My Home Success Plan – Evergreen SCAM With New Face

Make $379 per day..., certified, proven & guaranteed by My Home Success Plan and April Matthews. If you can spare 60 minutes a day and are interested in this job, you must act NOW because all positions are filling up fast. A flashing counter lets you know how many 'positions' are available in your home town/state, and you are encouraged to 'read the report below to see if you qualify'.

Such is the 'attention grabber' on top of the My Home Success Plan website, and I am darn sure to have seen 100% identical offers from different outfits before.

Without any further ado, strap yourself in, and enjoy...

My Home Success Plan Review

My Home Success Plan Summary

Product Name: My Home Success Plan

Product Type: Work at home opportunity

Creator/Owner: unknown

Spokes Person: April Mathews

Price: $97

Upsells: $150 One-on-One Consultation

my home success plan review

Summary: My review will show you proof that My Home Success Plan is an outright scam. Their business model does NOT exist, making a 5-figure per month income is unrealistic, the creator(s) or owner(s) are hiding behind stock photos, their sidebar testimonials are fake.

Rating: 0 out of 5

What Is My Home Success Plan?

It is one in a series of similar websites that defraud unsuspecting visitors with a scam that should have been investigated. and shut down for good, by the Federal Trade Commission a long time ago.

my home success plan review

This particular episode promises people searching to earn money from home to make over $300  'working' part time, i.e. just 1 hour per day.

The presenter, a certain April Matthews, is telling her sob story of being a divorced mother with 2 little kids, having to work 2 jobs, one at a McDonald's, to make ends meet. She remembers crying for hours when she couldn't afford to buy Christmas present for her kids.

Of course, she met a complete stranger at the doctor's office who hooked her up with a job she could work from home, at her leisure time, and get out of debt within 3 months.

Fast forwarding to today, April is a millionaire, thanks to the 'work from home opportunity' this stranger at the doc's office told her about. 

She now  lives in here dream house, buys all the things she wants, does what she wants, take vacations around the world, and is able to give her daughters the life she have always wanted to give them.

What Is The Work From Home Opportunity?

April is doing 'Link Posting' and gets paid $15 per link.  According to her testimony, she can do 15 links per hour, making $225 per hour. It's easy for you to do the math how April became a millionaire in just 3 short years.

Is My Home Success Plan A Scam?

Yes, this thing is an outright scam and here is why: (click on images to enlarge)

1) Two Different Job Opportunities - Identical Websites

Take note of the similarities!

  • Presenter: April Winters - Shelly Davis
  • Sidebar Testimonial: Megan C.
  • Same sob story

By the way, just to see what is going on, I tried to log on to and was re-directed to the My Home Success Plan website.

2) Images of Shelly, April & Megan are Stock Photos

After noticing Megan C.'s image on the sidebar of both websites, I ran a couple of reverse image searches on Google and discovered that the images of April and Megan are in fact stock photos. The practice of using models for certain advertisements is 100% legit but is often times misused, especially in the 'make-money-online niche!

You can see that the image of 'April' has been used by several different advertisers as back as 2011. I also got similar hits with the images of Megan and Shelley.

3) Use Of Fake News Logos On Website!

They display some TV news station logos and stating that "Work From Home Opportunities Have Been Featured On: ...", which is an outright lie. None of these stations has EVER featured their version of home opportunities.

4) Link Posting Is NOT A Home Job Opportunity!

Spamming websites with fake comments that included links to other websites was a 'black hat SEO technique' used by affiliate marketers to hike their site rankings in the search engines. Google and he other main SE's put an end to this practice by simply ignoring unnatural looking backlinks. 

I work from home as Affiliate Marketer and earn a full time income. I learned about the importance of natural backlinks and how to get those from MY #1 Recommendation, and LINK POSTING is known as scam.

So, anyone advertising a 'job-from-home opportunity' that has anything to do with backlinking or link posting is a scamming scheister.

5) Claim To Make $379 Per Day With 1 Hour Work...

is absolutely ridiculous and is screaming "Beware, I Am A Big Scam". Making money online is real, making a lot of money is also a real possibility, but it takes the willingness to learn, hard work and determination to do so. If someone promises you riches with 'only 9 mouse clicks' or 'make thousands even while you sleep', run, and run as fast and as far as you can because you are dealing with a scammer out to take your hard earned dough.

Conclusion To My Home Success Plan Review

Be careful and avoid scams like My Home Success Plan. But if you are looking to make real money from the comfort of your home, follow ...

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Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed reading my rant about My Home Success Plan as much as I enjoyed writing it. Don't be shy and leave word in the box below  IF you should have any experience with this or any other scam!

John Worthy

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