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Watch Reality TV or Learn From the best “Make Money Online Program”


make money online fastWould you prefer to learn from The Best Make Money Online Program how YOU can start your own Internet Marketing Business, or would you prefer to spend 4 hours of your spare time a day watching Reality TV Shows?

Don’t misunderstand me, please. There is nothing wrong with watching reality shows, but I assume you landed here on my website because you are thinking about taking the leap and become an online entrepreneur.

I can even guess what you typed into the Google search box to find information on programs or companies that will be helpful to you. Was it “best way make money online” or something similar to it? I bet it was. I have been there and done that myself, and I can understand your growing frustration.

Most results of your searches were most likely useless, am I right? You came across very few with information of value, you may have read some reviews of the “make money online scams” that are out there in the hundreds, and maybe you think it is impossible to find a trust worthy and legit program or company.

Don’t be discouraged. I can help and I can show you the road to achieve your goal. I must warn you however, that you will not become a millionaire overnight, nor will you make thousands of dollars “even while you sleep”. Those that promise you that with their advertisements and fancy videos are what we call the “scheisters” and giving our industry a bad name.


Let’s Hit The Road To Success Step By Step


  • Learn Internet Marketing(Step 1) The Foundation is Knowledge: The Internet Marketing Business is like any other business or profession. You see, if you want to build your own house you need to learn how to build the foundation first before you can add floor(s) and a roof. The same is true here. You will learn the different ways you can make money online and how to avoid making mistakes many others have made in the past.


  • (Step 2) You need a Website. Not just any website, but YOUR OWN. By that I mean YOU must be in total control of the appearance (design), what goes on it (content) and the way you want to promote it. You will buy the Domain Name and you will have the choice to pick the website hosting.


  • (Step 3) At this stage you will be learning about keyword research, SEO, how to write quality content and also how to get verified and indexed with the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.  All these details must become “natural” to you, like the way you learned to walk or ride a bicycle. (for an overview you can read my pages “Build a Website”, “About Niches”, “About Keywords”, “About SEO” and “About Content”  right here on my website)


  • (Step 4) The time has come to think about monetizing your website. Along side your studies, you will have researched your niche and created a plan of operation. You are ready to become an affiliate with different merchants and start earning income by promoting their products and services on your website (read about “Affiliate Marketing” here)


  • (Step 5) You are in Business: But you are not done. A common mistake people make is thinking that once the website is up and running, their work is finished. They forget that a website is a “living thing” and needs food, so to speak. In order to have your visitors come back time and again, you need to provide NEW and interesting content on a continuing basis. Doing so, will also bring new visitors to your site and this is the goal you worked so hard for.


make money online scamsI showed you the road that lays ahead of you.  It can be “bumpy” at times, but with  determination and hard work you will achieve your goal.  I can hear you asking “where can I go to learn all of this”.

We talked earlier about the variety of programs one can find on the Internet and also about the fact that 97% of those are either just bad and useless or outright scams. However, there are a few that are to be considered good and can be very helpful.


My Recommendation:

You want to become one of the best – you need to learn from the best!

Wealthy Affiliate ReviewWealthy Affiliate is by far the best program in the industry. Wealthy Affiliate, also known as Wealthy Affiliate University provides everything we discussed here and then some more (Unlimited Web Hosting, Weekly FREE Webinars).  The support and help system is second to none. Read my objective Wealthy Affiliate review and find out all the important details.

By the way, WA is the ONLY program that does not require up front payment to join. That’s right. You can join for absolutely ZERO dollars down, start taking the course lessons, get acquainted with the college like community and decide at any time if you want to become a member or not. There are NO UPSELLS whatsoever.

I know that the decision you have to make is not an easy one. Therefore, I encourage you to “shop around” and compare the Wealthy Affiliate program with a program that is similar to WA’s. Yes I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate, but I am sure that you will recognize the differences and the big advantage WA has. Click here and check out my Number 2 ranked program.

The Choice Is Yours!


John Worthy ProfileMy name is John and I am here to help you. If you have decided to join Wealthy Affiliate as a starter member, click right here. Within a few hours after you arrived at the “other side” I personally will welcome you and inform you of a “special bonus” that is awaiting you.

In case you have some more questions, don’t hesitate to contact me by leaving a comment in the box below and I will get back with you within 12 hours. Thanks for stopping by and see you “on the other side”. e-mail:




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22 Responses

  1. Fred Chong

    Hi John, Good post completed in 90min, frankly I could not do any better. But then again, to be honest I think yo put a lot of thoughts on the content which is more important than rushing! My choice is Wealthy Affiliate and I look no further!

    • John Worthy

      Thanks Fred. I always take my time. I want to write good content, better yet QUALITY CONTENT like they teach us

  2. Nz Make Money Online

    Hello, i think that i noticed you visited my blog so i got here to return the want?.I’m attempting to in finding issues to enhance my website!I guess its adequate to make use of some of your ideas!!

  3. Marla

    Very good article. Very easy to follow and great information. WA is the place to be. Take it slow and don’t miss a thing. This is the road to success.

  4. Andrea

    Good blog! I have so much knowledge now than before I joined WA. This is one of the BEST programs hands down. Thanks for breaking everything down! #Awesome

    • John Worthy

      Thanks Andrea, you are hard at hard at work, I guess. Weekend is coming and I will take Sunday off and watch football. Have a good one

  5. Kyle

    You have given everyone the breakdown they need to create any level of success you want. I really love your approach with “reality TV”. When I started in my own online business, one of the first things I dropped and started doing less was watching TV.

    Those that say they don’t have “time” for their own personal success are typically the same folks that spend their time watching Duck Dynasty lol. We can all achieve it, it is a matter of how bad you want it…or what TV shows you are willing to put aside in favour of your business.

    • John Worthy

      Thanks Kyle, I never was watching TV too much to start with. News, History Channel every now and then and of course football games. It is so much better trying to do something constructive and learning a lot by doing so. And what is Duck Dynasty, if I may ask?

  6. Steen Rasmussen

    Yes get serios turn off the television and spend time create something you owe use the time whit a puphase thansk for sharing wealthy affiliate

    • John Worthy

      Hello Steen, just my take on it. Of course, tomorrow I am taking a little break and watch football. But that will be it for the rest of the week. Thanks for stopping by and have a nice weekend.

  7. Ade

    Nice layout, John. Thought-provoking post.
    I’ll say making a smart choice by spending time wisely is the way to go.
    Time + Effort = Money/Success at WA.

  8. Chris

    Hi John, You have broken down those 5 steps perfectly, I especially like how you mentioned that a website has to be fed regularly with fresh content to survive.

    BTW I totally agree with you that WA is by far the best program to learn how to build out all 5 steps successfully.

    One should certainly not underestimate the power of being a Wealthy Affiliate member.


    • John Worthy

      Hi Chris. I wish I would have found out about WA some years ago. But as they say, it’s never too late. Have a nice weekend

  9. Paul

    Nice post about WA John. And you wrote it in 90 minutes not bad…matter of fact downright good.

    Wish I could write and get ideas as quickly as you do!

    • John Worthy

      Thanks Paul. I have nothing but GOOD to say about WA. Wish I would have found out about them years ago instead of falling for some of the scams.
      Have a nice weekend

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