Tai Lopez Knowledge Society Review: The Art of Business Mentorship

Who Is Tai Lopez?

... and what is the Tai Lopez Knowledge Society?

It depends who you are talking to! There are those that describe Tai Lopez as, and I quote...

 " He is an investor, partner, and adviser to over 20 multi-million dollar businesses. Through his popular book club and podcasts The Tai Lopez Show shares advice on how to achieve health, wealth, love, and happiness with 1.4 million people in 40 countries. The Tai Lopez Show, gets around 800,000 downloads per month.

...and then there are others that will tell you, and I quote again...

 " The Internet abounds with charlatans, frauds, hucksters, and scam artists. Among them is Tai Lopez, the man you’ve probably seen plastered all over YouTube, bragging about driving his Lamborghini in the Hollywood hills and his brand-new bookshelves, curiously located inside his garage.

Some call him a 'do-good-genius', while others see Tai as an 'evil scam artist' out to scam you.           The very well respected Forbes Magazine had this to say about Tai.

At any rate, Tai made some waves on the web around the world with the launch of a new product, which is the subject of my review today.

Tai Lopez Knowledge Society Review

Product Name: Tai Lopez Knowledge Society

Product Type: Entrepreneurial Education Program

Creator/Owner: Tai Lopez

Price: $9.99 per month / $19.99 for 3 month

Upsells: $95 and $297

Tai Lopez Knowledge Society Review

Summary: Tai Lopez understands how to keep his huge following captive. His latest product, 'Knowledge Society' will help thousands to acquire the necessary knowledge to choose their career path and build their social media following necessary to make real money online! 

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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What Is Tai Lopez Knowledge Society?

Knowledge Society is a membership site that provides its members with Entrepreneurial and Career Development Courses.  

Tai's teaching is NOT replacing college education, but must be thought off as a supplement and focuses at what Tai Lopez calls  'The Four Main Pillars of Online Education'...

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Love
  • Happiness

This particular offer focuses on 'WEALTH' and practical skills that you can use to start or grow your career.

The Price Of Tai Lopez Knowledge Society?

Tai offers 2 options to join the Tai Lopez Knowledge Society:

  1. $9.99 per month
  2. $19.99 for a 3-months subscription

A 3-day FREE Trial Period offers you access to the membership area and allows you to check out the course before making a binding commitment (you need to give up your credit card info, so make sure to cancel within 3 days; otherwise your card will be charged).

Are There Upsells With Tai Lopez Knowledge Society?

Well, yes. Almost every product/program in the 'make money online niche' has a sales funnel with upsells and downsells (although there is one,  ​by far the best out there,  that DOES NOT have any up/down sells).

Upsell 1 $95: Entrepreneur's Code Program

Upsell 2 $297: Mini-MBA Program

Sorry, I can't provide any details since I did not feel like spending almost 400 bucks for these 2 offerings.

tai_lopez_knowledge_society review

What's Inside Tai Lopez Knowledge Society?

Tai once said in one of his Youtube videos "I want to create the Netflix of Business',  meaning to provide a a place where people can get instant access to a wealth of entrepreneurial content on demand.  And Knowledge Society became that place. Here, members will get multiple NEW courses every month, covering a large spectrum of diverse topics

  • Start A Social Media Marketing Agency
  • Make Money Growing Instagram Followings
  • Get Paid Being A Copywriter
  • Become A Personal Trainer
  • Learn How To Flip Real Estate Contracts
  • How To Sell T-shirts On Facebook
  • How To Start A Profitable Hair Salon
  • How To Sell Digital Products As An Affiliate
  • Make More Money As An Uber Driver
  • Book Publishing Secrets
  • Set Up An Auto Body Shop
  • How To Set Up A Food Truck Business
  • How To Start A Mobile Car Wash Business
  • Secrets Of Running A Six-Figure Airbnb Business
  • How To Make Money Teaching Languages Online
  • How To Make Money Being A Gamer
  • How To Create A Money Making App
  • How to Start an Electronics Repair Business
  • How To Set Up An IT Support Business
  •  And many more

What Are The Tai Lopez Knowledge Society Courses?

Tai Lopez is not going to teach you himself but was able to secure the support of successful entrepreneurs to video tape their 'road to riches'. Here are some of the available productions:

  • How Raymond Duke Gets Paid 6 Figures a Year Writing Ads
  • Learn How Dre Built A Hair Salon Making $20,000 a Month
  • How Justin Cener Makes $500,000 a Month Selling T-Shirts Online
  • How David J Woodbury Makes $20,000 a Month Using Free Traffic From YouTube
  • To Sell Other Peoples Products Knowledge Society - The program
  • How David Cosciusco Makes $20,000 a Month Buying and Selling Phones on eBay
  • See How Presto Started His Personal Training Business Making $10,000+ a month
  • How Pablo Builds Instagram Accounts and Sell Them For $10,000 to $200,000
  • How Dan Fleysman Sold $80 Million Of Products On Instagram
  •  How Joe Started a Socia Media Marketing Agency Making $250,000 a Month

Every lesson is about 45 minutes  and contains valuable information.

The Pros & Cons Of The Tai Lopez Knowledge Society Courses?

The Pros

  • There is no GET RICH QUICK CLAIM!
  • The Courses are affordable
  • The courses are for anyone willing to further his/her education
  • The courses are available on any device
  • The Mentors/Course Presenters are "Everyday People" that worked hard to achieve their success...if they could do it, you can too

The Cons

The Tai Lopez Knowledge Society DOES NOT have a certified program that is accredited by governing bodies. 

Is The Tai Lopez Knowledge Society A Scam?

Absolutely NOT! The Tai Lopez Knowledge Society is as legit as they come. It is free of misleading and over hyped sales presentations, affordable and provides valuable insight into 'the making of millionaires'!

The membership is absolutely worth the $10 per month.

Can You Really Make Money With The Tai Lopez Knowledge Society?

The Tai Lopez Knowledge Society is definitely NOT the usual 'make money online' product. If you do have a great PRODUCT IDEA, you may find helpful info on 'how to market' the product, or 'how to attract an investor' with the Knowledge Society courses. 

However inspiring the courses may be, if YOU can really make money after watching these videos, depends on different factors, but mostly on YOU.

 I know one thing for sure. To copy what all these people achieved is going to be almost impossible. They got there because they HAD AN ORIGINAL IDEA, worked their behinds off to get it off the ground, and then failed several times before they hit the Jackpot. 

Take Daymond John, for example. His FUBU line didn't sell...the buyers of the big retail chains didn't bite. Seasons came, and went, they still didn't buy. Until Daymond had the idea that broke the ice - giving away his good looking t-shirts to the bouncers of all the IN CLUBS, making them promise to wear them when they work. The rest is history...

I recommend you start an online business, get your feet wet in the business world, so to speak. I also can recommend the place for you to get the right start. Check it out, it is 100% FREE!

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I hope you enjoyed my Tai Lopez Knowledge Society Review as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you have any questions, or have experience with this product you want to share, please don't be shy and leave a comment in the box below.

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