What Is Affiliate Rebirth? Free Traffic and $5K a Month?

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Affiliate Marketing on the Internet is here to stay. This concept of marketing was put into place by William J. Tobin in 1989 and generated sales in excess of 6 Million dollars in 1998 (source: Wikipedia).

It is definitely mind-boggling how Affiliate Marketing has evolved over the past 20 years. In 2017 Affiliate Marketing Publishers in the US alone earned an estimated $5 Billion on commissions for referring sales, leads, and traffic to Advertisers (advertisers are manufacturer of products, merchants like Amazon, or service providers).

Most affiliate marketing publishers are individual website owners that promote the products or services of advertisers by publishing content on their websites, and include adverts, such as banners and/or text links.

Affiliate Marketing Advertisers LOVE Publishers! Why, you may ask. Because advertisers save a ton of money, and a lot of work, by using a small army of publishers which will gladly do the work and advertising in return for a small commission for ever sale they convey.

I ‘know a thing or two’ about affiliate marketing because ‘I do a thing or two’ as affiliate marketer on a daily basis (sorry, had to throw that in, couldn’t help myself), and I got my training from the best you can find. But what exactly is it what we are doing. Let me run it down for you real quick:

  • Pick a Niche and the product(s) to promote
  • Build a website
  • Do Keyword Research
  • Create and publish quality content (blogging, reviews, etc.)
  • Generate Organic Traffic through search results
  • Build a List for email marketing
  • Generate Traffic through paid ads (Google Adwords, LinkedIn, Facebook etc.)
  • Create quality back links

You see, there is work involved, and even when you are building ‘small’ niche sites, you will have to keep them current with periodical updates. It always makes me curios when I come across a product/program that claims…


affiliate rebirth review



…And How You Can Set Up As Many As You Like… With As Little As 30 Minutes Per Day. No Experience or Tech Skills Required

I decided to purchase this product, find out what it is all about, and how exactly they are building PASSIVE INCOME AFFILIATE SITES that make $3,000 to $5,000 per month each using 100% FREE TRAFFIC. Here is my Affiliate Rebirth Review:


What Is Affiliate Rebirth?

Affiliate Rebirth is a Video Training Program for affiliate marketers. The creators of the program, Grigory Kononenko, Stefan Ciancio, and Shahnawaz Sadiquee, don’t specify if their product is for experienced marketers, total beginners, or both. They claim, however, that implementing their revolutionary affiliate marketing methods will make you $3,000 to $5,000 with every single site you are building.

They also claim that theirs is a completely different method for doing affiliate marketing, using free traffic generation methods, even eliminating list building and email marketing.


affiliate rebirth review


Is Affiliate Rebirth A Scam?

Absolutely Not! They are 100% legitimate, and as you will see reading on, earn an over average good rating.


How Much Does Affiliate Rebirth Cost?

The Video Course is priced at $27, sold through JVZoo and comes with a ‘no-question-asked‘ 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

As it became the norm, you won’t be able to finish the purchase without being forced to look at some UPSELLS, also known as OTO (one-time-offer).


OTO 1 – Done For You Pack: $47

You will get the research results and the blueprints to build 10 niche websites. Included are affiliate products, Amazon keywords, keywords and information about the competition you will have to face.


OTO 2 – Affiliate Rebirth Elite $60k Case Studies Bundle: $47

These 47 schmuckeroos buy you the right to copy and paste their most successful niche sites, including design and content, and you get full access to product and advertiser information


OTO 3 – Secret Link Building Strategies: $27

With this special offer you will get their ADVANCED LINK BUILDING Strategies which got them over 1 million visitors in just one year.


I never purchase any OTO before inspecting the main product and am able to make an educated decision whether an OTO is necessary or not. Whatever you do, once you are past the OTO offers, you will have access to your account and the product(s) you purchased.


Affiliate Rebirth Main Video Course (4 Modules)


Module 1: Niche Selection (7 videos – Total of 67 minutes)


Earnings Proof (3:20):

They briefly show you some Google Analytics statistics of several niche websites that explain what kind of traffic they are able to generate.


Finding a profitable niche (14:00)

You learn how to detect potentially great niches by inspecting Amazon Full Stores and Amazon Bestsellers. Their second method is to peruse the SERPs (Search engine result pages) and check what products big name websites are promoting.


