Private Cash Sites Review: From 0 To $10K In One Month – Really?

Today's Private Cash Sites Review takes a real close look at yet another program that has the typical scammy appeal with all the common ingredients...

  • the promise of immense wealth with the least effort possible
  • a 'done for you system'
  • limited availability so get in NOW
  • some kind of 'sob story'
  • fake testimonials

It's amazing how much effort they expand to stuff as much BS as possible into a 20 minutes long sales video to get their hands on your money. 

Having said that, here is my Private Cash Site Review

Private Cash Sites Review Summary

Product Name: Private Cash Sites

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing

Creator/Owner: Steven James, Justin Francisco,                        John Saeger

Price: $47 discounted to $37 at exit attempt

Upsells: $197 and $97

Recommend: Absolutely NOT

private cash site review

Summary: My Private Cash Sites Review will show that this product is a borderline scam. The owners claim that their product will make you thousands of dollars with Affiliate Marketing but their product has only one purpose:  to get as much money out of you as possible.

Rating: 0.5 out of 5

What Is Private Cash Sites?

The Sales Video 

The video is narrated by Felicity Sandman, a hired spokes model that has absolutely nothing to do with the product on hand. 

As soon as the page opened up, I realized that I looked at a mirror image of a sales page from  another product I reviewed just a couple weeks earlier. Explode My Payday uses the exact setup of a 2-step sales presentation in which Step 1 entices you to enter your name and email in order to 'claim your spot'

private cash sites - step 1

The content of the video is eerily similar to the one of the other product...

Fake commission statements, followed by fake testimonials from spokes people and the introduction to a 'life changing business model'. 

There are 2 reasons for this STEP One Video.  One is to capture your name and your email address. Click on the image and read the fine print below the red GET STARTED NOW button ...

Yes, they are going to make money by selling or renting your data to other advertisers.

And then they use your name and email to PRETEND in STEP 2 Video , that they already created a business account FOR YOU!

Step 2 video is a continuation of the first one. Hyped up earning claims, more fake testimonials and a very vague description of this 'Affiliate Marketing Business Model' that will make you rich.

Here is what this Brand New Proprietary System will do for you!

Private Cash Sites STEP-BY-STEP Training
The best part about Private Cash Sites System is that don’t need a list, a product, or any prior experience to make money, and we’ll show you the simple steps to get big results extremely quickly inside all in HD training Videos that will work on any phone or computer!
Instant Access To 3 Done-For-You Businesses
These are absolutely KILLER! We have spent countless hours designing your done for you businesses that have ZERO hosting costs, zero technical skills required, and zero prior experience to run for your own capitalistic desires! These businesses can generate hundreds if not thousands of dollars every single day. It's an insane value as they're worth about $300 Each. You get 3! 
Private Cash Sites Is 100% Newbie Friendly
All the training is laid out in simple, easy to understand terms. If you can follow a simple video, and point and click a few times here and there, you're GOLDEN! It'll take you from zero to hero in exactly 1 hour on average. That's what new people spend setting up the system! 

How Much Does Private Cash Sites Cost!

OK, Felicity convinced you that this system will make you rich beyond your dreams and you hit the ‘Add to cart’ button'.

List Price $47! 

Suddenly you get second thoughts and change your mind. You want to leave, but a pop-up is now offering a ...

Discounted Price of $37

You think about it for a second, and try to leave, again. And again, another pop-up now lets you have this super system for a

Measly 17 bucks.

Of course, you jump on this great offer, pay with your card and get instant access to Private Cash Sites

How Does Private Cash Sites Work?

As soon as you have access to the Members Area, they want more of your money. An additional $19.95 buys you a Platinum Membership, whatever that may be. In addition, they throw an extremely valuable  bonus training at you which you should do FIRST! Needless to say, this will cost you extra, so keep your credit card handy (sorry, can't tell you how much this will cost you).

The Menu on the left side provides a few short videos that show you the tasks you have to perform to set up your newly acquired business.

The Actual Process:

With the 'Created For You Businesses' you will promote Private Cash Sites and 2 other products. In order to do so, you are required to create an account with Clickbank if you don't have one already. A short video will lead you through the process. 

Module 1 lets you pick a Landing Page (aka Squeeze Page), register the page and activate your account. 

The landing page is being hosted at their server, and you are now required to Register Your Account. I have not done that step , so I don't know if there are extra costs involved in regards to PLATINUM CLUB...I guess there are!!!

In Module 2 you import your page, and create a Thank You page

You then will have to drive traffic to your landing page. Let me make this very do not have a website (like this one) that ranks in Google and the other search engines and attracts visitors through searches. 

