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The Update of the My Email Mentor Review many of you were waiting for!


When a good friend approached me in May of 2015 to join My Email Mentor, I was very skeptical, to say the least. I was ripped off several times in the past, and I thought this whole thing through. Considering the fact that my buddy had accumulated over $180 worth on his clicks, and additional $190 from his clones within 2 ½ weeks, MEM seemed like an OK thing. So I joined on May 20th, 2015. 

I voiced a few concerns (read in review below), mainly the ridiculously high payout threshold of $400, and the deferment of actual pay for another 30 days. I addressed them in an email to ‘Booby B.’, which was responded to by a certain Kevin Andrews ( excerpt below).

About 25 days into this thing (3 list uploads) I had accumulated a total of $242.80, including the $100 Fast Start Bonus.

First doubts started to creep up when certain events and changes to the program occurred:


1) PayPal dropped My Email Mentor/EmailResponsePros: That was the first sign telling me something is not kosher. If greedy PayPal refuses to do business with you, then something is definitely wrong.

2) They raised the 7-day trial from $1 to $10: Several people wanting to try it out, emailed me complaining about this and did not sign-up. I informed Kevin about this and he gave me a bla bla explanation blaming EmailResponsePros for the raise.

3) They changed 2nd tier commissions from 10 cents per click to a straight $10: That really pissed me off. I had 7 clones, 5 of them active and paid members, and all of a sudden, ‘poof’, their click money disappeared. Not a good business practice, particularly their explanation.


Effective July 1, 2015 the following changes in the MyEmailMentor Program are taking effect.


  1. Compensation Plan Change: Due to massive amounts of fraud on the second level of the compensation plan, effective immediately we are removing the 10 cents per click earned by personal referrals. We are replacing the 10c second level commission with a flat $10 monthly referral commission, which will be added to your second level commissions when your referral pays the $47 to Email Response Pros each month.  This completely removes all of the incentive from the fraudsters to try and run up fake clicks on their second level.
  2. The reason why the change had to be made. 
    When we first started, the idea was to let members bring in other people and to pay a second level commission of 10c per click.  The system worked fine until the fraudsters found about it, and as they always do, a few bad apples can completely ruin the program for everyone else. 

    These fraudsters were taking their Click Link and running tens of thousands of fraudulent clicks every day, to new accounts that they set up on their second level.  They would run up the clicks for 7 days, earn all of the commissions from the clicks on their 2nd level, and then cancel the account.  All of these clicks were generated outside of our system, and thus have zero value. The bigger problem is that to mask their fraud, they would add clicks to everyone’s second level, which makes it nearly impossible to see the real clicks we generated from the fake clicks the fraudsters generated. 

This is UTTER NONSENSE if you ask me. None of us had any access to run up a single click, nor tens of thousands as Bobby B. claims that was the case. We didn’t know what emails they sent out, and in hindsight, we don’t even know if they sent out any emails at all. And what the heck are “Click Links”? Obviously, they think we all are stupid.

I am no dummy, and I replaced one of the email addresses in the file to upload, with one of my email addresses, and guess what? I never received any of their supposed ‘clickable mails’.

But that’s not the end of it. It gets even worse. Finally, on July 12, 2015 my account reached the pay-out threshold and showed $413.60. I checked again 2 days later and, to my big surprise, the account was closed and I could not even log on to the members area.

I have sent 3 emails requesting an explanation; neither was responded to. On August 2, 2015, I filed a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center and look forward to their actions.


The Morale Of The Story:


If it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t!


The closing sentence of my review below says:

“I mentioned earlier that my friend reached the payout threshold easily, but now we will have to wait until July 25th to find out if he indeed will get paid. My gut feeling tells me that OUR BOBBY B. is for real, but unfortunately, I was wrong before as I must admit grudgingly”.

Although they slashed his clicks dramatically, my friend did receive a payment of over $800; so he made a profit of $600 over a period of 4 months.

Well, unfortunately, it didn’t work for me. I don’t take it lightly to call a program a scam, but My Email Mentor is definitely not kosher, and some of their business practices are “more than shady”, to word it nicely! 


Tired of all this BS? Take a look at My #1 Recommendation……..100% BS free


The Original My Email Mentor Review!


my email mentor reviewWould you like to make $300, $500, even $900 or more every single month without doing anything more than ‘downloading a file from somewhere and uploading same file to another somewhere’, just ONCE every 7 days!

I bet you would. But can you really?

