What Is A Keyword Phrase – How To Use Keywords?

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The MYTH of the KEYWORD or How to Use Keywords To Rank High in Google


I chose this headline to shock website builders and the aspiring “Newbies” into reality about the significance of Keywords and Keyword phrases.


Facts:what is a good keyword

  • 1) Major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo no longer use the keywords entered into META DATA FIELDS as their ONLY CRITERIA to index website pages or posts, but are looking at the actual text, the CONTENT (Important: read my page “About Content”) for keywords relevant to the information you are providing.
  • 2) Keywords and Keyword Phrase are still important and valuable elements of your website pages if used correctly! Ranking by the search engines can make or break your website.

In the next few minutes, I will show you how making use of keywords and create quality content for your website that will get you high rankings and show (hopefully) on the 1st page of search results.


What You Need To Do!


1) Keywords and Keyword Phrases come first

  • It all starts with words entered into a search box at Google or any other search engine by people looking for specific information. Your goal is to drive traffic to your website, not just any kind but the RIGHT one!
  • Now you need to do some investigating to find out “what people type in the search box” related to your niche and the products and services you are promoting. You can start out by using the Google Search and the Google Keyword Tool. That will give you first ideas how people search and also answers the question “what is a keyword search”.
  • Take advantage of what we call “the Google Alphabet Soup“. You for sure noticed that Google will give you automatically some suggestions whenever you start typing in the search box. For example type “what is a k” and you will get Screenshot #1, and when you enter “what is a keyword b” the suggestions look like Screenshot #2


what is a keywwhat is a keyword phrase





  • Doing so with all the letters in the alphabet will give you  many keyword ideas. I personally use http://ubersuggest.org which is a free keyword search tool, that automatically extends the search through the whole alphabet.
  • Write all the possible combinations down and move on to…………..

(2) Analyzing the Competition

  • Now your detective work is getting a little bit tricky. All the keywords and keyword phrases you searched for in Google showed a lot of results, of course. But it’s important for you to reach your targeted group of people. You need tools find out how many other websites you are competing with.
  • Head back to Google and do a little different search with your keywords and keyword phrase. This time enter the term with “quotes” and Google will display the number of “hits” your keyword produces. This by itself however, does NOT tell you how many competing websites you are up against.
  • At that stage of your keyword analyses you need another tool.  I personally use  different tools. As a happy member of Wealthy Affiliate, I have access to TWO outstanding  research tools


  1. Jaaxy (THE BEST Keyword and Competition Analyses tool in existence)
  2. Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool


What is a keyword search


This is a “LIVE EXAMPLE” for one of the keywords I use for this article. It shows me that there are, on average, 676 monthly searches and a competition of only 47 other websites.

I like this result very much. It almost guarantees that this page of my website will show on PAGE ONE whenever a searcher enters “what is a keyword phrase”. And I like the fact that at least 676 people will see my website on page ONE.

This is much better than choosing a keyword that draws 5,000 searches,  but my site will be on page 5 because I am competing with 400 or more other websites! It is a well known fact that 95% of all people will NOT  browse further than page two when looking for information.

Why don’t you take a look at a case study by Kyle, co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate, in which he will walk you through every step he took to not only research keywords, but also how he uses these techniques for exploring and finding niches for his business?


Earlier I mentioned JAAXY and called it the THE BEST Keyword and Competition Analyses tool in existence. It is an outstanding research tool, not only for strictly Keyword  research but much more. With Jaaxy you can perform


  • a Lightening Fast Niche Research
  • a Comprehensive Keyword Research
  • Domain Flipping
  • Accurate Competition Metrics


And with the accrued Jaaxy Data you will be able to move forward towards success that much faster. Just give it a try by entering any keyword or keyword phrase. That will take you directly to Jaaxy where you find detailed information. And don’t worry………..it’s free.


Creating Your Content and targeting your Keywords


Where should the Keywords go?

By “rule of thumb” the keyword for your page or post should appear in the title  and once within the first paragraph of your page or post. Sometimes it may not be possible to do that. Let us assume the title of this Page actually is “About Keywords”  but I want my keyword “What is a Keyword Phrase” visible in the title.

The image below shows you how to add your keyword in the title, even after you have created your page/post.


what is a keyword search


Look at the blue bordered Title Field – there I added  my Keyword and it appears in the title. And since my keyword does not appear in the first paragraph of this page, I simply added it to the KEYWORD META TAG within the SEO (red bordered field). Mission accomplished.

From here on out, just write your text naturally. Don’t try to stuff your content full of keywords – that may be detrimental to your purpose..

At this point you are ready to actually work on your content. You have your keywords or keyword phrases and know everything about your niche. There is no “set in stone” method of writing content. If you have not read my page “About Content” you may do so now before you start working on your content.


John ProfileMy name is John and if you have ANY questions or concern I am here to help. Leave a comment below and I will get back to you, usually within 12 hours. Better yet, why don’t you join me at my WEALTHY AFFILIATE hangout and I can help you right away? You can join as  Starter Member – it is absolutely FREE, no Credit Card required and NO OBLIGATION whatsoever!

YES! I have NOTHING to lose – I try it

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