The Seven Figure Formula: To Riches With Penny Stocks?

Can you really make 7-figures with Seven Figure Formula or is it a scam? Is it just me or are you also getting tired of this overly used sales pitch of 'give me your hard earned money and I'll show you how to make a million a year'?

If I knew a secret method to make this kind of dough, I would quietly go about my business, get stinking rich and keep my mouth shut.

But here we are, having yet another good looking subject for an honest review! 

The Seven Figure Formula Review

Product Name: Seven Figure Formula

Product Type: Penny Stock Investment System/Software

Creator/Owner: Greg Guenthner & Jonas Elmerraji

Annual Subscription:

  • Silver $49/ year 
  • Gold  $89/year
  • Platinum discounted to $79/year

Who is it for: People who want to invest in Penny Stocks  

Summary: The Seven Figure Formula is penny stock investment system, supported by a software program developed by Jonas Elmerraji.  “Factor 148” was developed over a period of 2 years and cost about $250.000. The creators claim that this software is able to forecasts big gains of certain penny stocks. My research proves that these claims are incorrect.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Who Are Greg Guenthner & Jonas Elmerraji?

the seven figure formula review

Greg Guenthner is an editor at Agora Fiancial Publications and the renowned author of two investment publications, ‘The Rude Awakening’ and ‘Profit Spy’.

Jonas Elmerraji is the 'computer wizz' who developed the program that, supposedly, forecasts the winning trades.

Both have been featured on Forbes, CNBC and the Wall Street Journal.

Greg & Jonas have teamed up to create a tool (Factor 148) that enables small investors to make educated decisions and pick winning stocks by using the program's predictions.

What Is The Seven Figure Formula?

The Seven Figure Formula is a membership site that provides its members access to a computer program that is able to predict the result of Penny Stock Trading.

According to Greg, the computer predictions are are rock solid and are based on a proprietary algorithm.

The 4 main criteria for determining a viable penny stock investment opportunity are…

  1. the stock must be cheap
  2. the stock must be backed by a real business
  3. there must be a 'real reason' for the stock price to go up
  4. there must be a 'real event' for an upswing of the stock

The computer program only recommend stocks with the potential of a 100% or higher increase of price in a short period of time.

How Much Does The Seven Figure Formula Cost?

the seven figure formula review

There are 3 different, yearly memberships listed:

  1. Silver at $49 per year
  2. Gold at $89 per year
  3. Platinum at $79 per year

It's not clear what the differences between the membership levels actually are, and the pricing does not really make any sense, but it is what it is.

What Do You Get For Your Money?

The following is a list taken from their website:

  1. Monthly Newsletters:  Publications that contain anticipated performance of certain stocks and points out which stocks will return you profit over 100% within a year.
  2. Weekly Updates: Usually information about different companies and investment opportunities.
  3. The Monthly Seven Figure Formula Penny Stock Report: All of the latest information about penny stocks sent straight directly to your email!
  4. Bonus Report: ‘Three Chances to Double Your Money With Seven Figure Formula Penny Stocks - Something about how a complete rookie in stock markets can turn a small investment into a six-figure profit.
  5. The Seven Figure Formula, Revealed: An in-depth document that shows you how the formula works so you’ll understand how the computer program works. It’s like 24Option, but for Penny Stocks.
  6. The Seven Figure Formula Hotsheet: This is an inside look on their secret formula, meant to give you knowledge and how your investments are working.
  7. Bonus Report Number 2: How to Trade Seven Figure Formula Penny Stocks – This is a refresher course for those who haven’t done any trading in a while, and a road map for those who have yet to start trading. This teaches you how to buy, sell, and everything else in between.

Does The Seven Figure Formula Really Work?

I cannot attest to that, one way or another, and I am not going to try. I have no desire due to real bad experience with Binary Option Trading (read about it here). 

However,  I found some testimonials on their website, and the folks seem to have done pretty well:

Well, sounds pretty good, don't you think? 

But here is the thing. I am writing reviews for quiet some time now and often times things are NOT what they appear to be. 

So, I did a bit of research (reverse image search on Google) and this is what I found:

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Schutterstock

Credit: Schutterstock

Kerry, Maxwell and Jack are models and get paid whenever someone uses their picture for publications of any kind. 

The use of models, or spokes people, for testimonials is not by default a bad thing, but it can be. Many companies use this practice for many different reasons. However, in our industry,  the 'make money online niche', the use of models is suspect, to say the least.

What Are The Seven Figure Formula Complaints?

Another way to figure out what is going on with a product, program or system is to search for complaints. Good place to check is The Better Business Bureau, and that's what I did.

...and what I found doesn't look too good.

First off, they are NOT BBB Accredited and NOT RATED. Second red flag - 1 1/2 star rating from customers (or members) is dismal, and thirdly, there were hundreds of complaints with 130 closed in the last 12 months.

Here is what the average complaints look like:

the seven figure formula review

I believe this complaint speaks for itself!

Is The Seven Figure Formula A Sam?

I cannot call the Seven Figure Formula a scam. It is a legit membership site that delivers a sufficient amount of materials and product to rectify the membership fee. However, the promise of a software package that is supposedly able to predict the trading behavior of Penny Stocks is, in my humble opinion, reckless and inappropriate.


Sorry,  I couldn't deliver a better ending of my Seven Figure Formula Review, but trading in penny stocks is a gamble, just like Binary Option Trading, and it's best to stay away from it.

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