Wealthy Affiliate Review – Does Wealthy Affiliate Really Work

Wealthy Affiliate Review [Update 2019]. I am member for almost 6 years and dying to tell you The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, no holding back.

A lot of changes took place since I joined Wealthy Affiliate in September 2013 and the writing of my original Wealthy Affiliate Review in February of 2014 .  Significant upgrades and improvements of the WA platform,  especially during the past 14 months or so, require a most needed update.

But before I'll get to it, I must make one thing brutally clear:

Do yourself a favor and leave now...,

  • IF you are looking for a 'get rich quick scheme' because this is none, and WA will help you to build a solid and sustainable online business.  
  • If you don't want, or can't follow a step-by-step course without skipping a step  
  • If you are unable to take action as required
  • If you are a notorious quitter and never finished what you started
  • If you are an 'I know it all' and there is nothing anymore you need to learn.

Also, IF you are in desperate need for cash to pay your rent, buy diapers for your baby or put food on the table, WA is not for you because it will take some time before you see success.

Oh, one other thing... I am NOT going to throw a bunch of EARNING STATEMENTS at you.This is going to be a REVIEW and NOT a sales page for a scammy product!

You are still here? Good, lean back and enjoy my honest and true Wealthy Affiliate Review.

Wealthy Affiliate Review Summary

Name: Wealthy Affiliate (Niche Marketing Inc.)


Description: Affiliate Marketing Training & Website Services

Creator/Owner: Kyle Loudon & Carson Lim

Pricing Starter Member: FREE

Premium Member: $19 first month then $49 per month

Premium Yearly: $359

Upsells: None

Recommended: Yes

wealthy affiliate review

Summary: I've been a member of Wealthy Affiliate since September 2013 and never had any regret. WA is not only the best Affiliate Marketing online learning center in the world, they also provide a full spectrum of website related services and tools.

Rating: 4.0 out of 5

Wealthy Affiliate deserves 5-star ratings for Website Hosting, Website Tech-Support, General Support, Weekly Live Training Webinars and for providing necessary tools.

The two Affiliate Marketing Training courses also would be deserving 5 star ratings were it NOT for the fact that 2 important subjects are either insufficient taught, or not at all. For that reason, I deducted 1/2 star for each subject.

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What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

It all started in 2005 when Kyle & Carson, college buddies in Vancouver, Canada, were pretty successful running Pay Per Click campaigns with small niche websites. In fact, they were so successful that other affiliate marketers would offer them money for a list of the keywords they used to promote their offers. 

This gave them the idea to create a membership site and publish a weekly keyword list for their members.

And with that, Wealthy Affiliate was born.

Their site became an instant hit among aspiring PPCers, and more members signed up every month. The keyword lists worked, the members loved the service, and requests for additional help started to come in. Members asked for…

  • Help with building their websites
  • A member forum where they can communicate
  • Training on building online businesses (besides PPC campaigns)
  • Support/Help in dealing with Hosting Companies
  • Keyword Tool(s)
  • and even personal coaching

...and Kyle & Carson listened.

From Keyword List To World's Largest Online Learning Center

It didn’t happen over night, but today Wealthy Affiliate is the largest and most successful Online Learning Center and membership community for Affiliate Marketers and Internet Entrepreneurs.

Over the past 13 years many updates and additions kept Wealthy Affiliate up-to-date in the fastest growing and changing industry. More than 1,3 million members walked through WA doors, while 25 Employees make sure that the site runs smoothly, and remains THE place for affiliate marketers to create and grow their  online businesses.

wealthy affiliate review

How Much Does Wealthy Affiliate Cost?

Starter Membership: 100% FREE

There is absolutely NO limit to the duration of the free membership. You can stay as a free member for as long as you wish.

Starter members have access to the first 10 video lessons of the Certification Course as well as for the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp. In addition, they can participate in the Live Chat Room for the first 7 days of their membership. 

Starter members do not have access to the library of over 400 recordings of live webinars or Private Messaging between members.

Starter members will get 2 FREE websites on WA sub domains, hosted by Wealthy Affiliate. SiterRubix sub domains  are fully functional and can be SSL certified, just like sites on owned domains.

The image below shows you Page 1 of a google search  for football snack helmets, and the top 2 sites are both from Wealthy Affiliate Members.

wealthy affiliate review

'Football Snack Helmets' was the subject of a 4-part live case study by Jay in which he demonstrated how to build a niche site from the ground up. Jay, by the way, conducts the weekly LIFE webinars at WA, and owns the 'footballsnackhelmets.com site, while a FREE WA member built the site on the siterubix.com free sub domain.

That just proves that the free sites can, and will work when done correctly

Premium Membership: $19 first month then $49 per month

  • Full access to 2 training courses - 120 lessons in total
  • Premium members get FREE hosting for 25 domains they own (.com, .net etc.) and 25 FREE siterubix sub domains.
  • Weekly Live Webinars that cover  EVERY aspect of Affiliate Marketing and the related topics.
  • Wealthy Affiliate Premium members have access to a library of over 350 recordings of live Webinars.
  • 24/7/365 Live Chat with members and experts from all over the world
  • In addition, Premium members will have Private Messaging privileges, which gives them private, direct access to any member, including Kyle and Carson.

There are NO UPSELLS or any other hidden, additional expenses.  

Yearly Membership: $359

This amounts to a monthly cost of $29.92, and a saving of $229 per year

What Training Does Wealthy Affiliate Provide?

