issues are always follow 1 simply rule , If you got to pay then its a scam ! You never pay to work ! If these people are making all this money they shouldn’t need your money .

  35. Janice Jones

    Hi John,

    I just found your review on DA I signed up last Friday, but now I’ve canceled so glad I did, I could’nt believe how they are ripping people off with this scam nobody can afford those products or those levels just to stay in DA!

    We will all have to post to FB and get this stopped before anybody else loses there shirt!!!

  36. Janice Jones

    Hi John,

    I signed up last Friday! But when I saw your review today I decided to cancel my membership before they could take any money from my credit card and deleted it, so I will call my credit card provider next,

    I thought there was more to this so I used my credit card signed up $1 lucky it has hardly any money on it anyway so they can’t take much if they try! When I realised I would end up spending more and more, I could not believe it how they’ve taken everybody in, so I hope they get what they deserve!

    No more seaside, relaxing palm trees, hopefully (JAIL IS WHAT I HAD ON MY MIND ITS DISGRACEFUL) they are nothing more than a bunch of low lifes!!!

  37. Jake

    I’m on step 6A of DA and I have a call scheduled with my coach tomorrow and it’s twice as long so that I can tell him more about who I am and what I want from DA. I have been unsure about going further and i don’t know what to do now! Of course, I want to make money online and have the freedom to travel and do what I love but I don’t want to waste my time and money trying to get there. I wish there was a better way where I don’t have to pay to sell! Any Guidance or advice would be appreciated please feel free to email me!

  38. Eric Wong

    I am semi-retired and am looking at avenues to make some income and came across MOBE. Was very impressed and wanted to join until I watched a video uploaded by Vaniccci London https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6dj_ClPT0Ng
    In that video she was so actively promoting MOBE and suddenly a new posting came up in the video saying she is no longer promoting MOBE. When readers asked her, she mentioned that MOBE wasn’t paying commission and that cheesed her off. I also googled on Michael Force and learn that he has been with internet marketing for more than 10 years and only joined MOBE about 2-3 years ago. I see that his new method of recruiting members to be an adaptation of MOBE. Of course he made good money as Matt Lloyd of MOBE would like to have someone like him to help promote MOBE. But Michael Force, instead of promoting MOBE decided to set up Digital Altitude or Aspire. So more and more of these people are setting up their own websites to entice gullible people to join them.

    John, can you also do a similar review on MOBE and post on the website. There are several postings done already but with another one from you will further convince gullible to think twice/thrice before being enticed into the program.

    Thanks much for sharing.

    Eric Wong

  39. Candida

    Hi, my name is Candida and I was almost a victim of this pyramid scheme of DA. I too signed up for the 14 day trail and watched 6 videos. Then at the end they hit me with that big price of $1,997. I did some research before even sending any money. When I saw that for each product was more and more money, I new from there that it was in fact a pyramid scheme. I am so glad that I was smart not to fall for that scam. And then I come across this blog about DA which puts the icing on the cake.
    Thanks John

  40. Cass

    I wasn’t going to respond to this post, but after reading the comments, I had to chime in. I think it is hilarious the people actually think they can make 6 figures with little to no effort or investment. Haha! I ran a business where the start up costs were at a minimum of $10k and the monthly overhead was insane (supplies, office rent, etc). Not to mention the taxes involved with having a staff. People have NO IDEA what it takes to make a 6 figure income and DA sets you up for that. YES, there is an investments. But you are set up with not only internet marketing coaches, but financial advisors as well. It’s just amazing to see how people are so quick to label something as a scam to excuse their fears…see you all at the top!…or not. You really think that top money makers didn’t put their asses on the line at some point? Jeeeezus…even Adam corolla admits to living out of his car at one point while trying to make it in Hollywood. I plan on sticking with this…and this is where we separate the men from the boys…or should I say, the women from the boys. Good luck, y’all while trying to get something for doing nothing

  41. Tluv

    John ,
    Thanks for amazing insight about DA….i have gone through to step six but the coach placed for guidance and consultation hasnt been co-operative. However i have not yet upgraded to Aspire walker ($37) yet ,but i paid for the 1 dollar sighn-up…so i will cancel ASAP. Am trying to access WA but unfortunately there are no free startup accounts in my region…..Why is that???

  42. Christian Orellana

    Wow, I’m glad I was able to see this. I’m close to paying $37 And then I saw this. I cancelled my subscription immediately. Thanks alot. By the way, if you don’t mind me asking, As to Wealthy Affiliate can you tell me how long you have been a member? Also how long did it take you to start earning quit my job kind of money? (2,000 to $5,000 monthly) Can you email me with more info on WA? Thanks again.

  43. Felix

    I am amazed how John W.is trying to switch potential “members” of one Network (DA) to another, the one He profits from! I got it John. NB: The product DA is selling is woth every penny and yes, I will joyn DA to be part of the top 1%!
    Regards to all of you.
    PS: I am in MLM since 15 years and my wife since 25 years, hemce combined 40 years of experiance.

  44. Mr Value

    So for those people who joined and spent the money but didn’t get the results or the support to do this business, is their a viable way to get their investment back?

  45. Kevin Kyan Washington 832 (931-4663)

    Confused and need direction. I was just about to sign up and then I saw this post. If you can email or call me. Thanks.

  46. Norma

    Thanks for the review. I always like to look at other opportunities out there and every time I come close to pressing “submit” to join, I open another window and do a little more research, which eventually prevents me from joining or signing up for any online MLM. I am now with WA though, started end of Sep 2016. I am not making anything…YET…but I also have limited hours every week to really focus on it. I’m okay with that. Why? I have learned so much from WA and I’m probably ahead of the game when it comes to my niche. This is where the goodness lies. I can promote/sell/discuss something that I love and have a passion for — totally different from any other online marketing programs that people have little knowledge of but a way to make money. I don’t mind doing the research in WA, because I get to learn more about what I enjoy in the first place. I really want to start building traffic now. Feel free to visit my website for a quick glimpse — http://www.livehealthierforme.com

  47. Fergal

    Hi John
    Wow what a review and the comments are lengthy and spicy.!!!
    Would it be ok for you to email me for advice too (word for word like like Roger above)???
    It’s difficult to find honesty on the internet but I sense I have been lucky today to stumble onto your site.

  48. Kelvin

    Honestly, i almost signed up for DA until i decided to do a quick review about it and here i am. Taking a look from the experiences of DA subscribers here, i quit.
    Thanks so much for the information. And please email me how i can succeed in WA. Your reply would be highly appreciated.

  49. Ed

    If you are gong to do a review you should do more then just state your opinion. You are wrong on so many parts with DA. First I am a member of both DA and WA. Both programs are different but both are very good in their own ways. If you do a review don’t slant to make a sale which is what you are doing. You should follow the way Kyle does his reviews.

    It really bothers me when people write slanted reviews and the people reading them trust you that you are giving the real/all facts

    The real fact is. The numbers you showed with the 2% is wrong considering Digital Altitude started in January 2016. Next 90% of all online businesses fail in the first year.

    Every MLM or Network Marketing business is based on recruitment. That does not make them a scam. You need to go into and MLM or Network Marketing with your eyes open. Next, you said the person quit DA because they were tired of telling people lies…………..You don’t talk to anyone it’s all done by autoresponders and emails. I have not seen any of the letters telling lies.

    The reason people fail in online businesses is because they quit before they even get started and do not understand online marketing. WA can help with that. The people above who quit because of your review will never know if they could have succeeded. When and if they join WA they will most likely do the same thing. They will read some bogus review about WA and do the same, quit. I have written the same type of comment to a person who bashed WA. You won’t place this comment on your site but please sell WA the way it was designed to be promoted and write an honest review.

