Rapid Traffic Suite Review [What Is Rapid Traffic Suite]

Read this real Rapid Traffic Suite Review for an answer to the question 'What Is Rapid Traffic Suite'. The product was launched on May 21, 2019  with the usual build-up of hype. In particular, claims like...

  • Rapid Traffic Suite comes with one of the most time tested, powerful free traffic methods for rapid AND long term free traffic growth on the net. Stop wasting time with all these “loopholes” pedaled to you, and start building out the right way. You will thank yourself when you have massive results in 3, 6, and 12 months from now!
  • Rapid Traffic Suite teaches how to have your traffic coming in day in and day out, set and forget, while you enjoy a stream of growing leads you’ve been looking for. Yes, this means, you’ll be setting up traffic streams! It’s easy to scale when the traffic is automated.
  • When you can have your Pinterest account go from 0 followers to thousands of real followers in days, you are giving yourself a massive head start. Leverage Rapid Traffic Suite’s follow exchange to grow your followers fast and have a MASSIVE head start.

deserve some scrutiny. Therefore, I got me a copy to write this Rapid Traffic Review.

Rapid Traffic Suite Review Summary

Product Name: Rapid Traffic Suite

Product Type: Software To Generate Free Traffic 

Incl. Training: How to get traffic passively

Creator/Owner: Paul Okeeffe, Stephan Ciancio,Richard Fairbairn

Price: $37 

Upsells: $37, $67 and $67

Recommend: Yes, with limitations. 

rapid traffic suite review

Summary: The product is legitimate and the training is not 'half ass' bad. The software may work as advertised, but it will definitely take a long time to achieve results they advertise on their sales page

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

What Is Rapid Traffic Suite?

It's actually TWO things in ONE package.

  1. Rapid Traffic Suite is a cloud-based software program that generates free traffic in ANY niche using the Pinterest platform. Stefan, one of the creators of this program claims to bring up to 20,000+ visitors PER DAY to his website (sounds eerily similar to another product I just reviewed a couple of weeks ago)
  2. Step-by-step training in the use of the software AND generating free traffic

They base their 'point of attack' on some interesting statistical facts:

  • Pinterest has over 250 million active users and is the fastest growing Social Media Site based on Membership signup.
  • Over 2 MILLION pinners save shopping pins daily and the number is growing
  • 93% Of users say they use Pinterest to plan purchases
  •  Pinterest shoppers spend an average of $80 per purchase compared to $40 from Facebook users

So, it makes total sense trying to use the huge potential Pinterest provides and siphon off as much traffic as you can. However, is Rapid Traffic Suite the vehicle to do that? The creators will answer that with a big YES!

How Much Does Rapid Traffic Suite Cost?

At the time of this writing, the package costs $37, but the price will go up a bit, my guess is to $47.

As we all know, purchasing products in the 'make-money-online niche' is like buying a new car without, engine, wheels and doors. If you want an operating auto mobile, you will have to purchase these as an UPSELL!

What Are The Upsells?

You will be hit with 3 extra 'vehicle parts' to buy:

1. Rapid Traffic Suite Pro Upgrade $37

The Pro feature upgrade will  allow others to share your website, squeeze pages, blogs, etc. They say this will drive traffic for you, all day - all night.

2. Unlimited Traffic Accounts + Developer Rights $67 

This  upgrade  allows to connect unlimited accounts with the software and offer this as a service to your clients (if you have any). 

3. 5X Your Traffic With Studio Blogging Edition $67

I am not sure if this is necessary, but this standalone Social Studio app allows you to use WordPress and Tumblr for bulk uploads and content creation. 

It is clear now that this product is definitely NOT for total newbies. In other words, if you don't have website or have no clue what a squeeze page is, check out My #1 Recommendation and get yourself up to speed and ready to make money online

How Does Rapid Traffic Suite Work

I'll give you a quick overview what awaits you. In case you don't have a Pinterest Account, you will have to create one. However, don't panic, they will show you how.

rapid traffic suite review

This little image shows the member dashboard and the available content:

Of course, you would start with the Training first, and then create your Pinterest account if needed. After that you will continue with Settings in order for the software to be able to do its work.


Start here and learn what you have to do first


Proceed with this step before using the software

Follow Exchange

Use this function to find  other Pinterest users to follow in your niche. Then lean back and hope that all those you are now following will follow you back.

Pin Exchange

This function is ONLY available in the PRO version (upsell 1). This is where you add your PIN so that other users can re-pin or share your pins. And that will create the traffic to your offers

Board Finder

This is where the software earns its money by locating the top 100 boards in your niche


This is a graphics creation tool that will tremendously be help full in creating outstanding PINS

This short video demonstrates how work with the different functions 

How Is The Rapid Traffic Suit Training?

The training is split into 2 segments - Software & Marketing

Software Training

This segment consists of 7 lessons. However, lessons 6 & 7 are only available IF you spent $47 for Upsell 1.

  1. Welcome and Navigation
  2. Settings Tutorial
  3.  Exchange Tutorial
  4.  Graphics Tutorial
  5. Board Finder Tutorial
  6.  Unlimited Accounts
  7.  Pin Exchange Tutorial

Marketing Training

The Marketing Course provides you with 24 videos in 4 Modules. 5 Videos are only available IF you let loose another $134 for 2 more upsells. But since you decided to go in, you may as well go All-In, right?

The training in Modules 1 & 2 covers a vast area of online marketing

  • from Niche Research to Blog Set-Up, 
  • from Branding, Themes & Plug-ins to Content creation

while Modules 3 & 4 cover everything related to Pinterest.

Although the course material is not bad,  folks that are not experienced in website building and content creation will be totally lost (again, check this out). 

Pros of Rapid Traffic Suite

Training Is Pretty Good

The videos are of good quality and not too long. The Software Training is easy to follow and sufficient to get the system to work.

The Marketing Part is not intended for newbies and therefor well suited for the participants.

The Product Is Affordable

Even if you 'go all in' it won't break your budget and you still can buy some diapers for your baby. And on top of it, you do get value for your money.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Rapid Traffic Suit is sold through JVZoo and carries an unconditional money back guarantee.

Cons of Rapid Traffic Suite

Does Pinterest Allow That?

My main concern is the legality of it all. The software acts like an app but is not requiring consent from the Pinterest. I am worried that they just block your software after a short period of time. 

Misleading Claims

There is no  ‘Set, forget, and go relax’, or  ‘Never worry about traffic again’. Even if it does work, you will have to keep a keen eye on it and constantly create new set-ups.

It Is Cloud Based

You don't own the software rather just pay for the usage since it is 'up in a cloud', somewhere'. What if the owners close down shop and quit? 

Is Rapid Traffic Suite A Scam?

When I received a email announcing the launch  of this new product, I was very skeptical and did put it in my 'possible scam' folder. However, with what I know now, I am having no problem to say that Rapid Traffic Suite is 100% legit. 

Conclusion To My Rapid Traffic Suite Review

You wanna know my opinion about RTS and whether you will see positive results and lots of traffic using this software or not. Right?

Well, I am kind of torn, to be honest. My computer background from a life long past tells me that it is possible for this program to work. However, my doubt is based on the legality of it, and the possibility that Pinterest simply put a damper on it.

Personally, I would love for it to work as they say it would, and drive 10s of thousands to this here site every month. But I guess I am gonna sit this one out and keep doing what worked best for me the past 5 1/2 years.

If you are interested in knowing what I do and how I got there, hit the button below and I will show you  personally.

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I hope you enjoyed reading my Rapid Traffic Suite Review as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you have any questions, please leave a comment on the box below.

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