The main purpose of Wealthy Affiliate is to teach its members about Online Marketing in general, and Affiliate Marketing in particular. The WA core training consists of 2 training courses:

Online Entrepreneur Certification

The Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) training is a 5 phase (50 lesson) series of courses walking you through the process of creating and growing a business within absolutely ANY niche that you want.
  • Online Entrepreneur Certification – Getting Started
  • Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website
  • Online Entrepreneur Certification – Making Money!
  • Online Entrepreneur Certification – Mastering Social Engagement
  • The Business of Content – Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation
wealthy affiliate review

Click on image to enlarge

Affiliate Bootcamp

The Affiliate Bootcamp training is a 7 Phase (70 lesson) series of courses walking you through the process of creating and establishing a business in a niche related to the promotion of Wealthy Affiliate.
  • Getting Your Business Rolling
  • Content, Keywords and Conversions
  • Giving Your Site Social Value
  • Get Visual, Get Aesthetic, Get a Brand Through Media
  • Knowing Your Audience & Catapulting Your Referrals
  • Bing, Yahoo & The Power of PPC
  • How To Scale Successful PPC Campaigns
wealthy affiliate review

Live Training

To keep its members up-to-date, Wealthy Affiliate provides a weekly live webinar with different topics. Jay, the official training chief is an active and successful Affiliate Marketer and is broadcasting these classes inside Wealthy Affiliate for over 5 years now.

The webinars are recorded and added to an ever growing library which can be accessed by Premium Members.

wealthy affiliate review

Click on image to enlarge

Training Provided By The Community

The Wealthy Affiliate Community is unique in many ways, and it is exemplified by how members help each other by sharing their knowledge and expertise. Wealthy Affiliate allows its members to create their own training in different areas.

This vast library of material, written lectures or videos, can be accessed through a 'search bar', just like a 'google search'.

Take a look at the search bar on top of the image and you can see that my query 'call to action' delivered about 15 different training items submitted by Premium Members.

What Tools Does Wealthy Affiliate Provide?

No matter what kind of business you run, you need tools and an online business is no exception. Here is a listing of tools WA provides to its members

Jaaxy Keyword Tool

Wealthy Affiliate provides its Premium member a 'LITE Version of the acclaimed Keyword Tool Jaaxy' free of charge. Jaaxy is rated in the top 5 of KW tools and the lite version is more than sufficient for most of us. Jaaxy is accessible from the WA Dashboard, and a look at the image on the left shows you the variety of functions of this tool. Click on Images to enlarge!

Free tool for WA members

The image on the right shows you the particulars of the keyword 'fishing kayaks'.

  • The numbers tell you that this keyword phrase is searched 3949 times a month
  • You can expect 672 visits to your site IF your post ranks on page 1 in google search results
  • There are 199 competing websites for this particular keyword phrase
  • Keyword quality is NORMAL

Website Builder

Building the framework of a WordPress website has been made easy because WA provides a site builder that creates a site in less than a minute. All you have to do is ...

  • Check the kind of website do you want to build (Free site or own domain)?
  • Enter the Name of your website
  • Choose a look for your website (pick a Theme)
  • Build Your Site

Website Hosting

Websites are the foundation for your online business, and it is of utmost importance that you have a platform that is stable AND able to handle the fast changing technology. I am not going to bore you with a lot of technical mambo jambo, but point out just a few important details you need to look for.


Better Rankings, Better Engagement, and a 100% better experience for your website visitors. Proprietary WA Technology to speed up your WordPress Website without plugins or clunky software.

FREE SSL (HTTPS) 256-bit Encryption***

Serve your website over 256-bit Encrypted Connections and do it at Wealthy Affiliate for FREE! Encryption is favored by search engines and keeps visitor data safe.

***Cost for SSL at GoDaddy is $55 per year/per website

FREE SiteProtect (Spam Blocker). WA SiteProtect happens at the server level and blocks ALL automated comment spam before it even hits your site.

I need to point out that Wealthy Affiliate hosting will automatically back-up your site every 24 hours. No matter what the reason, in case there is a problem with your site, or you suffer data loss, the back-up point will be no further back than 24 hrs.

wealthy affiliate review

Site Domains

Premium members are now able to purchase domain names inside Wealthy Affiliate. This eliminates the often times awkward and time consuming redirect from other sources to WA. The cost for domain names is regulated by ICann (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) but purchasing a domain at WA eliminates additional cost other vendors are charging.

There are no extra cost for domain renewal, privacy protection or email accounts

How Is The Support At Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate would not be what it is today IF a first class support system would not be of the highest priority for Kyle and Carson. Support when you need it, and not 24 or 48 hours later, is one of the outstanding features of WA. 

Let me show you the different sources of support every Premium Member can rely on 24/7/365.

wealthy affiliate review

Support By The Community

No matter where in the world you are located, support is just a 'post in the forum' away. Every day there are 8 long time members and very experience internet marketers standing by to answer any questions you may have. And they are from all over the world. In the image, one is from Finland, one from Great Britain,  and Jerry is in the Far East. 

So, as you can see, no matter what time zone you are in, there will be at least ONE of these dedicated helpers around. Additionally, all members that follow you, or you follow, will receive an email notification that you are in need of help.

Website Support

Wealthy Affiliate Website support is the ONLY support entity I know of that responds to a ticket within 5 minutes. Not once in almost 6 years did I have to wait longer to get a response when my site was down, or if there was any other problem.

5 years  ago, I used to host one of my sites at the place where I purchased the domain name and missed to transfer hosting to WA. My site went down on a Friday late afternoon. I opened a support ticket and received an automated response about 45 minutes later informing me that 'someone will be in touch with me on Monday'. This will never happen here at Wealthy Affiliate.