    • John Mullenax


      All I know about DA is that when I told my coach I couldn’t afford 2000 for some package he asked me how much I would invest to get my business going.

      As a retiree, I have no money to invest, I can maybe afford 30 or 40 a month totry to make money, but the next time I tried to login I was informed that my membership had been canceld

      I guess I didn’t qualify. Evidently you have more money than I since it sound like you may be making it.

      Unfortunately I don’t know which Credit card I signed up with so not sure how I can cancel payment.

      Is there a way to make money without spending extra that you don’t have?

      Thanks, John

  50. Nico

    Why wasn’t my comment approved John? You’re a clown. This guy only approves what’s comfortable for him. His review is BS

  51. Patrice seamster

    Hey john worthy,
    I just would like to say you are a good guy with truth. I to am apart of wealthy affiliate they are great im not with them to gain commission though but to only build my own website i also find wealthy affiliate one of the best and like you said no they are not a MLM. They are they to train people to build there own business, website etc. I also like the fact that you can get to personally message Kyle and Carson any question you have or go to the live chat where there are lots of business that grew with WA you can ask them question to i just love it.. Im also a member of MCA now with them i do it for the 80$ commission per person.. I thought MCA was a scam because it sounded to good to be true. The benefits plus you can bring in money just by referring people. I did my reach on them and i found some good comments and bad comments it was this one dude on YouTube that i sign under just to see was it true and it was although it took me 4 days to actually get a sell my first time now im doing better with MCA as well. I love both of the companies im with and I’m glad i found both WA and MCA to earn lots of money. I just love it im bless. I do encourage people to either join WA or MCA or just both like me because those are the only two companies i found that was not a scam. If anyone wants to join my team with MCA you can email me at patriceseamster20@gmail.com for more information about MCA and how to join or just check my website just to see what they are selling at https://www.tvcmatrix.com/Patriceseamster21 or if you want to join WA just go to http://www.wealthyAffiliate.com but im am not with WA for commission just with them building my website. Thank John worthy on the review on DM your doing a good job on stopping people from putting there money into nothing. God bless

  52. Nico Vornicu

    Hi John, first of all I would like to give you credit for this post because you managed to end up in the top 5 SEO for “DA SCAM” and this is going to bring a lot of traffic to YOUR offer WA, but i’m sure you already knew this and as much as you claim that you want to help people, you are just misleading the ones who have doubts. GOOD JOB! Anyway…. I wanted to give my opinion on Digital Altitude. I joined DA a few months ago and positioned myself as RISE. I didn’t make anything my first month because I did what they told me to do. I drove traffic to their ‘HOLY FUNNEL” which apparently doesn’t convert at all. So what was left for me to do? QUIT? Blame the system? Heck no! I changed my approach, stepped my game up and learned more on conversions, funnels, email marketing, tracking, etc and I managed to put together something that over the course of 2 months made me all my RISE money back and it gave me extra money as well. I am not here to brag about anything. I AGREE, coaches literally suck. I learned that when my SCALE UP coach said we were done after I refused to upgrade ASCEND, PEAK etc. but my question is, what’s stopping you from reaching out to your sign ups and make sure that they are doing ok and let them know that you are there for them? I personally reach out to every member I have and give him so much knowledge off the start. They need to know that even if coaches suck, they still have someone they can rely on for help. Digital Altitude has its flaws, just like any other network marketing company out there….but to say it’s a scam simply because you haven’t made a dime or you haven’t even gave it a fair try, I think it’s exaggerated. Also, coaches do not force you to upgrade to any level. You can choose to stay ASPIRE, pay $37 a month and walk away with $16 commissions if those make you happy but if you want more, then you need to position yourself higher. That’s how it is. I recommend to my team to position themselves at least RISE at first because I know I can help them make their money back and make even more and I also tell them not to go climber right away for many reasons that I’m not going to mention here. (SO I BASICALLY GO AGAINST THE COACHES because I know what coaches want you to do, and I know what’s the right thing to do) What really surprises me, is people who didn’t even give a fair try to the system and they are already saying “I was on step 6 but now I’m gonna quit after reading this” Are you SERIOUS!? How can you base your decision off a single website with negative reviews? Why don’t you go out there and look for both, negative and good reviews and THEN, make a decision. YOUR OWN DECISION, not someone else’s. If we would stop at the negative reviews, we will never ever start anything. Go on google and research any company and type in SCAM. You will find someone like John, who claims that the company is a scam and that theirs is much much better. I feel like people are looking for the easy way out…but truth is….there is no easy way and there is not BEST company out there. Only good companies. If the company doesn’t provide the exact things they say they do, what’s stopping you from learning it yourself? If I didn’t go out there and learn new things, I would’ve been another person here blaming DA and their system for not making any money. The reason I’m sticking with Digital Altitude is because it allows to create for yourself an automatic stream of income thanks to the 3 tier of payouts. Get the right people in, coach them to the best of your abilities, teach them all that you know and do, help them make money, and after you do this for enough people, you can sit back and relax because you are now making money from TIER 2 and 3. It takes time to find the right people to work with, but when you do my friend, you will have an automated stream of income. I have been hearing about the hot companies out there but seems that none of them has more than 1 tier of payout. Know what that means? that if you one day you choose not to work, no one is going to be making money for you. Makes sense? That’s what differs DA from the other companies. NOTE that is not meant to attack you in any way John but wouldn’t it be much cooler if when making a review, you share the success stories as well? You know, give people enough information so that they can make an educated decision on their own.

    P.S. I would also like to thank everyone who shared their experience with their coach because I will take screenshots of only the text (NO NAME Don’t worry) and send it to a contact I have inside DA. I don’t like how coaches treat people and it’s time to do something about that. Wish everyone HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

    • Sharon

      Hi, Nico and thanks for your comments about DA. I joined on July 8th, went through the 21 steps and was talked into spending $2k on Rise. This was money I didn’t have but I drained my savings account and paid for it as I was told by my coach that if I didn’t, I’d never make any ‘real’ level of income. Never heard from my coach again but was assigned another coach. Next, I listen to Michael Force talking about the importance of being at their Markeing Mastery Event in Vegas in October and how VERY IMPORTANT it is – if you want to be successful – that you attend. Yep, immediately booked my plane reservation to the tune of yet another $350 although I have NOT made my hotel reservations at this point. Went through the next few steps, listened to Michael Force talk about positioning myself at Ascend (10k), Peak (17k) and Apex (28k) and since then have had my coaches (husband and wife) schedule me for 5 min. conference calls three days a week. They’ve encouraged me to come into Peak at a cost of $30k and believe it or not… I’ve been considering it. WHAT? $30k? Money I definitely don’t have. Heck, I joined DA on July 8th to MAKE money… not SPEND money. I am 64 years old, retired and I’m the caregiver to my 88 year old blind, partially deaf Mother. I’m living on SSI and as anyone knows who is on SSI, it’s not nearly enough to make the monthly bills.

      I’ve also been looking at MOBE but don’t know how legitimate they are. I’m now going to have to see what’s involved with canceling my DA affiliate membership but they’ve already got $2k of my hard earned money plus a wasted ticket to Vegas. Any suggestions?

      • John Worthy

        Sharon, stay away from MOBE. Digital Altitude is a carbon copy of MOBE, and there was an article, not too long ago, that MOBE was suing DA for copyright infringement. Details soon with my overdue update.

