Is Bring the Fresh a Scam – My Review 2014

Review of: Bring The Fresh
Program to teach Affiliate Marketing:
Kelly Felix
$197.00 one time payment

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On February 3, 2014
Last modified:July 30, 2014


Kelly Felix updated Bring The Fresh and changed the pricing. The product is legit. I give it a 4-star rating

Bring The Fresh Got Updated Again! Improved Training & New Pricing


Kelly Felix was at it again. Bring the Fresh changed a couple of months ago. The sales video shows “fresher fruit images” and some of the scam hype was replaced with a more sinister and honest presentation.

I bought Bring The Fresh to learn about these changes. First off, Kelly did update some of the trainings videos which were part of my slight disappointment I voiced in my original review. His members will thank him for that.

The change with the most impact though, was the drastic turn-about in the pricing of Bring The Fresh. The teaser entry-price of $7.00 is gone AND SO ARE THE ANNOYING UPSELLS.

Now the program cost a “one-time for life $197.00” and nothing else to buy. Kelly explains that he is interested in folks willing to put in effort to make his program work. He says

“the price is high enough to keep away the freebie seekers, but reasonably affordable for serious people”.

I will leave the body of the review unchanged, so you will be able to see the positive affects of the changes.



Bring the fresh review update
The new and improved Bring The Fresh by Kelly Felix

Name:  Bring the Fresh


Price: $7 trial, $37.00 or $89 for lifetime + disturbing UPSELLS

Price update: $197.00 once off – NO UPSELLS

Owner: Kelly Felix
My Rating: 80 out of 100 points – 4 stars

History of Bring the Fresh


Up until early in 2013, Bring the Fresh was run together by the co-founders Kelly Felix and Mike Long and was regarded by many as a non-reputable product. Remaining good friends, they decided to part as business partners; now Kelly Felix is running the whole show himself.

Not only has Kelly Felix made positive changes to the product itself, he also made changes to the business side of the program. He switched from charging a monthly membership fee to a one time payment. No more upsells


Purpose of the Program


Is bring the fresh legitBring the Fresh contains software to build and design your websites which you need to start your internet business. In addition, it provides all the tools and training necessary to get you started.

There are continuous updates to the software to stay up-to-par with the changes in the industry, in particular the changes Google is introducing several times per year.

Hence the name “Bring the Fresh”. And this is no an exaggeration; Kelly Felix is one of the very few providers of similar programs which are really concerned that their product is always up-to-date.

Who is BTF for?

Since this is a review and not a “sales pitch” I need to be real honest with you. Kelly Felix and his advertisement claims that his program is for “anyone” but I beg to differ for two reasons:

(1) BTF is a very good program with a step-by-step approach to teach NEWBIES the basics of IM in general and the Affiliate Marketing in particular. Outstanding is the easy to understand website building section which is supported by webinars and expert advise.

This part is now irrelevant! The more experienced, however, will not find much helpful new material within the program. But these folks would not purchase BTF in the first place because they know that it is utterly impossible to MAKE MONEY IN THE FIRST SEVEN DAYS as stated within the sales ad. Just click and enlarge the images below and see for yourself what I am talking about.

(2) Then there is another group of potential buyers of Bring the Fresh.  These folks either truly believe, or simply just want to believe, that it is possible to create a cash flow of $1,200.00 to over $3,000,00 per day with little or no work in a very short time.

  is bring the fresh legit Bring the fresh review disclaimer







The next chapter is unchanged. However, I need to mention again, that Kelly Felix did update some of the trainings videos and brought them up to industry standards.


Training and Tools provided


Training: The training is very good, hands down. Once you have signed up you have access to the Bring the Fresh Fast Start Guide. This comes in a 50-page PDF format, but you have the choice to use a video version as well.

In addition, BTF provides webinars on a regular basis. You can learn a lot  by attending if you can handle the rather long duration and a heavy load of new information.

Tools: A very easy and user friendly tool, the website building software, help you to create your website. You don’t require any knowledge of programming languages or web site design.

Other tools available to you include a “Content Spinner” an “Article creation Tool” and several “Link Builders”. These are optional, however, and to be used very cautiously.

bring the fresh member forumSupport: First off, there is a very content-rich FAQ section that allows you to add your own questions which will be done rather quickly.