Criteria to determine profitability (12:25)

They practically advise you to study first-page search results and duplicate their subject matters. Don’t mistake this as ‘copying’ content, rather than using ‘ideas’.


Keyword Research (7:00)

You learn about Keywords in general; intro to long-tail-keywords; how to use in content, etc.


Buying Intent Keywords (7:04)

Intro to Intent keywords and Branded keywords;


Product Research (Amazon) & Intro to Keyword Tools (12:56)

Keyword tools Google Keyword Planner, Long Tail Pro, and SEMRush are used to teach you how to research products o Amazon


All about Informational Keywords (12:00)

You learn what Informational Keywords are, and the particular value of these in Google ranking


Module 2: All About Content Creation (8 videos – Total of 41 minutes)


Quality Content (11:45)

What Quality Content looks like: Importance of Headlines, straight to fact, length of post (min. 1,000 words), easy to read, external links to related sources


All About Conversions (5:50)

Intro to Call To Action, use of Comparison Tables, Banners, etc., this video is a bit redundant – most of it also covered in 1st video of this module


Home Page Layout (3:25)

The structure of good Home Page;


Keyword Silo Structure (4:50)

The concept of Silo Structure has been around for at least 12 years and cannot be explained, or taught in a 5 minute video. If you are interested to learn more, start here!


Supporting Posts & Epic Posts (7:00)

These 2 videos define the differences of these 2 types of post, how Google differentiates and the proper use of keywords


The Google Sandbox (3:30)

That’s the location EVERY NEW SITE is landing, meaning that the site itself and it’s content is not ranked yet. This video teaches how to get ranked faster


Module 3: Site Set-Up (5 videos – 28 minutes)


All About Your Domain (17:30)

This long video covers everything in regards to your new domain: i.e. always dot.com, branding URL, easy to remember etc.


Amazon Set-Up (3:10)

Using EasyAzon plugin for the Amazon Affiliates program.


Site Checklist (3:00)

Making sure that all necessary plugins are installed, Privacy Policy page is available for users, etc.


Adhering to Amazon rules (2:40)

DO NOT… iframing, link cloaking, include your affiliate link in emails or eBooks, use your link for YOUR purchases


Website Speed (3:00)

I know from experience that there is really not much we can do in regards to site load speed, other than using a caching plugin. They provide some lengthy code I refused to mess with in…better safe than not.


Module 4: Traffic (8 videos – 1:20:00)


All about TRAFFIC generation with BACKLINKS

The module 4 is all about using backlinks to generate FREE TRAFFIC. This includes

  1. Get high ranking through backlinks
  2. Get traffic instantly by placing site links on product discussion forums
  3. Generate relevant backlinks through social media channels
  4. Using Infographic links to improve rankings in Google
  5. Generate traffic by commenting on blog sites


Affiliate Rebirth Summary:

Maybe I was expecting too much for my 27 bucks, but I am disappointed. Modules 1 through 3 was all about niche website building, creating quality content and get high rankings in the SERPs.

Module 4 – TRAFFIC is not much about generating the FREE TRAFFIC that will make me 5 grand per months, but all about backlinking, which can lead to higher ranking, but does not come close to the hype they built up with their sales page.

Getting quality backlinks is a slow, tedious process that requires a lot of personal engagement and work, and it will not bring the result as promised by the creators of Affiliate Rebirth.


Is Affiliate Rebirth Worth The Money?

In my opinion Affiliate Rebirth is worth the $27. Modules 1 – 3 offer a comprehensive training on how to build niche websites and achieve high ranking in the search engines. The course material is easy to understand for beginners, and OTO 1 $ 2 will let them copy successful sites.

Affiliate Rebirth does not have a membership forum or a live online platform. All you see is a dark grey page with links to the videos. Support is only available through an email support system. Surprisingly, nowhere in the entire material could I find any reference to website hosting and the cost associated with it.

The Affiliate Rebirth course earns a 4-star rating based on the content of the videos. However, there are some short comings as mentioned above, and for that reason I will rate Affiliate Rebirth a 3-star product.

People with advanced knowledge will, most likely, be better off looking some place else to take their business to a new level. I simply can’t see that the techniques taught by Affiliate Rebirth will produce $3,000 to $5,000 per month.


This program has taught me HOW To Make A

Life Changing Income Online!

Find out how you can too!


That’s if for my Affiliate Rebirth Review. If you have any questions or know something about this product you want to share, don’t be shy and leave us a comment on your way out.

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