    • Marie Ritchey

      Just signed up on Friday…Nov.3…I will re-read what you have written before I go any further.
      Maybe i should just go in to medical transcription to do at home.

    • Karissa Hayter

      Hey Nico,
      So its into 2018 now and been a while. I am curious to know if you are still doing DA and what your success has been with it now. I have gone thru step 6 and am in the process of doing research, both good and bad. I like how you said you used the knowledge they provided to make the system work for you, instead of just what the coaches were telling you. I would be interested in emailing further. let me know if you see this.

  53. Lauren Kinghorn

    Oh my word. Really glad I read your review and a whole bunch of these comments. Thanks John! I was looking at Digital Altitude. Jesse Singh’s review sounded so compelling, but Mack’s video left me stone cold. I couldn’t relate to anyone on the video. All the toys: yachts, cars, mansions and exotic holidays, the rags to riches stories. Yech. I just kept thinking that anything that sounds too good to be true generally is. Enough of these get-rich-quick schemes. Back to the slow, methodical, ethical route. Build a website, add rich content, drive traffic, get sales. Wealthy Affiliate is my happy place.

  54. Ed

    One of my businesses is Digital Altitude Aspire, and the above comments are not correct. This is a network marketing business. You need to understand what a network marketing business is before you jump in.

    There is no $50,000 deal, and you collect your own member sign-ups once you are at the Climber level and use either AWeber or GetResponse as your autoresponder. In-fact you have access to all your sign-ups no matter what level you are at. But you need an autoresponder. If you are going to bash a business make sure you have the correct information. Not just spouting off because you were not successful.

    Also, DA wants you to go to the higher levels, as they make more money. That’s common sense. The idea with any business you start is….. you crawl, walk then run. As far as their coaches. Some are good some are bad but the people I know do not use coaches very much.

    If you think the people you buy a business from are going to make you rich you are very wrong. You get the tools and knowledge you need and run with it. If you fail it is because of you, not the business. Yes there are a lot of scams but a little common sense and knowledge of online marketing can steer you from them. I have been doing online marketing for a long time. I have seen failures and a lot of successes. But everything was because of me. My three sites are dontgetscammedagain.com, ebennettmurphymarketing.com and onlinemarketing102.com. All successful and all based on my hard work.

    If you want to see success, stick with something (it takes time), you to have to have the desire and mentality to be self-employed, have a goal, have a budget (more than $1,000 a year), and totally understand online marketing. Don’t blame the business. Also, common sense is needed.

    if you don’t want a network marketing business there is also affiliate marketing……you don’t even need to buy a business to do that (just have online knowledge of what it is and how to do it). There are a lot of sites that teach that.

  55. D

    Thanks for this information. I have a friend in DA, but as a recovering Millionaire Marketing Machine/Business Success Alliance owner and having gone into debt over $30,000, I promised my husband I wouldn’t buy into anything else. Now I have more reason to say no, no, no.

  56. Jamal

    lol! an review to promote another good business .. this is not honest review !! be honest with yourself first please.. DA have launched this year .. and yes WA is awesome also many of WA members have joined DA and have a very positive feedback about DA.. and they are making tons of money from DA already.. They are doing what ? they are selling information and education any one love to learn .. People who have agreed with your review have never given it a try .. for me i joined with rise product and in one month only have made over $12K .. What do you call that is a scam because you have lack knowladge about what you are talking about or about what you are reviewing about!

    Keep spirit man .. life are full of opportunities .. and it will never last in one opportunity such as WA!

    WA also have bad feedback in internet if you make your research . .No online opportunity is empty from this scammy reviews ..

    Best Wishes

  57. John

    Aaron is correct about a LOT of things.

    I started in Internet Marketing 17 years ago after leaving Pizza Hut.

    It’s my “full time” job even if I work about 6-8 months per year and travel. I’m privileged. It’s true that only 2-3% of people will actually be able to live from internet incomes.

    BUT, as you mentioned, DA is a scam. I never had to pay to be an affiliate, nor to pay to advertise a product I don’t own – what the hell is that? DA is not teaching people how to make money online, they just are MLM/Pyramid scam.

    You can access to some LEGIT tutorial on how to make money with PPC, Media Buys, Facebook Ads, etc… you will lose money but it’s part of the learning process!

    Trying to get people into a system is NOT selling a product nor selling any kind of mentorship/tutorial. They make it look like that, but it’s not. Stay away from those scam systems.

  58. Lovelet

    Guys, I am eternally lucky and grateful to you all! I just finished level 6. Concluded the conversation with my coach and agreed to pay the $1997. I filled out the form, then I telephoned my CC company and asked them to release the funds. But, Something said to me, look up this company and see the reviews. As soon as I read John’s piece, I quickly erased my information from the form. Needless to say, I am breathing a sigh of relief tonight. I am very happy I followed my instinct and researched. Hopefully, I can get back my $184. Thank you, John, and others!

  59. Mike

    This is invaluable information and insights provided on your site., John. I have had somebody on my Facebook feed pushing this so called “money-making program and I am glad I found your site to learn the truth. I have been taken wayyy too much in this life through many unfortunate means since “lacking knowledge they will perish” has applied to me. Not this time though with the Internet claims! I am especially interested in learning more about the WA. My income off the web is really limited to some low dollar ebay sales and a few other IM things here and there.

  60. MC

    Digital Altitude is an illegal pyramid scheme. Ask any qualified MLM attorney and show them the comp plan, and they’ll confirm it. Worse, they do not fulfil. How many of the millions of dollars worth of their ‘mastermind’ events have they fulfilled in the last 1.5 years? Not a single one! I assure you that this will catch up to them – the FTC will soon shut them down once they get big enough.Michael Force has a long history of being involved in these programs, as well as lawsuits. Take a look at http://www.digitalaltitudeexposed.com and see how he treats his customers. This is one shady guy – glad you are exposing this scam.

  61. Zailinah

    Hello John,

    Firstly, thanks for this incredibly detailed review. I was going to place a $1 just to see what the ‘products’ are all about.

    Then I came across your post here and decide I might as well save that dollar (although I can’t even get a cup of coffee with it). It’s more of the time that you saved me that I appreciate – see, if I had joined I’d be spending my time looking at the ‘training videos’.

    Everytime I come across such a program like DA, I wonder if it’s sustainable. I’ll stick to affiliate marketing (not network marketing, MLM), even though it takes sometime to build up.

    Thanks again John!

  62. Aaron

    Good lord man.

    I have made well over $100k online as an affiliate marketer and product creator (Not in MLM or Network marketing) and reading this article really makes me feel horrible for the poor souls you are misleading. I don’t know if you are doing this intentionally or you’re just not as knowledgeable as you think you are.

    FIRST: Your ENTIRE argument is null.

    97-98% of people fail to make money online in absolutely every single route imaginable.
    Whether affiliate marketing (Clickbank, Wealthy Affiliate, CJ, JvZoo etc)
    whether binary options, forex etc
    whether CPA/PPC/PPV
    The list goes on.

    The failure rate will ALWAYS be 97-98%
    The very same applies to the gym down the street… in fact most people
    dish out almost $500 a year on gym memberships they never even use.
    Point being 97% of people fail to get in shape (quit too soon).

    In order to make money online the fundamentals virtually stay the same
    across whatever route you decide to go down.

