Pure Leverage Scam Review – A Poor Excuse For A Cheap Scam

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Joel Therien

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On July 18, 2014
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Pure Leverage is a scam. The products you are supposed to sell are pure crap (exception is the auto respond system). Your main focus will be to promote Pure Leverage and recruit as many people as you can into your down line.

Is Pure Leverage A Scam? I’ll bet my Grandma’s Antique China that it is a scam!


If you like listening to people bragging about how rich they are, and if you like being shown their expensive cars and million dollar mansions, then click on the image and watch Joel Therien’s sales video for his scam product Pure Leverage.

I took the time to watch Mr. Therien’s sales video and I was patiently waiting to learn what this Pure Leverage thing is. To my dismay, he did not mention any tools, training, support, or how his product works.

Instead, He keeps pounding the point that if you buy his product, you too can live a lavish life and brag about the millions you are making per year. At this point, it was clear to me that Pure Leverage is a scam.


pure leverage sales video website

Joel Therien is trying to sell a dream to the dreamers believing that buying a cheap product for a lousy $24.95 per month, will make them stinky rich. Believe me, the only one getting stinky rich is Mr. Joel Therien, as you will find out in just a few minutes.


What is Pure Leverage?


Pure leverage pyramid scheme
If it looks like a Pyramid Scheme – it is a Pyramid Scheme

Product Name: Pure Leverage

Website: http://www.pureleverage.com

Product Owner: Joel Therien

Advertised Price: $24.95 per month

My Rating: 5 out of 100 points



After I shelled out $24.95 in the hope to be a rich man soon (just kidding), I found out that Pure Leverage is in fact a Multi Level Marketing scheme. Instead of buying “the only program” I will ever need to succeed in internet marketing”, I bought access to a handful of crappy and, basically, useless products.

If you want to make money with this program, you will have to sell Pure Leverage to other folks for which you will get a commission. The people you recruit into this scheme then will have to do the same, and you will get commission for their sales also (more about the commission structure later in my review).

This sounds like a pyramid scheme (illegal by the way) and Joel make no bones about it either. He does not even try to disguise this fact by posting on his website:

 “unlimited width direct sponsors” and “unlimited depth power line” (see screenshot)

However, Pure Leverage “qualifies as legal MLM” under our law for only one reason:

Joel Therien sells you with Pure Leverage the right to sell a handful of “products”, which gives you the opportunity to make a profit by recruiting other people to join.

It does not matter that the products are of low value and poor quality; people join for the reason to make money by recruiting others.


What Products Are Included In The Pure Leverage Package?


Poor leverage tools
These crappy and basically useless tool box will not make you rich”

1) Elite Coaching Program (MLM training videos)

This “Marketing Training” focuses on how to promote and market Pure Leverage and build a large down line; there is no coaching about the actual use of the provided tools


2) Easy Lead Flow Capture System (1-page website)

You will be able to use 1-page websites to collect email addresses for leads to recruit new members. These sub-domain websites are limited in design changes, but allow for individualizing the content.

Included is an auto responder system, which is inferior to the market leading systems. The use is free (what a surprise). AWeber, the market leading auto respond system will cost you between $20.00 and $30.00 per month.


3) Leverage Authority Blog

This is just a fancy name for a simple PLR blogging system that uses “pre-written and article spinned” material. In fact, Empower Network blogs, similar to the Pure Leverage blog, were flagged by Google as “spammy”, which  resulted in serious ranking hits.


4) Video email service

This is a fad, plain and simple. I don’t know anybody sending large numbers of videos by email


5) Virtual Meeting Room

Useless and unnecessary. There are other Live Meeting Rooms and they are FREE. Namely Google Hangouts, which offers everything you will need.

In case you never heard of  GVO, let me briefly explain. GVO, also owned by Joel Therien, is the umbrella company that houses Pure Leverage. GVO is hosting all the free websites used by the “Pure Leverage Sheep”.

 Recently, there are hundreds of complaints about the reliability of GVO hosting and “server down times”.

 Here is just one example:

 Wayne Mansfield of Australia – 25 May 2014

 My website http://stumpjump.net is totally unreachable…..even the dns isn’t working and yet again Technical Support isn’t live on chat…..[end quote]

 You see, GVO has a bad rap and so does Pure Leverage.


What About Support With Pure Leverage?


sign of two thumbs downJoel calls his Insider’s Club “top notch”. Support is pushed to a third party forum that lacks proper moderation. I witnessed nasty arguments and verbal attacks between members that went on over several days.

Mr. Therien comes across as a nice and likeable person. Don’t get fooled by his appearances on sales videos. He has a rally bad temper and does not try to hide it. On several occasions, Joel attacked members for their complaints instead of trying to solve the issue.

Another negative point is spamming, which is common in an open and not moderated forum. But hey, when you run a scam, you don’t care about spam.

