Secret Millionaire Bot Review – $2,479 A Day With That?

Before we dive into the Secret Millionaire Bot Review I need to address a question one of my readers asked me via email.

"Why is it that you rate 95% of the products you review as scammy, crap, worthless or outright scams"?

Short answer: "Because they are"!

It all began when the Internet was still known as 'The Web', and Amazon has not yet made any profit. Google just sent Netscape into oblivion, AOL was reduced to an email service for Verizon, and people started 'googling' instead of 'doing web searches'.

And slowly, but surly, people realized that the Internet provides NEW opportunities to earn money. Amazon aggressively promoted their Affiliate program and thousands of 'associates' received monthly commission checks. 

Folks learned how to build simple websites and raked in advertising fees with PPC, PPA and CPA campaigns.   All seemed well and fine, but it also brought out unethical elements trying to make a quick buck. 

The first significant crappy product appeared in 2008, and made a young man from England a millionaire. Google Sniper was followed by scams like Empower Network, Vemma and Digital Altitude, just to name a few.

Unfortunately, fraudulent and scammy products are more common as you may think and often times difficult to recognize. 

Having said that, here is my Secret Millionaire Bot Review.

Secret Millionaire Bot Review Summary

Product Name: Secret Millionaire Bot


Product Type: Affiliate Marketing

Creator/Owner: Charles Allen (pseudonym)

Price: $37

Upsells: $147 downsell to $97, $147, $497

Recommend: Hell NO

Summary: This product looks exactly like the twin brother of Million Dollar Replicator which is on my 'to do' list. In short, Secret Millionaire Bot is pure crap and not worth a single dime.

Rating: 0.5 out of 5

What Is Secret Millionaire Bot?

The sales video is relatively short, but full of BS. Charles Allen represents an 'elite society of underground online millionaires' that earn consistent daily profits from the Internet'.

And yes, you are one of the lucky few  to be allowed into this secret club that makes profits like this...

secret millionaire bot review

Of course, this is being followed by a series of 'testimonials' from equally lucky folks that have stumbled upon this program.

Charles is playing it by the book and shows you all the sweet things you can have and do once you are 'using the push button, fully automated robot'.

I almost threw up my breakfast when Charles ridiculed similar products and tried to assure you that Secret Millionaire Bot is not like those. He also guarantees you PERSONALLY to refund every cent of your money. WOW, just wow.

Again, he continues by showing more 'million dollar income' receipts and urges you to keep watching because he will show you 'how his BOT works'.

'You are the perfect fit' he continues with his BS, because you are here and see this video.  Then he tells you how the BOT works.

Don't Tell!

"The Secret Millionaire Bot has been created and refined by myself and a group of my friends who are digital marketers, programmers and statisticians from a number of top firms around the world. 

We've been able to create a fully automated software system, commonly called a robot that identifies the most lucrative money making opportunities on the internet.

It then targets these and copies them into your account. In this way, all of the hard work is done for you.

Just follow some simple instructions that you will find inside the members area, and you will be able to replicate our success".

He continues with his 'schmeer' by letting you know that he and his friends keeping this secret tightly locked down, but now it's time to allow a limited number of others to profit from it.

Mr. Allen is pretty funny too, I have to give him that much. He is making so much money that he had to open THREE new bank accounts 'just to spread the profits around'. And seeing all this money come in becomes almost it's time to spread the wealth.

I laughed so hard, I almost choked to death.

But that's what Secret Millionaire Bot is all least what Charles wants you to believe.

What Secret Millionaire Bot Really Is!

As soon as I got access to the members area, I noticed a similarity to the website layout of a product I recently had reviewed. And just with the other site, there is NO sign of any secret, sophisticated software.

However, what becomes obvious is what the thing really is all about.

Secret Millionaire Bot is a Training Course on a good Affiliate Marketing Strategy using  Instagram to generate traffic to your product offers.

How Much Does Secret Millionaire Bot Cost?

The asking price is $37, but if you attempt to leave, an exit pop up offers you a discount and you can get in for a meager $17. 

secret millionaire bot review

You see, this is another technique use by these scheisters to just get you inside, and the reason for it will become obvious as soon as you get inside.

What Are The Upsells Secret Millionaire Bot

Upsell 1: Secret Millionaire Bot Pro for $147.00

Right off the bat they offer you a 100% Done For You System that's supposed to make you more money  faster than the basic system. If you recline at this price you will get a $50 discount and you can buy it for $97.