    You need to drive targeted traffic to a product, service or opportunity.
    You need to build TRUST with your audience IF you are branding yourself (you should be).
    You do this by giving away FREE value (real value).
    You do this by free methods (seo, youtube, social media)
    and paid methods (fb ads, yt ads, bing ads, solo ads, media buys etc)

    It doesn’t matter if you are promoting Wealthy Affiliate or Digital Altitude
    you won’t make money with either one of them if you don’t understand this.

    The difference between the two is they’re just different vehicles people prefer…

    Think of WA as a toyota and DA as a bugatti.

    You can waste your time promoting $37-$397 tiny products or short cut
    your way through and start promoting high ticket $2997+ stuff.

    So many people fail to realize THIS is what they’re really paying for with an
    opportunity like this. Take it from someone who has only been able to charge
    up to $1997 for my own personal coaching so far (credibility, value etc) being able to
    just flat out “buy” your own high ticket program with integrated leverage that you can
    resell with it’s own websites, teams, systems etc is WELL worth the investment.

    Or you can go the hard route like i did… start small, build a following, create your OWN
    products, services and coaching…. stay up for 20 hours a day for 8 months doing all
    of it and still not having HALF the vehicle Digital Altitude lets you just jump right into.

    Point of this “Rant” is to shed a different perspective on this topic because people
    need to know this is NOT a scam… you are buying the rights to a virtual “done for you”
    business in a box that YOU are responsible for advertising as with ANY F**king
    business whether you built one yourself or promote others (as an affiliate).

  63. Jessica

    I was on step six and I talked with my coach today. Which was super strange because for one they tell you to be punctual when setting up your appintment for Skype. And he was like 10 minutes late. He also wouldn’t show his face and said he had some older people in their 60s question his ability to help them make money cause he looked young. So we basically did a phone call. Now I realize when reading these reviews it was all bs. I left the call after 8 minutes saying to myself. “That’s it” we didn’t even talk about much and it definitely seemed very brief and unhelpful. He wasn’t excited or anything so i think he was tired of acting the part of a so called coach. So happy I read all these comments!

    • Cristian

      Im on step 11 but havent payed anything, I think my coach unblocked all of them by accedent and I went through them one by one and looked like a scam… and if you want to upgrade ( which is pay ) you need to call your coach. Her back ground looked ugly not a wealthy environment. Lol cheers we saw this page!! 😀

  64. Phil Jr

    Thanks for the information and your thought on DA. I spent over two weeks looking through the steps and at sites that supposedly offered unbiased thoughts regarding the opportunity to make money using the system. Only each site merely supplied another way to offer DA. I just this morning paid my first 37.00. Only a small loss should I not be able to recover the payment. I was sold on the concept but the prices as stated are up there. I was going to also today ask a family member who is holding some money they offered to provide me, for half of it to start in with the Rise/Base level. glad now I wanted to research DA a bit more. To the one or more above who seem to find fault with John offering or suggesting WA don’t fret. You are not obligated to check it out. But someone else might find it useful.

  65. Rob

    Well I sure am glad I came across this. I have just finished my 6 steps and was considering whether to proceed or not. might be time to hang back a bit and do some more research. I can’t possibly give away money I haven’t got just to give it to someone else. Thanks for the review

  66. Justin Mah

    Yes they sell high ticket products. yes you have to own what your going to sell your self. yes the coaches make a commission for selling for you…. whats wrong with any of that. The products teach marketing…. yes. after reading this post theres nothing in it thats scary or scammy…. its 100% legit. Understand facts of business and read this post and think to your self what really is wrong… nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    the guy who made this site is an affiliate of another company thats is really the exact same… wealthy affiliate is what its called. and it works the same way as everything else does. However most of their affiliate make posts like this about other companies and how bad they are and say come join me instead. See the link at the top of this page. his #1 fee recommendation… well thats going to cost you money as well to promote their business and well its teh same thing as EN or Digital altitude. the only difference is they sell low cost cheap things and have to do all the marketing and selling them selves.

    If your not ok with owning a product your selling then theirs something wrong with you. You should not even bother trying to be in business and be an entrepreneur. I think any legit business or company has ownership, or has tried or has inventory of the products they are selling. Only makes sense.

  67. Roger Bell

    John, Wow I’m so glad I found your review. Thanks a ton and my bank account thanks you as well. I was ready to jump in with both feet and spend at least $2,000 or so to get to the higher levels so I could earn huge commissions. The sad part of this is I was once a member of Empower Network and I really should have learned my lesson from that experience. Well, because all their top members make videos that fill you with excitement and places they are visiting around the world they can almost hypnotize you into joining. Thanks again. As to Wealthy Affiliate can you tell me how long you have been a member? Also how long did it take you to start earning quit my job kind of money? (2,000 to $5,000 monthly) Can you email me with more info on WA?


        I would like to know this info also. I was just about to hit the Buy button on DA But kept thinking search the web a little more for reviews which seem hard to find. Most all are a lead page to sign up. Im on a tight budget and really need a work from home income that is true. Im looking at a physical disability issue myself so i dont have time for gimmicks.

        Thanks in advance

    • Michael Force

      Roger Bell, so just to clarify on your post. You were at one point ready to jump into DA with both feet but were glad you read this review to help change your mind. You were already a victim to one pyramid sceme and should have learned your lesson but are now ready and willing to jump on the Wealthy Affiliate pyramid sceme?? Makes sense. Now that all of that is out in the open, I’d like to sell you some prime real estate on the moon with views of the earth.

  68. Masuma Amin

    I just joined DA 3 days ago and would like to cancel it , can’t find te page on their website how to cancel please guide me those who cnaceled it already.

  69. Masuma

    I just joined DA and after reading all these reviews would like to cancel the membership , went through the emails and need some help and assistant , please help me.

  70. Chirag Jain

    John, this is a pretty good job you’re doing here. Its been 3 days i have subscribed paying $1. Completed 4 steps so far, and honestly, they could’ve had summed it all in just one bloody video. Well, after have read all these comments, AND your valuable feedback, I am going to cancel this RIGHT AWAY. I am so glad i came across your blog before it was too late. Also, i would like to connect with you via E-mail.


  71. runnindog

    wish I had found this before I made a payment on the base/rise level, after I made the payment and my coach changed things got funny. My questions weren’t being answered my calls went to voicemail and when I did get ahold of this idiot he would just unlock the next 2 videos and leave me to it. I tried to get my money back using my bank but because the payment went through paypal the bank can’t do anything. So lesson learned the hard way 618 dollars lost. I’m done with the internet it’s got too many sharks trying to get your money and they get away with it when they get someone like paypal to process their orders. I’ll bet they sleep good and eat good on all that ill gotten gains…

    • John Worthy

      Thanks for chiming in. Too sad you’ve been had. However, you have a good chance to get your money back. Dispute the payment at PAYPAL…it may take 30 days, but they are very ‘anti scam’. Just tell them in detail why you insist on a refund…just lay it out as you did here.
      As for “I am done with the Internet”: Don’t just give up. I was scammed also before I became a member of Wealthy Affiliate and learned how to make money online, without being taken by som unethical folks.