Private Messaging

There are issues you may not want to shout out to 500,000 people. If that is the case, you can contact any Wealthy Affiliate Premium member privately via Private Messaging, even Kyle or Carson.  

Training Classrooms

Post your question in one of 12 or so Live Classrooms. While you wait for an answer, you can search within these classrooms whether there is already an answer available or not.

The Cons Of Wealthy Affiliate

I promised you an honest review, and everything I've told you so far is 100% positive. However, there are 2 issues I need to bring to your attention that belong in the CON column! 

Picking A Niche

The basic concept of Affiliate Marketing being taught at Wealthy Affiliate is pretty simple:


.Wealthy Affiliate helps you turn your passions and interests into income

However, the 50-lesson Certification Course is basically NICHE neutral, and a large number of new members seem to have a problem with picking a niche. 

Some are failing because they don't understand the definition of a niche and are not drilling down enough, and others quit before they even start.

Then you have those that really want to succeed, refuse to give up and choose the 'make-money-online niche' and promote Wealthy Affiliate. This is by far the most competitive niche and it's darn hard to break through and make real money.

I would like to see Kyle to tackle this issue with additional training on HOW to pick a niche.

List Building and eMail Marketing 

For whatever frigging reason, this important part of online marketing is NOT being taught in either course. Not too long ago Jay touched the issue in one of his webinars, but list building and email marketing cannot be taught in one hour. 

Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam?

Far from it. WA is 100% legit and beyond reproach. Yes, I have read the article by one famous ‘Launch Jacker‘ (by his own admission), who calls WA a scam because the FREE Starter Membership is limited to 2 free websites, to Level ONE of the 2  courses, and free members cannot use Private Messaging or attend the Wabinars.

He also thinks that $588 membership fees per year (if paid monthly) is too much, and therefor WA is a scam. All the while HE promotes every bullshit product that has a large sales funnel and as many UPSELLS and DOWNSELLS as possible.

Ready to Start Your Own Online Affiliate Business?

Enroll In Wealthy Affiliate Today - Join For FREE!

Does Wealthy Affiliate Really Work?

I will answer this question with a simple, but resounding, YES! How else could it be explained that Wealthy Affiliate will celebrate its 14th birthday this spring, and that there are literally thousands of success stories posted in the WA community.

I made it clear why I am not going to show earning statements within this review. However, I want you to hear directly from two Wealthy Affiliate how they would answer the question if WA really works!


A Very Humbling Month - August Progress Report

I was really debating on if I should share my report for the month of August. Mainly because my goal is to provide you all with something of real value...

                                                                                                    ...read more


          Hard Work Paid Off Huge!

Last week, I pre-launched my Mandarin Affiliate Marketing Course and I made over ...


                                                                                                    ...read more

So, you see that it IS indeed working and this brings us to the next question...

How Long Does It Take To Make Money?

This is one of the most asked questions, and I only can answer in one way. It depends on several factors. One is you, and the work and effort you are able to put into it. You see, most members join while working a job and can only muster a few hours per week. Naturally it will take them longer than it takes a person that can spend 7 or 8 hours per day learning and building websites.

Another factor is how determined you are. Again, I have to tell you like it is. Some people think that this is a ‘get rich quick scheme‘ which it is definitely not. And when they don’t see success in a few short weeks, or a couple of months, they simply quit.

wealthy affiliate black friday

It takes determination, and not giving up is difficult, but believe me when I say this. If you follow what Wealthy Affiliate is teaching, you will succeed.

Will It Work For You?

I cannot guarantee that. It all depends on you and how serious you take your Free Starter Membership. But if you are willing to put in ‘some axle grease’, are willing to learn, take action on what you learn, and be persistent, it WILL work for you.

Wealthy Affiliate provides you with everything you need to not only start your online business, but build it into a successful and sustainable business that will make you are livable income.

Nobody Can Stop You Working From Home But You!

I gave you the lowdown on this truly fantastic program. Wealthy Affiliate not only ranks far and above all other online programs, it also gives you the opportunity to test drive it for free.

This is an offer you cannot, and should not miss. It's up to you now, and only you!

Click the button below, create an account at Wealthy Affiliate

Ready to Start Your Own Online Affiliate Business?

Enroll In Wealthy Affiliate Today - Join For FREE!

I hope you enjoyed reading my Wealthy Affiliate Review as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you have any questions, don't be shy and leave word in the box below. hanks for stopping by...

John Worthy

117 Responses

  1. barry

    I spent two years at WA. That was a few years back. What I learned there allows me to do what I do online today. WA is a great place to learn.

    I was in the training class with Jay when he set up the Football Snack Helmut site. I’ll bet he wasn’t pleased to see a member set up a Snack Helmut site as he asked in the class several times for students not to copy his work. To top it all off the person used a subdomain. Priceless!

    • John Worthy

      Hi Barry, thanks for stopping by. Yea, I got a kick out of it also, and he still is working the site, it seems. I talked to Jay not too long ago, and his site makes him over 2 Grand a month on average. And he has not done any major updates. I am here over 6 years now and doing good. Had a health problem 3 years ago (heart attack and quadruple bypass surgery) that slowed me down a bit, but still ticking.