“Yes, you can and you will!” says Bobby B., the creator of this new ‘make money online product’ in his sales video (launch date May 2, 2015)

This sounds to be too good to be true, particularly in light of the fact that a bunch of product creators are making similar claims for their crappy and scammy stuff.

You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover’ they say, and without actually joining Bobby B. and My Email Mentor it is not possible to judge his program, don’t you agree? So I decided to try ‘making money by doing nothing’ and here is my review.


What Is My Email Mentor?

is my email mentor a scamLet me start off with “Who is Bobby B?” because I am a bit confused here. There was an online product by a Bobby B. (76 Seconds) a while ago, and it was a SCAM. Now here we have a Bobby B. again and I am not able to find any info about him, no matter how hard I try.

Do they look the same to you? Guess not, so we assume it’s a coincident that there are two Bobby Bs in this business and move on. BTW, the one on top of the image is our guy.

Our Bobby claims to have made over one million dollars with his system, and he invites you to join him in his business endeavor. He says to teach you every step it takes to become successful in email marketing, just as he is, and how you can become a millionaire.

Big corporations pay for referrals of potential customers to their websites, and Bobby B. is honest enough to tell us that he has affiliate agreements with many of these companies. Bobby is sending emails to subscribers to his list that contain ads of said companies, and if the recipient of the email clicks on the ad, Bobby gets paid. He gets paid even if the person does not buy anything from the company at that time.

Bobby has a big problem though. Email-sending companies do have certain restrictions to avoid spamming. They want to know where your list comes from, for example, or limit how many different lists you can send to at any given day.

For that reason, he needs folks like you and me sending out the emails for him, using one of your email accounts. Bobby, in return, pays you 20 cents for every click the companies receive through your affiliate link.

And this is what My Email Mentor is all about.


How To Get Started With My Email Mentor?

It is pretty simple to tell the truth. Sign on to My Email Mentor through an affiliate link, enter your first and last name, email address and watch the short video.

Bobby B. does not charge you a dime for the opportunity he provides. It gets even better; just for signing up, My Email Mentor will credit your account with $100.00 just for signing up.

However, you are starting your own business here, and like with any other business, there is an investment involved.

My Email Mentor uses the email-sending company GetResponse to handle the task of sending emails to the list of subscribers. You need to invest $10 (TEN) dollars for the first 7 days, which is a trial period so you can determine if you want to stick around or not.

After that, it will be $47 per months.


How Is My Email Mentor Supposed To Work?

Once you signed up, and before you do everything else, check your Commission Status and you will find that your account has been credited with $100.

You will get 2 separate emails; one from My Email Mentor with your login and password, the other from GetResponse to verify and logon to your account there.

Watch the video and follow the Steps 1 through 3; on step 3 you will download your first email list (approx. 600-700 addresses) to your computer. Then you’ll jump over to GetResponse and upload this file.

And that’s it. Emails will be sent most likely within the next 6 hours and you will see some dollar amounts being credited to your account.

Every 7 days you will have to check the Menu Tab ‘Step 3’ on your My Email Mentor account page and upload a new list.


There Is A Nice Upside To My Email Mentor!

Clone yourself and make even more money! You will get paid 10 cents per click from every person that signs up through your affiliate link as long as they stay active members.

No, my friends, My Email Mentor is NOT a pyramid scheme. There are no up- or down lines, convoluted compensation plans nobody understands anyways, or monthly standing orders to buy stuff you got tired of after 4 weeks.


My Experience With My Email Mentor!

A friend of mine introduced me to the whole thing and I joined on May 20, 2015. As I said earlier, it’s a piece of cake and the whole process, including the down/up load of the the first list, took less than 20 minutes. Luckily, Bobby B. spares you the usual hype, showing of fake earning statements, and the paid for testimonials by actors. 

He presents his program precise and to the point; by the time I finished watching the video and followed the easy set-up steps, the ‘Start-Up-Bonus of $100‘ had been credited to my account.

Now, 25 days and 3 additional list uploads, my account shows a total of $248.20, including the $100 start-up bonus. Not bad for doing nothing but spending 5 minutes every 7 days to down/upload a file. If you do the math, you may say “that’s ONLY about $6 bucks a day“.


is my email mentor a scam


OK, you are right, but you have to consider two things. First off, I did not clone myself yet, have not even made any attempt to do so. And secondly, with every addition to my list (about 600 new subscribers every week), I do get more clicks and hence more dollars.

On the other hand though, the friend who referred me does have one other person besides me in his level 2, and his total earning after 4 full weeks is almost $600. How about that? For doing nothing……………!


