Six Figure Success Academy Review [A Scam Or Legit]

My Six Figure Success Academy Review sheds light on a 'NEW' approach to promote affiliate, or your own, products. In a 6-week training course you will learn, supposedly, how to earn $250 to $500 commissions per day, multiple times.  

Claims like these give me the 'heebee jeebies'. In other words, a scam alert goes off and a bullshit meter starts to move.

Let's find out if Six Figure Success Academy is a scam or a legit, shall we?

Six Figure Success Academy Review Summary

Product Name: Six Figure Success Academy

Product Type: Training Course that teaches how to partner with Online Product Creators to generate sales via Webiars

Owners: Ty Cohen & Mike Balmaceda

Price: $997 

Additional Expenses: $200 external tools

Recommend: Yes, with restrictions

what is six figure success academy

Summary: The Six Figure Success Academy  training program is not bad, to be honest. However, it is doubtful that program owners can be swayed to raise the price of their products just so that affiliates can earn high commissions! Experienced affiliate marketers may be able to use the method and make some profit, newbie should stay away.

Rating: 2.0 out of 5

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What Is Six Figure Success Academy

Right from the 'get go' they tell you that you will learn how to generate $250 to $500 in affiliate commissions, not just once per day, but multiple times.

And NOT TO WORRY, because YOU DO NOT...

  •  invest your own money
  • must build a list
  • have to know anything about email marketing
  • need to know how to generate traffic
  • have to be a marketing guru
  • build a WooCommerce store

The Six Figure Success Academy is a 6-week training program that teaches how to generate high ticket commissions through Webinar Marketing!

Their basic idea is pretty simple and they claim it takes 3 easy steps to achieve that goal:

  1. Pick an existing product/program that solves a problem (there are hundreds, if not thousands to choose from)
  2. Re-package the offer into a Webinar. This automated process is provided within.
  3. Promote these webinars to people that are searching for these solutions to their problems

How Does Six Figure Success Academy Work?

First off, you look for people that offer solutions to problems AND sell either a product or a service. This can be ANYTHING people are willing to spend money to change their situation.

A good way to find what you are looking for are the evergreen niches in Internet Marketing. Losing weight, quit smoking, dating, make money online, fitness & wellness, just to mention a few, but you get my drift.

Secondly, you scour Instagram for members that have a lot of followers AND offer some kind of product or members with a GREAT product but a small number of followers. 

Here is where Six Figure Success Academy comes into play: 

Richard has a page on Instagram and more than 100,000 followers. In addition, Richard has put together a video course showing how he lost 220  pounds in 12 months with a combination of Diet and Work-Out-Routine.

Richard is running Ad Campaigns on Facebook and Udemy to sell his course, but he never makes more than 1/2 dozen sales per week. By the way, he is charging $47 for the course, consisting of 36 videos, each about 30 minutes.

You are a Six Figure Success Academy member and offer Richard to produce, with him as partner,  a Webinar, free of cost, to promote his course. It's not difficult to do because you can use FREE templates provided by Ty Cohen & Mike Balmaceda.

Richard and you agree on a 50/50 split of the net intake from the sale of the course, which now sells for $799. That's almost $400 commissions each per direct sale, and $200 each if sale was made through affiliate.

Of course, you can run repeat promotions whenever you wish because the webinar is a recording.

Watch Ty Cohen in this short video...

The 6-Week Training Course

The Six Figure Success Academy training is a video based course consisting of over 48 easy to follow lessons, plus 2 Bonus Week Videos and a Resource Video.

It all starts with a short introduction to the concept.

Week 1: Crash Course

  • How system creates income, change of mind set, profitable niches, etc.

Week 2: How To Find Partners

  • They teach you how to find partners willing to join you

Week 3: Craft Your Money Maker

  • You learn how to write Webinar Script and analyzing successful webinars. In other words...don't be shy and copy their stuff

Week 4: Preparing for Maximum Success

  • They cover set-up  GoToWebinar and a lot of administrative stuff, like how to collect payments, splitting profit and so forth

Week 5: Generate $1k Payments on Demand

  • Now they demonstrate how to find influencer with large following to drive traffic to your webinars. 

Week 6: Optimize & Scale

  • It's all about getting the influencer to allow you to promote your stuff to his list. 

Bonus Weeks: Case Studies

  • This is where the whole thing gets a little bit out of hand. The case studies are not verifiable and look like badly made sales pitches. They claim to have made over $16,000 in just 2 hours in one case, and $40,000 over 5 days, while Mike was watching Netflix and Ty on a cruise in the middle of the frigging ocean!

How Much Does Six Figure Success Academy Cost?

The price for the course is $997. Most likely,there are other cost involved, but Ty & Mike are kind of 'hush'  about it. GoToWebinar is not free, and they do mention to use 'Clickfunnels', which definitely will add a grand or so to the cost.

Pros Of Six Figure Success Academy

Money Back Guarantee

Six Figure Success Academy is sold through Clickbank and comes with a solid 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, no questions asked.

The Idea Is  Not Bad At All

I like the idea. Look, there are a bunch of struggling product creators out there trying to peddle their stuff. Most of them using either WarriorPlus, Clickbank or JVZoo.  Looking at their launch lists is proof that 95% of all offers make less than 100 sales, despite the relatively large number of affiliates are promoting via squeeze pages or websites. 

Promotions via webinars seem to draw potential customers easier than all other promotion methods. For that reason, I give the idea a big thumbs-up.

Cons Of Six Figure Success Academy

Unrealistic Promises

Ty & Mike make it sound so easy to convince product creators about the webinar concept and over price their product. Best example is 'their own'...obviously, they miscalculated how much people are willing to spend. They launched the Success Academy at $1,997, and reduced to $997 just 3 weeks later.

Pre-Recorded Webinars

I don't know about you, but I do NOT like pre-recorded webinars without live audiences. They are nothing else than sales videos presented in a different way.

It would make a big difference IF they were recording a ' live webinar' , where you can actually see the interaction between audience and presenter, and then use that in future promotions.

No Training About Generating Traffic

Their idea of 'piggybacking' the follow ship of famous marketers of influencers sounds good, on paper that is. Personally, I doubt it will work as they tell us in the course. I simply cannot see Daymond John, the founder of FUBU, agreeing to what Ty and Mike teaching. I may be wrong, but the future will tell. 

Is Six Figure Success Academy A Scam?

No, it is not a scam, but 100% legit. Their course may be over prized, but they do provide a tangible product that actually may produce positive results. 

Conclusion To My Six Figure Success Academy Review

It is an interesting concept, I admit. However, it takes some extra effort and action beyond what they teach in the course to make it work, in my humble opinion.

It definitely is not suited for newbies; they better get their feet wet by learning the internet marketing trade first. I just happen to know the best place to get started, so hit the blue button below and check it out.

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I hope you enjoyed reading my Six Figure Success Academy Review as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you have any questions, please don't be shy and leave word in the box below. Thanks for stopping by

John Worthy

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  1. Jeff

    I was contemplating to try this out but now I’m not so sure any longer. Do you think it could work or is it just a dead program?
    I did read your review on this Wealthy Affiliate thing. It seems to be legit but I wonder how long it takes to really see some money. And is it really free to join?

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