Overcoming Your Fears and Self Doubt

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Is Fear and Self-Doubt holding you back?

overcoming your fears and self doubtMany times I wonder how many people are having the same DREAM that I had for many years. The dream of changing my life, starting my own business, being my own boss, working from home and achieving financial independence.

I know you are one of these people and you are looking for ways to make your dream come true. You set yourself a GOAL, which is the easy part. You want to Start Your Own Business in Internet Marketing.

But now, as you are ready to take the first step towards reaching this goal, you are experiencing SELF-DOUBT and even FEAR. I fully understand that because I went through the same phase myself.

What Fears Do You Have?

  • Fear of CHANGEThere will be obstacles
  • Fear of the UNKNOWN
  • Fear of MISTAKES
  • Fear of FAILURE
  • Fear of CRITICISM from family and friends
  • Fear of……….????????

You see, FEAR, the direct result of SELF DOUBT, is the MAIN OBSTACLE responsible for many people to simply give up. Maybe you have tried before and just stopped because you thought you would never be able to overcome these obstacles. Let me show you how you can overcome doubt and fear.

Make a Commitment:

Commit yourself to your DREAM/GOAL. Stop just “thinking about it”. Commit yourself to DOING IT! At this point in time you should not worry about the HOW, or about what others may be thinking of it, but instill the GOAL inside of you and nurture it every single day.

What would you do if you plant a tree? I am sure you would water it every day and make sure that the tree will take root. You may even give it some kind of support until you can be sure the little tree can withstand the forces of nature. See, you committed yourself to the survival of the tree.

And this is how you have to treat your goal. You have to honor the commitment to self. Don’t let yourself down, no matter what is going to happen. DO NOT FORGET this is WHAT YOU want!

Accept and Respect Your Fear

do not feed the fears

We all experiencing fear, some of us seldom, others more often. You must understand that fear is NOT YOU but an EMOTION and thus ONLY a part of you. It is important that you ACCEPT your fear, because avoiding or ignoring it does not make it go away. Fear can be paralyzing but it does not have to be.

Respect your fear as what it really is: The RESULT of your self doubt. You don’t have to like the way your fear makes you feel but don’t identify yourself with it!

Let me put that in other words. You don’t have to like your boss, but you respect him because he is your boss. And your boss does not like you (for whatever reasons) but he respects the good work you do.

Tell your fear “I am the boss here” and then take the necessary actions to continue to achieve your goal(s).

Mistakes and Failure

Yes, they do happen. The road to success in Internet Marketing is long and filled with bumps and obstacles, and sometimes with failure. “Nobody is perfect as the saying goes”. My first try at building a successful online business failed because I made mistakes.

What I feared starting out, actually happened! I FAILED! Did I quit and give up on my dream? Of course not, I was not happy with the fact that I failed, but I remembered the words of a well known billionaire:

“Starting out you try a lot of things. Some work and some don’t. Keep on going, but DO THOSE THAT WORK and DON’T REPEAT THOSE THAT DIDN’T”.

I used my failure as a source for information, analyzed this information and started all over. And guess what? The second time around I was not even fearful because I learned from my mistakes. And not only that. I refused to LET MYSELF down and used my failure as an INSPIRATION to go on and prove TO MYSELF that I CAN DO IT!

My Suggestions, For You

find your true self

  • Purchase the Home Study Course “Find Your True Self” by Jonathan Wells,  and learn “how to overcome fear”
    You will appreciate this course and will find it extremely helpful in staying focused on YOUR DREAM come TRUE
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John Worthy ProfileWas this helpful for you? Did I forget something? Or maybe you have something to add? I am very interested in your opinion and would appreciate your comment below. I will get back with you within 12 hours.
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8 Responses

  1. pat

    I like your comment about using your failures as an inspiration to prove to yourself that you can do it! Excellent Jon. We all need to take this information to heart particularly if we have been struggling with Internet Marketing and allowing our fears or self doubt to overwhelm us. Thank you for this encouraging post 🙂 Patti

    • John Worthy

      You are very welcome Patti. We all know the feeling and it can be hard and difficult to overcome. But I truly believe that WE ARE able to change, we just have to try.

  2. Ade

    I like the way you dissected this topic. Very nicely done, John.

    Fear: False Evidence About Reality. Fear is paralyzing, period!

    • John Worthy

      Hi Ade, Fear can be paralyzing but it does not have to be. The self course I am recommending is an excellent tool to overcome fear. I bought this course about 2 1/2 years ago and it’s way more than just to handle fear. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Kris

    Hi John,

    This post is very inspirational, thank you for sharing. Many of us let fears hold us back and because of this we don’t accomplish the goals we set or, even worse, we don’t attempt to achieve our dreams. We need to give ourselves permission to face our fears and stumble now and again. ~Kris

    • John Worthy

      Kris, to be honest. We all have fears and sometimes strongly so. It’s just important to learn how to overcome and keep going

  4. James W D

    John this is an excellent article for anyone that is experiencing this.

    Just the other year the Movie Green Lantern came out and they kind of addressed this theme. The point that I learned though that movie was you could not have courage without first being afraid.

    • John Worthy

      Hi James. You are right That’s the reason I said “Accept and Respect” your fears. We all have them at times, but need to learn how to overcome in order to go forward.

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