Mistakes That Affect The Search Rankings Of Your Website


Bad search ranking of your website will break you! Seven Common SEO mistakes you must avoid!


Mistakes That Affect The Search Rankings Of Your Website
Avoid mistakes that affect the ranking of your website

Whether you handle SEO yourself or use the service of an SEO service, it is imperative to pay attention to several important aspects. There are seven common mistakes, which can adversely affect the search rankings of your website.

1) Title, Meta Description and Headline Do Matter


  1. The title, maximal 60 characters, including spaces, must include the keyword or keyword phrase. Avoid high competitive keywords; look for long tail keywords.
  2. The meta description, 160 characters max., must represent the content of the page/post. Include the keyword/keyword phrase in a natural manner
  3. The headline (<H1> tag) should be a “catch phrase” and include the keyword if possible


2) Keyword Stuffing

I know that old habits are hard to break. However, the times when stuffing an article full of keywords helped to better rankings are long gone. You are not writing for SEO but for the visitors to your site. Write your content in a natural way and include your keywords or phrases only when it makes sense.

You can use synonyms of your original keyword or keyword phrase. This allows you to create a keyword rich article without having to be afraid of getting penalized by Google.

3) Duplicate Content/Copied Content

There are actually two kinds of duplicate content:

  • Inadvertent duplication happens when publishing three or more posts per week about subjects that are very close related. Try to avoid it by going over the older posts and look for paragraphs that are similar sounding.
  • Copying content from other websites is an absolute NO-NO. This will drop your SEO ranking into “no-show-territory” and will be totally devastating.


4) Broken Internal Links/External Links

Google likes links, in a reasonable number. Of course, you will add links to related pages on your own site, but also links to other websites. Over time, links will break for different reasons. If there are too many, it will be detrimental to your site’s ranking.

It’s important to attend to this issue. A good way is to use a plug-in and redirect the visitor (and the Google bots) to a specific page. This could be your home page or even a squeeze page.

5) Not Naming Image Files

Be honest; how many times have you inserted an image as “pic_1 or image_5”? Make it your habit to rename the image after you download it. Give it a meaningful name. If your article is about “red shoes” name your image “red shoes with laces”.

Google bots cannot see images, but the name of the file will tell them what it’s all about and that it is related to your content. Then you have the “Alt Text Field”. Fill that in also with a short description. You could enter “red shoes with 8 inch blue laces”.

In both cases you also add important keywords to your content that would not be considered keyword stuffing.

Another positive side effect of naming the file is for your visitors that use a mobile device set to “Images off”. Instead of seeing “pic_1” they would see the actual name you choose and they may take look.

6) Link Building The Wrong Way

We all like incoming links and Google looks at it as a sign that our sites being liked on the internet. However, you should not look at quantity as much as the “Quality” of the links.

Under no circumstances should you spend money on those “1,000 new links every week offers”. These are worthless links to sites with low or no ranking at all. I would prefer a link coming in from Google, the New York Times or any other reputable site over 1,000 of these bought links.

7) Slow Load Time

Google Analytics and other free services let you check on the actual load time of your website. If the result is too slow, your site ranking will go down. It is worth the effort and time to run the tests at least once every month.

The details will let you know the culprits and you are able to make the necessary corrections. For example: One of my sites developed a very slow load time. The easy fix was to deactivate 3 of the plug-ins. Luckily, those were not that important and I had not to much changes to make.



Avoid the mistakes that affect your seo ranking
High ranking of your website will make you a happy Internet Marketer


These are the most common mistakes that affect the search rankings of your website. Don’t rely on SEO software to optimize your site. You can save the money. Here is a link to an interesting article about SEO software.

The best person to perform SEO for your site IS YOU. You know the purpose of your site, you know your audience and it is YOU creating the content.  Avoid these mistakes and see your site rankings improve.

When people find your posts on page 1 or 2 of the search results, they can be assured to find the information they are looking for. You win the trust of your visitors and, subsequently, they will spend their money with you and not the competition.


What’s next for you?

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