  2. Robert

    John….interesting reading here…however, if in the event one already has a website intending to market a product which specifically requires….target-marketing….what then would you suggest. We know there are 10’s of Millions of Blackjack players all over the world that would WELCOME our tool….we know in order to make our product known to the market one must establish a digital footprint hence creating a viable presence which of course is paramount to any success of selling one’s product…we’ve come to understand that steps needed to accomplish this is to expand our website as the # 1 step, to @ least 3 pages vs. the one we have formatted now and currently in place, then associating with the 150 + directories (SEO’s), enlist the services of bloggers and influencer’s…btw, we have spoken to several website developers and marketing gurus and have selected a go to entity for this effort with a full years support vs. the typical 4-5 month support (30K)..They say they have the ability to MARKET-TARGET our audience, which of course is essential!!..then we’ve discovered the VALUE in having an App which we’ve also made a selection of that entity who have designed n’ developed several gaming Apps and 3 Blackjack gaming Apps so they do indeed know the game of Blackjack….this same App developer did, btw., an analytic study, and we know #’s don’t lie, that after 6 months of release to the market, we should then be moving/selling approximately 30,000 units, monthly….@ $14.95 per X 30,000, well the math is simple. with your experience, your thoughts?

  3. Lis

    Hi John,

    I am one of those unfortunate souls that just witnessed the affiliate company I had invested thousands in being shut down by the FTC. Earnings claims, tropical islands pics, and flashy automobiles can get you in a lot of trouble. I spent hours reading through the comments and article of KB because there was a rep that was egging me to join and promote it for months, and I really was not up for another rodeo. I have always wanted to build a portfolio of cash-flowing websites. So, I will check out the free version of Wealthy Affiliate. I had heard of them here and there over the years, but I never saw a review.

    • John Worthy

      Hi Lis, thanks for your comment. Sorry to hear about your bad experience with MOBE. Try out WA, it’s THE place to be if you want to become successful in Internet Marketing. I just got a notification that you joined us…I will be saying hi in just a little bit

  4. ray

    Hi John,
    with the free trial, can i add mail chimp auto responder? also if i want to upload a file is there any maximum file size?
    if not do you have tutorials on how to set up a free membership site and upload my files?
    do ineed three pages on my site or can i get positive results from one page per site (obviously depending on the quality of my material that i am selling).
    can i upload any videos on to my page?
    do i have to register my own domain name?

    kind regards

    • John Worthy

      Free trial and use of WA sub domain lets you upload your files and videos. Not sure about the files size restrictions, but since the membership is free, you can try it yourself.

  5. Dorothy

    Hi John. I’m so glad I came across your blog. This has really opened my eyes. I was going to joining DA but I did not have $2100! It’s just too much money. if I’ve never built my own website before would WA be a good place to start for me? I need to make some extra side cash outside my full-time job and just tired of all the scams out there selling pipe dreams. I would like to try the free membership ship.

  6. Misty Nakoa

    Hi John!
    Wow your information has been enormously useful. I am totally new to this world and will try to take it to the top! I am a Sociology graduate with a minor in Hawaiian studies. I live in Maui. Mother of 2 (college students) and married for 21 years. I have always been in the social work field as a counselor and I love giving advice. I would love to create a niche on Counseling whether it be for teens (I worked with Juvenile Courts for 20 years) or marriage or life in general. Could you steer me in the right direction?

  7. Kenny Hamilton

    Hi John loved your review and really glad that I stumbled upon it never thought I would find anything legitimate on the Internet so looking forward to actually making money.
    Thanks a lot

  8. suman

    Hi John,

    It is a very useful article. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience. I registered for free program. But when i login, its saying there is no free option available in my country.

    Please help here.


  9. Suman

    Hi John,

    I am a web developer mom of 6 yrs old girl. I have left job to be home with my kid. I was going through DA training program since last one month. I was about to take serious step for the memberships. Then i thought of reading about the truth of DA and came through realty and there only i read your reviews about DA and WA. I must say all of your comments seems real. You are good at words. You have motivated my inner-self.

    It would be great if you can advice or channelise my business thought. I am a web developer having good knowledge of website development in bootstrap and wordpress. I am good at photography, drawing, sketching and paintings and crafting for kids. I am good at writing blogs too. I am a creative person.

    Please suggest me which area would be useful to earn money in online business.

    Thanks a lot in advance. Looking forward to your response.

    I am going to register for WA after posting this message :).


  10. Rick Roberts

    The biggest problem I have with Wealthy Affiliate is that it seems they teach all their members to go out and create blogs that trash all other systems and programs BUT recommend WA as the only real and legit program to be in. Seriously guys this is getting OLD-OLD-OLD

  11. Rachel Morrow

    Hi there! I’m a member of Digital Altitude, and I just started that program about a week ago. I’m on free trial.
    I hear that you aren’t supportive of the program. Can you please give me details why? I have such a helpful, encouraging coach, and I really want to make this work.

  12. AnthonK

    Hi John, thank you for your review on WA, much appreciated. I can’t agree with you more that this is a wonderful opportunity to get into creating an Online Internet Marketing Business. I am really looking forward to work through the educational material and get up and running as soon as possible. Thank you once again.

  13. Carole Bate

    Hi John
    Very good review and I have signed up and am very excited to begin. Like you have gone through the ropes and have wanted to learn all this but felt that the paying requests in others creates a pressure that I could not keep up with. I like this already and would thank you again

  14. Gabby

    Hi John,

    Wow! I read everything on your page about your review on Inbox BluePrint and then Wealthy Affiliates. Yeah! IF we are not willing to invest in ourselves, it’s a sure go that any investments made for us by others will not endure. So I read to the end and now I give your my comments. Thank you for your TIME to put this review together. I have been wanting and needing to get involved with Internet Marketing (IM) for a few months now and have watched a few videos on YouTube. It’s daunting… So many claims and people seem to be so sincere. I know there is no FREE lunch. I am the ultimate newbie to IM and don’t mind investing in myself but would appreciate the bare facts and truth that it most definitely takes time to learn the fundamentals to build a sustainable foundation for a successful internet business.

