Second Income Center – A Scam Or Legit?

Is the Second Income Center really the solution for the great number of people searching for a way to earn a second paycheck, or is it one of those crappy products made to milk some dough out of folks who can least afford it?

We all like the sound of money, don't we? The owner(s) of the product on hand know that as well, and provide a 'cheat sheet' how to effortlessly make $500 to $1,500 per day.

They make sure to grab your attention and jump on the opportunity they claim to provide. But is it a real opportunity for you to earn some extra money? 

Hang around a bit and let me tell you what I found out!

Second Income Center Review

Product Name: Second Income Center

Product Type: Work-at-home Opportunity

Creator/Owner: Unknown

Price: $97 - $27

Upsells: $95 and $297

second income center review

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Summary: Second Income Center appears, at first glance, to be a legit 'work-at-home' hub.  Their website content consists of 4 pages, each providing a number of different job descriptions, and also an introduction to Affiliate Marketing. I became a member to be able to present you with an honest in-depth review, and the shocking details I discovered. In short, Second Income Center is a scam and cannot be recommended!  

Rating: 0.5 out of 5

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What Is Second Income Center?

Take a close look at the image above and you will notice...nothing out of the ordinary. It seems to be a site that provides info about 'work at home opportunities'...36 all together on 4 website pages. 

I noticed something very peculiar! There are no links to sites that provide these jobs. So what is the purpose of this? 

And I noticed something else. A very annoying popup appeared every 20 seconds or so, enticing you to enter your email address. Finally I gave in and did leave my email address. An email was sent about 3 minutes later which ended up in my gmail spam folder. 

The email contained a USER NAME with PASSWORD and a link to, from all places, a WordPress login page. 

All my websites are WP sites and I am very familiar with it. I log on and there is NOTHING in the dashboard but access to the User page, so the only thing to do is to VISIT the site. 

And there is the big AHA MOMENT!

The SIDEBAR on the Second Income Center Website is now populated with links to 'SPONSORS'

and, supposedly, with income opportunities. Take a look at the site now!

Clicking through the 'Sponsor Offers' revealed mostly worthless opportunities, like taking surveys for Vindale Research which pays you not peanuts, but only the shells of peanuts. Or an offer 'Get Paid To Take Photos' which will make you $500 to $700 a week, but cost you $27 per month for the privilege to send in your pictures in the hope that someone will buy them.

At any rate, my 'BS Meter' went haywire and I started to suspect that this whole thing is an elaborate scam.

What About The Promised Cheat Sheet?

They are making a big thing out of their FREE cheat sheet that will take your Affiliate Marketing efforts to the next level, so I decided to go for it (leaving my email address at yet another spot along the way).

This cheat sheet is another listing of predominantly useless 'work at home opportunities'.

  • Inbox Dollars that pays you for playing games, read emails, surveys ...and more
  • Make $40+ with yet another survey site
  • A site looking for Remote Workers

...and 25 more like these.

Taking a closer look at the links itself shows that they all are 'affiliate links', telling me that whoever owns this thing is making money from sending people to all these sites.

Again, big promises of big opportunities...

The Connection To Scams!

Being the good boy and trying to be as thorough as possible, I continued to check out all links provided. One of them took me to a well known and long running scheme that many in the industry call an outright scam.

Personal Computer Success is a long running and highly unethical product...many call it an outright scam.

Back links are an important SEO factor and helps o achieve high ranking by search engines IF the back links are created naturally.

PCS uses LINK POSTING as business model which not legitimate since it uses 'spamming methods' to promote affiliate links

How Much Does Second Income Center Cost?

There are a total of 36 different Second Income Centers Jobs on  their website with different costs associated. To join Vindale and make some extra cents doing hour long surveys is 100% free, while hoping to get paid for taking photos will cost you $27 per month. Joining Personal Computer Success will set you back a whopping $97.

Fact remains that every single one of the Second Income Ideas (except survey taking) will cost you money before you make a dime.

The Cons of Second Income Center

I couldn't find any PROS to this are the obvious CONS

  • There is no verifiable ownership information. It seems whoever is behind this thing does not want to be known
  • Some of the 'featured' income opportunities obviously use fake testimonials which can be proven by comparing testifying individuals with spokes persons
  • There is ABSOLUTELY NO MONEY BACK GUARANTEE with any of the opportunities
  • Link Posting is unethical to say the least
  • The obvious 'overstating' of earning potential
  • One of the opportunities cost you $297

Is Second Income Center A Scam?

I gave you an honest and straight forward overview of this product and leave it up to you to call it a scam. In my opinion it is highly unethical and I suggest to stay away from it.

However, I do have a couple of ideas what this thing really is.  

  1. A person, not really caring about ethical issues,  entered into affiliate agreements with the owners of all the opportunities listed on this 4 page website, and tries to make as much commissions as possible
  2. The second possibility I can see is that the owner(s) of Personal  Computer Success created this hybrid to camouflage their product among 35 others.

At any rate, whoever is behind Second Income Center is one of the scheisters that give the whole industry a bad name.

What's The Alternative?

Making money online from the comfort of your home is possible, even high 4 figures or more per month. You definitely can't do it with crap like Second Income Center and the so called opportunities they present, but if you are willing to learn, work and are determined to succeed, I've got the right thing for you.

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I hope you enjoyed reading my Second Income Center Review as much as enjoyed writing it. If you have any questions, don't be shy and leave word in the box below. Thanks for stopping by

John Worthy

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