Stealth Income Machines Review – The Stealth Of A Scam?


From Mass Money Machines to Stealth Income Machines – The Same Old Scam


Something very strange is going on here. I received an email promoting Stealth Income Machines some time back and kept it in my spam folder for later review.

When I watched the video, I realized after just a few minutes that I had seen it before but could not remember exactly when and what product it was. So, I had to do some digging around. This is what I found out.

The actual “Product Review” will be short. In fact, I published a review a while ago about one of these booming Scams and described in details the inner works of the product.

I think it is important and interesting to inform you about the results of my research into the “owners” of this product and their business.



stealthincome machines reviewProduct Name: Stealth Income Machines

Product Owners: Chris F. & Matt Walker

Advertised Price: FREE

Real Price: $150 to $300 +

My Rating: 0/100 points – Scam


Stealth Income Machines Review – What Is Stealth Income Machines?


You will get a FREE Website, which is most likely a useless landing or squeeze page with no chances to rank high in Google or Bing. The chances to make any money with this kind of sites are zero to slim.

The owners of the product promise you to “let you in on their secret or mystery system” that will make you thousands of dollars every week without having to do anything at all.

They say that their system found a “loophole” in the internet and exploits this with “cloud hosting”. They claim that this form of website hosting generates more than 89% of all web traffic and purchases made online.

However, they never explain what you really get and how your website will make you money. All you hear is that it “runs on auto pilot and you don’t have to do anything”.

This is BS, of course. If you want to make money online, you have to put forth effort and work. There is no such thing as “get rich quick the easy way”.

And here is were the Scam starts. The website you get is free, but you need hosting. You are not able to choose your own hosting company.


is stealth income machines a scam

You Have To Buy Hosting From Cloud Pro Hosting


Take a look at the screenshot and you see the Scam unfold. $150 + for ONE year hosting is way overpriced. You can get reliable and fantastic hosting from NameCheap or Gator Hosting for less than half.


cloud hosting is a scam


This is how the owners of Stealth Income Machines make their money. If they can sell the “dream of getting rich quick” to just 10,000 folks, they rake in a solid $600,000, if not more.


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End of Story. Or Is It?

Not by a long shot. I told you at the beginning of my article that I would have “some digging to do”. And I did.

Chris F. And Matt Walker, the Owners of Stealth Income Machines


I am not sure if Chris and Matt are really the owners of Stealth Income Machines or simply imaginary figures to cover the real culprit. There is not much internet history to be found about Chris & Matt.

However, as I told you earlier that I had seen the video before, I was right. There was a product launch in April of 2014 that had another name on it. Mass Money Machine it was called back then and Bill Hughes was obviously not the owner.

I was able to dig up the JV launch page for affiliates and that carried Chris and Matt as the owners of that piece of crap.

stealth income maschines review

Then I found the link to Mass Money Machines landing page. And that really blew me away. I opened another browser window and linked to Stealth Income Machines.

Having both product sites side-by-side on a split screen, I started the videos at the same time.


stealth income machines by matt walker is a scam

What I suspected all along was indeed true. The videos are exactly alike. There is not a single difference at all; except for the URLs, naturally.


What does this all mean?


You can understand now why I call this whole thing a big Scam. Chris F., Matt Walker or whoever else may be behind this frivolous product, is not “doing the good deed” delivering a worthy product.

They are out to get your hard earned money in a very unethical way. They are telling lies, making up false stories and doctoring income statements in order to receive hefty commissions from the hosting company.

My findings did not surprise me at all. It is an often used tactic by all these Internet Scammers to bring back their old products with a new name and try to find a new batch of victims.

Another common practice among internet scammers is to promote each other products. I suspect that Matt Walker somehow is involved in another “Cloud Hosting Scam”,

“Cloud Millionaire” is yet another product promoting this hosting scam and I could not find out who the owner is. I found this on the web during my research for this article.

 google search results screenshot


Maybe Matt is involved in this scam also, maybe he is not. One thing is for sure though. Matt Walker is not one of the good guys in the internet marketing business.


Final Words About Stealth Income Machines


It is absolutely impossible to make a 6-figure income with a new and crappy website in a short period of time. Only hard work and effort will bring success. Cloud Hosting has no part in generating traffic or creating sales. There is no “fully automated system or software” that will make you $7,000 per day as Matt Walker claims.


Stealth Income Machines is a SCAM. I give it a ZERO POINT/100 rating and a TWO THUMBS DOWN.



What Next?


There is no easy way that will make you successful in the online business. However, if you are willing to work hard and follow an outstanding training, you will be able to build a successful business for yourself.

I am working my internet marketing full time for several years now. I got my start and the training I needed from the best online learning center there is. The table below shows you how Wealthy Affiliate compares to Stealth Income Machines.


You can see why Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 recommendation. I would love to hear your opinion about my review, so chime in and leave your “2 cents worth” below in the comment box.

I am making money online. I learned how to from the best online businesses learning center. If you are interested in doing that also, you need to join Wealthy Affiliate. It is free to check it out……you can decide later if it is the right thing for you.

profil_johnThat’s all for today folks. Thanks for stopping by



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