Is Minisite Riches A Scam? Unbiased Review 2014

Review of: Minisite Riches
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Brett Ingram

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On July 26, 2014
Last modified:August 22, 2014


You do get a tangible product for a decent price. Is the product any good and will it make you rich? Definitely not.

Can You Really Make Money With Pre-Designed, Automated Mini Websites?


The concept of mini websites has been around for quite some years now and I thought that this FAD was over. It worked well back then when “keyword stuffing” was a widely used SEO technique to rank well in the search engines.


minisite riches review


However, upgrades to the ranking algorithms over the past years, especially by Google, will now penalize websites using this technique by de-indexing and not ranking them at all.

The idea behind mini sites is simple and not bad at all. Instead of creating ONE website, building it out with content and maintaining it, you would buy a number of pre-built mini sites.

The folks promoting this way to make money online, telling you that experience is not necessary, the sites are easy to set up and fully automated. We will find out later if this is true or not.

Let’s say you have ten sites and each makes you $200.00 per month, you are doing fine. As the sites are relatively inexpensive, you could weed the none-earning sites out and set up others.

That is the theory behind the concept. Does it really work this way? I doubt it. My Minisite Riches Review will shed some bright light on it and tell you my unbiased opinion.

Want to see what really works? Take a look


The Sales Pitch for Minisite Riches


  • The Video: Brett Ingram presents his product in a matter-of-fact manner without the usual scammer BS. He does not promise you the “pie-in-the-sky”, nor does he bore you with the showing of fake bank accounts (a stark contrast to all the other scam products)
  • He claims that you don’t need any experience, all the design work is done for you
  • Three easy steps to start:

Run software

Edit links

Grow list & make money

  • Receive commissions from Amazon, Clickbank and Google Adsense
  • The niche sites will make you money the very first day
  • All mini sites come filled with quality content and great images
  • And he says “minisites are the simplest way to tap into the 3 Billion Dollar commissions paid every year to affiliates”


There is just ONE IMPORTANT fact Mr. Ingram forgets to mention. The site(s) will NOT RANK  in search rankings unless YOU have at least some rudimentary knowledge of SEO.


Minisite Riches PROS & CONS



1) Low Price: $11.99 as of July 24, 1014. There is a slight increase every so often though. Starting out at $9.36, and rumor has it that the price will increase to max. $27.00. It is still a good deal.


1) Upsell #1: I got the software plus three site for $11.99. Upgrading to the PRO VERSION will cost you $27.00 and includes sites for 10 niches.

2) Upsell #2: The MAX VERSION for $47.00 and 20 more niches.

3) Upsell #3: For $77.00 you will get a Template Package with thousands of pre-written articles and 25 editable site headers.

4) Duplicate Content: This is when the trouble with systems like Minisite Riches begins. Each niche comes with “only ONE website”. Let’s assume that 5,000 people choose the same niche as you do, there will be 5,000 sites with exactly the same PLR content popping up on the web.

Search engines, Google in particular, are considering this “duplicate content” and your little “siteling” will not get ranked.

The articles are of poor quality, hard to read (paragraphs are too long with no breaks) and obviously produced by “article spinning programs”.

Of course, you could remedy this by learning how to write quality content and start the process of editing, applying relevant keywords and DO SEO to the existing pages. Doing this, by the way, defeats the purpose of buying Minisite Riches in the first place.

5) Grow the List & make money (says Brett Ingram):  That sounds too easy. Let me tell you this. Building an email list of potential customers takes time and requires, first of all, traffic to your website (which you will not get with these mini sites). That’s a dead end!

The other alternative would be to “purchase lists”, which can cost you hundreds of dollars and does not guarantee the desired results..


minisite riches support system sucks
There is hardly any training or support at Minisite Riches

6) Support at Minisite Riches Sucks: If you have problems with the download of the software and/or your mini site, you will get help from a third party help desk. Be prepared to wait at least 48 hours for a respond.

If you do not know…………….

  • How to sign up for Google Adsense
  • How to get affiliate links from Clickbank and Amazon
  • How to work with the affiliate links
  • How to get your site on the web
  • How to promote your site…………

You are on your own.

Training and support is very limited and it’s up to you to figure out “how things work”. Maybe I just got spoiled by the state of the art training and the 24/7/365 support at the best online business training center on the internet. You can take a look at the inside right now!


Final Words About MinisiteRiches


Is Minisite Riches a scam? Technically speaking, no………it is not a scam.  You do get a tangible product for a decent price. Is the product any good and will it make you rich? Definitely not. I purchased the basic package and put up one of these mini sites. Although I am experienced and have success with other sites, my efforts to “tweak” the mini site failed.

Despite adding more content to it and applied proven SEO techniques to the pre-built content, I was not able to get a decent ranking in any of the three major search engines. Hence, no traffic…no business, no money.

My Verdict: Minisite Riches is LEGIT and I give the product a rating of 40 points on a 100 point scale. I cannot recommend Minisite Riches  for the reasons given you with my review.

2_star rating

 solution to how to start an online business



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