    Thank you again, John. I am looking forward to MY SUCCESS.

    Best wishes to you on your continued success.

  15. Robert Connor

    Hello john,
    Thanks for the review on WA yo are spot on its a great community. Also, read your other review about digital altitude(aspire) thanks!

  16. Walter Mau

    Hello John,
    I read your article on Digital Altitude and I believe you are absolutely correct. Only the top 2% of the income earners are truly successful. I believe it’s because they have so much money to invest in advertising that they just smash the competition to death! Now for my questions. First, how many websites did you have published within your Wealthy Affiliate account when you got your first sale? Was it more than 25 websites or was it one of the 2 free start-up websites or something else? Second, when you reach your limit of websites with a Premium Membership what happens? Do you have to work with another hosting company or do you pay Wealthy Affiliate more money to get more websites? I used to have an account that had about ten websites that some company helped me build, but I never got a single sale. I don’t want to waste my time because I’m getting to be too old!!! Great website you have here! I look forward to hearing back from you. Sincerely, Walter

  17. Reb Howell

    Hello John,
    My name is Reb Howell. Hope your having a great day. I’m currently at home watching the Arnold Palmer Invitational and reading about this great opportunity. I can honestly say, I almost was another person who considered trying Digital Altitude. After reading your opinion, and ALL the other opinions towards the site, there’s no way I will even attempt to even try that. I have been very interested in working from home for years but, have been to scared to take that step because, I didn’t want to get caught up in a scam. After reading everything about WA, I feel like I have finally found what I have been looking for to take that 1st step and change my future. I’m currently not able to access a computer or laptop to get myself started ASAP. I will be able to have access in a couple of weeks, so I will start then. I would like to thank you again for this opportunity John. Have a great day Reb!

  18. Gideon

    Hello Mr John,
    They said my country is not supported.
    Can you do something about it because I am interested.


      • Kura

        Hi John, I really want to work from home, and I have lots of interests from DIY, fashion, writing (I’m an ex English and Maori language teacher), food, marital relationships (depression and different psychological disorders; I hold a degree and masters in clinical psychology). I’m also interested in child development and parenting. So my question is, how does one choose a niche, or rather narrow it down to create a good website?

  19. Anthony

    I MUST give John a credit for this review. I actually ended up from this page via his digital altitude review in which I’m really so skeptical about it.

    John…you saved my day and may almighty God reward you for helping people. I don’t usually signup from any affiliate url or referral…but since I trusted your detailed reviews….then its ok and I’ll go ahead and register via your referral link.

    One more thing John, can you review CB Passive Income by Patrick Chan?

  20. Betty

    hey John!,am Betty from NIGERIA………..tried registering but was told my country is not supported.Am really interested…HELP!!!!!!!

    • Walz

      Hello Betty my Name is Wale am a Nigerian and lives in Kano state its easy to register with wealthy affiliate and enjoy the benefits they offer just as I am enjoying it right all u need is to email me on adecalms@yahoo.com and I will explain further.

  21. Sanjay Kumar

    Hello John Sir,
    First of all I want to say thanks for helping innocent people who have already scammed by Internet shark, I really don’t know why these rascal do like DA because it is already known that nature never forgive anyone. Truth to be told I am also the kind of person who easily got scammed & after seeing your blog I totally harassed & confused whom to trust…I afraid to afford any other scam & truely I told that will be my day on this planet …I really tired from these rascalsellers. ..so please help me in this way I really give my 100% effort for WA

  22. Adeel

    Hi John, i read your views that seems to be convincing but i want to know if internet marketing is location specific (can it be done from any where in the world) as there are so many scam around us but don’t know whom to trust. i don’t have any means to earn these days please guide me i do want work on internet marketing.

  23. Phillip

    HI John

    What I have read so far has really caught my attention, the opportunity sounds really great!! I hope that everything I read is on the other side. Looking forward to a new adventure

  24. D A Dwerlkotte

    How juvenile can you be, if you want an automobile, you go to a lot and test drive one and figure out what you want and like in a automobile. Then you can make a deceision on what you want to pay for. You don’t know how many miles you will get out of it or how long it will last, that is all dependent on you and how you take care of it, or what you do!
    I like what I see, so as of today I am going to give this a test drive, no one has promised me anything except the opportuniity itself. If I crash it, well that’s on me.
    Thanks John for steering me in the right direction, it could have been ugly, Peace!

  25. Nick Pamment

    Hi John,

    One of my New Years Resolutions is to start my own Online Business for additional income. This seems like a great place to start. Thanks for your honest review and advice. See you on the inside.

  26. Brian L

    Hi John:
    I feel that you are a real down to earth person, I have heard of Wealthy Affiliates and would like to know more about how you can make this be successful.

    Brian. L

  27. Scott

    Hi John
    This sounds good to me. I’m not a rocket scientist. From what I see this seems to be in level I can understand if not I can ask. I like the idea of free to get started. I don’t have any experience doing this type of stuff. That last thing turned out to be a pyramid scheme too much money when I read about it being a scam. But I felt like I was getting an education felt good. Now I found this site. I think it safe. Time will tell

    Thank you for this opportunity

  28. Titus Job

    Hi John, Thanks for your review. I have been fooling around on the internet for over two years, investing in tons of scams. So I can relate to most of the things you mentioned. So I will try wealthy affiliate for a change!

