Is Video Important For SEO? Better Ranking With Videos?

If your Website without video content is outperformed by sites with videos, it’s time to consider the importance of videos for SEO!


Videos are not just a FAB anymore.


Googlebot likes video
Is video Import for your website ranking?

Let’s face it. Over the past 5 years or so, videos became part of our daily life. We all are familiar with the short, snippet like videos on YouTube going viral and amassing hundred of thousands viewings in just a few days.

Many people like watching a video, instead of only reading an article or a blog posts and looking at still images. They enjoy the duality of seeing and reading what you have to offer.

It is common practice now to hide a “video only content” behind a catchy headline. See for examples. No wonder, that Google and the other search engines recognize the popularity of videos and reward sites with higher rankings.

Compelling Reasons For Video

  1. Video adds VALUE to your website. It enhances your content and builds brand awareness in your visitors.
  2. Video adds shareable content.
  3. Engaging content reduces the bounce rate of your site. Visitors stay longer, and even look for more content.
  4. Video can prove you an expert in your field and add trust to your visitors.
  5. Video allows you to add more keywords without “keyword stuffing”. Put the keywords in the title, description and transcript of your video.
  6. And last but not least, “Your visitors like video”.


Google and Video

Google owns YouTube, which evolved into the 2nd largest search engine. They realized the trend towards video and embraced it. When you run your own website, you will have access to Google Webmaster tools and oftentimes looking for important information.

Matt Cutts, the leader of Google’s Webspam team, released a great number of short videos answering questions of webmasters. A simple search “Matt Cutts video about [subject]” let’s you find the video, either directly at Google Webmaster or at Google Webmaster Help on YouTube.

I include two of Matt’s videos about “Video and SEO:

1) Video, Transcript or both. Is serving Googlebot a transcript instead of the video considered “Cloaking”?

 Matt’s answer: In search engine ranking it would be considered “cloaking“. The better practice is to show both, the video and the word-for-word transcript. He also explains why video is import to SEO but also for the visitor experience.



2) What factors influence video Universal result in Google?

 The caller  has the same video on YouTube with high views, comments and ratings yet the other one with low views and no comments is the one that ranks. He wants to know “why is this”?

Matt’s answer: The video on the website with low views MUST have “reputable incoming links” and therefore the page rank is high. And that explains “The importance of posting a video on your website for good SEO“.  By the way, that also confirm that Google has not stopped with “Page Ranking“!



How To use Video To Boost Your Website Ranking

You can see that Google is giving video considerable recognition and consideration for website rankings. Here are some things to remember when adding video to your content.

  • Add keyword rich title and description (Matt Cutts in video 2 above is literally telling you to use your strong keywords to tell the viewer what to expect)
  • Provide a transcript of the video, which let’s your visitor know what it is all about. Many people like to read along while viewing a video. This also gives you the opportunity to add relevant keywords, without leaving the impression of keyword stuffing.
  • If possible, post the video on your domain. This way your website is not competing directly with YouTube. Don’t get me wrong. YouTube is an excellent source to increase traffic to your site. But Googlebots like to detect video on websites. Use this to your advantage.
  • Make the video “embeddable” for your visitors to share on their social networks. Always include a link back to your website.
  • Needless to say that the video should be of high picture and audio quality; low or scratchy audio may cause the viewer to “bounce out” and leave your site.
  • In case you have to insert a text link to the video, use the title instead of “click here”. That also enriches your keywords within the post.
  • Encourage your visitor to leave a comment about the video. That can lead to a conversation and many visits.
  • Think of a clever way to include links to other pages/post on your website. This increases the page view and visit duration in Google Analytics.  (Speaking of which: Have you read my “Guide To Writing Killer Content”? Check it out.)
  • Don’t forget to share your video within your social networks; and include “links to your website”.

Allow me a few words about advertisements in videos. I see nothing wrong with monetizing our websites. Yet, is it indeed necessary to force a viewer to watch 30 seconds or longer adds, before he is able to watch the real content of the video?

Personally, I find it annoying, for example a  clip showing the “Yasil Puig’s bat flip after he hits a home run” and the actual content is only 25 seconds long.

Making Your Own Videos

This is of course the subject of an article on his own. However, if you are interested to get started soon, I recommend you watch the video “Get Visual with your video“.

Why is video important for seo
Watch this video and find out “How To Create Your Own Videos”

What’s Next For You?

Keep on creating quality content for your website and enhance it by adding relevant videos. Your visitors will stay longer on your site and the high quality of your videos will increase your site ranking. And that is the reason for good SEO.

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John Worthy ProfileMy name is John the owner of Facts About Internet Marketing. I am here to help newbies starting their own Internet Marketing business. Feel free to leave a comment in the box below. I appreciate your feedback and opinion. You also can send me an e-mail.


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