  72. Nic

    Hi John Worthy after reading all the comments I feel very sick, Betrayed,i just can’t believe i’m in this same situation being a so called victim i joined Aspire which in term is Digital Altitude on the 15 of September 2016 $1ASPIRE Walker Trial – $1.00 – ASPIRE Walker Trial $1.00 as an a Affiliate from a program which I’m in and was bought here by referral of Stone Evans if anyone knows who he is,anyway i got to step 4 and just finish step 5 and for you to continue on you had to do a Non-Disclosure Agreement a online at Right Signature:easy online document signing,then you are able to proceed to step 6 but i just had a vision in my mind to check it out and behold it led me to this page and after reading all the comments and reply i have to say I Am very shocked Indeed and another thing that caught my suspicion is the coach after looking at the list members of coaches at Digital Altitude i could not see my coach on the list has anyone have Neil Crisp as there coach please Enlighten me with this Info and your true responses much Appreciated to u all and also to u Mr John Worthy ps i was with Wealthy Affiliate and wasn’t really to sure about it as well not getting what i expected and the rankings going up and down,anyway let me know to cancel card or email support or the billing department to stop billing me i think its a 14 day trial on the $1.00 so i think i got until the 29th correct me if I;m wrong cheers

      • Cleeford

        Hey thanks for this info john. I was very skeptical simply because i was scam like this before.. they dont call it a pyramid because people will already know to stay away. My coach did not tell me what they were about until i ask. Instead of telling me all about the business she focused more on me runing trough those steps.
        Is there any safe way to make some good income from the internet without being scam?

  73. WrappedAndFlushed

    Just for awareness, MOBE filed a lawsuit against Digital Altitude alledgin copyright infringement, federal theft of trade secrets and other counts. I find this supremely ironic. See http://norcalrecord.com/stories/510989093-individual-allegedly-copied-former-employer-s-business-training-videos

    Court documents are at http://www.plainsite.org/dockets/3084n84ug/california-central-district-court/mobe-ltd-v-digital-altitude-llc-et-al/ Note: You would need to contact an attorney or have a plainsite.org (legal) membership to see the text of the paperwork. Based upon side by side images at http://barXXXXXXXXX.com/digital-altitude, it looks to me like it’s a smoking gun case.

    If you are marketing for Digital Altitude or invested in the company, it might be time to ask a good attorney a few pertinent questions.

  74. noel spring

    hi, i just cancelled my $1 trial, after speaking to my first “coach” and having my strategy session, which is more him explaining funding options and not any form of help, even when i emailed him prior with the address tehy supplied, it came back as undeliverable…. funny, and when i filled out the “strategy session survey” a screen popped up saying it was offline, with a nice picture of gregg and some woman with a drink.

    anyhow, yeah i had a pretty bad feeling about da after that.
    wish i still had the address of that far off relitive that lived in africa who died recently and wanted me to have all their money.

    too good to be true

    • John Worthy

      Hi Noel, thanks for your input. It’s not funny, but I had to laugh when I read your definition of “DA COACHING”. And I am getting called names and being threatened with lawsuits for pointing exactly these things out in my review. Hopefully you let your CC provider know NOT to honor any billing from DA.

  75. HOPER

    I’m glad to found this post and this has honestly convinced me not to proceed on buying ANY of DA’s products. At the beginning, I thought that it’s not a scam because the registration fee is only $1 and I’ve listened to their video lessons that made me at least a “hope” to become wealthy. On the first set of videos (maybe from 1-3), they said that they will be the one to do ALL the marketing and SEO for you which was amazing and I was thinking that this is it! Also, it gave me an impression at start that they have online products that are usable to all people that are using the Internet. They also mentioned that their coaches will help you on each and every step that you’ll take but it’s ALL THE OTHER WAY AROUND! On the 5th and 6th video, that’s when they will discuss about their products and I found out that these are useful only to people that are registered. And yes, it’s still a pyramiding/networking scheme, NO DOWNLINE, NO SALE! Also, I was really thinking that their coaches will help me on each and every strategy for my investment. But they’re not! I asked them if they’ll be the one to market my products and they said that I’m on my own! To those who are dreaming of having a million of dollars through Digital Altitude, I would say that you’ll just be wasting your time, money and dream on this scam!

    • John Worthy

      Thanks for your comment Hoper. First thing I do when I come across a new “get super rich program” is look at their PRODUCT. If it is something a normal person would/could buy and actually USE, then I would consider it to be legit. Their programs are useless, unless you are a genius in selling the dream to other people.

  76. Kevin

    I’ve been in Digital Altitude for 4 months now. Yes it is high ticket, so it does pay big commission, but also costs more to join then most biz opps online. I made over $10,000 so far and Im very happy with DA. Its a solid program that is very well done and professional. I also like that they close sales for you.

    • MariJane Morrison

      I am with digital altitude for a few months and I’m still waiting for my first sale. I am thrilled to hear that you are actually having some success. All these comments are so depressing

  77. Jacob

    Hi my name is jacob and im one of those high school grads who went straight to work two days after i graduated, had my own place that I payed for at just 18 years old but also like many ive dreamed of making a better life for myself to where i dont have to bust my ass every day to fill the rich mans pocket while im currently living in my jeep having payed $700 for and yes i lost my house because i was stupid enough to invite people into my home whome i thought were struggling like i was but ended up being moochers letting me pay for my groceries just so they can eat and drink it all. I fell behind and im the one who got royally fucked. That $700 jeep may not be much to a lot of people but it is to me and to find something like this scheme is heartbreaking because for one brief moment i thought i could finally make a name for myself, put my younger sister through a good nursing school, get my brother away fron killing himself every day to support his newly found family, and to give my mother whose worked her whole life to give what little she had so we had clothes on our backs a life of comfort and being free of the every day stress of making ends meet. But this just comes to prove that this world will never change due to greed of money and power! The biggest money sucking ass wholes that i can think of are the polititians but thats a whole other story i dont wonna get into. But what im getting at is how in your right mind do think its okay to take money from people like me who are ACTUALLY trying to do things right. Now if i were on the winning side i know id do everything i can to see a struggling family smile for once. BUT IF ONLY RIGHT

    • Leo

      Hello Jacob,
      Sorry about all your troubles,there are ways to make money online without any up front cost or monthly fees,one is with WA,then there is ClickBank and Clicksure.
      There are business that are free you have to promote,here is one of them I was lucky to find Free7.THWglobal.com
      All you need to do watch videos,everything is explain on the site. There is nothing to buy,no fees,whatsoever. Yes there is cost to for this. Matter of fact there is a cost for anything you do,you have to learn,you need to learn how to promote,how to get traffic etc. Just like if you were to join the service,you have bootcamp,going to college,your sister going to nursing school. You have to learn.
      None of these will make you rich over night,it will take hard work,but once you learn and get it started,you will make good money. It could take you few months to a year or more,but once you start the money will come in,and you will never look back again. Good luck in all you do,May God turn your life and family life around.

  78. Dajah Bennett

    I joined for a dollar and didnt like and cant get a refund! and i cant get in touch with ANYONE!

    • John Worthy

      Hi Daja, it’s not the one dollar you should worry about. Make sure you let your credit card issuer know that NO payment should be made to DA, and or have them issue a new card and void the old one.

  79. Pete

    It is funny that you have an image of earnings from the year 2013 to 2014. This shows just how big a piece of sh!* you are, not caring whatsoever about the truth. Digital Altitude launched THIS YEAR, idiot. Again, enjoy getting your ass handed to you in court.

    • John Worthy

      You again Petey boy with your name calling and feeble threats. If you could read, and comprehend what you are reading, you would understand that the image of the EN Earnings Report is meant to demonstrate how these pyramid schemes are bad for 98% of all participants. A far as your threats…bring it on. In the meantime, I am going to approve the incoming comments of DA members that already realize what scam it is, so you can come back and try to debunk these.

      I also receive and collect copies of the complaints filed with the FTC and Internet Crime Complaint Center by those DA members that didn’t want to leave their name on my comment section. Sweet dreams Petey boy.

