The Profit Shortcut Review: One Grand A Day Sounds Like BS To Me!

Welcome to The Profit Shortcut Review!

The narrator of the top secret The Profit Shortcut sales video loves to use the words 'fast, done-for-you, short cut, quick and easy, rapid' to pitch the product, without ever telling you how exactly the system is supposed to 'make you the easy big bucks'. 

Listening to Ace Guzman in the almost 30 minutes long and torturous presentation gave me the heebie jeebies, but it also raised the question if this product is a deliberate scam. 

Let's have a closer look, shall we?

The Profit Shortcut Review Summary

Product Name: The Profit Shortcut

Product Type: Marketing Funnel For Other Product

Creator/Owner: Ace Guzman (Video Narrator) 

Price: $39

Upsells: from $47, to $2,497 to $12,497

Recommend: Heck No

the profit shortcut review

Summary: The Profit Shortcut is not what Ace Guzman wants you to is not a product or program but simply a gateway to a High Ticket Pyramid Scheme called The Super Affiliate Network.

My research into The Profit Shortcut brought me to the conclusion that it is best to stay away from this product.

Rating: 0.5 out of 5

What Is The Profit Shortcut?

According to Ace, the narrator of  the sales video, The Profit Shortcut is a way 'how anyone can create their very own, extremely lucrative Internet business'.

She claims that this breakthrough, secret and revolutionary method is super easy, made specifically for you, and you will have to act fast  because it will not be available much longer.

What she is talking about is Affiliate Marketing, and there is nothing super easy, secret or made specifically for you. And it will be around for a very, very long time.

If you hope to learn from the sales video WHAT EXACTLY Ace is talking about, you will be utterly disappoint!

But I can tell you what The Profit Shortcut really is, because I took the bait, entered my email address and went on to spend $39.

What The Profit Shortcut REALLY is!

$39 bucks buys you ADMISSION to a sales funnel that serves only ONE purpose, and that is to sell you a $47  membership to a 'High Ticket Pyramid Scheme' with the fancy name of The Super Affiliate Network.

There is NO product, program, course or any other thing with the name The Profit Shortcut. Take a look at the Disclaimer at the bottom of the sales page:

Clicking on the Income Disclosure link brings up the income statement of Super Affiliate Network. Therefor, it's a sure bet that I am 100% correct with my assessment that The Profit Shortcut is indeed simply a sales tool for The Super Affiliate Network.

Are There Any Other Costs?

Yes, there are additional costs involved, but they are actually accrued with SAN (Super Affiliate Network) and NOT with The Profit Shortcut.  However, The Profit Shortcut Review would be incomplete without this info, so here it is.

How It Works!

I mentioned above that SAN is a 'high ticket pyramid scheme' similar to MOBE and Digital Altitude. Both have been shut down in 2018 by the Federal Trade Commission.

The SAN pyramid has 5 levels, with the lowest being the least expensive, and the top level being the most expensive.

In order to earn money, you have to recruit new members. The commissions are between 30% and 70%, depending on Level and Tier.

You only earn commissions for the level  YOU are a member of and hat means that if you are on Level 2 and your recruit buys in to level 4, you only get commissions from the price of Level 2.

Sounds confusing, I know, but all these pyramid schemes have convoluted and difficult to understand compensation plans.

SAN Pyramid Levels

  • Level 1: SAN Monthly – $1 trial into $47/mo
  • Level 2: SASF  $297  (Solo Ad Success Formula - you buy the product Click Funnels)
  • Level 3: SAN PRO  $2,497
  • Level 4: Coop $5,000
  • Level 5: Maui $12.997

In order to appear legit, these pyramid schemes need to offer some kind of products or services. They get away with it because Level 1 is a membership fee and is legit.  Level 2 is in fact a product that provides some value. I admit I have no information on Levels 3 and 4, but Level 5 is the cost for a 5 day stay at a resort in Maui. And, of course, the opportunity to rub shoulders with some rich folks.

It's time to find out how much money the members of this pyramid really make.

Income Disclosure

The Profit Shortcut Review

Click on image to enlarge

Take a close look at this statement and pay attention to the red underlined text. ONLY 10 out of over 40,000 participants in this scheme are making a livable income. All others don't even recoup their investments. 

Pros Of The Profit Shortcut

None whatsoever

Cons Of The Profit Shortcut

Misleading Advertisement

The Profit Shortcut is not a product but a sales vehicle to trick you into becoming a member of a pyramid scheme.

You Will Lose Money With SAN

Unless you are an experienced MLM super recruiter or have already a strong down line that will follow you from pyramid to pyramid, you will lose your money. The disclosure form is prove that almost no members make any significant income

You Will Have To Recruit In Order To Make Money

This system has nothing, or very little, to do with Affiliate Marketing. You only make money when you recruit new members that will do the same. In other words, you will have to build your own little pyramid within the big one.

The Federal Trade Commission

The FTC has a close eye on the SAN, I am sure of it, and can close down the whole thing like they did with Mobe and Digital Altitude. When that happens, members will never have a chance of recovering their investments.

Is The Profit Shortcut A Scam?

The law is written in a way that gives MLM a large leeway and that's the main reason that so many get away with a lot of bad stuff. The term 'providing a tangible product' gives smart lawyers a lot of wiggle room for arguments to defend their clients.

Having said that, I call The Profit Shortcut a scam because it only exists to trick unsuspecting opportunity seekers into a membership with The Super Affiliate Network and its boiler room of sales people acting as Coaches for the newly recruited members.

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I hope you enjoyed reading my The Profit Shortcut Review as much as I enjoyed writing it. Thanks for stopping by, and if you have any questions, or something you want to share, please don't be shy and leave a comment on your way out

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