My Lead System Pro Review – Scam or Legit?

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On July 12, 2014
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The pyramid like structure of membership levels and the extremely high cost make My Lead System Pro one of the worse scams in the internet marketing industry. I recommend to avoid MLSP.

A Legitimate Business Would Not Survive Paying 100% Commissions!  Why Then Is My Lead System Pro Still Around?



Website url:

Price: From $ 19.97/month to $49.97/month to$99.00/month to

$149.97/month or $1499.97 per year

Owners: Norbert Orlewicz, Todd Schlomer, Brian Fanale

My Rating: 25 points on 100 point scale




My Opinion about MLM’s in general and My Lead System Pro in particular


my lead system pro pyramid scheme
Earn 100% commission per sale! What is the “secret” behind MLSP?

Legitimate MLM’s have their rightful place in the business world. These operations are selling “real products or services” and the distributors (or sales people) are paid “commissions”, usually between 10% and 35% for their sales effort.

One of the biggest and best known MLM’s is Herbalife. In addition to profits from product sales, Herbalife distributors can earn additional commissions from sales by their “downline” distributors.

The company is facing allegations of operating an illegal Pyramid Scheme”. The allegations stem from claims that distributors primarily obtain their monetary benefits from recruitment rather than the sale of goods and services to consumers”

 It is also alleged, that since 1980 the scheme has led to more than $3.5 billion of total net losses suffered by those at the bottom of the Herbalife pyramid. The FTC started an investigation into Herbalife operation in early 2014.

You can easily understand that there is a very fine line between legal MLM’s and illegal pyramid schemes. Despite the fact that Herbalife is selling “real products” to it’s customers, the operation is that of a pyramid scheme.


What Is My Lead System Pro?


is my lead system pro a scamMLSP was designed for MLM network marketers to generate tons of new leads online to recruit more people into their MLM organization. These marketers already have products or services to sell and looking for a way to add another income stream to their organization.

 My Lead System Pro adds a twist to the common recruiting process.

 Instead of making the promotion of MLSP the main focus, they offer recipients of their sales campaigns certain products and tools. If you make a sale, you will receive a commission, as is usual in affiliate marketing.

 “AFTER” this tad of business, the buyer of the product will be offered to join you as MLSP member.


The My Lead System Pro Tool


The owners claim the system is “Plug & Play”, designed that even newcomers to MLM can start generating leads right away. This claim is supported by step-by-step training, which, by the way, is pretty comprehensive and surprisingly good.

However, many folks falling for the hype that surrounds MLSP, think that joining MLSP is all they have to do, because the system will generate thousands of leads all by itself. This is in fact not the case. It’s just a tool that will make it easier for you……but you still will have to do the work; and lots of it.

Let me make one point very clear at this point of my review:

My Lead System Pro, when used as a tool to generate links for MLM marketers, is better than many of similar tools on the market. The Help & Support System at MLSP is very good.


Want to see the best Help & Support System in the online industry?


Why Is My Lead System Pro A Scam?



My lead system Pro review
If selling useless junk is your thing, MLSP is for you

1) As soon as you join MLSP and have access to the member area, you will be “introduced” to about 17 products you should purchase. The prices range from $200.00 to over $2,000.00. These are “not tangible products or services of real value”, but other programs and systems from other sources.

Of course, they do not expect you buying all 17 (or whatever the number may be today), but make it very clear that some are essential for your success. You then have the rights to sell these products to other people and receive a commission.

They call this “Funded Proposals” so you have a chance to recoup your investment and offset the “upsells” you will encounter very shortly. Guess who is making money from these sales; the owners of MLSP, which bought the selling rights for these, mostly, useless and crappy products.

 2) You start the step-by-step training and learn how to use MLSP tool and how to generate links. This includes the set-up of your website landing page, email campaigns and promoting your MLM programs on different social networks (Twitter, G+, Google, Pinterest etc.).