What I Do Not Like!

Yes, there are a couple of things I have a beef with:

1) The Payout Threshold Is A Whopping $400 

Every affiliate program has a payout threshold before you can request a money transfer. Usually, these range from as little as $20 to $100; I came across a couple programs that have a threshold of $150 & $200 respectively. My Email Mentor however, set the payout threshold at $400, which in my opinion is outright ridiculous. 

Agreed, it is free money basically, and you don’t have to work for it either, but I would like to see a lower threshold

2) The Payout Is Deferred for 30 Days

Payout is the 25th day of each month and if you reached the payout threshold of $400, you will get paid on the 25th of the following month. This bothers me not just a bit, but a lot. Why the delay, I asked Bobby B. via email. Here is his response:


3) The payout threshold of $400 is ridiculously and unreasonable high. I know, all affiliate programs do have payout thresholds for on reason or another. But 400 bucks is pure nonsense.
No it’s not.  In this industry, there is an enormous amount of fraud, so in order to protect our members from that fraud we do a lot of checking to make absolutely sure we are not paying for clicks that are fraudulent.  Affiliate Networks everywhere have minimums ranging from $250 and $500 and we are no different.
4) Even if one should be able to reach $400 any given month, you defer payout for another 30 days. I know it’s money for basically doing nothing, but this is giving your program a ‘scammy’ feeling.
Same answer as before with one caveat.  We could pay every 2 weeks, but if we did that, we would have to hold a reserve on everyone’s account, and in the end, the other way is simpler for everyone to understand and profit from.  You’re right about the “money for basically doing nothing” because that is exactly the way we set it up.  Once it’s set up, all you have to do is keep your Email Response Pros account current and import your list each week. We do everything else and pay you for the clicks that are generated.  Doesn’t get any easier than that.

So, you heard it right from the the horse’s mouth. Although Bobby’s response was not exactly what I would have liked to hear, his explanations are reasonable and acceptable (even if I do not agree with his statement about the payout threshold).


Is My Email Mentor A Scam?

The way things are looking at this time, particularly the manner in which my concerns have been answered (as you can see by the numbering above, I had more than two issues), I believe that My Email Mentor is legitimate and not a scam. However, let me say that the final verdict is not out just yet.

I mentioned earlier that my friend reached the payout threshold easily, but now we will have to wait until July 25th to find out if he indeed will get paid. My gut feeling tells me that OUR BOBBY B. is for real, but unfortunately, I was wrong before as I must admit grudgingly.


What’s Next?

As far I am concerned, nothing is going to change. I am going to ride along with Bobby B. and My Email Mentor and hope I can find a couple of like minded folks that will join and stick with it. If you want to give it a try, go ahead and jump on the band waggon. There is really nothing to lose at this point, and when it all works out alright, we all will be happy campers making some extra FREE dough on the side. 

I am making money online in affiliate marketing for quite some time now, but I always look for additional income streams. In case you wonder what got me started and how I learned everything I had to know, take a few minutes and check out my #1 FREE Recommendation.

I am not crazy enough to tell you that Wealthy Affiliate is the right thing for you. That’s for you to determine. What I can say however, is that you cannot find any other program that lets you in for free, gives you 2 free websites AND gives you 10 lessons of the Get Started course without even asking you for your credit card information. Come on in and take a look-see; no strings attached.


That’s all for today, folks. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoyed reading the My Email Mentor Review. I would love to hear your opinion about it; so don’t be shy and let us know what’s on your mind.


John Worthy


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72 Responses

  1. Rosemary


    Just to let you know MyEmailMentor is no longer functioning their domain name has expired two days ago. I live in Europe and was asked for my PayPal address back in September but no sign of any payment. I was owed over $1200. Also no replies to my many e-mails. From what people say this is not the first time they have done this Scam and I am sure not the last.

    We have all been well and truly had!

  2. Marc Wessels

    Hey sorry guys this scum bag is a scam artist. They dont pay the com but take your money. He owes me over $800 and does not respond to email. Any body have the same issue or knows someone that can find him and take him out please let me know.

  3. Andres Torres, Jr.

    I joined this program on June 28 2015. To date I have uploaded 10 file and have collected 1939 clicks according to them, of course there is no way to prove this is correct. You just have to believe whatever they tell you. I had accumulated $460.00 including the $100.00 bonus. To my surprise on September 14 2015 they stopped sending me files to upload and my commission have disappeared. I have sent several emails to them and no reply. THIS IS A SCAM.

