Wealthy Affiliate, Simply The Best! A Tribute


Happy 11th Anniversary To…





Carlson – Co-Founder

The Techie Geek


Kyle – Co-Founder

The Instructor & Coach


Jay – MagiStudio

The WAbinar Guru



…And The Rest Of The ‘Invisible’ Wealthy Affiliate Staff!


How It All Started!

September 10, 2016 marks the ELEVENTH year of the membership site Wealthy Affiliate. This, in itself, is a remarkable feast, considering the fact that even back in 2005, most similar business were ‘get rich quick schemes‘ and are no longer in business. Many of them simply ceased to exist; some others went to numerous name changes and/or product changes, and keep scamming unsuspecting folks out of their hard earned money.

Kyle & Carson, college buddies studying computer science and programming, found their calling in making money online as affiliate marketers. Both mastered the ‘science‘ of Google Adwords and PPC with great success. When they launched their membership site, it was a simple Keyword List Service; members paid a monthly fee of $29, WA provided several hand picked keyword lists every month.

However, they made clear their  “Ethics and Principles” from the very beginning. Their website was kind of UGLY, and the first thing people saw, was this:




It did not happen overnight, but like ‘sands through the hourglass‘ so grew the number of members. Kyle and Carson both had the strong desire to teach others what they knew, teach others what works and teach others to be able to replicate what they were doing, and become successful in affiliate marketing.


What Wealthy Affiliate Has Become!

Since its inception in 2005 more than 500,000 members have walked through the door of Wealthy Affiliate to learn how to build a successful and sustainable online business. Not every one succeeded, but those that were committed, and determined to learn and work hard, left a trail of success stories. 

Over the years Wealthy Affiliate has gone from a keyword list site delivering a few keyword lists per month, to the

Top Recommend And Most Active Internet Marketing/Affiliate Marketing Platform In The World.


Meet some of very happy Wealthy Affiliate Members:



– Steve…

a six-figure earner, joined Wealthy Affiliate in April of 2009, and realized just recently that his blog has been visited by 10 + Million people from all over the world. 

Read here “The Secret To His Success



– Dom…

celebrated his Four Year Anniversary at WA just a couple of weeks ago, and his online business is on course for $500,000 in revenue in 2016. 

Find out what Dom “Thought 4 Years Ago vs What He Thinks Today




– Eddy with a Y…

in his 10th year as Wealthy Affiliate Member taught literally thousands of folks how “Eddy with a Y makes a Six-Figure Income online by tapping into multiple income streams”.

Check out more of what Eddy with a Y has to offer



– TJ Books...

is at 85 years of age easily the oldest WA member. He, his wife, son, daughters and grand kids ALL have built successful online businesses and earn livable incomes from the comfort of their homes.

Let TJ tell you in his words How well they do!


I easily could fill hundreds of pages with success stories like these, but I believe you get the drift.


What Makes Wealthy Affiliate THE BEST!

Let me start with the most important ‘little’ detail…


The Membership Fee:

wealthy_affiliate_banner_fiJoining Wealthy Affiliate is FREE. Yes, this is not a gimmick or bait. You will get TWO free websites (WA subdomains), and can stay a free member for as long as you wish. Free members have access to 10 Lessons/Level 1 of both courses (Certification Course and WA Bootcamp) and the library of additional trainings material.

Many members built a website and stayed on as freem members until the first dollars came rolling in BEFORE upgrading to Premium membership. It takes a bit longer, but it can be done!

Premium Membership:

Premium gives you access to all the bells and whistles Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. The monthly fee is $49. That’s it, period. There are no upsells, downsells, side sells or whatever they may call it. A meager $1.63 per day is all it will cost you, just 1/4 of a cup of Starbuck’s coffee.

WA offers a Yearly Membership of only $359 or an insanely low 99 cents per day. Or you can hang around ’til WA opens a 5-day Black Friday window, where you can get a Yearly Membership for… hold on to your seat now…$199.

Enough of dollars and cents. Let me get to the other Premium  perks.

TWO Courses:

Wealthy Affiliate provides two, video supported courses. Certification Course – 5 Levels w/ 10 lessons each, WA Bootcamp – 6 Levels w/ 10 lessons each.

Free Hosting For Up To 25 Self Hosted Websites:

Self hosted sites are those for which you buy your domain name (dot com, dot org, dot net, etc). 25 sites sounds like a lot, but there are actually many members that maintain many small niche sites, and saving a minimum of 300 BUCKS PER YEAR.

Additional 25 FREE WA Subdomain Websites:

As a Premium member you also can use 25 WA subdomains for your business. They work just as dot coms, as far as dealing with search engines is concerned. 

Free Weekly Live WAbinar:

Jay likes to call his weekly, live classrooms WAbinars, which cover different topics of Internet Marketing. Most helpful, especially for newbies, are his 5-week case studies on “How To Build A Niche Site That Makes Money Fast”

Life Chat:

Wealthy Affiliate has a very busy live chat where you can find Kyle, Carson and Jay on a daily basis

24/7/365 Community Support:

Wealthy Affiliate has the best community support, hands down. There are thousands of people logged on at any given time, and if you have a questions, simply post it in one of the classrooms, or in the blog forum. You will have answers within minutes.

24/7/365 Tech Support:

Unlike any other membership site out there, dealing with tech support is different. Send your problem and you will get a reply within 15 minutes. You won’t get the dreaded messages: “We received your support request and one of our reps will get back with you within 24 hrs.“; or being informed that they are not working on weekends at all.

There you have it, in a nutshell, why Wealthy Affiliate Is Simply The Best

I am in my fourth year as Wealthy Affiliate member and I am a lifer. All I have to say:


Thank You Kyle, Thank You Carson for creating Wealthy Affiliate!

Thank you Jay for your weekly WAbinars!

Thank you NAMELESS Wealthy Affiliate Staff!



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  1. Andre

    hello, good afternoon. I have gotten involved in a number of online business, but ended up losing hundreds of dollars. Is this program mainly focused on recruiting or does it have tangible products to sell to customers? I would like a little bit more in depth information please and thank you.

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