Is DotComSecrets X a Scam – Review 2014

Review of: DotcomSectrets X
Product by:
Russell Brunson

Reviewed by:
On March 21, 2014
Last modified:August 22, 2014


The close connection with EN makes DotComSecrets X a scam. Avoid

Want To Start A Legitimate Internet Marketing Business? Don’t Buy DotComSecrets X.


There are over 2 million online searches about the subject “how to make money online” every single month. Established internet marketers and “newbies” alike are looking for systems and tools that can help them in their efforts to achieve a solid income stream.

You will encounter many programs, which claim to be the perfect tool. Unfortunately, most of them are unethical scams. The “Syndicate” of unscrupulous individuals are preying on the unsuspecting and naïve.

Is DotComSecrets X a scam? That’s what my review is about.


About Russell Brunson, Founder and Owner:

DotComSecrets X - Internet Guru-Scam
Yea, there is the suit case full of crisp $100.00 bills.

I must admit Russell is a slick fellow. He comes across as the likable, “small-town” teenager he was, when he had his first success as internet marketer. Selling “How to Build a Potato Gun” made him a nice bundle.

But don’t get fooled by his still boyish appearance. In the sales video, Russell uses the phrase “Don’t pay me until you are making money” to lure you into “buying in for just a single dollar”. Then he shows an old video clip, in which Tony Robbins endorses Russell, to earn your trust.

Of course, the suit case filled with nice and crisp “Franklins” is a must to round out the typical sales tactic used by the “scheisters”.


DotComSecrets X Overview:



is dotcomsecrets x a scamProduct Name: DotComSecrets X

Owner: Russell Brunson

Price: $1.00 – 7-day trial

 $47.00/month after


My Rating: 10 points on 100 point scale – 1 star


PROS & CONS of DotComSecrets X



1) Some techniques are taught pretty well and could be utilized in niche marketing. For example, e-mail list building and how to build an attractive “Squeeze Page”.

2) You can get a refund if you are persistent enough


1) Drip-feeding the content.

Russell Brunson is NOT giving you FULL ACCESS to DotComSecrets X when you join the membership area. Instead, you will have access to only seven days of training lessons at a time. You will not be able to work through the course faster, even if “you die trying”.

In one of the “fake reviews“, written by a DotComSecrets X Affiliate, this tactic is explained with that:

“The videos are set up on a time release delay, so you can’t just get in and download everything and bail.  It’s meant to be digested a little at a time, so they give you about a week’s worth of content at a time”.

Could it get any “crappier”? You and I know that it is easy to prevent “unauthorized” downloads of any video content. This “time release delay” has only ONE PURPOSE; it forces you to hang around to finish the training. By that time, after day 84, your credit card was charged twice for the monthly fee of $97.00.

Although, Russell has promised his system would be free as long as you don’t make money, it’s NOT SO. In fact, you will be billed from the first day on. This shows how much you can trust Mr. Russell Brunson.

There is another reason to release the package in bits and pieces. If you would be able to look at lessons ahead, you would realize what piece a crap his system really is. And that brings us to the next con.

2) The Real Purpose of the DotComSecrets X Program

Russell claims to teach you Internet Marketing; truth be told, his claim is an “outright lie“. The only thing you will be taught is to sell Russell’s other products.

These are products and programs he either owns outright, or owns parts of. The sole purpose of DotComSecrets X is to make you a whole seller of these crappy and worthless products.

If you expected to learn all facets of internet marketing, you will be very disappointed. People that bought into this program would have run away as fast as they could, if they would have known these sad facts.

I don’t know about you, but I refuse selling crappy and scammy systems, programs or products and help to further enrich Mr. Brunson. There is enough of this mess floating around the web as it is. But the worse is yet to come.