  29. Mojack

    Hi John Thank you for a well-written review of the Wealthy affiliate. Straight to the point. This is not the first review I have read regarding WA. I am afraid of my own self. I have spent a lot of $ joining many programs but not following thru. I am afraid of my procrastination and of sabotaging my own success. This is one psychological problem that i myself has to solve first before I join. Thanks for the review. I am now working out my time table and clearing the cobwebs from my brain before embarking on WA

  30. Owen Turner

    About the ads and links that you get paid for when someone clicks on them… How do you receive the commission? Do you have to give each link (like say an Amazon, and some other product link) your bank account so they can deposit? Thanks

    • John Worthy

      Hi Owen, thanks for your comment. Amazon pays commission either by direct deposit, or check. Most vendors with affiliate programs, and most affiliate networks pay via paypal and/or check.

  31. Gordon

    Hello John,

    I am a college student who is interested in make extra money, is it open to students?


    • John Worthy

      Hi Gordon, it’s perfect for students. Come on in, and we can talk then. It won’t cost you a dime to take look around, build your first site, or 2, and start learning. Use the link in this article, and let me know when you arrive. I’ll be with you shortly thereafter.


  32. Bishop Souls

    Hello John good work you are doing. I need to mail you directly on something important

  33. Robbo

    Love your style John – I am a WA member and have had friends promoting DA to me and went thru the first few steps – then the light went on just as you have outlined – it will be dead soon for sure!
    Thanks for a great site and No. 2 when you search ‘digital altitude scam’

  34. Jules Gagnon

    Hey John by any chance would you have any Success stories or proof that people are making money off of this program? I’ve just been scammed too many times and need a stable platform that is legitimate. thanks

      • Mandy

        Hi John, been looking at DA, and came across your site. I would like to see some stats and ‘real life’ current success stories. Also, how much time per day would you say you spend – I imagine even just answering all the comments and emails are particularly time consuming.

        Looking forward to your comment.

        Cheers, Mandy.

        • John Worthy

          Hi Mandy, thanks for your comment. Follow the link below and see some real success stories (click on the links within the article) Let me know if you have any more questions

    • John Worthy

      Patrick, yes Nigerians can…and we have a lot of nigerian members. However, the FREE option is not available due to some fraudulent activities in the past. I will email you.

  35. Steven Wiley

    Hey john,
    I got an email from digital altitude and it sounded to good to be true, so I started checking into it. I could not find anything that they were selling except for a sales pitch. I stumbled onto a web page of yours and you seem to make a lot more sense. I am disabled and unable to do physical work and was looking into trying to make money online and your WA system has gotten my interest. I am going to sign up and see if we can make a go of it. Thank you for all of the good information that you put out there.

  36. Jessica

    I’m not really seeing the difference here between Digital Altitude and Wealthy Affiliate besides DA having higher ticket prices. What are you selling with WA? Could you help me understand? Thank you

    • John Worthy

      Jessica, WA is a membership site where people learn how to start an online business in affiliate marketing. I am not selling anything with WA, I refer this learning center to folks that are willing to learn, work hard and then make money with their websites. I am getting a commission for each referral, but only for this particular person. There are no downlines or tier levels like in MLM and pyramid schemes.

  37. Lawrence

    Hi John,
    Lovely article. Wish I had read this seven years ago before I typed, “making money online” in Google. But then sometimes you learn the hard way. After 3 years of struggle and losses, I walked away from the so called ‘make money online’ world. I learnt that the more desperate you are to make money online the more vulnerable you get for sharks to scam you. Most of the people like me lost money because we didn’t realize that we need to first learn the ropes. We needed money fast and we thought that the internet was some kind of free-for-all reservoir for everyone to tap into and take their fill. The sharks knew it and preyed on us. Hence all those videos, promising a tsunami of cash with a press of a few mouse clicks. And like you were, I too am leaning and waiting for the dough. The most hilarious of all videos was one where the guy talks about how he went to some shady place in Russia to hunt down a genius programmer who had found a loophole in Google that made huge amounts of money with a software that he created. When I look back, all I can say is, “What was I thinking?” I did come across WA during those years, but I must have brushed it aside as some similar scam like others. But now I am much educated having done some certifications in digital marketing and some work for my company in online advertising. I came across WA while I was looking at some opp somebody sent me after years. I looked at youtube videos, one thing led to another and I hit upon your site. I know various things already. My interest in WA is to get the ability to stitch everything together in a logical way to monetize the knowledge in anticipation to my retirement. I am not in a hurry, but a year from now, I look myself working from home dictating my own work hours. My interest is not as much in affiliate marketing. I am more interested in consulting small companies in some areas of digital marketing. But hey, if I find along the way that affiliate marketing is more profitable, why not? Spent my life as a copywriter and graphic designer anyway. Maybe I can use that. As I said, I only need to know how to stitch everything together to make a decent retirement income from home.

    Long story short. John, count me in. Will go for the $19 deal straight off the bat. Today is 23 Aug. 26 Aug is my credit card cutoff date.

    • Mikke Marion

      Hi Lawrence, I too have a background in Graphic design. In fact I have a small business in desktop publishing. I have my certificate in desktop publishing after taking a 2 year course at the local college. Have you been able to use your knowledge in the field to help you in Internet marketing? Any hints will help me in one of my prime interests in life. I have helped publish 7 books for a friend of mine for inclusion on Amazon Kindle using the Create Space program at Amazon. I would love to promote that as an affiliate. I’ll talk to Amazon about that. What do you think. Many people want to publish their work on Amazon.

  38. Barry Moon

    John you are full of sh**. You just wrote scam articles about other affiliateprograms just to promote your own….hahaha.

