MOBE Shut Down By FTC – Bites Dust Like Digital Altitude

Finally, Federal Trade Commission Shuts Down MOBE


mobe scam shut down by FTCMOBE started out as My Online Business Empire, featuring MTTB (My Top Tier Business) back  in 2013 if I remember correctly, and was later transformed to My Online Business Education.

It was around June of 2013 and I had just taken a beating from Empower Network, when I heard of MOBE (MTTB) for the first time. Having lost a substantial amount of money to the biggest scam ever run on the Internet, I started my review blog targeting primarily shady looking online products.

MTTB and MOBE have been on my radar back then, and the reason for not publishing a MOBE Review was simple.  I didn’t want to spend any more money on an obvious scam.

My Digital Altitude Review gained PAGE ONE ranking on Google and still is being viewed over 150 times per day despite the fact that DA was shut down by the FTC in February of 2018.

And now, the MOBE scam suffers the same fate. I can’t say I feel sorry for Matt Lloyd and his equally criminal partners, but do so for the thousands that lost significant amounts of money.

MOBE, Matt Lloyd and his partners, have been charged with defrauding thousands of people for over 125 million  dollars. On June 11, a federal court has halted the MOBE scam and frozen the companies assets at the FTC’s request.

Here is the courts finding:

According to the FTC, the defendants behind this international operation target U.S. consumers—including service members, veterans, and older adults—through online ads, social media, direct mailers, and live events held throughout the country. This action follows the agency’s recent action against Digital Altitude, LLC, a competing business opportunity scheme that was also halted by court order.


The FTC alleges that the defendants falsely claim that their business education program will enable people to start their own online businesses and earn substantial income. They claim to have a “proven” 21-step system for making substantial sums of money quickly and easily from internet marketing, which they promise to provide to those who join their program.


According to the complaint, consumers who pay the initial $49 entry fee for the 21-step program are bombarded with sales pitches for membership packages that cost thousands of dollars, which the defendants pressure them to buy in order to continue through the 21 steps. The defendants eventually reveal that their “proven system” for making money is for consumers to sell the same memberships to others in the hopes of earning commissions on those sales.


Most people who buy into the program and pay for the expensive memberships are unable to recoup their costs, and many experience crippling losses or mounting debts, including some who have lost more than $20,000, the FTC alleges.


The FTC also alleges that the defendants offer refund and money-back guarantees to further mislead people to believe the program is risk-free, but they often refuse to honor refund request, or they provide refunds only after buyers make persistent demands or threaten to complain to the Better Business Bureau or law enforcement agencies.


The defendants are Matthew Lloyd McPhee, also known as Matt Lloyd, an Australian living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Russell W. Whitney, Jr.; Susan Zanghi; MOBE Ltd., also doing business as MOBE, My Online Business Education, and My Own Business Empire; Inc.; Transaction Management USA Inc.; Inc.; 9336-0311 Quebec Inc., also d/b/a Business Education Training; MOBE Pro Limited; MOBE Inc.; MOBE Online Ltd.; and Matt Lloyd Pty Ltd., also d/b/a Matt Lloyd Publishing and Home Business Builders.


The Commission vote approving the complaint was 5-0. The U.S. District Courtfor the Middle District of Florida, Orlando Division, entered a temporary restraining order against the defendants on June 5, 2018

Significant Factors For The Court’s Finding:

  1. Income disclosures proved that the average “active consultant” makes only a few hundred dollars a year from their program—far less than the thousands of dollars consumers pay for their MOBE memberships.
  2. Defendants, knowingly, made false and unsubstantiated claims that consumers will earn substantial income by joining the MOBE program
  3. A great number of consumers have individually lost more than $20,000 from Defendants’ scheme.


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