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Ronnie Montano
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On August 17, 2014
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Avoid this SCAM

The Secret Money System Smells Like A Scam, Is Promoted Like A Scam….IT IS A SCAM!


Do you want to know my little secret? I really “dig it”  to review the “make money online scams” and show the world the ways to avoid online scams.

I received a couple pre-launch emails at my spam address the last week of July 2014. Like a little sheep, I followed the provided link to watch the……


Secret Money System Review


Secret Money System Sales Video


The “Sales Pitch” starts with loud music and flashing images of “account statements” with BIG LETTER WORDS spread out in between, spelling…..




The music stops and the flashing screenshots disappear. Now you see somebody drive up the driveway of a multi-million dollar mansion in a flashy sports car.

The guy gets out of the car and walks into the mansion, sits down in front of a computer and starts talking to you. I am sure that the mansion and the car are rented as I have seen the exact property in other videos.

There is nothing new and original here, really. It’s the same make-up, filled with outright lies like all the scam sales videos. If you seen one, you have seen them all.

The real and only purpose for this kind of promotion is to defraud people and ripping them off. Just take a few minutes to read my Secret Money System Review and get a look behind the curtain.


Here are the things that trigger the SCAM ALERT


  • First off, the clown narrating this video, is not the owner of the Secret Money System. He his a paid actor (not a very good one btw) using a fake name. He calls himself Juan Gabriel
  • The owner of the program is a certain Ronnie Montano, well known as the person behind a number of internet scams (more about this later)
  • Showing of photo shopped, fake and overblown bank accounts
  • False promises: Juan Gabriel guarantees that you will make a 6-figure income in 90 days
  • False promises: Juan Gabriel mentions several times that it is “FREE”
  • Fake testimonials – supposedly from users of the program. In fact, they all are folks that produce any kind of testimonials for a small fee; as little as $5.00. You will find them on
  • Unbelievable and laughable income claims. A woman made $43,000.00 in a month, a guy made over $150,000.00 in 90 days
  • Telling that the program is highly secret, and you are part of a small group, lucky enough to get invited. He says “don’t tell anyone about this system”.
  • Telling you that the website will be down soon, maybe even within the next 10 minutes (that forced me to laugh out loud and scare my 90 year old neighbor)
  • Claiming that there is no work involved.
  • You will never learn what the program is and how it works. I guess this it because it’s so secret. LOL….again. All you will learn from Juan is: Fill out a short form > Set up some things > Click a few buttons > Let system know where to send your big bucks > Click launch


Secret Money System is a scam


Watching the video not only once, but twice, it was obvious that this is a scam. However, to be able to present you with an honest review, I decided to go ahead and find out what it looks like “on the inside of Secret Money System”


The Pricing

This comes as a surprise. Didn’t the actor tell us that it is FREE. Even one of the fake testimonial givers said “I made over $20,000.00 for free!”. Actually, the fantasy price is $99.00.

But never mind that, as this is just a common marketing tactic. The real price is $49.00; but don’t buy at this offer. Simply click off from the page and the price goes down to $19.00.

So, I bought in for $19.00, only to find out later, that if I had tried to leave one more time, I would have saved $10.00 and gotten this thing for $9.00.

By the way, the purchase transaction is through Clickbetter.



Inside The Member Area

As soon as your purchase transaction is completed, you face a number of upsells for different products; one of them for a meager $295.00 and I declined all the offers.

I knew not to expect much of a product, but what I found was a real disappointment. There, at the member area, was a message:


Please follow these steps exactly in order designed to help you create immediate income through immediate actions!

No product, but STEPS to follow. Okay, my friend, here are the steps to follow. Be forewarned. There are 7 (seven steps and 5 of them are attempts to rob you blind!

Step 1) A link to sign up for a webinar where you find out how to make $10,000.00 per week. I refused to click on the link, expecting yet another try to suck more money out of my account

Step 2)A Free call to a start up specialist”. I didn’t even look at the phone number, knowing from experience that the specialist will offer some fancy upgrades and One-on-One coaching, which will cost a bundle. Often times in the thousands of dollars

Step 3) There, you will meet Juan, the actor, again. He welcomes you, and urges you at the same time to follow the next steps if you want to be successful. It is very important not to skip any steps and bla-bla, bla-bla.