3) Guru-Scam Alert: Russell Pushes Empower Network

DotComSecrets X Scam Review
Empower Network recommendation

When I reached the point in the program when Russell pushes his members to join Empower Network, I realized that it was high time for me to get the heck out of there. If you are not familiar with EN, allow me to very briefly explain what it is.

EN is a Pyramid Scheme, plain and simple. The money you make comes from the entry fee of folks YOU recruit to join. EN has 5 tiers with different buy-ins.

  • Tier 1: $25.00 per month.
  • Tier 2: $100.00 per month.
  • Tier 3: $500.00 one-time buy-in
  • Tier 4: $995.00 one-time buy-in
  • Tier 5: $3,500.00 one-time buy-in

You only receive payment for the tier you are in. If one of your recruits buys into a higher tier before you do, you get NOTHING. In addition, you will receive money only from “every other” person in your down line. I let you figure out, who gets the payment for the “other every other”.

Anyways, since the money flows upwards in a pyramid scheme, it’s easy to figure out who will get rich.

The point I am making is obvious. Whenever I see that an owner of a program heavily promotes another, it is a clear sign that this person is only interested in “making money for himself”. If you would join EN through Russell’s link and “go all in” up to the $3.500.00 level, Russell would get a commission of about $4.600.00.

It’s clear that Russell is more interested in selling not only his products to you, but also EN and others, rather than teaching you the “ins and outs of the internet marketing industry”.

Before I wrap up my little rant and come to the conclusion of my review, I want you to watch the short video below. You will learn how the Internet Guru-Scam works. And remember, I promised at the beginning of my article to show you “The Right Way To Start Your Internet Marketing Business“. Here we go, start the video!



Very interesting and eye-opening, don’t you agree? A peek into the Internet Guru Syndicate Scene. And Russell Brunson is a member of it. Not one of the TOP GUYS, rather a sales person like Anthony Morrison (also shown in the video).


My Verdict on DotComSecrets X:

I would be hard pressed to give Russell Brunson and his product a rating better than 10 points on a 100 point scale – 1star

DotComSecrets X is a scam and must be avoided!

scam logo

Thanks for reading my Review of DotComSecrets X. There is still a little bit left for you to do! Keep on reading for just a few more minutes and I will show you…………………………….


The Right Way To Start Your Internet Marketing Business


Wealthy Affiliate Review
You want to “Learn Internet Marketing from the Ground Up”?
Join Wealthy Affiliate – it’s free to start and find out what it’s like on the inside!


Starting an online business can be a confusing adventure. To be honest, I did not have a clue where to start and what to do. Naturally, I stepped right into some of the scam traps just waiting for another victim. Sure, I was angry like hell; more with myself for being stupid enough not to recognize the wicked schemes than with the perpetrators.

So I lost money and time, but not my desire to succeed. Searching the web for information I came about a review on Wealthy Affiliate that caught my attention. Reading about a dozen more WA reviews, my interest kind of peaked by a recurring sentence. “You can join WA for FREE, no credit card required“.

Wealthy Affiliate Review
All In One Platform To Success

Now that’s unique and I have never seen a “FREE” offer that had not some kind of trick attached. NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED was the deciding factor for me to take a “look-see“. What did I find?

Well, to my surprise, the offer was for real. All I had to do was to choose a User Name, Password and enter my e-mail address and I was on the “inside“.

What is Wealthy Affiliate? Allow me to tell you first what Wealthy Affiliate is NOT! It is not a product or system that will make you rich overnight without having to do any work!

Experienced Internet Marketers as well as newcomers to the industry will find an “All In One Platform” that provides everything you need for your business. Outstanding training classes supported by excellent videos, website building tools, Keyword research tools and a help and support system that is second to none will guide you through your learning experience.

Wealthy Affiliate will give you all the building materials for a successful online business. But it’s up to you to take action. Nobody can do that for you. Read my Wealthy Affiliate Review with all the details for more information.