  80. Charlie

    I joined the 14-day “free trial” at $1 (why they call it free if you still have a to pay a small fee?) and at the end of 6, useless steps/videos from Mr.Force where I’ve learned nothing that I didn’t know back in 2006 (I’ve been online quite some time) my coach, during my so-called “strategy call” discussed no strategies, on the contrary she bullied me into paying 2000$ right away even when I explained I wanted to go slowly, understand more of how it really works. The call ended with her telling me to get the funds, call my bank. etc. That’s when I realized she’s not even a coach!
    I’ve spent 2 weeks thinking this might be a good solution, but I agree with you John, it definitely IS NOT. Stay away people 🙁

    • Sly

      Thanks for Saving me the credit card info ($1 trap) and the aggravations. They also have members with blogs knocking the actual FREE opportunities like Jesse Singh. Thanks all that state facts and not Hype. Wow $1 to $28,000 quite the jump.

  81. Leah

    These reviews are very helpful, I joined DA in July 20016 and have finished all the initial videos and tutorials at ASPIRE level with 37 dollars monthly payments, I have not made a single dollar. I have now realized that DA is not business I would invest for an number of reasons. Firstly this business is only achievable to people who have money to invest and have some back up plan in case you dont make any profits. Secondly, their level fees vary and are expensive and yet you are not guaranteed to make money regardless of how much you have paid. For example, you are required to generate traffic to your site yourself using the ads you purchase again from them; really!, how much can one keep paying?. Although the traffic coaches assures you of closing the deals, the commission is lessened when they jump in. The teaching at ASPIRE, BASE, RISE and ASCEND appear repetitive and yet you have to pay more as you go up the ladder. And lastly, the idea of leveraging on the DA system work by your continued recruiting people into DA otherwise you cant make any money. I can not honestly say DA is a scam, but one need to look very carefully at one`s financial status before joining in because it costs money, and a lot of it to be with DA. Good luck to all wanting to join DA.

  82. Marlon

    You are stupid broke ass .. ex top producer in EN will never use the word pyramid scheme .. you even have no idea what is the definition of financial pyramid! DA sell digital information prodcuts.

    • John Worthy

      Whatever…showing off your stupidity with your fake Name and email address. All you can do with the ‘digital information products’ is wipe your behind. Expensive toilet tissue, indeed

  83. Andrew

    The review he wrote is was just to promote his own deal to sell you.. Read it and then his pitch! Well done Jon..

    • John Worthy

      Wrong Andrew…I write reviews to let my readers know what REALLY goes on with some of the products out there. Check out the categories on my site and browse; you will be surprised what you may learn. Yes, I promote Wealthy Affiliate, which is one of the few scam free programs, and by far the BEST online learning center for people who understand that it takes KNOWLEDGE and the willingness to work in order to succeed in Internet Marketing. DA, like so many other similar “PRODUCTS” promise the pie in the sky, but the only ones making real money are the founders and founding members. Read through my comments here, and the number of very unhappy commenters grows almost daily. And don’t forget the important point. I warn people because I fell for BS like DA before I wised up
      I am used to the name calling and insults from people that have no ethics, and they can threaten to sue me until hell freezes over. I know one thing for sure, they never do, because they feel the heat already. I know of 8 complaints filed against DA with the Internet Scam Report Center, and there will be more in the near future.

  84. Got Scammed

    Got scammed at the $2K “RISE” level. What an idiot I am. Initial “Coach” told me he was at that level and making thousands of dollars a month after only a few months with very little ad spend. A big fat lie. As soon as I joined I am shuffled to a higher power coach dude with some motivational crap all designed to up sell you. I had no money for that and actually put out the $2K in faith and hope it would help me in a desperate financial situation. It made it worse. I am deeper in debt now. Very expensive lesson. I doubt that Michael Force is even an ex-Marine which I actually am. Thats what sucked me in. I begged for a refund under hardship. Nothing. Even Skyped my former Marine Michael, nothing. My house is having to be sold. My marriage is at risk. Bad timing for me to have found this deal. Wiser and sadder. Semper Fi

    • AB

      Same thing happened to me at that level. After getting rise the “coach told me if I didn’t get Ascend that he would see me in 9-10 months because he would not waste his time. I have called DA because they have a refund policy on the site as well as in their Affiliate Agreement.

      But check this out when you call the customer service number on the site, it’s not actually the company number. You reach other affiliates who do customer service virtually. I called and asked for the “Main” number and the rep said he didn’t know or couldn’t find the number. I have since filed a claim with my bank.

    • AmwithU

      Bro did you read the policy first?

      The high ticket products are not refundable….only if you do so within 24 hours because will be shared to other members…that’s why it is not.

  85. Tina Williams

    I just joined DA and am on steps 16 and 17. Yesterday my “coach” literally brought me to tears because I told him I wasn’t giving them anymore money to buy into a higher tier until I make profits…He made me feel inferior and sent me a link for funding…I’ve already given them $600(borrowed from family). I’m soon to meet my traffic “coach” and I will keep you posted.Thank you

    • John Worthy

      Hi Tina, unfortunately, that’s how it is. All they want is the money from their recruits. All these schemes work the same way. A coach is supposed to give you a helping hand during a learning period, but these coaches are sales people. Sorry to say that, but get out while your losses are manageable.

      • AB

        Hey John do you have an email address or some way I can reach you? DA has a refund policy but I have been calling customer service since Friday. I get ahold of a rep then they take a message and “escalate” it.

  86. Pauline

    I been trying to get into social media marketing and some freelance work stuff. So I have joined lots of groups on Facebook, to discuss things with other people find jobs etc (i find these forums helpful for my work). so now I keep getting these messages and friend request of random people who are always talking about travelling and having freedom and working only few hours a week. They all seem to have an amazing life, great pictures of exotic places and how little they have to work and then there are pictures of how much the have earned each week (its usually 10000 or more).
    It seems strange that you don’t need to work much but you live like a king! It just seems so dodgy. At first I was like sounds great but more i read about it and started to think about it the more messed up it looks. I really hope that people wont join this scam. Of course the guys at top are rich cause they get money off people who believe their crap. I just wish that these sore of scams would be illegal.
    I could think of many other things to do with that money and if you want to get somewhere in life you need to work hard for it, nothing comes that easy.

    • John Worthy

      Pauline, I am in this business for a long time and I have learned, the hard way, that if it sounds too good to be true, then it’s definitely not.

  87. Nervous mother

    I just started and my two weeks ends today or tomorrow I want to leave but they already have my info what am I gonna do

    • John Worthy

      Hi Jessica, just cancel and also send them a cellation by email. Make sure to contact your credit card company and advice them NOT to make any payment.

  88. Peter

    Hey dumb a$$ you might want to ask Kyle and Carson about GETTING THE $H-IT SUED OUT OF THEM for lying and defamation. Maybe they don’t tell you guys that a company called MOBE is suing them for $10 million, but calling something a Pyramid scheme and smearing their good name is CRIMINAL and illegal. And trying to syphon DA customers for YOUR benefit is just effing pathetic, scum bag stuff. And your puny, pathetic, beotch ass fishing for pennies with WA, while we at DA make actual REAL money? Let’s just say I know you will NOT be able to afford the attorneys.

    Just because you are stuck in a poor and middle class mindset, and will remain POOR the rest of your life, you are doing a disservice to people actually willing to take a RISK with their lives. Guys like you make me sick. There is NOTHING “required” to purchase at DA. I know many people who started at the bottom and worked their way up! But you don’t care about facts, do you? Anything to make a quick buck for yourself. You sir, are a pathetic loser, and I cannot WAIT to contact Michael Force and imagine you soiling yourself when you receive those legal papers.