There is an actual Support Desk which is rather slow in responding to requests and is basically useless.

However, the Main Support at Bring the Fresh comes from the huge customer and member forum board with over 10,000 board members.

You can easily find answers to your subject question, or enter your own query by giving it a subject title. And do not be surprised if you find your request responded to by Kelly Felix himself, since he frequently appears inside the community to offer his help and support.


How Much Will Bring the Fresh Cost You?


$7.00 for the 7-day “check-it-out” period

$37.00 for the “lifetime” access, which is followed by a “MUST HAVE UPGRADE” of

$89.00, which will give you the promised start and a website to work with

The price now is ONE TIME $197.00 with nothing else to buy.

There is one extra expense though: You will need to buy a Domain Name and pay for Website Hosting. I recommend you purchase these from; their prices are very competitive and the hosting is first class.


Pros and Cons of Bring the Fresh



  • Step-by-step Bring the Fresh Fast Start Guide
  • Easy to use website building software
  • Kelly Felix has good track record and reputation
  • Good program for newbies


  • Hidden expenses (domain name purchase and web hosting)
  • Webinars are too long and provide an overload of information which may be less effective for certain types of learners


Is Bring the Fresh a Scam? – My Conclusion


Bring the Fresh is a good program that provides newbies with excellent training and tools to a start in the IM business. More experienced IM marketers will find helpful material in the advanced sections of the program.

Bring the Fresh is NOT A SCAM. If you are willing to work hard and commit yourself, you can make a good buck. Don’t expect to get rich quick though, it will take quite some time and effort.


Bring the Fresh is LEGIT.


Name:  Bring the Fresh


Price: $7 trial, $89 for lifetime + disturbing UPSELLS

Price update: $197.00 once off – NO UPSELLS

Owner: Kelly Felix

My Rating:  80 out of 100 points – 4 stars


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John Worthy ProfileHi, my name is John. If you had any experience with Bring the Fresh or any other similar programs I would like to know about it. Please leave a comment below and I will respond within 12 hours. You also can contact me via e-mail:



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6 Responses

  1. Paul

    Dear John,

    Thousands of thanks for the great review on Bring the Fresh. Your review contains loads of valuable information which provided enough information to analyse the product. Thanks for this useful review. Wishing you great success! Keep up the great work. I will come back to your website to learn more information.

    Your Friend,

    • John Worthy

      Thanks Paul, Kelly Felix was one of the good guys back then. Wonder what happened to him…guess he made enough money to retire. However, the important lesson is that anyone can make it out there IF they are willing to LEARN; and that’s why I am a member of WA for 5 years now.

    • John Worthy

      Thanks for the comment. I know you are a Bring the Fresh fan. Have you ever looked into Wealthy Affiliate? If not, you should. It’s free to enter and look around for as long as you wish. Sign in through my site and say hello to me.

  2. Marc

    Hey John, just curious, why do you recommend Wealthy Affiliate over BTF? Is WA all about SEO as well, or is that course a completely new approach?

    • John Worthy

      Hi Marcus, I appreciate your comment. First of all let me say that BTF is a very good program for newbies to learn the basics of affiliate marketing. I recommend WA over BTF for the following reasons.
      1) WA offers two different courses. The “Online Entrepreneur Certification Course” and the “Affiliate Bootcamp”. The first is a comprehensive introduction to Online Business in general, with emphasis on Niche Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Website building and so on. The latter is specifically built around Affiliate Marketing.
      2) WA offers a FREE starter membership and TWO free websites, including free hosting. Members that decide NOT to upgrade to Premium membership, can stay free members as long as they wish. Their sites will be sub domains, however there are folks that indeed are ranked and making some money.
      3) WA is not for newbies only. There are many members with successful sites already in place joining WA to even learn more and take advantage of the unlimited free hosting WA provides. Think about the savings for a guy coming over with 8 sites and only pays $49.00 per month membership fee.
      4) Help and support at WA is second to none. The Forum and Class room boards are very active 24/7/365. Kyle, Carson are highly involved on a daily basis and usually respond within a couple hours to requests.
      I could go on and on.
      And like I said, I do recommend BTF as you can see on the sidebar.
      I hope that answers your question.

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