No Website Millionaire – Same Scam, Different Name – A Review

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Travis Stephenson
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On August 19, 2014
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No Website Millionaire is not a product - It is a SCAM

no website millionaire review

Before I get into the No Website Millionaire Review, I need to ask you a question. Have you ever heard of Travis Stephenson (with a “ph”)?

If not, let me tell you about this character. Mr. Stephenson is a scammer, out to take your hard-earned money without delivering a viable product.

How can I say such a bad thing? Because I buy products like this, try them out and write honest reviews. It takes me hours going through these programs to find out if they truly live up to the hype. I do lose money sometimes, so you don’t.

Believe me. I speak from experience. I know about making money online. I can detect the lies, deception and fake presentations in the sales videos. And I have learned the hard way.

Yes, I fell for some of these online scams in my early days. But I wised up and made it my mission to prevent you and others to lose money on some crap.


About Mr. Travis Stephenson


As I mentioned earlier, I’ve had experience with Mr. Travis’ and his products. He turns out a new one every 3 to 4 months (four so far this year). I bought and reviewed one of those just a couple of months ago, two more are on my short list to “get ripped apart”.

Look at the screenshot below. There is something very interesting a lot of people overlook. I took it of his sales video website page. When you scroll all the way down, you will see this (I added the white overlays):


no website millionaire screenshot


Why is that important? belongs to Travizia Inc., founded by no other than our friend Travis. When you click on the menu items “Privacy Policy and Earnings Disclaimer”, you’ll find the privacy policy for EZ Cash Creator, and the earnings disclaimer for Simple Cash Code.

Both are scrappy scam products launched earlier this year by Travis. Let me get to my review and start at the beginning………….the video.


The No Website Millionaire Sales Video

1) Promises Not To Be Kept

Travis claims that you will make you thousands of dollars overnight with a few clicks of a button. He even says he counted them for a new campaign, and all he had to do was 22 clicks and fill out a short affiliate application.

This is a pile of BS. Travis makes it very clear that he his targeting “newbies”, people that have no experience at all with internet marketing or making money online.

Anybody else knows that making money on the web takes time and hard work. But he thinks he can get “a fast one” on you. Don’t believe a word he is saying.

2) Fake “Proof Of Earnings”

no website millionaire fake statement Unrealistic promises are not the only thing that set of the Scam Alert Bells. Throughout the video, Travis shows you ridiculous copies of bank accounts and earning statements from Clicksure or Clickbetter.

It is so obvious these are photo shopped fakes that even my 12 years old grandson noticed this fact. I guess Travis is either very busy or just plain stupid.

I am not quite sure which, but I have seen the exact copies in another one of his products I bought for review.

Either way, this just proves that Travis cannot be trusted.

3) Fake Testimonials – Fiverr® To The Rescue

This is the part I love most about doing reviews. Playing detective and get to the root of the scams. Or should I say “the evil”?

Poor Travis is not able to get realistic and truthful testimonials for his lousy products. He is forced to use Fiverr® members to produce short video clips with “testimonials”.

He presents testimonials of 2 males and one female in his sales video. The brown haired woman appears in the video for another of Travis’s products. Look at the image below.


no website millionaire fake testimonial

Say hello to “videogeeks”; that’s the name she uses on Fiverr®, where she advertises her trade:


I will do a video or vocal testimonial for any product for $5.00

Click on the image. It will take you directly to videogeek’s webpage on Fiverr©. And while you are there, spend a few minutes and you will find the other two folks as well. But come back and read the rest of my review. It is getting real interesting, I promise.

So much for the worthless promises, exaggerated and false earning potential, and the fake testimonials. The video is a foolproof blueprint for the “Making of a SCAM”

I am going to give you a tour through the inside of this hilarious product. Doing the usual thing with this kind of sales promotion, I just clicked to leave the site and found, no surprise here, the little pop-up window urging me to stay

OK, I expected that and here it is – THE DISCOUNT to $29.00 from $49.00. This is a tactic to get folks to cross over to the other side. They want your name, address and most importantly, your credit card information.

Click off again and now it is FREE. Leave your full name and email and get “immediate access”. I did that and arrived at Clickbetter. It was not free, but for $29.00 and the right to cancel within 5 days, I was very welcome.

Well, I spent $29.00 bucks with Clickbetter (which is another alarm going off) and made it into the Not So Holy Grail.


