Most “Make Money Online Product Reviews” are FAKE and I am tired of this Crap!

It’s Hard To Find Honest “Make Money Online Reviews” In The Mudslide Of Fake Reviews Promoting The Scam Products.

make money online reviews
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The web is awash in “how to make money online scams, cons and rip-offs” . Millions of people search online every month for opportunities to generate income. Unfortunately, they will come across the many “get rich schemes” promising the pie in the sky.

I am sure you have seen these offers or received spam e-mail promoting a “secret money making product”. You decided to take a closer look.  A simple search [product name Review] displayed 20 or 30 pages with write-ups or links to You Tube video reviews.

Can you tell the difference between a real, honest review and a fake review, which is in fact a “sales pitch in disguise”? I will show you what to look for in this article.


1) Pre-Launch “Make Money Online Reviews”

The deception starts even before the product is available. It is common practice to announce a launch date of this “new money generating miracle” with a series of e-mail campaigns and postings on the social networks.

 fake testimony
This is “banjoman15”. Also a popular “Faker”
Check him out

At the same time, so-called reviews of the not yet available product appear in great numbers on the Internet. You would be wrong to assume that these reviews are the results of tests and try-outs.

In fact, these reviews are produced either by affiliates which will earn a commission of future sales, or often times by folks that make their living by creating review videos for any product or services.

The guy in the images calls himself “banjoman15” and offers his services on He charges as little as $5.oo for a “real sounding, honest review”. Click on it to see his add on fiverr.

2) Review Websites

Take the time and compare the first 20 reviews (not the videos just yet). You may find ONE real website with lots of content, categories, menu items, an About page and contact information. This is, most likely, an honest review. However, this may not be the case and I will explain that just in a minute.

All the others contain just one landing page with many links to the sales video. Reading the sales pitch, that’s what this page really is, you will notice that they are all similar, sometimes awkward to read and not high quality content.

These pages are created using “Article Spinner Software”, which uses text templates and spins the wording and structure of sentences to give the text the appearance of being original.

3) Reviews on You Tube

Most videos are short, just 2 to 5 minutes, amateurish and fun to watch. Some are longer and the narrator actually tries to explain how this product is able to fill up your bank account over night, even while you are sleeping.

Of course, they show you the obligatory stacks of dollar bills and false bank statements with outrages deposit amounts. However, the main reason is to lure you into “clicking the link below”, buy the product and earn the video producer some commission.

If you already watched the sales video, you will notice that some of these people also appear in it.

4) “Jump On The Bandwagon” Reviews

These are positive reviews by folks that enter an affiliate agreement with the owners of the product and earning commission when a sale was initiated through their website. Yes, they do have a well designed website and a lot of content. At closer look though, all their reviews are about “scam products” with links to the sales page.

Some of them use shortened links as to hide the destination URl, but a click on the link will take you where you will lose your hard earned money.


Final Words About “Make Money Online Reviews”


The worth of most make money online reviews: one penny
The real value of most product reviews

Now you understand why “I am tired of this crap“. It is unfortunate, that one has to go through page after page of search results to find honest reviews of a product. In fact, most are worth just what you see on the right.

The purpose of this short article is to help you recognizing the difference between honest and fake reviews. I evaluate many products for my reviews and try my best to give an honest and true opinion. Follow this link to the category scams or check out my recommended “make money online” programs.

John Worthy ProfileMy name is John, the owner of Facts About Internet Marketing. I am here to help newbies start their own legitimate online business. Knowing from experience how easy it is to fall for these scams, I made it my mission to exploit the products and their owners.

If you are interested in making money online and want to learn how to, I recommend you take a look at my #1 recommended learning center. It will not cost you a dime to check it out. Read my Wealthy Affiliate Review for details.

Any questions or comments? Just drop me a note in the comment box below or send an e-mail.


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  2. Ade

    Hi John, you have a down-to-earth post here. There is so much crap about product reviews out there that you wonder if the reviewers have a clue what they are talking about.

    No beating about the bush at Wealthy Affiliate, everything is out in the open and you join for free getting training, support and much more.


    • John Worthy

      Thanks Ade. Yea, I just needed to write this article. It makes me angry when looking at the top ranked “Reviews” created with article spinners. I wonder why Google is not catching on to that crap. Wealthy Affiliate literally preaches about quality content and Kyle/Carson are so right. However, somebody needs to let Google know.

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