One way to generate traffic is through paid methods, like Solo Ads, which also requires a rather complex tracking system

All of these extras require to invest in additional tools.

What Are The Upsells?

Sales Funnel & Flow: $147 $97

Other Necessary Tools & Expenses:

Click Funnels: $97 per month & up

ClickMagick Tracking Tool: $12 - $33 - $66 per month

Solo Ads: $35 - $120 per 100 clicks

Whatever you are going to pay in the future to keep your business running, the owner(s) of Private Cash Sites will receive a commission from all your payments. Now you understand why they can give you the Private Cash Sites for as little as $17!

More Details About Private Cash Sites!

I mentioned earlier that the Private Cash Sites sales video looks exactly like the one used for Explode My Payday and that made me take yet a closer look at these products.

And here is what I found out:

click on images to enlarge

private cash sites review

click on images to enlarge

The images have taken at the Clickbank Affiliate pages where affiliate marketers find info about products, email swipes, banners, and most importantly, commission rates.

This guy obviously is the owner of Explode My Payday, so it seemed out of place that he also appears on the Private Cash Sites'. However,  the smaller print on top of the image clears matters up. 

TriadExcel Marketing is a registered online product marketing company, owned by Steven James, Justin Francisco & John Saeger. 

private cash sites review
private cash sites review

This guy in the image on the left side appears in the video on the Private Cash Sites Clickbank affiliate page, so I assume he actually is the original owner. 

I was unable to find any information on the owner of The Greedy Mentor, and the affiliate page at Clickbank has been taken down. 

Product launches for TriadExcel products, including Private Cash Sites, have been handled by Muncheye, which is the most comprehensive I.M launch calendar on the planet.

The image below show a Lead Magnet (FREE eBook) which can be downloaded by potential customers

private cash site review

Follow the red arrow! The language used clearly shows the owners disrespect for their customers!

The Pros Of Private Cash Sites:

60-Day Money Back Guarantee:

Good thing that Private Cash Sites is sold through Clickbank which gives a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee, no questions asked.

The Cons Of Private Cash Sites:

The Sales Video Is Full Of Fake Testimonials & Hyped-Up Claims

All testimonials in the sales video are made by spokes people and the earnings/commission statements are obviously photo shopped fakes.

False Claim That Private Cash Sites Is 'Brand New Method'

There is nothing 'brand new' about using Landing Pages and Solo Ads to generate traffic to promote third party products as affiliate marketer. Building A List and/or buying traffic is as old as affiliate marketing on the Internet

You Need A S*** Load Of Money

Excuse my spanish but you will have to spend a lot of dough before you can expect any commissions. Click Funnels, ClickMagick and Auto Responder system, at the lowest user level, will cost you several hundred dollars per month. 

The return on Solo Ads is difficult to predict. You see, buying 100 clicks will cost you a minimum of $35. The vendor will send your offer to HIS LIST (you don't have one yet) until about 110 recipients OPEN his email and click on the link to your offer. Only about 30% click through past your Thank-You Page and actually look at your offer. 

In order to achieve  a 3% conversion rate (a sale) you need to purchase approx. 350 to 500 Solo ads. 

Your Landing Pages Are Hosted On Their Server

As I said earlier, landing pages are not like websites where you actually can purchase the domain name and take YOUR site to any hosting service of your choice. Your squeeze pages will reside at a some server and IF Private Cash Sites, or TriadExcel shuts down, which is likely to happen, YOUR business will be gone.

Is Private Cash Sites A Sam?

I would love to say YES,  but they are within the confinements of the law. You do get products or useful tools for your money and you actually will be able to 'DO BUSINESS'! 

Whether people make money with this system/method or not remains to be seen, but I cannot call Private Cash Sites a scam. In my opinion, it is highly unethical and geared to make the owners of TriadExcel Marketing a lot of money but NOT their affiliates.

Conclusion To My Private Cash Sites Review

The old saying 'If it sounds too good to be true, it's not' is 100% right in the case of Private Cash Sites. This kind of product ONLY makes money for the creator(s) as we have seen time and again.

I am sorry if I busted your bubble, but getting involved with it will cost you your hard earned money. 

If you are seriously looking for a way to create an online business that will make you a full time passive income, I can offer you an alternative.

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I hope you enjoyed reading my Private Cash Sites Review as much as I enjoyed writing it. Thanks for stopping by, and if you have any questions, or something you want to share, please don't be shy and leave a comment on your way out.

John Worthy

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