The No Website Millionaire Scam Exposed


The whole thing is very convoluted and confusing, to start with. I try to run it by you in plain English, leaving all the BS out.

First Upsell Offers At Arrival

As soon as you paid for this crap you will be greeted by 2 (two) Up-sell offers:

  • $197.00 one-time to get access to Travis’s campaigns (more about that later)
  • $297.00 one-time for the use of Travis’s “Automated Traffic System” (which is an Anthony Morrison Product)

I kindly reclined the generous offers and moved on to the Quick Start section. Here you get access to 3 video lessons which total a little less than 28 minutes of curriculum. This is going to be soooooo good.


Video 1 – Activating Your Commission Platform!

The scam starts to unfold. Read the screenshot carefully. Travis instructs you to “activate an account wit Pure Leverage” (another shady product I reviewed on July 18 – a Pyramid Scheme by Joel Therien).


no website milionnaire promotes pure leverage
Obviously, Travis first struck a deal with Internet Lifestyle Network. For unknown reasons, this deal didn’t materialize, so he struck another with Joel Therien and did not even care to update his video.

Of course, “activating an account with PL” is not included in the No Website Millionaire purchase. It will cost you a recurring membership fee of $25.00 per month. And this is just for starters. PL is full of upsells, which you will find out just in a minute.


Video 2 – Getting Traffic!

You will get a similar disclaimer about ILN and Travis urges you to click on “Promotional Tools” on the Pure Leverage website.

Now you are supposed to purchase something called “ClickMagic”. This will set you back another $40.00 per month. Great going, don’t you think. But it gets even worse.


Video 3 – Watch Your Inbox For Commissions

What? Travis congratulates you for Job well done and urges you to take a 2 hours break away from your computer! It is not necessary to sit and watch the money to start rolling in.

What a pile of “you know what”. You didn’t learn anything, have not done anything but spend more of your money. However, Travis says to check out the “Increase Your Commission Training.

Oh yes, you guessed right. You will get ……………

“INSTANT ACCESS to STEP UP TO HIS LEVEL” for a meager $197.00.

This concludes Part 1 of this scam. Let me sum up of what has happened up to now.

You joined No Website Millionaire for a product that will make you thousands of dollars overnight. But you realize, that there is no product. Travis Stephenson uses this as a platform to sell you “stuff” for which he gets hefty commissions.

But the scam is not over yet, not by a long shot. I told you earlier that this charade is convoluted and confusing. Let’s tackle Part 2, shall we?


The Bigger Commission Rip-Off


You just handed Travis $197.00 to get access to a 7-Step Video Series, totaling 90 minutes of content. I am not going to bore you with unimportant stuff, but get down to the “nitty gritty”. You know, how much more you will have to spend and what you get.


Bigger Rip-Off #1: Create A GetResponse Acount

I needed to take the screenshot below to make it very clear to you what big a bull shitter Travis Stephenson really is. Take a close look (click on image to enlarge)


GetResponse Account
Did you notice that this video has not been updated either. He still talks about “Speed Wealth System” which you did not activate an account with……the account is with Pure Leverage.

The red arrow points to the “Get Response Referral Program”. This proves the fact that Travis is getting $30.00 for referring YOU to Get Response. “But it is FREE” you say. Yes it is, but only for 30 days.

If you already have an auto responder like aWeber, you are ok. However, if you are a newbie, you will need one to be able to make money with this shady product. Again, the only beneficiary will be Travis.


Bigger Rip-Off #2: Activate Your LeadPages Account

Now it’s time to “activate your LeadPages” account. This is the heart of this scam. As you don’t have a website, and Travis told you in his video that “websites are a bad thing”, YOU NEED A WEBPAGE.

Now you sign up with LeadPages (through Pure Leverage, of course), which will hit you yet with another monthly fee of up to $39.00.


Now you are ready to “Rock’N Roll”! Let me summarize, to clear up all the confusion about this smelly mess.

One: You bought No Website Millionaire for $29.00

Two: You activate account with Pure Leverage for $25.00

Three: You use Pure Leverage Tool (instead of ClickMagic)

Four: You need “Bigger Commission” to make this all work – $197.00

Five: You spend ??? amount of dollars to purchase traffic from solo ads

Six: You need “Automated Traffic System” to make this all work – $297.00

Seven: Generate traffic to your LeadPages

Eight: Collect email addresses from GetResponse

Nine: Create email campaign and target those that did not purchase Pure Leverage and try to get them purchase Pure Leverage.