Step 4) Now you get something for free. Yes, you heard right. You will get a “free website”. If you suspect that there must be some kind of catch, you suspect right. You only get the site for free if you pay for overpriced hosting at a company at their choice. Mr. Ronnie Montano makes money from the “free website” by earning a hefty commission from the hosting provider.

Step 5) This is a link to a product, owned by?………. no other than Ronnie Montano, of course. The Full Money System is a scam product I reviewed some time back. Same story, different actor, different scam.

Step 6) Yet another link to purchase yet another of Ronnie’s products. This one is called eMobile Code and on my ever growing list of “online scams to review”

Step 7) It is getting tiring, I tell you. It’s the final step and another product for you to buy. To top this nonsense of, you are supposed to buy into a Binary Option Trading scam, geared for you to lose your money in a heart beat. (read one of my Binary Trading Reviews)

secret money system upsells
Be very careful or your money goes “out the window”

Now I understand, why Juan Gabriel says in the video, that he is looking for newbies, not experienced internet marketers, He explains it with “I am looking for people that have not been opposed to any of the GURU scams”.

These steps that require immediate action are utterly ridiculous and not even funny. They have one purpose, and only one: To empty your bank account as fast as possible.

The sad thing is, you have not received any training as of yet. And if you have not been extremely careful and suspicious of the tactics used to sell you “stuff”, your money just went out the window.


Finally! The Secret Money System Revealed


Following the 7 steps but refusing to “take immediate actions” and throw my money away, I found a link to “Secret Money System” that took me to the eagerly awaited training.

Oh boy, what a downer. There are three steps to this so-called training

First: The actual training video is pure crap. A newbie would not understand what the guy is talking about. It’s a very basic outline of internet marketing without any details.

Second: Now you are asked to choose one niche market out of 5 options. Of course, if you are new, you don’t even know what a niche market is and how to choose the right one for you. You will be able to download some website files and you will get a free ebook.

Third: In order to use the files you just downloaded and create your website, you need to take out your credit card and set up your hosting account with CloudPro Hosting at a ridiculous high price.


If you are still around, you may discover several other tab items to check out. One is called Elite Money System that offers more niches. Another tab offers you to download some dubious software named Traffic Money System.

I suspect it will cost more money, so I did not attempt to download it. And that’s all there is to the Secret Money System.


What It All Boils Down To


Secret Money System is a scam This is not a program that will teach you how to make money online.

There is absolutely no useful training. The website(s) you can get are crappy and useless. The cost for hosting is ridiculously high at about 3 times the industry standard.

The real purpose behind all the hype is “to get you on the inside” and sell you other useless crap.

Ronnie Montano, through his mouth piece Juan Gabriel, wants to make you believe that his big secret will make you rich with just 15 minutes of work and a few clicks of the mouse.

I urge you to avoid the Secret Money System


Here Is A Way To Learn How To Make Money Online


Let me introduce you to the best online business learning center, Wealthy Affiliate. Take a look at the comparison table below and see why Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 recommendation.




This remarkable program teaches you everything you need to know in an easy to follow step-by-step way. The training is supported by state of the art videos and weekly webinars. The college like community is very active and you can get 24/7 help and support by experienced internet marketers.

The amazing thing is that you can get started for Free. You will get 2 free websites, free hosting and free use of a keyword research tool. Claim your free starter membership today and you will be on your way to building a solid and legit online business.

There is no obligation to upgrade to premium membership. You will be able to take 10 lessons of Level One of the training courses, build a website and then decide if the Wealthy Affiliate program is right for you. So, come on in and check it out.

If you need more information before you hit the button, read my Wealthy Affiliate Review.


link to wealthy Affiliate Review


John Worthy ProfileMy name is John. I am in the internet marketing business for several years. My passion is to exploit online scams and helping people to start their own online business and make money from home.

Was my review of the Secret Money System helpful to you? Let me know and leave a comment below or send me an email.



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  1. Jay Gumbs

    Good review John. My experience was the same. This guy rehashes Full Money System and then tries to sell his customers the very same scam in the members area. *SMH*

    • John Worthy

      Thanks Jay. I am going after these crooks. Travis is on my “to rip apart” list. They give the whole industry a very bad name

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