  4. Dan

    Hello John

    I joined My Email Mentor in June. I didn t bother to make any clone because I didn t quite trust this system from the beginning but I said I should give it a try. I reached the $400 threshold last month and I expect them to pay on the 25 th september.
    I have to mention that I m from Europe and I am trying to figure out what ABA or Routing Number means. Can anyone help me with this?

    • John Worthy

      Dan, thanks for stopping by. Routing # is what the Germans call “Bankleitzahl”, you know the unique ID number for each bank. You can find it on your check, usually printed in front of your check number in the bottom left or right corner

  5. dali

    I am a cripple in a wheelchair
    and they cancelled my payment of $440 one day before they supposed to pay me!

    After I paid 4 x $47

    myemailmentor dot com is created by clickbetter dot com
    to rip you off every month for $47 on international scale

    Beware of these online terrorists who are there to pray on 1000s of needy and poor
    online marketers world wide and take their hard earned cash.

    They are the same scumbag low lifes who create videos for binary trading
    to steal your money with videos of riches which are all made by these online international terrorists

    how can these online terrorists sleep at night?

    you took my $47 every month depriving me of food and one day before paying me you cancelled my account?

    Horrible horrible karma is ahead of you

    Report these scumbags to Interpol, FBI and CIA
    since they are ripping off people all over the planet and keep reporting them

      • michael murphy

        Hi John

        MEM does not respond to over 8 emails about the 425 dollars they owe me. I stopped my $47 payment.Have any idea what to do. They seem to not care about all the negativity about them. I hear that some people get paid and that they refuse to send out communications . Have you gotten paid or anyway to communicate with them

  6. steph

    It’s now August 4, 2015 — I’d be interested to know what (if anything) happened to your pay-out, John.

  7. Chris

    Hello John,
    Thank’s for all the members who shared their experienced about these so called ‘bentley guys’ MyEmailMentor.
    I’ve heared so many scam complaints about this program My Email Mentor but it’s hard to believe to all of that complaints because it may be as what they said everyone is entitled to there own opinion unless you personally who owns the blog would confirmed that it is truly a scam.
    I would prefer to believe in yourself, in your own observation if it’s really a scam site, and I’m waiting for that before I will proceed to join preferably under your link.

    • John Worthy

      Hi Chris, thanks for stopping by. I am working on the update and final verdict of my review. All I say right now is that it doesn’t look good. Check back in a couple of days.


    I got back my $10 paid for the 10 day trial period .I couldn’t pay the $47 so I was discontinued

  9. George

    The first time I got suspicious was after I joined they took out the only reason why I joined: The second tier of getting paid from your referrals, I mean real money, not just $10 per head. Nobody promotes for that, even a normal hosting affiliate program pays more than that.

    And the reason given: Click fraud. Does anyone have access to the emails they send out? Except themselves? Not to my knowledge, I have never seen one single email they send out. Plus, there are tracking scripts all the pros use that eliminate all bot and other fraud clicks automatically. So that was just a big lie, some people readily swallowed.

    Ok, moving on, after a few hundred bucks in the account: They put me on a free account while it was actually paid. So I’m not eligible anymore to get paid at all. Only 2 type of people do something like this without any communication 1) Total amateurs that dont know what they’re doing and 2) Fraudsters, that know exactly what they’re doing. I have no interest to work with either of these.

    One important question everyone has to ask themselves: At any given time what is cheaper for Bobby the guy Paypal refused to work with: A) To pay us for a little work, or B) To buy the autoresponder accounts all himself + hire a freelancer for a few bucks to upload the leads?

    Think! Use a calculator.

    Answer: B) is always cheaper for him, unless he cheats on due payments for A) then A will be cheaper, especially if you see this from a pro mailer point of view, they would not even have to buy full email accounts for this purpose but just more IP addresses for $2 a month each. If B) is always cheaper for him, we “get paid” because of our great work and beauty? Haha right, the whole story is basically a gigantic lie, it just does not remotely work as a business model.

    To get paid once, and believe you will get paid a second time just makes you part of the scam. People unable to think are getting victimized here by fraud artists that always pay only a few vocal public people to keep the fraud going. Get refunds as soon as you can, only takes one criminal investigation and everything is frozen for months.

