Minisite Empire: The Land Of Push Button Website Creators

Once upon a time everybody knew that it takes a lot of hard work, effort and time to start, and most importantly, to build a sustainable business. Only with the advent of the Internet, people started to think that this has changed.

This thinking is wrong, although easy to understand, when literally hundreds of programs and systems promise you short cuts to get rich without having to work for it.

I am not talking about viable ways to make your hard work easier and quicker. I am talking about these “made for you, out of the box, 3 mouse clicks push button systems” like Minisite Empire.


minisite empire review


What Is Minisite Empire


It is a software package that automatically creates WordPress mini websites, adds content, images, optin forms and social icons. With the bare bone version for $10 bucks, you can create an unlimited number of websites for 3 niches only.

You see how easy it to make money online, according the their sales pitch

  • Run the software
  • Enter your affiliate ID’s
  • Get commissions

And you can do that for just 10 measly dollars. Sounds like a great deal, but is it really? Let’s find out, shall we?

How Much Does Minisite Empire Cost?


The bait to reel you into the empire is a low $9.55. Upon crossing the boarder line, you face a gauntlet of upsells.



  • what is minisite empire$27 for 9 additional niches
  • $47.00 for 18 more niches
  • $67 for a template to create unique mini sites in any niche
  • $27 (recurring) for Membership in Marketing Mastermind Group
  • $277 for an unknown product; most likely for ‘personal coaching’

If you would go for all of the offers, you will be out of almost half a grand, $455 to be precise. But you don’t have to jump on all that to find out what this whole thing really is all about.

After you purchase Minisite Empire you’ll receive one email with login details to the member area, and another one that contains four links to download the “software” and the 3 niches.

The Minisite Empire Membership Area


The main area is kind of cluttered with several advertisements, spotting videos for you to watch, 3 different upgrades offers, “a Recommended Product Ad” (more money to spend) and an “Unannounced Bonus” which is a third-party product for $27 bucks.

Nestled in between, you’ll find


STEP 1: Download Your Software and Copy Your License Keys

STEP 2: Watch the Training Videos by Clicking the Left Menu Links


The 7 training videos are very basic and cover installing the sites, editing content and data and how to get domain names & hosting.

After watching the videos you are ready to install your websites. The process is pretty simple and fast. However, this “miracle software” is actually NOT creating a new site ‘on the fly’.

One of the files you downloaded is in fact a copy of a website created by someone else, and the software uploads this file to your website hosting.


minisite empire review


Finishing the Site Creation


You now have at least 3 websites on your hands and soon realize that the sales pitch

“Installs in minutes with no tech skills – you don’t even need to install WordPress – just follow the step-by-step walkthrough videos”

is not quite accurate.

The claim that this whole thing is a “one-click-operation” is true only as far as the actual website creation is concerned.

You will have to learn how to use FTP software, connect to your host and upload files. In addition, you also will be tasked with creating blank databases and edit PHP files.

Although all of this is covered in the videos, but some skills are required to do all of that. If you never dabbled around with WordPress sites and FTP, you will go through a ‘trial-and-error’ phase, watching the videos numerous times, until you get a grip on the techie side of things.

The learning of skills, which you don’t need, according to their sales pitch, continues with the rest of the training. Here you train how to edit and add certain elements to your sites; i.e. affiliate links, images, adverts etc.).


The Finished Minisite Empire Websites


What you get as finished product is a ‘Cookie Cutter Niche Website’, complete with content, images, ads and affiliate links.

Everything looks darn good, at first glance. The theme is not the greatest, but you could live with that. The images and graphics on display are more than acceptable and all the affiliate links are working just fine.

All that glitters is not gold“, said good ‘ol Mr. Shakespeare, as if he could’ve foreseen that there will be something like Minisite Empire.


The Cons Of Minisite Empire

Duplicate Content

Content is the most important part of ANY website. It is supposed to provide visitors to your site with the information they are looking for. Quality content is the ‘trust builder’ necessary to convert an info seeker into a paying customer.

The content you get from Minisite Empire may contain the right information, but since there will be thousands of automatically created sites like yours, containing the exact same text, it is duplicate content.


is minisite empire a scam


The articles are not even spun or modified by other means to give them some kind of originality.

That’s a big No-No in the eyes of Google and the other search engines. Not too long ago, just about 6 months prior to writing this article, hundred of thousands mini sites got slapped by Google.

They got de-indexed, making it impossible to be found in Google searches. And the same will, without a doubt, happen to the sites you created with Minisite Empire.

Insufficient Training

The training is limited to working with Minisite Empire and does not include important topics like SEO, content creation and website building. You will have to dump the useless content and create your own which requires a whole set of knowledge and some techie skills.

To rank in search engines, you need to know at least some basic SEO techniques and the “SEO do’s and SEO don’t do’s”.

In order to continue and make your sites working, you will have to turn to other sources to get the education you will need.

No Help & Support System

I like programs that have a functioning help and support system. No matter how good the training material is, there will always be moments when you are stuck. Sitting in front of your computer and have nobody to turn to can be very frustrating.

Again, you are on your own and have to find other means to get answers to the questions you may have.


Bottom Line: Can You Make Money With Minisite Empire?


is minisite empire a scam
Brett Ingram, creator of Minisite Empire

The product works as advertised and delivers minisites that contain content. However, Brett Ingram, the creator of Minisite Empire starts you off the wrong way. He is in the business long enough to know that this kind of sites will not work as promised.

He launched a similar product not too long ago and I reviewed it back then in 2014. Minisite Riches”, as he called it, was a bit less sophisticated as this new spin-off, and it wasn’t a big seller either.

I am not telling you that minisites can’t work; they do if done the right way. By providing quality content, unique and helpful for the visitor, combined with applying the correct SEO techniques, you will be able to avoid getting slapped and de-indexed by Google.

I will not call Minisite Empire a scam since you do get a product that delivers what you paid for.


“A shortcut to jump on the ‘make money online band wagon’ and not having to work for it”.


Yes, I said that, because a lot of people are looking for this kind of shortcut, only to find out later that IT DOES NOT WORK.

But let me answer the question if you can make money with this kind of website. Maybe for a short period of time you may be able to pull in a few bucks until the site disappears from the search radar and nobody can find it.


I hope you enjoyed reading my review as much as I enjoyed writing it. I would love to hear your opinion, so don’t be shy and chime in on your way out.


The Alternative to Minisite Empire


A lot of folks make money online, and so do I. When I was looking for opportunities how to start, I came across and dabbled with several programs that seemed to provide a starting point.

Most of them were just like Minisite Empire; empty promises and outright BS. I wasted time, and most importantly, hard earned money looking for ‘the easy way‘ to get started.

Ready to give up, I literally stumbled across a program that I now call my #1 FREE Recommendation. Let me show you how Wealthy Affiliate compares to Minisite Empire.



You can easily see why WA is my #1 recommendation. They taught me how to start a sustainable online business that makes me a comfortable living income. You can do the same if you are able to follow direction, are willing to learn and WORK for the money YOU want to make, not given to you by some boss.

All it takes is for you to take action today. Come on over and take a FREE TEST DRIVE at Wealthy Affiliate. I am not crazy enough to tell you that you will make a million dollars 6 months from now, or that this is the right thing for you.

This is for you to determine after you checked out what’s going on inside WA. So, come on in and take a look. It’s 100% free and you don’t have to bring your credit card either.

That’s all for today. Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to leave a comment


John Worthy



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