My Dot Com Business: A Recipe For Financial Disaster?


Empower Network Is Dead – Long Live The Copy Cats!


Empower Network, disguised as MLM, filed for bankruptcy protection in August of 2017. In its heydays, EN, the biggest pyramid scheme on the Internet ever, made over 7 Million Dollars in sales per month, catering to a member base of over 197,000 active victims.

I call them victims because 95% of EN members LOST money in this scheme, a simple fact that can be validated by searching for ‘empower network income statement’. Although the official EN sites are all down, you will be able to find a statement.

At any rate, the demise of EN started much sooner; it was October of 2014 when EN dropped its ‘Blogging Platform’, the building pillar this whole scheme was built upon, because it simply ran its course and out of steam.

Co-founder Dave Sharpe called it quits at that time, and most of the top earners abandoned EN like rats a sinking ship, leaving behind tens of thousands of duped folks.

Some other so-called Guru’s rushed in to the rescue, notably Mark Soto and Vick Stritzheus, trying to resurrect EN’s blogging platform  with something called BIM, Big Idea Mastermind. That didn’t last too long either, and …


my dot com business review

~ Next Level Mastermind

~ Freedom Fighters Network

~ Blog Beast

~Pure Leverage (by Joel Therien)

~ iPAS 2 (by Chris Jones & Chris Campbell)

didn’t fare any better and they all disappeared, without any big fanfare, relatively quick!


The Copy Cats!

Obviously, all attempts to revive the ailing monster EN failed, but some of the top earners refused to let go. You see, they made a s**t load of money with the EN system, and in order to keep the dough rolling in, all they needed was an appealing ‘product’ that would fit their purpose.

The ‘modus operandi’ of these high ticket operations is amazingly simple:

Promote an online business opportunity, that promises interested opportunity seekers SIX or SEVEN FIGURE incomes. Offer access to a  ‘done for you website’, some training on how to use ‘paid for‘ traffic generating methods to recruit new members, and 50% to 70% commissions for every sale (virtual products and/or membership fees ).

Provide a cheap entry level everyone can afford, then ‘coach‘ the newly recruited members to upgrade to the higher priced levels.

Unfortunately, there are some pesky laws that actually try to govern on how MLM (Multi Level Marketing) based enterprises can or cannot conduct business. One of the provisions of the law is that earnings cannot come from ‘recruiting new members alone’, but from the sale of tangible products.

Over the last 2 years several new products very similar to EN hit the Internet, notably Digital Altitude by Michael Force, a former EN star, and My Dot Com Business (My Dot Com Business Franchise) by Paul Lynch, the subject of my rant today. Both are using MOBE (My Online Business Education) by Matt Lloyd as basis for their product offer.


What Is My Dot Com Business?

Founded by Paul Lynch, My Dot Com Business (MDCB) is an Englan based online MLM, which ‘openly’ promotes MOBE (in contrast to Digital Altitude!). Paul Lynch is often times referring to his enterprise as ‘business franchise’).

Signing up is not as simple as buying into similar programs. Depending on the promotional website, you are being greeted by your sponsor and are now supposed to choose date and time for a initial ‘coaching call’. Only then will you be redirected to the purchasing page. After you pay the teaser fee of $49, you will land on a page with detailed instructions on how to contact MOBE, register and receive instructions to create your personalized website pages.

You are ready to start your journey to making a six figure income (or to your financial ruin) after your first talk with your coach, which enables you to access the 21 Step System. You will be talking to your coach quite often while doing the steps, since he will have to unlock every one for you to continue.

Some of steps are pretty darn good, I have to admit. Even an experienced Internet Marketer will pick up some useful tips and tricks, and you will enjoy…until after Step 6.

Your coach will nicely, but firmly, try to have you upgrade your status to the next level, in order to be able to ‘make the big bucks’, and that comes with a steep cost.

Anyway, you can decline and keep on doing the steps, but be prepared that the upgrade issue is not going to get away. Which brings us to the next important issue…



This program has taught me HOW To Make A

Life Changing Income Online!

Find out how you can too!



How Much Does My Dot Com Business Cost?

There are 4 Levels and you must buy the levels in order to earn the commissions.

  • License Level – $997
  • Franchise Level – $5,000
  • Gold Level – $11,497
  • Platinum Level – $19,997

In addition, there are INNER CIRCLE Programs.

All paid membership levels come with an Inner Circle program attached – with the first month being FREE. The inner Circle programs provide fresh new training and Done-For You services customized for the level you are at as well as a monthly newsletter delivered in print and PDF format.

The monthly cost for these INNER CIRCLES are: $99, $199, $299, $299 for the 4 levels respectively.