However, soon you will realize that the main focus of the training is to promote MLSP and recruit new members. You will receive 100% of the sign-up fee of each new member that signs up through your efforts. This is good for you and your bank account, but obviously an illegal act, looked upon as a Pyramid Scheme practice.

3) Then come the upsells. The owners try very hard to make you upgrade to the next level. There are 4 levels in this scheme and I will show you the pricing structure.


What Does My Lead System Pro Cost?


my leas system pro is a scam
Look at a FREE TICKET – Scam Free Online Learning Center
Click on Image

You decided to try MLSP and enter for a 3-day trial for a meager $2.00. The two bucks don’t mean anything to the owners of MLSP but your personal data and credit card # is most importantly to them. Here is how it goes from there.

  • My Lead System Pro Academy Membership: $19.97 per month
  • My Lead Stem Pro Gold Membership: $49.97 per month
  • My Lead System Pro Platinum Membership: $99.00 per month
  • My Lead System Pro Master Membership: $149.00 per month/ $1,499.97 for the year

This level includes website building and hosting, a Facebook Fan Page and some tools for you to use.


Why are there different levels, you may ask. The simple answer to that is:

To make the owners rich. You see, it does not matter what level you are in, you pay your monthly fee and need to recruit just one person to recoup your money. If you recruit five, you are very lucky, if you are recruit one, you are doing fine……but what if you can’t recruit any? You pay your next month fee out of your pocket.

In order to be able to recruit newbies, you need to “pay your way into the system”. If you are not a member of the higher priced levels, you are not allowed to sell this level membership. This is the typical scam tactic used by many of the illegal pyramid schemes out there.

Want to learn in a scam free zone – free to start – no upsells – one low monthly membership fee


My Verdict about My Lead System Pro: SCAM – AVOID 


symbole one star rating

I have no doubt that MLSP can create valuable leads for MLM marketers. It requires hard work, determination and, in some cases, a significant budget to invest in marketing campaigns. However, the owners of MLSP never mention this fact in their sales promotions or training lessons.

The pyramid like structure of membership levels and the extremely high cost make My Lead System Pro one of the worse scams in the internet marketing industry. I recommend to avoid MLSP.



wealthy affiliate university

John Worthy ProfileI am John and I help people to start their own online business in the best and scam free learning environment in the online industry. Have you had any experience with My Lead System Pro or any similar scam? I would like for you to share it with us. Just leave a comment below. If you prefer email, go just ahead……I made sure it will not land in my spam folder.



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6 Responses

  1. Lori

    I am a former member of MLSP and I agree with most of your comments. The training is over priced and not worth the money. I left because I saw how the members seemed to be willing to promote anything to make a buck, even bogus opportunities. I was disappointed to see how unethical many of the members were. Not the kind of people I want to be associated with.

  2. Lothar Bongartz

    Thank you for the honest review, John. Some of our customers used this tool before. For this reason, they were surprised, that 1der1 offers affiliate income even if you don’t pay anything yourself.

  3. Pierre

    Hello John, I can agree with you on many points about your MLSP review but I do not think it’s a scam, I do think that it is not for everyone. In fact, when I was a member of my lead system pro, I struggled to make sales and I generated over six hundreds leads on my first year with them but had no active downline. It’s just not converting!

    • John Worthy

      Pierre, thanks for stopping by. And this is the problem with ‘no-product’ MLM. It’s hard to sell something people are not using and want to buy because they need them. Selling a dream may work for some, but only for a short time. I figure you are a MLM guy and understand that they all are disguised pyramid schemes. Even the biggest and best of them, like Avon, Jenny Craig and so forth with their ‘monthly orders’ to stay an active distributor. And like Jenny Craig said so eloquently: ‘Keeping the tub full with the drain open’

  4. JohnV

    Well researched review, presented in a manner easy to follow and understand. I become more grateful every day for the value I get from being a member of the WA community.
    Life just gets better!

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