Niche Profit Fast Track Review [Is It Worth The Money?]

Niche Profit Fast Track Review

Making money online is not a hoax, and a lot of people do it!

Making a lot of money online is not a hoax either, but not too many people are able to do that!

Niche Marketing is by far the most popular method to compete for a share of an ever growing online market. However, the path to affiliate marketing riches is not easy as many failed marketers can attest to.

Unfortunately, that opens the door for fraudsters using deception and false promises to deprive people of their hard earned money.

I am talking about the myriad of  system or program offers that 'promise huge success and riches even while you sleep'. I am sure you've come across some of these and know exactly what I am talking about (for example: Digital Income System). 

Recently, I came across a relatively new product, launch date Dec 9, 2019, that's been lauded as 'passive income solution for 2020 with free traffic'.

However, the '60-day live training' had already started when I came across this product and I was not able to join at this time. Luckily, John B.,  a friend of mine who joined in time, gave me access for the purpose of my Niche Profit Fast Track Review. So, lets get after it...

Niche Profit Fast Track Review Summary

Product Name: Niche Profit Fast Track

Product Type: 60-day Live Training Course -  "How To Make Money with Niche Websites"

Creators/Owners: Adam Short & Bobby Mclees

Price: $1497 or 3 payments of $597

Upsells: $97 per month / Niche Profit Inner Circle Membership

niche profit fast track review

Summary: Your $1,500 buys you a 60-day training PLUS 6 proprietary software tools necessary. In addition, you receive 12 top-quality “done-for-you” niche businesses. They claim that the course is perfect for both beginner and advanced marketers. 

This Niche Profit Fast Track Review will tell you the reasons for a 3-star rating!

Rating: 3 out of 5

Who Are Adam Short & Robert 'Bobby' Mclees

Adam Short

Robert 'Bobby' Mclees

Adam & Bobby, the creators of Niche Profit Fast Track are both well know Internet Marketers with many years of experience. In 2008 they created their first membership site, Niche Profit Classroom, which attracted over 50.000 members. 

Their follow-up project 'Niche Profit Full Control' launched in 2015 and grossed over $3 Million in sales.

What Is Niche Profit Fast Track?

niche profit fast track review

Niche Profit Fast Track is a 60-day live training course and workshop that teaches you how to create and launch your own profitable passive income website in Niche Marketing

In addition to the training you will get access to a suit of programs as well as live workshops. 

At the end of the 60-day training, you can join a private training and coaching program, called  'Niche Profit Inner Circle'. 

How Much Does Niche Profit Fast Track Cost?

$1497 One-time fee, or 3 payments of $597

$97 per month for Niche Profit Inner Circle Membership

What You Get For Your Money

The Passive Profits Formula 2.0 Live Training

They teach you everything you need to know to build your website, getting traffic, and turning that traffic into money. 

The Niche Profit Accelerators

This are 12 top-quality “done-for-you” niche businesses, ready to launch! That means that everything has been  set up, including the website, content, products, funnel, etc. 

Niche Profit Software Suite

These are 6 proprietary software tools that will automate each step of creating your Passive Profit Machines and speed up the set-up process.

The Niche Profit Incubator Program

This is a 'fancy name' for direct access to a team of expert coaches, who are passionate about helping you build your business.

The Niche Profit Software Suite

They teach you everything you need to know to build your website, getting traffic, and turning that traffic into money.

Info Product Mastermind

This is a series of 3 live workshops showing you how to plan, create and launch your first information product

Traffic & Revenue Multiplier Live

This is a live-streamed, two-day event that teaches you a series of advanced techniques and strategies for scaling your business to the $100 k/month level.

The Pros & Cons of Niche Profit Fast Track

Where there is light, there is shadow, right? And every program or product has some pros and cons, especially in the 'make money online' niche.

Pros of Niche Profit Fast Track

  • Top notch training that covers EVERYTHING necessary
  • Great Niche/Product Selection
  • First Class Website designs
  • Quality Content & Product Reviews
  • All live content will be recorded and made available to all members. So, if you miss a live event, no problem there 

Cons of Niche Profit Fast Track

  • The cost - lot of people are not able to afford $1,500 
  • Although the niche and product selections are a plus, there will be duplicate content on very similar websites which eliminates ranking of content by search engines   
  • Paid traffic is expensive and cost will be a problem for many students

Is Niche Profit Fast Track A Scam

No, it is definitely not a scam. It is just unfortunate that there are products on the market that are  similar to Niche Profit Fast Track and are outright scams, but I can assure you that this product is 100% legit.

Conclusion to the Niche Profit Fast Track Review

Adam & Bobby created a good follow up to their previous 2 Niche Profit products. Unfortunately, the price will prohibit many interested people from joining. In addition, and I listed this in the 'Con' section, providing 'canned' niches, including products, content and reviews will lead to duplicate content issues which makes it impossible for these niche sites to rank.

However, members with deep pockets can overcome this con and have a chance to succeed. Which leads me to the...

Alternative to Niche Profit Fast Track

Making money online with niche websites is real, and hundreds of thousands of people enjoy the freedom of being their own boss. However, it does require to take action, LEARN the business from the ground up and DO THE WORK!

If you are interested, I can help you to get started and do IT THE RIGHT WAY!

I cannot promise that you will become a millionaire, I cannot promise you that it will be easy, BUT I can promise you the following:

First, read this article for more info and then come back and clean your browser cache, click on the button below and join me at Wealthy Affiliate. I am going to be YOUR guide through the first 10 lessons of a great course (50 lessons total), help you to decide on a niche and  get started on your first website.

 This is going to be 100% FREE and you can up and leave at any time IF you decide that this is NOT what you want to do - no questions asked.  However, when you find that this is what you want to pursue, you then upgrade from the Free Starter Membership to Premium Member.

That's it, easy and painless. Of course, you must be willing to learn, follow directions and apply some 'elbow grease'. But I can assure you that it is rewarding and worth the effort.

So, what you say? Give it a the button and I will welcome you on the inside!

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That's it for today. I hope you enjoyed reading my Niche Profit Fast Track Review as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you have any questions, don't be shy and leave word in the box below. Thanks for stopping by

John Worthy

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