What Do You Get For Your Money?

Every member, regardless of the level, will get their personalized website, hosted as a sub domain on the MOBE server, sales funnels with auto responder system, email swipes, promotional materials, and access to training videos.

As a standard Affiliate (the lowly $49 level runt) you will earn between 40%-50% commissions on front end products under $500, but no commissions on back end products.

If you want to earn commissions of 40% to 90% on ALL the products, PLUS have the MOBE sales team helping you selling products  on the back end with commissions of $1000, $3000 and $5000 per sale, then you have to upgrade your Affiliate Membership and buy into one of the high priced levels..


What Are The Concerns About My Dot Com Business?

My main concern is the fact that MDCB is a High Ticket MLM like Empower Network used to be, and is really nothing else but a Promotion Outfit, or Sales Funnel for MOBE.

However, there are some other issues I need to bring to your attention:

As a Standard Affiliate you are very limited to earn any commissions. There are about 15 ‘products’, ranging from 5 bucks to $200,  you could promote and earn commissions between 40% and 50%. If you don’t have thousands of dollars sitting around to buy into the MOBE License Rights levels and hope to earn the money needed by peddling these cheap products, you are out of luck. Your chances to do that are absolutely ZERO.

All MLM’s have very convoluted compensation plans, and the My Dot Com Business is no exception, adapting fully the MOBE plan. In the case on hand, it is important to fully understand the significance of 3 Rules:

Rule #1: An affiliate can earn commissions ONLY on those MOBE Membership sales that he / she are personally positioned at

Rule #2: When someone invests in their first MOBE product, their MOBE License Rights, Titanium and Platinum sponsors are set in stone.

Rule #3: Every MOBE License Rights, Titanium and Platinum member gets 5% commissions on the personal sales of the members they sponsor.

What this means is pretty simple: If you buy in to the cheapest level at $997, and any of your recruits upgrades to a higher level, you will NOT get any commission for this sale. Even if you upgrade to the highest level at 20 grand, and one of your earlier recruits does the same, you ONLY will get the commission for the level YOU were in at the time of recruitment.

Products in the back end. If you buy in to any of the Inner Circle levels, you purchase the re-sell rights to approx. 200 products in the price range from $20 to $2,000. Some of these are pretty good, especially Matt Lloyd’s video productions, but most of them are outdated and have not been updated in quite some time.


This program has taught me HOW To Make A

Life Changing Income Online!

Find out how you can too!


Conclusion To My Dot Com Business Review!

Is My Dot Com Business a Scam? Not by definition of the law…they are selling ‘products’, and, unfortunately,  the law does not provide any guidelines as to what is considered a product, or not. The law also says that it is illegal IF the majority of income is generated from ‘recruiting’, and not from the sale of products. I’ll let you be the judge…

Personally, having lost almost $5,000 with Empower Network, I have an inherent problem with MLM’s that sell digital products and REQUIRE you to purchase the product (s) in order to promote and earn commissions. Ask yourself this:  Would you want to be a car sales person for BMW, IF you would be required to buy 5 different models in order to qualify to sell their products and earn commissions?

These MLM’s call their recruits, or members, AFFILIATES, but their business is definitely NOT affiliate marketing. Again, I will let you be the judge…

Let me rap this up with a bit of reality check, and a look at the history about these high price tickets.

They all claim to teach you how to start and run an online business, but the only thing they teach you is HOW TO RECRUIT new members. They only pay you commissions for the level you positioned yourself in, even IF your recruiting efforts lead to the sale of a higher level membership.

Speaking from my own experiences, and also from conversations with members of this and similar outfits, it is a fact that very little of what you will learn is useful for any other purpose or business, and very few of these companies will stay in business more than 4 or 5 years (if that long).

History proves me right…the demise and filing for bankruptcy of Empower Network, and tens of thousands people that lost significant amounts of money can attest to that.

Fact is that ONLY the owners of these programs and people with extensive experience in Multi Level Marketing will make the big bucks with these type of products. Why do you think it is that most of these businesses are run by former TOP EARNERS of other, similar outfits…like Paul Lynch (EN), Michael Force (Carbon Copy Pro, EN), or joined by top earners like Johnny Chow (EN)?

For many inexperienced and gullible people, joining companies like My Dot Com Business can be a recipe to financial ruin.

I am often accused of ‘bashing‘ other products to further the promoting of ‘my #1 Recommendation’. The truth is far from it; I simply point out the obvious and warn unsuspecting folks of ‘scams’ or unethical products and business practices.