I recommend Wealthy Affiliate highly for starters and more experienced folks that still struggle to make some decent money. And like I said: It is absolutely free to join. You will have time to decide if this is the right thing for you or not.

 solution to how to start an online business



John Worthy ProfileMy name is John. I would like to know if you had any experience with online scams, or if you have any other questions. Just drop a comment below or e-mail me at:

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12 Responses

  1. Ajmal Khan

    Hi John worthy I saw your review and realised the dangers of online targeting. I want to start learning about online business trading could you please give me any advice or guidance as to where I should seek advice or mentoring /coaching from. Tia
    Ajmal Khan.

  2. Ron

    The flaw in this conversation is that you’re mixing 2 parts science fiction with 1 part reality. Yes, there are scam artists out there. Yes, there are people who get ripped off. The “salesperson” audio that you showed is absolutely wrong for using that sort of tactic.

    But, let’s bring some logic into this. Do you know the lady on the other end of that call? Did she learn anything? Did she make any money? Did she get a refund within 30-days if she asked for one? None of that is addressed here.

    I have not purchased from most of the people you represent in the video. But, I have purchased two products from Andy Jenkins and Mike Filsame. I’ve learned a ton of stuff from their free content and I learned even more in their paid content. The software tool that I purchased from them is point-blank the best tool on the market in that particular category. I did not receive a phone call from a scammy salesperson. They didn’t use any high-pressure tactics. Nothing that they did was scammy in any way.

    So, I can testify that you are not being fair and balanced in your message. I will also invoke logic and say I have no idea if Andy or Mike have ever scammed anyone. But, your definition of “scam” seems to include every legitimate form of marketing as well as the scammy stuff.

    Case in point. You frame drip-content membership sites as evil when in fact, they are a very legitimate form of marketing. If I have $200 worth of content that I put in a membership site, at $20 per month it would take 10 months for me to get paid for my content.

    If I were to make that available all at once, someone could consume all of the content in the first month for $20 and I’m out $180. How is that fair? Now, if the content is crap, that’s a different story. But, you can’t lump everyone together and generalize marketing as scammy.

    I notice every comment on this site is warm and fuzzy for your review, so hopefully you will allow my voice to be heard as well. I’d be glad to listen to your side also. There are enough real scammers out there. No reason to target legitimate marketing and legitimate marketers.

    • John Worthy

      Ron, first off, thanks for your lengthy comment. I am not mixing 2 parts science fiction with one part of reality, as you call it. In fact, i am being much too nice a bout certain things. Have you ever read any of the complaints about Mike Filsame? Guess not. Click on the link and find out.
      Few words about Russell Brunson. He is well known in the industry as, let me put it mildly, “one who puts out crappy products”. And Dotcomsecrets X is one of them. There is no secret in that will make you a lot of money.
      Drip feeding content may be ok in your opinion, but I need to disagree here as well. Do the math. A 30 day money-back-guarantee does nobody any good, if there are 6 or 7 lessons spread out over 6 or 7 weeks. By the time you may find out that you’ve been had, IT WILL BE TOO LATE to get a refund.
      And you are dead wrong accusing me of targeting “legitimate marketers”. Russell Brunson is nothing that would come close to a legitimate marketer.

  3. empower network review

    Just desire to say your article is as astounding. The clearness to
    your submit is just excellent and i can assume you’re a professional in this subject.
    Fine with your permission allow me to grasp your RSS feed to keep updated with forthcoming post.
    Thank you one million and please carry on the rewarding

  4. Mike

    Nice review John, another scammer exposed, only another 999,999 to go.
    The more these people get exposed the better for everyone.

  5. Guy

    Hi John,
    You did a very good job with this review and I hope a lot of people will read and not get in that ugly scam mouse trap.

    • John Worthy

      Hi Guy. thanks for stopping by. You are right, it’s a mouse trap. I just wonder how they get a way with scams like that. I am just glad I found Wealthy Affiliate to be able to build a real online business. All the best for you

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