In short, you wont see much effort to provide at least adequate support. However, more effort is spent on a relentless promotion campaign to “upgrade to the next level”. During my 17 day stay at Pure leverage, I received nineteen (19) emails urging me with phrases like “your last chance” or “this is a once in a lifetime opportunity”. LOL

 I give Support at Pure Leverage not ONE, but TWO THUMBS-DOWN.


Take a look at the best Help & Support System in the online industry


How Much Will Pure Leverage Cost You?


$24.95 per month:  To join the lambs:

At this level you have access to the “Marketing Training” and the tools described above. When signing up you are offered a couple of optional upsells for unnecessary stuff. However, I took a pass and so did most members I talked to.

24.95 + $19.95 per month: To join the Affiliate Herd:

You realize that you got duped and there is now way to make money on the basic level, you decide to become an affiliate and sell the “products” to other dreamers. You will have to shell out a total of $44.95 per month

 $44.95 + $97.00 per month: Now you are a VIP Sheep

This VIP Program offers you “exclusive training with top Internet Gurus” and provides some kind of “turn key” campaigns. I can’t give you an actual report of what is going on there, because I decided to get out of this mess as fast as I could.

It all started with the cheap $24.95 teaser bait and now you are “in for just $141.90 per month” 


What About The 100% Commissions Pure Leverage Is Paying You?


the pure leverage puramid scheme explained
Can you see the money flow in the pyramid? UPWARD IT GOES!

Joel advertises on his website……………



Yes! We pay out an unheard of 100% Commissions
on all product sales – All Day, Everyday!


……but corrects himself just a little later on. You will get commissions of 100% BUT ONLY in the first month of your membership. Thereafter you will get 50% of all of your sales AND 50% of all sales of your downline.

Now you can see clearly why Pure Leverage is a Pyramid Scheme and A Scam! You are not making money by selling “tangible products or services of value”, but by recruiting new people into your level.

If you are at the “Herd Level at $44.95” as I call it, you are allowed to sell only at that level. You get 50% and the other 50% go upwards to the person that recruited you in first place.

When you pay your way into the “VIP Sheep Level at $141.90” the whole amount goes directly into Joel Theriens bank account. You understand now how he makes millions with this little scam and can afford his lavish life style.


My Final Opinion About Pure Leverage


final opinion pure levrage is a scamPure Leverage is a scam. The products you are supposed to sell are pure crap (exception is the auto respond system). Your main focus will be to promote Pure Leverage and recruit as many people as you can into your down line.

This being the sole possibility to make some money, makes Pure Leverage a Pyramid Scheme. They may call it MLM as long as they want, they can not hide this fact.

If it looks like a pyramid scheme and works lika a pyramid scheme IT IS A PYRAMID SCHEME.

With Pure Leverage, you will not learn internet marketing. With Pure Leverage you will not creating a legitimate and successful online business. Instead, you will be a little sheep, making the “sheep herder” Joel Therien in this scam, super rich. You may end up making very little money, if any at all.

I know people that invested thousands and thousands of their hard earned money chasing a dream, ending up losing a small fortune. It’s a well known fact, that less than ONE PERCENT, those on top of the pyramid, make lots of money. Four percent do ok, the  majority of “sheep” make very little or losing money.

Empower Network is the largest pyramid scheme ever invading the online world. Take a look at their Income Statement.

POINT PROVEN! If you like MLM and duping other folks, then go right ahead and join Joel Therien. I cannot recommend Pure Leverage and urge you to not get involved.


What’s Next?


I hope I could show you why it’s best to stay away from programs or products like Pure Leverage. If you are serious about joining the internet community and start your own online business, I can help you get started. If you join me at the Best Business Training Center, you will learn

  • How to build a website
  • How to create quality content
  • How to research your niche
  • How to rank high in Google
  • How to generate traffic to your site
  • How to make a decent and honest living working from home

It sounds simple, but it is not. It takes effort and the willingness to learn. So, take a look at


my #1 rated program. Its a scam free and honest community of experienced marketers and newbies.


John Worthy ProfileI am John, If you had any experience with Pure Leverage or any similar products, we would like to hear about it. Leave comment in the box below or send me an email. john@factsaboutinternetmarketing.com



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  1. Paul

    Dear John,

    Thanks for the great and in-depth review on Pure Leverage. I got new insights from your review on the product and very helpful. Reading reviews will help us to know about the products and will save our time. Thanks for helping many people via your review. Keep up the great work I will come back to your website to learn more information. Wishing you all success!

    Your Friend,

  2. Nancy Boone

    Me and my husband just signed up with the Pure Leverage system offered by Joel Therien. I do not want to be scammed again. However, he keeps asking for more money. That is when I smelled a “rat.” Now I need to get out of this mess.

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