It is not my fault that they don’t teach you…

  • How to build websites
  • How to SEO and generate traffic with organic searches
  • How to make a livable income in Affiliate Marketing
  • How to promote and sell physical products with small Niche Websites
  • How to build your email list
  • How to create email swipes
  • How to plan PPC campaigns and not get broke
  • and much more

Of course, they don’t like me pointing out their short comings, and show you how to get all of the above, and then some, for $49 a month (or $359 per year). The ‘then some‘ includes free hosting of up to 25 of your own domains (not sub domains), 2 video courses with more than 110 lessons, over 300 recordings of Webinars and Case Studies, 24/7/365 support, and a supporting community of over 100,000 members.

There will never be any upsells or down sells. The only other expenses will be the cost for domains, and advertising, if you chose to run PPC campaigns. You choose what kind of online business you want to build for yourself, and you are NOT required to promote Wealthy Affiliate. I do, because I appreciate the value I receive for less than 1 buck a day.

You interested? Come on in and take a look around…it’s free and they don’t even ask you for your credit card info.

Thanks for stopping by and I would appreciate to hear your opinion about the My Dot Com Business review. If you want to cuss me out, call me names or threaten me with lawsuits, go ahead…I am a grown up and can take it. I promise to respond, no matter what.

John Worthy

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7 Responses

  1. juliet

    all of mdcb programs are rinsed and repeated then with a huge price hike,latest is video wrappr on launch it had already been exhausted, also very out dated. when he speaks trying to boast his wealth with the green screen background stood infront of a swimming pool where the water and the background never changes even on a sunny day the light moves and gives shadows, no one ever uses the pool, in my house my pool would be used everyday. then you have the latest new bently it is already used and three years old. with that money coming in i would have grabbed a brand new car of some kind. also part owner of the local hotel??? check out the directors definately no one by the name of lynch. earning 2-3 million per year?? why not on rich list? alarm bells definately ring, perhaps he sued the nhs for not repairing his leg when he managed to break it. some people are never grateful.

  2. Honest

    I think an MLM is when someone gets credit on all sales made by anyone that they originally sold has sold to. (I sell to you, you to sell to Joe, Joe sells to Sally. Joe gets commission on anything Sally sells, You get paid on anything Joe or Sally sell, and I get paid on anything You, Joe, or Sally sell).

    MDCB is not that way. YOU get commission on the deals you sell, not on the deals that are sold by your customers. There is no uphill payout with this program.

    It still is not an easy tool to use and there is not much support. You are guaranteed to make a sale using the methodology, but that guarantee is on a penny/dollar product . There is no guarantee that you will make a large dollar sale.

    I dropped out – it wasnt worth it.

  3. rex

    Now MDCB are offering guess what??? the all brand new MDCB V4 version (affiliate program), wow with the opportunity to grab a couple of bonuses… the one bonus is how paul himself makes a wacking great big $200 day every day, well this just about says it all, this information should be given to all of those who have purchased franchises not as a bonus but to help them survive the decline in people no longer interested in online marketing scams that are just simply rinsed and repeated methods. besides if the main product is really any good there are no need for any so called bonuses worth so called thousands of $$$$$ as they over emphasise. don’t buy a job buy an affiliate program that you can sell on whenever you wish, that is a real franchise.

  4. DS

    MDCB is such a scam, I glad I got out of it when I did, but I have been trying to help others that have decided to give it a go. All the people I know in MDCB have had no support at all from Paul Lynch, he needs to be Lynched for sure. There’s no support at all. They are misleading people by saying it’s all done for you, they do bugger all except take your hard earned cash. When you ask for a REFUND, you are told that they don’t do REFUNDS, they told me that about 10 times, luckily I paid via Paypal, so I got a refund in the end. MDCB and Paul Lynch needs to to be SHUT DOWN.

    • John Worthy

      Thanks for your comment, Derik. Good for you to find your way out and got a refund. These copy cats are as bad as Empower Network was, but the FTC is looking into them as was the case with DIGITAL ALTITUDE. Problem is that Mr. Lynch is located in Great Britain and the FTC has no jurisdiction.

  5. rex

    well said, nice to read the truth. what really gets to me about all of the so called internet marketing gurus, they are never accurate with the millions they say they are worth, check them out if they are anybody with assetts over 1 million the they will be listed on the times rich list.
    if they do not show up there then some one is not telling the truth, i know for sure that if i was an internet millionaire my namewould definately be on the rich list, just to prove that i have done exactly what i talked about, plus the fact what a tremendous boost to selling your own marketing product/s.

    • John Worthy

      Hi Rex, thanks for stopping by. Your are correct in your assertion, and the so called ‘proof’ some of them are showing has to be taken very skeptically. Those that do make real big money don’t brag about it, and it is easy to get ‘testimonials’…just order them from fiverr for as little as $5.

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