RankSnap Review – Backlinks Are Still Relevant For SEO

I feel compelled to set some things straight before going into the finer details of this RankSnap Review in general, and the relevance of Backlinks for SEO in particular.

First off, I am NOT a ‘Launch Jacker’, (google it if you are not sure what that is) and I will NOT offer you 10 worthless ‘BONUSES’ if you purchase RankSnap through my website. I will leave that to those so called reviews you will find on the first 8 pages of ‘RankSnap Review’ search results in Google, Bing or Yahoo.

Secondly, I am NOT using an article spinner that produces lines like…

“Today,i will introduce you a useful software that especially helps you rank content with safe link building strategies,RankSnap”,

or similar, and are found in half of the above mentioned ‘reviews’.

And most importantly, I need to inform you that my RankSnap Review is not complete at this time. Due to the complexity of the ‘backlinking’ process, it will take several weeks, if not months, to be able to confirm or refute the claims made by the producers of the product.



The all important question remains:

Are Backlinks Still Relevant For SEO?

The short answer is…

Backlinks to your site from another site are incredibly helpful, so long as your link is relevant and adds value to whoever’s reading that page.

The important keywords are ‘relevancy’ and ‘added value’, and these criteria seem to represent an insurmountable obstacle to fully automate the link building process.

The longer answer is…

Yes, backlinks to your site from another site are incredibly helpful, so long as your link is relevant and adds value to whoever’s reading that page. The process is tedious, time consuming and requires interaction with webmasters. If done correctly, your site ranking by the major search engines will dramatically improve and individual posts will gain higher rankings.

And this brings us to the subject of today…


What Is RankSnap?

According to the creators of RankSnap, Tom YevsikovAlex Krulik & Gaurab Borah, they created …


The Ultimate SEO Solution!



They are in the online industry long enough to really understand how important QUALITY BACKLINKS are to achieve high ranking in search engines, but also know, from experience, how work intensive and time consuming the traditional processes are.

So, they set out to create software that automates the entire process and acts like a human being

The software was finished one year ago and rigorously tested by beta testers, some of their customers, and themselves…and it works. So they say.

Satisfied with the test results, RankSnap was launched on July 10, 2018.


How Does RankSnap Work?

Here is a brief introduction what RankSnap is and what you can expect from it.


Behind The Scene:

RankSnap is a cloud-based software package that can be accessed via desk- or laptop computers, tablets or smart phones and    provides EVERYTHING you need to achieve high ranking.

After the initial setup, RankSnap will AUTOMATICALLY do everything SEO professionals, or yourself, will have to do…only faster and cheaper. This includes:

  • creating accounts
  • read confirmation emails & activate confirmation links
  • navigate CAPTCHA
  • post content
  • create IP’s and Proxies
  • rank for multiple keywords

Your Input:


Create your campaigns by …

a) simply drag & drop the backlink types you want to use

b) choose the multi-tier backlink strategies

c) or use pre-defined templates for maximum effectiveness


Step 2: Provide Pertinent Information

You need to let the system know…

  • Campaign Title
  • Website URL(s)
  • Keyword(s)
  • Article Title
  • Article Body
  • Set Start Date
  • Set Duration Date


Step 3: Auto Generate Your Human Profile For The A.I Backlinks Builder

This is where the software saves you a lot of money, work and time by automatically taking care of CAPTCHA solving services, setting up Proxies and IP’s, and handles ALL confirmation related tasks.


Step 4: Create Your Contents and Call To Actions:


Step 5: Ready – Set – Go


That’s it…the campaign has been created. You can now sit back, wait for the backlinks to roll in, and watch the ranking of your content to improve.

Here is a shorty video that shows you the process of setting up a campaign in RankSnap.




How Much Does RankSnap Cost?

Unfortunately, you missed the discounted price of $49 and have to fork out $67 for the DeLuxe Versionwhich is extremely affordable, considering what this software is able to accomplish.

Just consider what RankSnap is able to do:

RankSnap can post backlinks and multi-tier backlinks on over 220 different content, social, and sharing sites; it is up to you which of these you want to choose. This, by itself, is absolutely outstanding, but the best part of it is that the system does all of this automatically, once you set certain parameters.

RankSnap will create an account on the sites you chose as described in Step 3. For sites that require email activation, Ranksnap will automatically read those emails and verify the accounts it created. While RankSnap is verifying each account, it is posting your content and backlinks to your website.

After you’ve set it, you truly can forget it. I am not sure, yet, how long the entire process will actually take. However, since you can selected the ‘duration’ time  in Step 5, you should have some kind of control.

By the way, I did set a duration time of 4 weeks for my first campaign, and will provide an update then.


What I Do Not Like About RankSnap!

The use of the software cost you money based on a ‘Credit System‘. They charge you …

6 credits for each Automatic Account Creation & 1 credit for each Automatic Backlink

Your initial purchase (DeLuxe Version) includes 10,000 credits, additional credits can be purchased at $7 for 1,000 credits.


Is RankSnap For You?

I don’t see a reason why RankSnap should not be of good use for you IF you are serious about good ranking of your content, which leads to more traffic to your offers, which will put more money in your pockets.

In case you are not sure WHAT KIND of backlinks you may want to pursue, think about Blog Post Backlinks, Video Sites Backlinks and Bookmarks backlinks for your websites, or SELL BACKLINK SERVICES using RankSnap for your client’s campaigns.

Well, as I said at the beginning of my rant, the final verdict about RankSnap is still out. However, from what I CAN see at this time, the fully automated banklinking process is obviously working. My campaign is running for 5 days now, and my Google Search Console, formerly known as Google Webmaster Tool, is showing promising FIRST SUCCESS results with RankSnap.


ranksnap added 8 backlinks to site
Click image to enlarge


I was not sure if I was going to rate RankSnap when I started this article 3 days ago, but seeing these positive results that early in the game, I am going to give RankSnap 4 Stars (out of 5), and feel pretty good in recommending this product.


ranksnap rating 4 stars


I want to be real clear about one thing…RankSnap is a good software package and can be a great tool to obtain quality backlinks, fully automated. 

However, RankSnap CANNOT THINK FOR YOU. If the concept of backlinks is totally new to you, I suggest you do some research before attempting to use RankSnap!


ranksnap review


Well folks, that’s it for today. If you have any questions, or information you want to share, don’t be shy and leave us a comment on your way out.

Thanks for stopping by

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