Rapid Profix Pro Review [What Is Rapid Profix Pro]

This Rapid Profix Pro Review takes a close look at yet another product by Jason Fulton and Mosh Bari.  This one is advertised as...

Brand New Software that creates


Done For You E-Learning Sites Like Udemy,

pre-loaded with Courses, Funnels, Content & EVERYTHING You Need To Profit From Day 1!

The long list of similar products brought to market by Jason and Mosh include Infinitii, Blistering, DFY Profitz, Re-KaChing, Lazee Profits, MaxProfiXPRO, AffiliXpro, Trazeall. 

I always wonder why people who 'supposedly' stumbled over something that makes them thousands of dollars every single night, while they sleep, go through the pains of creating something that will make other people thousands of dollars every single night, while they sleep.

Similarly, I have difficulties trying to figure out why same people then stop using what makes them the big bucks and have to work hard to come up with a new system.

Whatever their reasons, lets take a close look at the 'schmeer' at hand and get on with the Rapid Profix Pro Review.

rapid profix pro review

Rapid Profix Pro Review Summary

Product Name: Rapid Profix Pro

Product Type: Software to create Fully  Automated done for YOU 'e-learning sites' like Udemy

Creators/Owners: Jason Fulton & Mosh Bari

Price: $29 

Upsells: Several between $45 and $199, for a total of almost $800

Summary: Their claims about 1-click traffic and sales in less than one minute is pure nonsense and just hype to get you 'in the door'. However, their system automates  the creation of sales funnels, and eliminates the need to create content for squeeze pages. So, it's at least worth to take a close look.

Rating: 1/2 out of 5

Who Are Jason Fulton & Mosh Bari

Jason & Mosh are 'serial producers of 'some kind of software' targeting Affiliate Marketers in the 'make-money-online-niche'. On average, they introduce a new product every 10 to 12 weeks. All their products are available through the Warrior Forum.

What Is Rapid Profix Pro?

These 2 'Brainiacs' claim to have created  a product that lets you tap into the fast growing Online Education Market and get your share of a projected $3005 Billion online industry (source: Global Market Insights).

Udemy, Kahn Academy & Coursera are popular sites offering free and paid-for courses,  and allows users to build custom courses from available lessons.

Enter Jason and Mash and their Rapid Profix Pro software.  It offers pre-loaded courses, funnels and content, and allows you to perform a lot of necessary tasks without any knowledge.

Look at all the 'stuff that's  been done for you' and comes with Rapid Profix Pro

  • pre-loaded courses, funnels and content
  • the technology for users to signup, register and take online courses
  • all the course contents
  • determine what courses are HOT and what will sell
  • creation of videos and training lessons
  • sales pitches, sales videos and marketing material

Needless to say that the software is doing most of the hard work all by itself...as you can see from the screenshot from their website:

rapid profix pro review

That leaves ONLY 3 Easy Steps for YOU to perform:

  • Select a HOT Course To Sell as Your Own
  • Enter your payment details
  • Start making PROFIT in LESS than 40 seconds! 

They tout 27 amazing features that makes Rapid Profix Profits an extremely powerful e-learning system. If you are interested in checking these out, click here!

How Much Does Rapid Profix Pro Cost?

$29 One-time fee will buy you eligibility to access the system. However, to make the system WORK for YOU, several Upsells, aka OTO (One-Time-Offers) are required.

What Are The Upsells With Rapid Profix Pro?

There are 6 OTOs and it looks like you need 5 of these to get the system to work

1) Done For You Money Courses: $197

20 done for you courses. Some DFY courses come with the main product but with this upsell you’ll essentially double the amount, which will double your profits.

2) 100x Conversion Booster: $77

A package that will ensure that your pages convert and generate sales like crazy. You’re unlocking Facebook pixels, Premium SEO Optimization, countdown timers, exit pops, and social proof pops ups!

3) Super Traffic Machine: $97

A feature that allows you to build a fully automated affiliate site that drives 100% free viral traffic and link it to your main Rapid Profix Pro site.

4) Automated Passive Income System: $97

Create that passive income stream! This is the upgrade for you! Owning your own platform and courses is great but you will have to do the work to get to the profits. Passive Income on the contrary, is easier – you set it up once, and profit forever!

5) Auto Chat Profit: $97

This is an automated customer support solution for your course platform, which will make you more sales and profits without lifting a finger – completely hands-off.

6) Max ProfiX Pro – License Rights: $197

Sell the main product and all the product in the funnel as your own and keep 100% of the money to yourself. Affiliates are only getting 50%, so you can instantly double the amount of money you’re making.

How Does Rapid Profix Pro Work?

Firstly, if you are an opportunity seeker with absolutely no knowledge of Affiliate Marketing, Sales Funnels, Website building or related issues, including List Building and email marketing, Rapid Profix Pro is definitely NOT FOR YOU!  You will be better advised reading this important article first and follow the lead given within.

Secondly, you already got your feet wet on the internet, so to speak, but you have made no, or just a few bucks, see the above.