Upsell 2:  The Secret Millionaire Bot Team for $147.00

Charles claims to have a friend inside Google and this secret source told him that there is a bug in their system that exposes a huge untapped source of free traffic.

I've heard a lot of bullshit, but this one tops 'em all.

Upsell 3:  Million Dollar Replicator for $497.00

I strongly suspect that Charles Allen is a fictitious figure and responsible for the launch of a bunch of bad and crappy products. This upsell is also available at Clickbank as a main product.

What's Inside Secret Millionaire Bot

Once inside you are greeted by a short Welcome Video, and directions to purchase some products & services...

  • A John Crestani Webinar promoting his own program called The Super Affiliate System at $997
  • Your own free website, hosted by Coolhandle
  • A very crappy product called Bulletproof Profits, which I review a short while ago

The Secret Millionaire Bot Training

Hopefully, you made it past this without going broke, you arrive at the Course section. The training is scheduled Week 1 through Week 8. 

  • Week One: 9 minute Video -  How To Use Instagram
  • Week 2: 8 minute Video - engagement on Instagram is through pictures 
  • Week 3:  3 minute Video - building your brand on Instagram
  •  Week 4: 1 1/2 minute Video - showing how to create your business Instagram account
  •  Week 5:  11 minute Video - 5 ways to make money on Instagram. I.E. affiliate marketing, ads on a website, pay per install, tee spring and drop shipping. 
  •  Week 6: 2 Videos, total of 8 minutes - how to become a drop shipper on Instagram & Google forums and how to use it for your drop shipping business
  •  Week 7: 11 minute Video - Case study of using Instagram
  • Week 8: 2 Videos, total of 13 minutes - growing your Instagram account & sponsored posts 

I am not sure if they expect you to actually spend 8 weeks on something you can easily complete in a week; and that includes creating your Instagram account.

At any rate, and you could have guessed that, once you are done with the training , they offer 4 upgrades which I kindly refused.

Pros Of Secret Millionaire Bot

The Strategy Is Legitimate And Valid

Affiliate marketing is without any doubt one of the most proven and successful business models  to make money online, and using Instagram to generate traffic is 100% valid

Money Back Guarantee

Secret Millionaire Bot is sold through Clickbank and carries automatically a 60-Day Money Back questions asked.

Cons Of Secret Millionaire Bot

The Sales Video

The video is full of lies, hype, unrealistic income potentials, fake testimonials and BS.

The Training Is Low Quality

To say it like it is...the training is worthless and you can get more information by doing simple searches on the Internet.

Fake Testimonials

The video testimonials are not from users of the product but recorded by spokes persons. Take a look...

secret millionaire bot review

Claims to have made $350,000

secret millionaire bot review

Claims to have made over $135,000

Profile on

Click Image to enlarge

Profile on

7 minutes daily profits review

Click Image to enlarge

Fake Owner/Creator

I firmly believe that Charles Allen is not a person but a pen name. This practice seems to become very popular because some of my latest product reviews show the same occurrence. 

The supposed owner/creator of the product has no history that can be found, no face that can be put to the name, and all these products use the same website layout.

The disclaimer at the bottom of the Secret Millionaire Bot sales page states that the 'spokes person in the video' uses a pen name. I took an enlarged screenshot...

secret millionaire bot review

They even disclose that testimonials, case studies and other examples used in this promotion have originated from another product. 

Unethical Display Of Network Logos

They make sure you will notice the names and logos of well known, respectable and 100% legitimate network stations, news outlets and well known companies. They are displayed to give the impression that these entities have evaluated or reviewed this product and are endorsing it.

Be advised that none of these companies has given permission that their names/logos can be used.

Is Secret Millionaire Bot A Scam?

I would love to say YES it is a big scam, but you do get some kind of product for a relative low price, if you take the $17 option and avert the upsells. For that reason, I cannot call it a scam, but a crappy and useless pile of BS.

Conclusion To My Secret Millionaire Bot Review

There is rally not much to say other than to stay away from it. It is worthless, useless and and will not make you any money.

If you are seriously looking for a way to make money online...

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I hope you enjoyed reading my Secret Millionaire Bot Review as much as I enjoyed writing it. Thanks for stopping by, and if you have any questions, or something you want to share, please don't be shy and leave a comment on your way out

John Worthy

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