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On October 8, 2014
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Remarkable & Legit Program I can recommend

Rene Gonzalez, owner of Niche Flipper claims:

Niche Flipper Owner



“I’ve made ‘ALL’ of my money in small niches that have nothing to do with internet marketing“


This product is on the market for quite a while, and somehow slipped totally from my review radar. Brought to my attention by a close friend, I followed his advice and decided to take a closer look at Niche Flipper.

First Impression – Positive


The sales page surprised and impressed me at the same time. I expected the usual hype and annoying marketing practices, which you usually get with products like this. Rene Gonzales, however, presents a simple page that outlines exactly what his product is.

You find out what you will get for your money and that is the extent of the “sales pitch”.


niche flipper is not a scamMy Niche Flipper Review


Product Name: Niche Flipper

Product Owner: Rene Gonzalez

Price: $27.00


My Rating: 90/100 points – Legit & Recommendable Product


What Is Niche Flipper?


First off, Rene Gonzalez knows what he is talking about and has put together a unique system to teach you “Niche Marketing The Right Way”. It is unique because Rene attacks niche marketing from a different angle.

Instead of telling you “how to find a product and sell it on your website”, he teaches you different methods to profit from small niche websites.


  • Create and sell your own products on your site
  • Sell other products on your website
  • Have affiliate sell your products on their websites
  • Monetize your site and then sell your site on Flippa for a huge profit


It is this concept of Niche Flipper that can give you the ultimate way to make the most money off your small sites.


The Niche Flipper Product


Rene did not promise too much. His product comes in form of 11 high quality videos (great audio too) and a very detailed PDF. The information is of great value, and the “step by step instructions” are easy to follow. Rene has a great way to demonstrate WHAT he is doing, and explaining the HOW and WHY in a very clear manner.

rene gonzales in a tutorial videoTopics of Niche Flipper:

  1. How to explore and choose a niche
  1. How to determine low competition markets
  1. How to find high profit markets
  1. How to analyze the competition
  1. How to create your own product
  1. How to use video effectively
  1. How to outsource work (i.e. ad copy & site design)\
  1. How to find affiliates to promote your site and product(s)


The Eleven Videos (short descriptions)


Video 1: Introduction

What to expect from this course

Video 2: All about “The Right Niche”

This video explains how to choose a niche and how to determine if it’s worth to pursue.


Video 3: Target Market

Finding your target market and determine how to promote your products

Video 4: Outsourcing some “Grunt Work”

Here you will learn about outsourcing tasks like website design (more about this in just a few moments)

Video 5: Finding Low Competition

This video is excellent. You will learn how to find low competition niches and keywords to beat your competitors

Video 6: Buying Websites

Skip the part of designing a site, just buy an existing one. This was an absolute new concept for me, and interestingly, I learned a lot from this video

Video 7: All about Using Video

This is also an outstanding video. Video is one of the best advertising method and this video teaches you how to use video effectively.

Video 8: Advanced Niche Research

More research techniques for choosing a niche

Video 9: Pay Per Click Campaigns

This video provides in depth teachings about your PPC Campaigns

Video 10: Adjusting Prices:

This video is only helpful if you indeed create and promote your own products.

Video 11: Starting your own Affiliate Program

Again, this is only helpful if you sell your own products. I am not selling my own products yet, but watching this video made me thinking about it.


Here is another short clip with Rene Gonzalez


There is a ton of unique, interesting and very helpful information in Rene Gonzalez’ training. I must admit that I was very impressed with this course.

The CONS of Niche Flipper

As good as this product is, there are a few things I did not like.

1) It is not Newbie Friendly!

There is a ton of great stuff in Niche Flipper and Rene Gonzales is masterful in teaching us everything he does. However, I think that people that don’t know how to build a website, create digital products, run a PPC campaign or do keyword research, may be a bit overwhelmed.

I am not saying outright that this product is not for beginners, but I do say that beginners need to get additional training from other sources.

You Will Need A Budget:

Outsourcing or buying websites and paying for ads will cost you money. In addition to that, you will need some video editing software and tracking software. Unfortunately, Rene does not give us a clear understanding of how big a budget is necessary.

No Help & Member Support System

I love programs that provide Help & Community Support. The absence of such is a negative point I need to point out.

Unanswered Question: How To Sell My Money Making Site On Flippa?

Rene tells us on his sales page about actually selling sites after creating them. However, there is no lesson how to do that in the training.

Sure, we most likely can figure that out on our own by joining Flippa. I still think, there should be some instructions, tips and tricks from Rene within the product.


Final Words About Niche Flipper


This is a program I can recommend without hesitation. It may not be perfectly suited for someone starting from zero, but with effort and the willingness to learn, it could be the “jump start” for a sustainable business.

If you think Niche Flipper is for you, click on this link and give it a try. It’s worth the $27.00, without a doubt.


What Next?

Niche Flipper is a great product. It was refreshing, for a change, reviewing a product of substance instead of the usual crap and scams. There are a few things I did not like about Niche Flipper and I believe that total newbies will feel overwhelmed and just throw in the towel and give up.

How Does My #1 Program Compare With Niche Flipper? Take a look at the table below…….



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