Thirdly, and most importantly, do your research before making a decision.

So, here is a quick rundown how this miracle software is supposed to work! 

3 simple Steps is all it takes (supposedly)

1) Pick Your Name

This is your 'website name', and you can make it whatever you like.

First of all, you are not creating a real website, rather a 'Sales Page', also known as 'Squeeze Page or Landing Page' (similar to their sales page).  

Secondly, your sales will be hosted as Sub Domain on their server.  

Therefore, you will NOT have to purchase your own domain, although you are free to use a domain you own and either host it on their server (for free) or at a hosting company of your choice.

2) Select A Course

The system comes with 20 built-in courses you can choose from. Pick whichever you like best.

3) Build Your Campaign

With the next click of the mouse the Rapid Profix Pro system will automatically create the sales funnel (required OTOs), and all necessary pages and sections for the course you are selling. 

And finally, if you have not already purchased OTO #3, the Super Traffic Machine for $97, at this point you will be have to buy the darn thing to drive traffic to your product.

That's all there is to it, if you believe what Jason & Mosh want you to believe!

It's A Bunch of BS, And I Tell You Why!

Think about it! IF this system is so great and makes a lot of money after these simple steps were performed, WHY the hell don't they use if for themselves and ...

  • spend 8 hours a day and create 20 of these funnels every single day for a whole month
  • make a ton of money for themselves
  • quit and retire after 3 month as multi-millionaires,

instead of peddling this software for $29 bucks to struggling opportunity seekers who are too lazy to LEARN the trade of Affiliate Marketing?

What I Don't Like About Rapid Profix Pro

Normally, this spot is reserved for the Pro & Con section of my reviews. However, there are no Pros with this pile of crap, so I simply lay out why I do not like this product AT ALL!

Courses Are PLR Content

PLR stands for Private Label Rights and means that you  have the rights to edit, change or modify its content every which way you want. As compensation to relinquish his copyrights, the creator of said content receives a very small amount, often times just a few pennies on the dollar.

The problem I am having with this should be obvious. The 20 courses you can choose from are old, outdated, and have not been updated for a very long time.  IF the courses would be brand new, up-to-date and heavily sought after, the owner(s) definitely would not give up their copy rights.

Let me give you an example: Search for rapid profix pro review and you will notice that most of these 'reviews' are actually sales pages from affiliates who receive the whole purchase price of $29 as affiliate commission, PLUS 40% from each OTO. They all offer a large number of FREE bonuses; mostly eBooks, some kind of software and courses. All of these bonuses are PLR content...old, outdated and practically useless.

The Sales Page You Get Is Not Unique

Do the math! There are 20 different courses you can choose from. Most likely, there is a different sales page for each product. Lets assume that 2,000 people purchasing Rapid Profix Pro and 199 of these choose the same product as you do.  After each affiliate finishes the '3 simple clicks' and the sales pages are published, there are now 200 (yours included) identical sales pages out there.

 The only difference will be the sellers information, everything else will be 100% the same

Your Set-Up Is Not Secure

Look at what you get into! Your whole 'online business' is depending on what Jason and Mosh are going to do 6 months, maybe 10 or 12 months from now. They don't guarantee that their set-up, hosting and software will still be  working a year from now, do they? So, what happens IF they decide to call it quits because they gauged enough money out of you guys to afford early retirement? What are you going to do then?

No Functioning Support System

These are the 3 main reasons I do not like ANYTHING about this Rapid Profix Pro thing. In addition, I need to bring to your attention that they don't have a functioning support system. We played dumb, to be honest, and asked a few questions to which we did get NO RESPONSE at all (2 instances) or we had to wait for 4 days to get an unsatisfying response.

Is Rapid Profix Pro A Scam?

No, it is not a scam, but a useless product. The software itself may be a well written and functioning piece of programming, but the subject to use it for is superfluous.

Conclusion To The Rapid Profix Pro Review

Unfortunately, the subject on hand is a dud. Not surprisingly though, considering these 2 characters launching a new product every 3 months. Just like clockwork...

  • Rapid Profix Pro - Oct 2019
  • TrazeAll - Jan 2020
  • Velocitii - scheduled to launch April 1, 2020 (NOT an April Fool joke)

You see what's going on, don't be fooled by these 2 'Serial Producers of Useless Products'!

Making money online, from home, FULL - Time is possible and real, but not by wasting money and time on garbage like the product reviewed. 

What's The Alternative

I said it many times and I will say it again. IF you are really  interested in taking the step to become YOUR OWN BOSS and create a sustainable online business, ask yourself if you are ready to commit yourself to learning and working.

If so, I can show you the right way to do so. Start by reading an overview here then accept my invitation to see in person what it is all about. Click the button below...

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I invite you to a complete walk-through to see how we can help you build AND grow a successful ONLINE business! It's 100% FREE to get started!

That's it for today. Thanks for hanging in there and reading my Rapid Profix Pro Review. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I liked writing it. Thanks for stopping by, and if you have any questions, please leave word in the box below.

John Worthy

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