    • John Worthy

      Whatever…you are just like all the other pyramid freaks

      Peter, you call me names, but that’s ok and I’m not even offended. I know your kind long enough to understand the pains. However, just look at the comment from Tina above.

    • Tim

      Glad to see this system creates such kind and generous people like Peter.I wonder if the system taught Peter how to put dollar symbols at the end of words to emphasize his already incoherent message.

    • Amos

      10 million is a penny on the dollar to Kyle and Carson. They are just refusing to be bulied and letting their attorneys have something to occupy themselves with. Your name calling shows that you are failing to close those deals as people are now wiser than before. They search for program reviews before joining clearly hipped programs like DA. You are showing all your frustration and despair, which often follows when you realise that you bought snake oil. I laugh at people who are pushed into this scam by certain people with more than 10 websites from which they generate leads yet they only have a facebook page… lol. Every day a negative review of DA & MOBE pops up. Let’s see how far they can go with covering up the truth by suing bloggers. They will also sue you if you want a refund because that’s what they are good at. If you are not careful you will work your entire life just to raise money to buy the next level or up-sell. The hardcore sales man they call coaches are there to close deals for the person who recruited you and they get a cut. I bet there are 10 more levels coming. One will be called Pinnacle costing $100 000… lol. Just to make sure no cent leaves the company. When you leave DA it’s like on the day you were born. You leave with nothing save for a few PDFs… hahaha. If I leave WA l will have my websites for life on which l can promote any product of my choice. In DA you pay them for the name and tools to promote the same to others. You again pay for advertising e.g. buying solo ads. If you get broke, the sales persons introduce you to loan sharks. If you fail, you are blamed for not buying the next up-sell. Next time when you comment, cool down you don’t own DA, you are just one of the victims!

      • John Worthy

        Hi Amos, great comment. There is no cure for ‘being stupid’. I can handle the insults and name calling, and the ‘law suit’ threats. I just forward them to the Internet Crime Complaint Center to be amended to the complaint.

    • WrappedAndFlushed

      The definition of pyramide scheme used by the FBI is at https://www.fbi.gov/scams-and-safety/common-fraud-schemes/pyramid-schemes and as follows:

      “As in Ponzi schemes, the money collected from newer victims of pyramid schemes is paid to earlier victims to provide a veneer of legitimacy. In pyramid schemes, however, the victims themselves are induced to recruit further victims through the payment of recruitment commissions.

      More specifically, pyramid schemes—also referred to as “franchise fraud” or “chain referral schemes”—are marketing and investment frauds in which an individual is offered a distributorship or franchise to market a particular product. The real profit is earned, not by the sale of the product, but by the sale of new distributorships. …”

      If it acts like a skunk, smells like a skunk, and tastes like a skunk; it is a skunk! If a high percentage of sales are purely to individuals pursuing the business opportunity, it is a smelly skunk.

  89. Ben Hambley

    So are you just hating on other companies to promote yours? That’s awesome. This whole sit back and relax thing you keep saying….I have had success because I put work in. Cost free advertising. Figuring the ins and outs of Facebook. Sounds like you are just promoting WA hardcore.

    • John Worthy

      Ben, I am not hating other companies…just telling it like it is. My ethics won’t allow me to promote stuff like DA. Just read Tina’s comment above. I am proud to promote a company that is in business for over 10 years now, instead of pyramids that pop up, and disappear 18 months later, leaving behind a bunch of folks who lost a bunch of money. Actually, I feel sorry for you and your kind.

  90. A.W.

    Amazing. Perplexed internet marketers jumping from opportunity to opportunity convincing the people they sponsor to follow them through these opportunities BUT that’s what MLM is about. They call it affiliate opportunities now of course. From traffic monsoon to digital altitude to exitus to whatever new comes along or until what they are doing stops working and making them the income they made at first. Ok, about digital altitude, the coaches were nice that I had, but didn’t really seem knowledgeable about driving converting traffic to your site other than a few fb tips. Like this guy said on the video, they tell you to google it. They also sell traffic packages, correct me if I’m wrong, so you can drive traffic to your site. This is sketchy, IMO. If I am wrong don’t quote me on that, so apologies if I’m wrong about the traffic packages. They get you in with the $1.00 trial, and the aim I was told was to at least go to the Rise level, so my commissions would be greater which is true. But before you start to go to your traffic coach, your current coach will have a group meeting with you and some other people on skype and the coach will begin to tell you the importance of positioning yourself higher, because you will be an idiot to pass up those higher commissions which you will have to purchase the license to training events that come close to $7,000 and up over $27,000 one time payments plus your monthly fee of either $37, $67, or $127 plus an affiliate fee of $17.00 if I’m recalling this right. Don’t let them find out you have good credit, because that’s when they introduce you to take out a loan to buy the higher ticket event items. This isn’t necessarily wrong, because they don’t shove it down your throat and many people take out loans to start an opportunity with other business start-ups, but I’m just putting that out there. I think that this program can make people money, if you find people that don’t know a lot about internet marketing. They tell you of course you can attract people to your digital altittude link through free traffic, but the real money comes when you start using paid traffic (note that they suggest this traffic to you in packages). btw, I was told it would take around $60 a day to attract enough people for a hope of decent conversions to make a certain amount. So, let’s just say there are 30 days in that month, you are paying $1,800 in that month, so you better make sure you position yourself with the higher ticket items in hopes to keep your business operations working and can afford that each month. All you are doing it seems is paying a lot for traffic to get people to go through your link. There is a complaint about the founder of this company, but that may just be a disgruntle business partner of the past. I really won’t comment on that, since I haven’t seen many negative things about Mr. Force. You will make money with this, but I’m wondering how long this business will last comparing sustainability. Good luck to all in whatever business you are in, but do your research before hopping into any company. Look for positive and negative reviews, so you can make a leveled decision before you jump in, especially before you go ALL IN as some people love to use this term!

    • John Worthy

      Hi A.W. thanks for the comment. Yes, this is the big problem with these kinds of ‘products’…You have to invest a lot, hope and pray. One thing is for sure, though; it won’t last long

      • A.W.

        Thanks for all you do. There’s awesome information on here! Continued success to you!

      • China

        Thank you so much for this info i just joined for a 1 for the 14 days and i a getting out because i am not trying to give these people all of my hard earned money if they are not going to really help me money is hard to come by these days I was just trying make a little extra money on the side I have a daycare and don’t really need this at all in my life it is a sham that there are people out there like this i am glad that i looked this info up before i got in to deep

        Thanks for the info

  91. Jazil

    I would like to say I am a high school student and I was looking to make money over the summer. I then came across this Digital Altitude website from a popular Instagram account (@millionaire_mentor). I then paid $1 for the trial and I found out that these “coaches” were all set up as part of this scam to sell me stuff on the basis of success and to have my friends join. Every single “training” in the videos were already stuff that are available for free on YouTube. I left a week before my trial ended and I cancelled my membership because I knew that making money wasn’t possible for the average person with this proven method. I am definitely looking to file a complaint as soon as possible against Digital Altitude. This is a complete scam. Your review will help inform many people out there. I make most of my money nowadays building apps for local businesses and affiliate marketing makes only about 2% of my income. I am still building my website so expect it to be available soon.

    • John Worthy

      Hi Jazil, yes it is unethical, at least. Legally, they may get away with it, but as I explained, 94% of the folks investing real money in it will lose.