    • John Worthy

      George, you are most likely right. I am in the progress of compiling all the great info I get from you guys, and also use my own experience to update my review accordingly

  10. Daryl Mayfield

    My payment was reduced to .40cent from $920 dollars. I have sent several emails to “My Email Mentor” and as of to date they have not responded. I contacted “CLICKBETTER” and they gave me a speedy refund and they will give anyone a refund for up to 60 days. I would strongly recommend everyone to stay away from this scam…. There is evidence online of another guy who is going by the name of Bobby B ( using the same script as the Bobby B from “My Email Mentor ” what’s more interesting that both Bobby B’s can be found on “FIVERR” for $5 dollars if you need someone to make you a promotional video. As of to date the internet and especially Facebook is getting the word out that “My Email Mentor” is a straight “SCAM”.

  11. Daryl Mayfield

    My email mentor is a big SCAM….. Buyer beware…… If you want to know how I know they are a scam…….because I use to be part of the program promoting it very heavily until it was time to cash out on my commissions and then I get a email from them trying to explain why they were not going to pay me. I have enclosed the email below for your viewing. BUYER BEWARE …….. I going to devote a great deal of my time and energy to tell as many people as I can contact to stay away from theses low life Bastards.

    Good morning and thank you for your email.

    Let’s talk a second about the commissions and why the amounts have been reduced.

    There are usually 2 reasons for the reduction in commissions.

    1. First is because of fraudulent clicks. Not on your part, but as a part of the overall Email Marketing community, fraudulent clicks are something that happen every day, and cannot be avoided. That being said, in accordance with number 8 of the Terms and Conditions agreed to when becoming a member, and shown at the bottom of every page, which states: “8. Every month, before commissions are paid, MyEmailMentor runs a rigorous click cleaning system that identifies all fraudulent clicks. Fraudulent clicks include but are not limited to those coming from unacceptable countries, clicks coming from blacklisted IP Address, Automated Click Systems, Automated BOTs, clicks associated with known spam traps and multiple clicks coming from the same IP Address. These clicks are removed before commissions are paid and may have an impact on the total commission numbers.”

    2. The second is because some of the members that were on a members second level were not in compliance with the Affiliate Terms and Conditions, which are at the bottom of every page of the website. Namely, the members were not in compliance with numbers 7 of the terms and conditions, because they were not members in good standing with Email Response Pros or an approved Email Sending Company. If a member did not pay for their Email Response Pros account in June, then they are not a member in good standing and thus are in violation of number 7 of the terms.

    In the end, we are looking for, and working with long term partners. We do everything we can to protect ourselves all from potential fraud that could hurt not only our members, but the company as a whole.

    In the past we’ve had people sign up themselves, a friend or an entire group of people, for the free trial period, let their their clicks build up for a week, then never pay, and do it over and over again, which builds the second level clicks of the main person, all of which are fraudulent. The way we combat this and protect all of our members is that if someone joins the trial period and then does not pay for the Email Sending company, then the user is made inactive and all of their clicks are reversed. This keeps the incentive to commit fraud away and is one of the reasons why we are so successful.

    We work hard to make all of our partners successful. Once set up, I think you’ll agree that there is no simpler system anywhere, and thus there is no reason for any one to quit, once they join. So if they decide to leave, during the trial period, then we have no choice but to protect ourselves and our successful members by taking action.

    Hope this helps explain not only what happened but illustrates why it happens and why it has to happen.

    Thanks for your email,

    Kevin Andrews
    Chief Operations Officer

    • Debbie Hezlewood

      Yes I got that email too after earning well over $1,000 in commission and receiving just over $500 actual payment… may I add that was in June. My commission for July, again around $1,200, was never received and despite a few, very polite, emails, I never even got a response. My subscriber list also stopped.

  12. Horacio

    My Email Mentor is a PONZI SCAM.. LOL I just login to my account 7/25/15 to see if they were going to payout… Well to my surprise they lower my payout from $401.50 to $111.70 so they DO NOT have to pay me for last month.. I will not recommend this to anyone.. Try and use your money for something else… I just requested a refund for my $10, and $47×2 ($104) in Clickbetter.

    There is NO real clicks its all a software script they are running just to show stats in your members area to make you think your getting clicks, it’s ALL BS.

  13. Robert

    I signed up to “My Email Mentor” on July 4th & by July 7 the game changed & approximately (conservably, at 10 cents a click) $60. per personaly enrolement per month is reduced to $10. a month. Changes like that scare me! They claim it was because of froudsters but with their high thresauld ($400.) & bookkeeping time between end of month & payday I can’t believe they could have any problems. I’m inclind to suspect it’s a cash grab (or rather a cash grab back) by Bobby B. With the money being saved if he wants to attacked bigger players (not me I’m a 70 year old rooky) he could spread that money arround, Maybe using it to pay the monthly commission down a few more levels, this would also encourage people to help their enrollees to get more people involved.
    I guess there is always room for improvement but it still seems getting paid to do nothing (if infact we do get paid) is great.