Wow. This is easy. But do the math. At this point, you are in roughly $600.00, not counting the dough you spent on the ad campaign. You haven’t made a dime for yourself yet, and the only way to make some money is to ………………….

Become a Scammer yourself and try to sell this program and Pure Leverage to other, unsuspecting victims.


The Final Bigger Commission Rip-Off


Now you have reached the end of the road as far as the No Website Millionaire farce will take you. What is next and how can you recoup the money you spent?


Welcome To The Magic World Of Pyramid Schemes



the pure leverage puramid scheme explained
Can you see the money flow in the pyramid? UPWARD IT GOES!

To speak in Texas Hold’ em” lingo, “your only OUT” to make money with this “product” is to join the Pure Leverage Pyramid Scheme. That means, you need to promote this product and recruit new member to join.

You will get a commission for each new recruit. There are 3 membership levels with different payouts.

Level ONE: (which you are in right now): $25.00 per month
Level TWO: $45.00 per month
Level THREE: $142.00 per month

In pyramid schemes, you can refer new recruits ONLY into the level you are a member of. You need to know that in a pyramid scheme the money flows UPWARD (towards the guru that sits atop).

If you want to receive the higher commissions, you have to pay your way into the next higher level. This money goes to the person that recruited you into this scheme.

You get the bottom line, don’t you. If you are at level 3, paying $142 every month, you need to recruit at least one person every mont to break even. If you do, you are alright. But what happens if you run out of friends and family members and cannot find another person willing to join?

You still pay your $142.00, but out of your pocket. Enough said about this crap.


Are you serious about making money online the legitimate way?


If you do, stay away from products like No Website Millionaire. I’ve done that and got burned several times. Then I found the best online business leaning center and was able to build a business from home that makes me good money every month. Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 recommendation for you and people like you, trying to start their own business.

Wealthy Affiliate provides state of the art training, all the tools you need and the best help & support system you can ask for. The best thing is: You can get started for FREE. Leave your credit card at home and take a look what WA has to offer.

Let me show you how Wealthy Affiliate compares to No Website Millionaire:

My Final Words About No Website Millionaire


It is a scam. One of the worse I have reviewed. I laid it all out for you. Brutally honest and straight up. Of course, I cannot stop you from buying into Travis Stephenson’s  hype, but I have warned you.

Just to make sure I got my points across, allow me to highlight the bad parts of this product (there are not good points to mention)


  • The sales video is deceptive and full of crap
  • Fake earning statements
  • Fake testimonials from paid for Fiverr actors
  • Every step of the program is an upsell for another scammy product
  • Travis Stephenson uses  No Website Millionaire as platform to create a wealth of commission income for himself
  • Travis Stephenson urges you to join a Pyramid Scheme to further enriches himself.


My Verdict about No Website Millionaire: It is a scam and I urge you to avoid it.


Was my review helpful for you? Have you had any bad experience with scams? Please share your opinion with us. Scroll down and leave a comment.



Wealthy Affiliate Review


John Worthy ProfileJohn here. I am in the online business for several years now and I am able to make a decent living of it. I made it my mission to review “make money online products/programs” to help people avoid the scams that are out there on the web. Let me know if my review was helpful for you. Thanks for stopping by. If you have any questions or comments, leave me note or email me at:

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  1. vic

    Good info John.
    I came here after searching for info on current “business” that Travis is hyping.

    Just curious – you took his $29 w/ 5 days to review option.
    I assume you requested a refund. Did he refund it?

  2. sahal

    Thanks a lot for excellent review. In fact, doubling your money in a day is impressive. But turning $250 into $8,787 in just a few hours…(perhaps 3500%) IS AWESOME! Watch how they do this exactly here – XXXXXXXXXXXXX A very lucky 25 people will be able to “sneak in the “back door” to the Private Wealth Circle…Where they’ll be shown step-by-step how to make LIFE CHANGING MONEY! Yes, this is legit, BUT… It’s limited to the first 25 people only. DO NOT WAIT ON THIS. Go hurry…(XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXx)

    • John Worthy

      Thanks for the comment Sahal, but no thanks. Binary Trading is a risky gamble, and SOFTWARE that can predict the outcome of the binary gamble DOES NOT EXIST. These programs are all SCAMS

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