My Cash Bot Scam Review – Can APP on Autopilot Make You Rich?


The Reasons Why I Headline This Article “My Cash Bot Scam Review”


My Cash Bot Scam Review – just to get the point across! If you would believe all those fake “My Cash Bot Reviews” that filling up the first 3 pages of Google search results, there is a “new millionaire born every day”!


If you believe that “2 clicks” with the mouse on your computer will make you $400 in the next 60 seconds, you are the kind of dreamer Albert Glenn is looking for.


And if you really believe all the other lies told in the sales video, go right ahead and waste your money.


Otherwise, just hang with me for a few minutes and let’s get to the truth of My Cash Bot.



cash bot scam review



The “My Cash Bot Sales Video” Is Ludicrous!


If you watched the video, you know how painful it is to sit through the whole thing. I must love pain because I did watch it three (3) times!


Seriously, I did it for several reasons.


1) Trying to find out what it really is Mr. Glenn is trying to sell me


2) Taking some screenshots for this review


3) Listening carefully to the false and paid for testimonials by “actors” (bad actors that is)




What Is My Cash Bot?


According to the narrator, Albert Glenn created a software, or an app, that will make you rich on “autopilot”, with just 2 mouse clicks on your computer.


Mouse clicks on your mobile device? Nah, it’s not an app, it’s a computer program. This is just a small detail, but an often used tactic to keep you confused and unsure of what you are really buying.


So what if one of the pretenders actually says “No idea how the app works, but it makes me a lot of money”. There is so much BS in this video that this little tidbit does not matter.


The bottom line: Whatever it may be, My Cash Bot is supposed to make you insanely rich without having to work for it. The whole presentation is meant to convince you, with all the testimonials, to open an account with a brokerage.


Nowhere in the video was it mentioned that you will become a “Binary Option Trader”. You think this is not important to learn that before you sign up?



false cash bot testimonials
“Melissa” looks the typical professional testimonial giver!



6 The Reasons Why My Cash Bot Is A Big Scam!



1) Unrealistic Profit Guarantees


Binary Option Trading is a very risky form of playing the stock market. It’s a gamble like the “Coin-Toss”. There are only 2 ways you can place a bet:


Up/Call – You bet that a certain commodity will be up at a certain strike time during trading hours


Down/Put – You bet that a certain commodity will be down at a certain strike time during trading hours


That’s it. You determine the strike time; 60 seconds ahead, 5 min or any other within the day. If you win, you make a 70% percent profit of your initial bet (30% broker fee), if you lose, you lose the whole amount of your bet (the broker still gets his fee)


Click here for more information about the binary option trading and try here to find out about the high risks involved.



2) The Deal With The Brokerage Firm


To become a millionaire within the next 90 days, you need first to create an account with OptionMaker, the broker chosen by Mr. Glenn (more about that a little later).


They require a minimum deposit of $250.00, which is non-refundable. Didn’t they tell you in the video that it is FREE? Well, it’s not free at all as you can see. It’ll cost you the handsome pocket change of $250.00.


Be aware of the fact that you will not be able to get your initial deposit back. If you think to give it a try with a small trade or two, you think wrong. You are required to make a certain number of trades before you can make any withdrawals from your account.


The number of trades differ from broker to broker, but it’s usually between 40 and 60. If you trade with a minimum of $10, you will be broke before you reach the threshold to be able to make a withdrawal.


All of these brokerages are located offshore, in the Seychelles, Cyprus or other places without any regulation.



3) The Magic Software or App


Now you are ready to “deal” and are able to use the “software or app” that can do the unimaginable.


Predict the unpredictable fluctuations of the market.


There are hundreds of different factors that are responsible for the fluctuation of the price of a certain commodity.


It is a fact that there is no software program that is able to do that. Every single one of these binary trading scams claim to have the ultimate program that is correct 89% of the time.


I call this “nonsense, humbug, bullsh..”.



4) The Fake Testimonials


None of the folks giving “testimonials to their success with My Cash Bot” is using the software and making money with it.


In fact, several of them I have seen in videos for other scammy products. They offer their services on websites like




my cash bot scam review
Obviously, he “forgot the script” – or was he lying?



If you don’t believe me, take the time and look for them by clicking on this link. I have done it so many times for my reviews, I am getting tired of it.



5) Who Makes Money And How


One thing is for sure, you won’t make any dough trading binary options. The other sure thing is WHO REALLY MAKES MONEY.


The Brokerage: They don’t give you a refund, first of all. You must consummate a certain amount of trades which earns the broker a hefty fee (30%, no matter if you win or lose)


Albert Green and his army of Affiliates (see the fake reviews in google search)


Allen Green receives a junk of money from the brokerage firm. Look at the screenshot below that shows you the JVZoo Affiliate Page of My Cash Bot..



my cash bot scam review



Do you see the line Campaign Payout? That means that an affiliate of Mr. Green receives $250.00 for each referral he sends to My Cash Bot and Mr. Green. YOUR initial deposit of $250.00. Strange, is it not?


How much does Mr. Green receive? I wonder if he is the Broker himself? Who knows.


The bottom line, again, is: They make money, you don’t.



6) And Here Is the Ultimate Stunner of My Cash Bot!


Throughout the sales video you will see a “Magic #??” on the right side of the screen (it starts at 27 and goes down every few minutes) This is a reminder that you will have to “act right now” because there are only ??more FREE programs to be given away. What a crack of BS.


They launched a competition for BEST AFFILIATE.



cash bort scam review



You see, $10.000 are in play for affiliates that peddle this crap. All that money comes from people trying to find a way to make money online, but are getting robbed blind by unscrupulous Scammers like Mr. Green.




My Final Thoughts About My Cash Bot










What Next?



There is nothing wrong with gambling every now and then. But go to a casino and have some fun at the same time. Gambling with Binary Options though is a gamble without any fun.

 As far as making money online is concerned, Binary Options are not a good way, in my humble opinion. If you want to build a sustainable online business, I recommend the best online business learning center. Read my Wealthy Affiliate Review and find out what it’s all about.



profil_johnI am John, the owner of this website. If you have any questions about this review or the Wealthy Affiliat program, please leave a note below and I will get back with you asap.



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