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Do you have a “High Bounce Rate Problem?” Keep on reading! Here are tips how to reduce the Bounce Rate of your Website!


How to reduce your website bounce rate
High Bounce Rates will cost you money.
There are ways to fix this problem!

Why do people come to your site only to leave almost right away? The answer to that is a simple one. “They don’t see immediately what they expected, or they didn’t like what they saw”.

People search with a purpose. They are looking for information, a product, service or for a solution to their problem. Your purpose is to give your visitors what they are looking for.

In Internet Marketing, you have to begin with what your visitors want, and feature that “up front”. Tell them that this is what they are going to get “first”.

Once they know that they going to get what they want and need, then they will stick around and read what else you have to say.

You have to grab the attention of your visitor as soon as he arrives at your site; within the first TEN SECONDS. How can you do that? Every visitor has three critical questions, which you need to answer right away:

1) What is it?

You got here looking for a way to improve your website bounce rate, right? The title of my post answers the “what is it”. The first impression your visitor must get is “that he arrived at the right place.

2) Who is it about?

My headline puts YOU and your problem in the spotlight. I am not talking about how good I am or how good my product or service is, but address your problem. You, and the purpose you got here, are “Center Stage“.

3) What do I get?

Well, I asked you to keep on reading and find out how to fix your problem. You will get what you are looking for.

Obviously, this technique is working and I was able to get your attention and interested in what I have to say. If not, you would have left already; yet here you are and still reading. And that’s a good thing.

If your visitors will not get this message up-front, they simply log out; they “bounce” and move on to the next search result. You can see that applying this simple technique will reduce your bounce rate. However, there are still some other trouble spots you may have, and you need to take care of them.

A) Points of Entry:

1) Squeeze Pages:

Whenever I land on a page that requires to enter “Name” and “e-mail Address” in order to find out what it’s all about, I will leave immediately. But if you give me a solution to my problem or helpful information, sticking around would not be a problem.

Understanding the importance of “list-building“, I am willing to supply my information and subscribe to your “weekly newsletter“. But only AFTER you proved to me that your offer will be helpful to me.

My suggestion to you is “that you put the squeeze” inside your quality content. Or put it in the “sidebar” and remind me at the conclusion of your article of it existence. Both of us will be happy campers. I got what I was looking for and you gained a new subscriber (and maybe a paying customer).

2) Video only Landing Page:

This is another technique which can lead to “immediate bounces“. The use of videos is in my opinion a worthy supplement to the written word. However, many times visitors are not in the mood to watch a video right away (I am one of them).

Yet, I have watched many videos when they support the article. So, my suggestion again, try to nestle the video at a fitting spot within your article. For example, look at my post “DotComSecrets X Review“.

3) Annoying Pop-Ups

These pesky little things are definitely a contributor for your bounce rates to suck! I even gave up to figure out how to make them go away, instead “I go away“. You can do yourself a big favor by getting rid of them, in case you use ’em.


B) Bad Website Navigation:

You land at a website, read the article and “are lost“. You are ready for more, but you can’t find a well structured menu system. What did you do? Bounce, of course. So did I, and many times. Make sure your arriving visitor notices your Main Menu on top and also a Custom Menu on top of your side bar. He will keep this in the back of his mind and will scroll up to see what else you have to offer.


C) Check Browser Performances:

Unfortunately, webpages load differently in web browsers, You can use the Google Analytics Tools to find out what problems you may have. It’s absolutely worth the effort and can help to improve your bounce rates.


D) Check Page Loading Time:

Pages loaded with images, videos can result in slow loading time. They look good and work well for users with “High-Speed Internet connection“. But what about users with low speed connections? They may leave before they fall asleep. Again use Analytics Tools to determine which problems your visitors encounter that makes them to bounce.


E) Improve Your Content:

Last, but not least. If you notice that some pages/posts have not only a higher bounce rate than others, but also a much lower “average time on page“, you need to check your content. This is a clear indication, that the visitors are not getting what they were looking for.

Review those pages/posts and make updates which provide more quality information.Provide the visitor with internal links to related pages/posts to show him that there is much more “good stuff” on your site. Work on your writing style. There is always room for improvement.

My article “Guide To Writing Killer Content” gives you tips and proven copy writing methods which help you improve your content.


Time To Take Action and Reduce Your Website’s Bounce Rate:

How to reduce your website's bounce rate
Take Action!
Follow my advice and reduce your Website’s Bounce Rate.

We explored the most possible causes why you are experiencing high bounce rates for your website, and ways to remedy this problem.

Now it’s time for you to take action. Take to heart the importance of the THREE QUESTIONS your visitor has on arrival at your site:

  • What Is It?
  • Who Is It For?
  • What Do I get?

Start thinking like your visitors. Perform some searches with specific Keywords and visit the first 20 sites that pop up on pages 1 & 2. Look for all the things we talked about, in particular those that would  make YOU to leave immediately, “to bounce“. You will see them in 80% of the sites you visit. Learn from  the mistakes a lot of internet marketers make.

The result will be a significant reduction of your Website’s Bounce Rate.


Was this article helpful for solving your Bounce Rate Problem? Do you have any questions or suggestions? I appreciate your feed back. Please share your opinion by leaving a comment in the box below or send me an e-mail:

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    • John Worthy

      Thanks Sherrie. Yup, I did a lot of research, changed my approach with the “3 questions” first of all, and my bounce rate went from 63% to 46%. I want to get it under 25%. It’s doable.

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