Trust Jacker Review: Copy – Paste – Earn?

Review of: Trust Jacker
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Rob Jones & Gerri Cramer
$39.95 one off

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On May 2, 2014
Last modified:August 3, 2014


Is Trust Jacker a Scam? I can't call it a scam but an "unethical" way to make some money. My rating: 2 stars

Why The Hype About Trust Jacker Software? Is Trust Jacker A Scam? Read my unbiased Trust Jacker Review and find out!

Most “making money online programs” are Scam Products. Their “cheesy” video productions contain misleading information and promises of the “pie in the sky”. Is the Trust Jacker Software a Scam? Let’s take a closer look:

is trust jacker a scamProduct Name: Trust Jacker
Product Owner: Rob Jones & Gerri Cramer
Price: $ 39.95 one time
Upsells: None
Website Url:

My Rating: 25 points on 100 point scale – 2 stars (reluctantly)


The Trust Jacker Video:

I expected images of expensive cars, a Million Dollar Mansion, a Yacht, fake bank statements and false testimonials. To my big surprise, there was none of this in the Trust Jacker Video.

Instead, Rob presented his product with useful information about “what it is and how it works”. Besides, some people reported moderate incomes of between $80.00 and $350.00 for a 2 or 3 weeks period.

That’s a refreshing difference to the typical scammer method of promising 6-figure earnings in the first month.

However, Rob uses some lines I cannot agree with. For example:

“What if you could GET PAID for doing the things you ALREADY do online everyday”

“What if could monetize EVERYTHING YOU DO online to make commissions and sales”


Trust Jacker Review_is trust jacker a scamThese kinds of statements, as we will find out in just a minute, are untrue and the software does not work like that.

The hype is by no means as big as I expected. The video is surprisingly short, which I liked very much. Of course, if you “click out” before the end of the presentation, you find a 7-day trial offer for $1.00.

If you take the 7-day trial and don’t like the program, make sure to cancel before day 7 or your credit card will be charged with $38.95.


What Is Trust Jacker & How Does It Work?

Trust Jacker is a software that let’s you share any content, not just your own, with friends in your social network circles, AND adding affiliate links or CPA (Cost Per Action) advertisement. People that view the article or blog post will see the “pop-up-adds” when clicking off.

You will earn money “if the person takes action“, usually by entering an e-mail address and accessing a sales page for a product. This kind of CPA will pay you between $1.00 and as high as $5.00.

The software installs simple and fast, and comes with enough training to get you started within a couple of hours. Trust Jacker has the potential to make you some money in a short period of time, which is a good thing. Yet, you should not expect to make a fortune using this program.


What I Don’t Like

1) The Method

There are two issues I have a problem with. First, Rob mentions in his video several times, that you will make money “by doing the things you already do online every day“. That’s part of the hype promoting his product and I understand that. But that does not make it the truth.

Sure, you will be browsing the web as usual. The purpose however, is completely different. You will be searching for  hot topics. Rob chose Oprah’s “acai berry segment” and “Obama vs Romney News” as examples for his video. You will be looking for high authority websites or news releases.

Then you need to find advertisement that is somewhat related to the topic and pays for CPA. Rob never mentions that you will have to enter some kind of business relationship with the Advertisers. This is also something you “do not already do every day” and it will take time and some effort.

OK, you got your hot topics, the HTML link to the advertisements and you are ready to rock and roll. This is where Trust Jacker enters the picture. Watch this short video and let “Good Ol’ Gruff” show you. It’s funny.



I already explained that there is more work involved than Rob claims in his video. In fact, Trust Jacker is a plug-in to be used with WordPress websites. Although a website is not required to use this software, by the end of the day you will need your own domain and a site. That will cost you about $60.00 for a year.

Now let’s talk about the second problem I have with this method of making money with Trust Jacker.  You distribute your e-mail, post or article to your friends within the social networks you are active. That  peaks their interest enough to click on the link you provide.

There is nothing wrong with doing that. I link to other sites from some of my posts so my visitors can get more information on their topic. What I think is wrong though, is to add a “pop under advertisement” that shows up when the person clicks off the site.

Listening to Rob, and almost all of the Trust Jacker users on You Tube, they call this “Trustjacking“. I call it “Hijacking” of somebody’s property. Tell you the truth, I want have nothing to do with that. Pop-up ads, pop-under ads and self starting videos without a STOP option are annoying to say the least.

I don’t know about you, but I find this method of making money unethical. Is it legitimate? I guess the jury is still deliberating about that.


2) The Limited Potential To Build A Business

Trust Jacker may have the potential to make you some money in the short term. I see no possibility to create a solid and long lasting business with this method. The friends in your social network circles will stop clicking on your links when they realize that all them contain unwanted advertisement links.

The limited training with Trust Jacker is not teaching you how to expand your customer base beyond your social networks. If you don’t have a huge e-mail list already, the potential of making sustainable income vanishes.

In addition, webmasters will catch on and install software to block those unwanted additions to their sites.


Final Words About Trust Jacker Software

I know of only two people making a significant amount of money with this system. Rob Jones & Gerri Cramer. The product is cheap enough to try it out. I believe that every user, including myself, was able to generate at least $40.00. My two campaigns brought me a little over $120.00.

You read my review and know my sentiment about this method of making money. For that reason, I give Trust Jacker a rating of 25 points on a 100 point scale, the “thumbs down” and file it under Scams.



Trust Jacker is NOT a Scam. I cannot call it LEGIT nor would I recommend it.

Trust Jacker is not a scam


What’s Next For You?

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  1. erik

    Good review. I was ready to buy this software. It sounded too good to be true. After reading what you had to say I decided to give WA a try. See you next week

    • John Worthy

      Thanks for your comment. I am glad you read my review before falling for this dubious program. Send me an e-mail after you join WA and I give you a quick run over, ok?

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