Only Cash Surveys Is A Big Scam – No Doubt About It!

I don’t take it lightly calling an online program or service a scam. You may have read some of my reviews I filed in the “Online Scam Category”, and noticed that I gave many of them the ‘benefit of the doubt’, by calling them either ‘borderline scam’ or ‘unethical’.

In regards to Only Cash Surveys however, I am unable to play ‘Mr. Nice’ and call it what it is:

A blatant and outright criminal scam!

Many people think a scam takes place only when people lose money if the perpetrator tricks them into paying for worthless products, programs or services. I, on the other hand, call it the worse scam if people spend their time and work to earn some money and the company refuses to pay them.

This is the case with Only Cash Surveys and the subject of my rant today.


cash only surveys review

What is Only Cash Surveys

OCS is one of six subsidiaries of “uSamp”, located on 16501 Ventura Blvd., Suite 250, Encino, California 91436. Their website offers a free membership to people wanting to make some extra money by taking paid surveys and/or completing offers from advertisers.

Why is Only Cash Survey a Scam?

Before I get into all the details and rip this scam to pieces, let’s take a quick look at the inherent problems ALL survey sites have, shall we?

  • There are not enough surveys available: Although many companies conduct surveys, there are simply not enough around to keep an army of hundreds of thousands survey takers busy.
  • Surveys don’t pay much: I don’t know how much companies are willing to pay for each survey sheet. Let’s assume it is $4 bucks a piece and the company wants to learn the shopping behavior of 50,000 households. Spending $200,000 bucks is not ‘chump change’, I would say. You may get only 75 cents for 30 minutes or more of your time, the rest will be split by the network of survey sites.
  • It’s hard to qualify for a survey: There is a simple explanation for that. If you do not belong to a certain demographic group, you are out of luck. I understand that I would not qualify if the company is looking for a household of four with 2 small children, being an old geezer who’s kids are grown and lives alone.

Having said that, let’s get down to the ‘nitty-gritty’ and why OCS is a scam. It all starts with their name.

The name Only Cash Surveys is misleading.

You cannot get cash until you reach a certain payout threshold. You could redeem a smaller amount; but who wants to get paid with a magazine subscription? Not yours truly, especially in the Internet age, where all info is available online. And I don’t want a $25 Amazon Gift card or a $25 Virtual Shopping either. That would force me to buy stuff I wouldn’t buy to start with.

The screenshot below shows you my OCS Account Redemption Page and the only “2 payment choices” I have!


only cash review


Ridiculously High Payout Threshold!

Only Cash Surveys’ payout threshold is a whopping $50. Most other sites have their minimum set at $20 or $30 which is still high, but $50 is simply insane. It will take you many months to get there, meaning you put in time and work and have NOTHING to show for.

Pending Surveys disappear from account.

If you are lucky enough to qualify and actually are able to finish a survey without being prematurely disqualified, you will not get credit for many, many weeks. They say that completed surveys will be pending until verified by the company, usually 2 to 3 weeks.

However, in many cases the pending period is 2 to 3 months and then credited as ‘Earned’ to your account. Miraculously though, some completed survey disappear from your account without any explanation given.

No more surveys!

Once you near the cash out limit, OCS stops sending you emails with surveys and if you try any of the listed surveys available on your account page, you will NOT be able to qualify even for a 25 cent survey.

Take a look at my OCS account (click on the image to enlarge).

cash only surveys is a scam

 You see, I started on September 23, 2013 after a friend told me about OCS. Although I did not qualify for every survey, I reached the $40-mark relatively quick. I took the last survey on 12/5 and then the emails stopped coming in. Trying everyday to qualify for a survey and reach the $50 threshold, I was not able to do ONE single survey.

On 4/7 of 2014 I was able to complete a ‘profile survey‘ for 25 cents. It was not until September 30, 2014, and after threatening OCS to hand the issue over to my attorney, that I was able to qualify for ONE survey for ONE DOLLAR. After that…….nothing, nada, zip.

You get locked out of your account.

Of course, you may try to contact OCS and complain, but that won’t do you no good. They ignore your requests and, instead of working with you to solve the issues, they just lock you out of your account.

Unreasonably long time to get paid

There are reports from people that actually did get paid by OCS. They didn’t specifically say if the money was earned by completing surveys or taking offers from the advertisers. However, they say that it took up to 3 months to receive their money into their Paypal account. I find that strange, to say the least.


I am done ranting about this outfit. If you think I am over reacting, you can read a bunch of complaints here . I hope you enjoyed reading my stuff and I would love to hear your opinion. Please, chime in on your way out and let us know what’s on your mind.

Your Alternative To Only Cash Surveys

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That’s all for today folks. Thanks for stopping by



14 Responses

  1. Mom

    John Worthy,
    You are very right about your article. I spent a year with them the same happened to me so I reported it as the scam and got out of it. Now I research before doing any surveys.

  2. Bt

    You will not get rich on this site but you will make money. I have been on this site for over a year and have always got paid. Whoever said this is a scam doesn’t know what their talking about.

    • John Worthy

      Aren’t you the lucky one? And not the brightest. “Their” knows what he is talking about. Still can’t get any surveys to reach the frigging high payout-threshold of $50, AND they refuse to pay me the 47 odd bucks I do have in the account. I call that A BIG SCAM.

  3. Sue

    Re: “Surveys don’t pay much” section

    I believe the correct term is “chump change” (rather than jump change)

  4. Sue

    Re: “Surveys don’t pay much” section
    Spending $200,000 bucks is not ‘jump change’, I would say.

    The correct term is “chump change”.

  5. james

    absolutely untrue. ive been doing surveys with them for 3 years. i make about $400 a month with them and they have always paid me via paypal in a timely fashion.

    • John Worthy

      James, the fact that you happy with them does NOT make my experience untrue. What i do not believe though, is that you make 400 a month with doing $1 to $2 dollar surveys. 200 surveys a month? 6 1/2 a day? And you qualify for all of them? Get a life

  6. rick

    I don’t agree with Eddy as Online surveys I’ve signed up for in the past do not even allow you to earn enough money to buy bread in a third world country in my eyes. And to say you can earn money from these is just wrong.

    Now if you call earning ten cents for working all day good money, then you need only to do surveys then. But for me, ten cents isn’t worth my time, nor is ten dollars.

    Thanks for the shout out on this scam here. There are far too many of these going on. Glad you filed on them.

    • John Worthy

      Thanks Rick. Some online surveys are ok. But high paying surveys are very rare and the rest is not worth my time. Only Cash however, is a fraud. Hope my complaint with the FTC will take them out of business

  7. Eddy Salomon

    Great review John. And it’s because of companies like this that all paid online surveys get a bad name. This one is definitely a waste of time. That said paid online surveys if they’re actually real surveys are fine for some extra money if you happen to get them.

    But you can’t depend on them for consistent bill paying money. So the sooner folks, realize that, the better.


    • John Worthy

      Thanks for stopping by Eddy. Yup, it is really a waste of time unless you get luck and find a high paying survey on your own. They are out there, every now and then. And as far as only Cash Surveys is concerned; I filed a complaint with the FTC

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