  39. Mélissa

    Hi John…
    My doubt resides on the fact that with WA we are suppose to learn how to create websites and to me that means learning to make it attractive… But as I followed the link to this page… I was concerned because, it’s plain and truthfully not very nice.

    • John Worthy

      Hello Melissa, thanks for chiming in. What link to what site are you talking about? And don’t forget, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder

    • Lawrence

      Ok, I see what you are saying. WA teaches you to make beautiful looking websites, but you find this blog not at all beautiful, so your question is, What did John learn after all, if his own site is plain and simple. WA has beautiful templates of websites that you can use to sell affiliate products from clickbank, amazon etc. This is not that site. What John has created here is a simple down-to-earth no frills blog only explaining WA. Whereas the actual sites that John might be using to sell products sure must be different and appealing.

  40. Rhona Youngblood

    some people are passive reader, they read without really bothering to understand what they’re reading. it’s nice to come across reviews such as this one, makes me feel there’s still hope for people like me to find legitimate income online. too bad that WA is not available in my country though, but to those who can join i say it’s worth a try!

  41. kavya

    hi i created an account today. It says that there is no free access in my area and i have to buy the premium membership to access. I am from India but i now live in US. So is there any chance that i get to access for free taking this into account. Il like to first check for free before upgrading

    • John Worthy

      Hi Kavya, if you are in the USA, you should get free access. Let me check into this and have Kyle, the co-founder get back with you as soon as he can.

  42. Andrew

    I find it interesting that you would want to put pictures of an old white dude as yourself (though I actually understand why) yet you are actually a Kenyan from central dude.
    It would be prudent to warn people that quite a lot of the functionality (eg replying to comments and messages) is turned off after a couple of weeks under the free membership. This basically leaves free members pretty helpless as they can no longer ask questions. Pretty unfair when claiming ‘free’ I’d say because this chops guys off at the knees and basically forces an upgrade or else nothing.
    But, nice review regardless.

    • John Worthy

      Hahaha, funny Andrew. First off, look me up on my FB site, if you wish. I am old (69) and I do make pretty decent money with what I learned at Wealthy Affiliate. The FREE membership is a good way for people to see that WA is for real and not a scam. You, of course, are one of the deadbeat broke folks that think everything should be free. Even though some benefits are only for paying members, free members do not get their legs cut off under them. They still can work on their FREE website(s), use the search bar to find a ton of FREE training AND have their profile page to asked questions. ALL members will receive email notifications that a member (free or premium) needs help, and are willing to jump right in.

      Of course, according to your thinking, IF you rent a car for 5 days, you have the privilege to drive it for as long as you wish for free, right. Thanks for your comment.

    • Arthur Siew

      And how exactly do you think Kyle and Carson and many others able to teach you without earning a cents? Time is money, you know….. If we have to spend all day teaching you for free, we would not have the time to earn money in another area. No one wants to work for free.

  43. Jacqueline Mwendwa

    Hi i came across your site researching about karat bars. I love the review on WA and im interested in learning more. As afree member before upgrading can one earn?

  44. Richie

    Hi John,

    You wrote on this page: “Wealthy Affiliate offers a Yearly Membership at $359, which amounts to $29.90 per day.”

    I guess you would want to change that into “..per MONTH”. 😉


  45. James


    I am wondering if you make more money from commissions through people joining Wealthy Affiliate, or if you make more from the commissions through other website affiliates whether it be products or whatever else?

    • John Worthy

      Hi James, thanks for stopping by. With this site I exclusively promote Wealthy Affiliate. There are a couple of affiliate links for 2 other, similar programs at the end of the reviews, but that’s not really promoting. I have a few other sites where I promote different products, targeting very specific niches. If you are interested in more details, come and join me at WA and we can talk. It’s free and you can check out what’s going on there. Just hit the link at the bottom of this page, and I will get a message that you have arrived.

  46. gloria

    Hi john i recently join only cash surveys and i start feeling like they are a scam. i am at $29 dollars now but i don’t seem to qualify for more so i decide to check this review. thank you to share your experience. I have heard of wealthy affiliate before but never have paid much attention to it because I taught it was to difficult to learn. I think I will check them out

    • John Worthy

      Hi Gloria, sorry to hear that you have the same problems I had with this Only Cash outfit. However, put it behind you and check out Wealthy Affiliate. You’ll be surprised how great it is. Log in through my site, and I will guide you through all the course lessons.

  47. Cynthia

    Hi John,
    I came across your review while searching for home base jobs. Kind of tired of being at job interviews and be way more prepared and educated to end up doing not challenging or mechanical routine works. Very interested ting what you published, and since I’moved not generating any income right now, could you please tell me if I could generate any money joining the WA for free and then upgrade it?
    Thank you

    • John Worthy

      I laid it all out in my review. Yes, you can and you will make money. It will not happen overnight and it will take some work, determination and the will to succeed. Just join me there and find out what’s going on. Like I said, you can take the first 10 lessons of either one of the 2 courses and build your first website at the same time. Then you can decide if you want to continue and upgrade or simply give up.