  92. Scorned Wive's Club of Pyramid Culters

    I’m one of the hungry middle of the divorce from one of the promoters whom is boasting online of his grand per day earnings. Wow how it would b nice to have at least a bag of dog food he said he’d be furnishing for his dog I’m feeding. I have bought it and forced to eat myself from the local food bank as my measly wages pay the mortgage I was stuck with. And his outstanding IRS taxes! One pyramid to the next he promotes boasting of wealth yet no mention how he abandoned his wife and home and bills leaving me hungry with a ruined financial future. I know the truth. Stand pictured affront that big black Hummer and boast of lies and promises of wealth yet you are only a big old ball of Clay.

    • John Worthy

      Thank you. I truly feel for and with you. There is really not much more I could say, other than that I hope you post your comment on all the sites, which are promoting this scam.

    • Tim

      Well, I’d rather be living that life too (the one you are) than actually believing a hummer has value and that an ocean view actually makes life meaningful. My suspicion is the wealthy people in this game are likely the most miserable. Your struggle leads to greater growth and you will be thankful in the end. The greater the struggle, the greater the life.

  93. Kody

    Hey man, yeah DA is deff a scam, I was doing everything my coach told me to do and one day after like 2 or three months payment he was like “ya you should quit cause I only work with top clients and you’re obviously not one”…I was like dude you just told me we were going to discuss finance options so I can take it to the next level…. Obviously not only a scam but highly unethical. I also had a WA website for awhile, but I wanted to ask you a question…With WA it doesn’t seem like you’re actually selling a product either it seems your simply throwing amazon and google ads in hopes you get commission…This is really shammy as well and it doesn’t have as good as turn-out as people think.

    • John Worthy

      Hi Kody, thanks for your comment. You are right about DA, but you are wrong about WA. Wealthy Affiliate is a learning center that teaches people the fundamentals of online marketing. You know, building a website, SEO, some technical stuff, how to use social networks, PPC etc. It then is up to the student/member which direction they want to take their business. They are not required to promote WA, but they can. If you promote WA you will get a recurring commission for your referrals, but not from what your referrals are doing.

      If you want to make money in Affiliate Marketing there are different ways to get about it. You are not just randomly throwing amazon ads on your site pages, there is a bit more involved. Like anything and everything in life…if you want success you have to learn and work hard. You say you joined WA and had no success. I respond with pointing a finger at you and say “your own fault”.

        • John Worthy

          Yes, and proud to promote a scam free company that is in business for over 10 years now, in contrast to the crap Mike Force is pushing. What is it, 4 or 5 in the last 5 years…like Empower Network & Mobile Money Code?

        • Carlos

          Glad I decided to do a last minute research on this DA scam. I actually did give in to the $1.00 14 day trial and have(had) my “welcome” call in two days lol. I was skeptical about it since the very beginning. It sounded too good to be true. I went through the first two steps and they hadn’t mentioned anything about costs or any fees so I read the reviews on here. I’m not worried about my credit card information as I’m able to create a fake credit card number and set a price limit on it through my bank.

          Well you sure spend a lot of time here replying to people. Haven’t you been successful enough in WA to be preoccupied with bigger and better things?

    • Pauline

      You should’ve taken a screenshot of the conversation (if it was trough the chat or emails) and the posed it on Facebook site what promote the DA scam. So other people could see it as well.

  94. berry

    Hi, I know a few big marketers and they are making a big money with this. I was about to join but now I´m starting to realize this may be not a good idea.
    The one thing I still dont know the answer is how much money I need to spend (on traffic, tools..) at the 37 level to start make some money?

    Do you have any guess?

    Thank you

    • John Worthy

      What can I say Berry? Buy in with about 5 grand, then spend another 2 grand a month to get traffic to your website. Lean back and pray.

  95. michelle

    Thanks for letting me know that I was going to join but now I’m not!

  96. Withheld for Obvious Reasons

    I am a victim of DA and have filed an internet crime complaint based upon the pyramid scheme structure and other items. If you are a victim, please do likewise at https://www.ic3.gov/complaint/splash.aspx. This kind of deception and material misrepresentation needs to be stopped.

    • John Worthy

      Sorry to hear that, noname. You are the third person I know off that filed a complaint. This scam is not going to be around much longer

  97. ashton king

    I am In DA right now. I joined July 10 2016 became a rise member on July 20 2016 and thought that everything would work out. I really was planning on getting another job invest all of that money into DA sacrifice sleep and quality of my education at school for DA. Just because I am a big dreamer. Honestly I kept telling myself that something didn’t feel right. My first coach was very nice, but knew nothing about DA. She told me that her husband was a coach and that she had just became a coach. She stated later as we spoke that she was actually considering being an affiliate. This tells me that these coaches that Michael was telling about that have years of experience, and don’t worry they will answer all of you questions, is not 100% true. I began to question the legtimacy of the system when I asked the top earner for a loan. That is what you are taught in one of the steps ask friends and family. He said he can’t. I went on the get a loan but still asked several top earners in the DA community if they could spare anything. Guess what those “multimillionares” couldn’t or didn’t want to. my belief is that they don’t want you to become an APEX member because that kills the chances of them taking your recruits. They have an interest to keep you slowly moving through the process to slowly suck your money out, because the waitress, single mom, the college student wont have 50,000 to front. Yeah seeing that I am a recent member the prices have went up to 50,000 doubling that is if you want the other packages. I am in the process of canceling. There is just too much for me to feel uneasy about. The system isn’t sustainable for the long run. If you do everything that they suggest like me then you will eventually go and buy a book by Robert Kyosaki cashflow quadrant. That book alone was enough to make me quit DA. It has some good information. There is one thing in that book that did it for me. It states that Investors look for tried and true proven sustainable systems with great products. DA has a good product. But it’s system in which it delivers this information is to expensive has been tried and always fails in the end. Way to shoot yourself in the foot DA. Michael Force shows you how he and the top 1% live day to day because all they do is sell the big dreamers, waitresses, mom and pops and everyone else that has hopes and aspirations a box of crap.

  98. robert

    Holy crap those are some high proces. I was just looking into Digital Attitude but I didn’t realize that they could cost upwords of $28,000. That is just insane.

    When I was looking into it they seemed legit to me at first. They were very convincing and they had a really good story so I considered buying into it. Before I gave them my credit card and took the plunge I decided to do a little research and thank god I did.

    After reading your review I realize that I may have just dodged a bullet on this one. Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t about to spend $28,000 but I was considering signing up for the $1 trial.

    Basically I’m looking for a way to make some extra money online but I don’t really have a lot of knowledge in this field. That’s why Digital Attitude looked appealing to me because they kept saying that it’s perfect for regular people. Anyways, I’m glad I read your review.


    • John Worthy

      Robert, thanks for visiting my site. HOLY CRAP, that’s what I said. I was one of the ‘regular people’ back then when I thought Empower Network would be a good way to make money. Guess what? I lost almost $3,000 with that crap. In the beginning, their ‘product’ was a blogging platform running within their system. You got a sub-domain site and, of course, traffic was nil unless you spent money on paid traffic. But that was besides the real purpose.

      All they taught was how to talk other people into joining…typical pyramid scheme. After the blogging mess died, they brought in the Costa Rica scam. Same thing, but with double the prices to move up in the pyramid. Of course, in order to get commission, you had to pay for that particular level.

      This thing here was supposedly created by this former marine. I don’t believe it for several reasons. NO ONE person is able to pull a scam like this off by itself. I suspect that there is group of founders, all former EN top earners.

      Anyways, all I can say, and will say to anyone willing to listen…RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN

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