    • John Worthy

      Robert, as I told some others before you, the verdict is still out on this thing. The friend who brought me into it was one of the first to enroll and he is supposed to see his first payment in 4 days. Then I should be getting my first payment on August 25th. Although it seems not as much as Booby B. proclaimed it will be, IF in fact they do pay, it will be money for doing practically nothing. We’ll see and I keep you all posted with a first update after the next weekend (July 27th)

  14. Nece

    No more clone payments. Giving 10.00 for clones now. Can’t make much money now.
    Anyone checked this out now?

    • John Worthy

      Saw that and don’t like it either. Also, I am looking into something I just found out yesterday. So, hang tight. There will be an update to my review soon

  15. Shadie

    I joined on 08 June 2015. My email list was already growing over 2,500 and the account showing over $200 and I have uploaded to the Get Response Pro platform 4 times successfully but I had not reached the threshold of $400 to enable me to ask for withdrawal. By this morning 06 July 2015 the story took a dramatic turn. When I logged on to the account is was showing $0.00 and 0.00 clicks as if I just opened the account today. So I quickly fired an email to the Promoter to ask what was happening? I did not receive any reply till the time of writing this comment. Like John mentioned several times, I am also giving him the benefits of doubts if I will get a reply and explanation to what happened to my account. Thus far, this is my experience with My Email Mentor. I shall be interested to know if anyone else experienced what I have.

    • John Worthy

      Hi Shadie, there are more things I discovered over the last 2 days. Just hang tight, I will update my review soon

      • Shadie

        Thank you John.

        They actually replied to my query and have restored my account now. I hope everything is fine now. I was told it was about the payment of the $47 for the Autoresponder which to my understanding was to be charged after 30days and thereafter. I am now waiting for the threshold of $400 to be reached and make my first withrawal request to confirm whether or not it is really working.

  16. Marie

    John , How do you know for sure that 50 people got paid ? it is difficult to communicate with Bobby , where do You get Your Information ?
    I have to pay $ 29.95 for Hosting coolhandle , I do not see other people talking about it
    I have to pay the $ 47.00 for My Email response , by the time I get $ 400 I already paid that ,
    How can You said to people that this is a good thing ?
    Virtual Money IS NOT REAL MONEY

    • John Worthy

      Marie, thanks for chiming in. I said I will give it the benefits of the doubt…….which is growing by the day (the doubt I mean). Check back in a few days and you may find my FINAL VERDICT.

  17. Amanda

    I emailed and asked if we can choose PayPal as a payment method, I will post the response I get…

    • John Worthy

      Amanda, all I can tell you at this point is that over 50 people got paid the first month. Unfortunately, they changed payment to Wire Transfer.

  18. Amanda

    Does anyone know of someone who actually got paid on June 25th?

  19. Tom

    The odd thing is their fraud claim for the $400 payment and 25 day delay.
    Its their leads and they do the mailing so where can the fraud come in?

    • John Worthy

      I asked about the delay and the answer is in the review. We will find out if they are on the up and up. The 25 days delay is disturbing me as well. So, lets just wait and see

  20. Paulo

    it’s not free as they show us in the videos.. to regist we have to give our credit card data, and pay 10€.. And we can’t choose paypal and nothing like that.. So i won’t register because it’s not like he says on the videos..

    • John Worthy

      Yea I know Paolo. You are not the only one complaining about this. I have no idea why that happened. and as I said, the verdict is still out if it is indeed legitimate or just some scam

  21. Rick Bell

    I joined on the 17 of May and have now earned over $700 dollars! I cannot believe it is this easy. I will be cashing out on July 25th and I should have about $1200 dollars by that point as I have 3 active clones. I will have paid only $47 dollars 3 times and the rest is real cash.

    I will return here to show you the receipt. So if you don’t believe in the program or if you are skeptical come back by July 30th. I will pay you to join me! 🙂


    • John Worthy

      Hi Rick, thanks for stopping by. Like I said, I think it’s for real, but the verdict is still out. See you next month

    • Raja Chakraborty

      Please suggest me how to pay the $47 after completion of trial period.

      • John Worthy

        Sorry, I cannot help you there. When I tried to make another payment through Clickbetter, they declined my money because I use only pre-paid credit cards for the purchases of ‘make money online’ products.

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