      But let me tell you that we have many members who stayed as free members for 2 or 3 months, worked on their free site (which you can do as long as you wish) and then upgraded when they felt ready to buy their own domain name. Give it a try, you have nothing to lose

  48. Ralph

    Hi John; nice review. Can you explain a bit more about the hosting & domain part? For instance; If I have a site on a domain hosted
    somewhere else; will I be able to use the tools & info that WA has & apply it to that site; or would it have to be moved over to their hosting?
    Also; do I have this correct: its $19 a mo., up to 25 domains; if upgrading within 1st 7 days? One more John; If you have your domain on their hosting; are you able to set up sub domains; for use as categories; under the main domain?
    BTW; I was just thinkin; if everything was free; how would anybody make any money? Ha; just thinking, ya know; anyway; waiting for your reply; Thanks, Ralph

    • John Worthy

      Hi Ralph, thanks for stopping by. About hosting. Of course you could apply what WA teaches to your site that’s hosted some place else, as long as you have 100% access; meaning adding, removing, editing content, access to whatever SEO plugin there is. Joining WA is free and you will be able to take the first 10 lessons of any of the 2 courses WA offers, and they even give you 2 free websites, which are rubix.subdomains. Premium Membership gives you full access to all the bells and whistles. First month is discounted to $19, then it will be $47 per month. They have a yearly membership at $359 (that would be $29.50/per month) and if you take advantage of their ‘Black Friday’ offer, it would be $199 per year.
      What are the advantages of Premium Membership? Full access to everything, weekly webinars, 2 courses (1 is 5-levels with 10 lessons each, the other 6 levels with 10 lessons each) and Free hosting for up to 25 sites, even sites you may have elsewhere and transfer to WA hosting (which by the way is excellent). Come on in Ralph and take a look, you’ve got nothing to lose.

  49. Chad

    Thanks for the post on Karatbars, I also have worked with several network marketing companies . Although I made money at them I never made a lot of money. One thing I have learned is, if the major source of income from the opertonity comes from recruiting someone stay away from it. I will be staying away from Karatbars and looking into Wealthy Affiliates.

  50. Chris

    Hi John, i’m really sure that Kazeem is the funny man. The truth is there’s nothing free nowadays.

  51. WTRosado

    I signed up with wealthy affiliate.com and when I tried to log on it told me that there was no account with my name. So I signed up again and now it tells me that someone with my name is already signed up. And it continues to go round and round with the same song. Doesn’t show me much, so what is so great about it? WT

  52. Tonia

    Hi John,
    I’m just a starter member. Does this really work. I sincerely need something that works.
    Thank you!

    • John Worthy

      Yes Tonja, it really does work. But not by itself. It takes work on your side, dedication and commitment. Everything else you need is right there at WA. The best training and support.

  53. Elio

    Those comments were unnecessary…..WA is the best place to be at the moment….Kazeem and Roger are actually being quit stupid. The program is actually FREE, you decide if you want to go premium. Everything is correct about this review and im 15…If only you had a brain to try out a free system. Its worth it. p.s anyone with half a brain would obviously include a premium membership to get more money. I would atleast…Thanks John for your amazing review. 123cravid WA

    • John Worthy

      Thanks for stopping by Elio. Can’t please everyone. Kazeem can’t read or is not able to comprehend what he is reading. Yes, WA is the only program that really works.

  54. Phil L

    There’s no doubt in my mind that there are a lot of scams out there, probably as many as there are people that want something for nothing. In most cases, you get back what you put in. Wealthy Affiliate gives you far more back than anyone could reasonably expect. It is not however a one button click to instant wealth… it takes work.
    What a concept.

  55. Roger Cote

    I was approached today by someone trying to get me involved in Karatbars. I was very excited until googling Karatbars to find out it’s a scam, then I went on to read your blog about Wealthy Affiliate. I have a question for you. Do you think that someone like myself who got scammed out of $6,500.00 with a company from Colorado to teach me how to build a website and got discouraged and gave it all up, is capable after that, to join WA and be successful. I need to make money now and not years down the road. Your opinion and advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank You

    • John Worthy

      Hi Roger, thanks for your comment. I understand your skepticism and concerns because I was in your shoes myself at some point in time. But I did not give up and found Wealthy Affiliate. Let me be honest, it took me 5 months after joining WA to make the first dollar. Since then, I am making a full time income. WA is not a get rich quick thing…….they don’t work in first place. What I learned at WA, hard work and persistence paid off for me. You can do the same and it will not cost you thousands of dollars. Getting started is absolutely free, and there is no time limit for free members. It’s totally up to you if and when you upgrade to Premium Membership. Just give it a try and see if this is what you are looking for.

      • Arthur Siew

        ya, Wealthy affiliate only cost 350 dollars a year versus some other program that charge your $2000 per year !!!! It is not a get rich quick scheme if it is that easy, everyone would have done it in a heartbeat and quit their 8-5 job the following day.

  56. Zackerry

    Hi John,

    This is nice and informative post about WA which is about right but you failed to mention that it is $19 if they join within 7 days if I am not wrong. I used to be in WA but I stopped because I dont have to patient to wait for my site to get traffic. But now I feel like going back in again :).

  57. kazeem yusuf

    It is ironic that you blog about Internet sCAMS, WHILE YOUR AFFILIATE LINKS THAT YOU PROMOTE ,do exactly the same thing you accuse others of doing. WealthyAffiliate.com is NOT FREE and requires a $47 payment MONTHLY!!.

    • John Worthy

      Hi Kazeem, I really appreciate your comment. However, if you’ve read and understood my review, you should very well know that it is indeed FREE to join WA. I also stated VERY CLEARLY, and written in a way a 12 year old can understand, THAT WA offers a Premium Membership for $47 a month that provides a ton of great stuff which is not included in the FREE Starter Membership, like FREE hosting for up to 25 websites.

      What universe do you live in, I wonder? Is there really one that gives you ‘everything’ for free? I doubt that seriously.

    • Arthur Siew

      yes, no one want to work for free either. You are FREE to try out the program but if you want to get the same level of benefit as the other members, you need to pay for it. I seriously do not think that you understand what is Affiliate Marketing.

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