Insured Profits Scam Review – Binary Option Scam With A Twist


Would you play the “flip-a-coin game” with me? $20.00 per flip. You’ll get $20.00 when you win, but have to pay me only $2.00 when you lose?

I’ll bet you will, all day long. This is, in essence, what Dave promises with his sales pitch promoting his Insured Profits program. This is yet another binary option trading software program, but with a special twist to it.

Will Dave be able to hold his ground and keep his promise? Or is it just a dirty sales trick to scam you out of your money? My insured Profits Review will answer these questions.


Insured profits video screenshotWhat is Binary Option Trading?

This form of trading is like a coin flip. You can make a bet if a particular stock, currency or commodity will go up or down over a short time period.

If you think the price will be up, you bet a “call”, if you think it will be down, you bet a “put”. If you guessed right, you win.

Let’s say you put a $100.00 on a “call” bet and the stock lost on value at the strike time, you can kiss Mr. Franklin Good Bye. However, if the stock gained on value you win……but not a $100.00.

Why is that? Well, in binary trading you will get only 75% to 80% payout of the bet. The difference goes to the Brokerage Firm. In order to break even, you will have to win 20% to 25% more often than losing.


Binary Trading Software To The Rescue – Most Likely Not!

There is a bunch of Binary Trading programs out there, that tell you they have created a “secret software”, which beats the system and is right 90% of the time. I have tried and reviewed a few of them, and I tell you right now that NONE could beat the system.

Software cannot predict the outcome of a coin toss or the fluctuation of the stock market.


The folks that claim their software CAN and WILL do just that are LIARS and SCAMMERS!


Why Should Insured Profits Be Different?

For starters, Dave does not claim his software can predict the unpredictable. Good for him, he understands that we are not dumb enough to believe this particular crap.

BUT, and this is the big but. He makes the following claims:

1) His software will “insure your bets”, so you will win the full 100% of your bet, and only lose 10% when you lose your bet. However, Dave fails to explain how exactly this will be achieved. But maybe this screenshot will give us an explanation:


insured profits loophole


2) His software will automatically assign winning trades to whatever result occurs the most, be it a call or a put. HAH? WHAT? I am confused now. How can his software assign bets AFTER the fact. I would call that cheating if indeed possible.

This makes it very clear to me that Insured Profits is like any other of these programs. A scam to get your hard earned money.


What Is The Purpose Of Insured Profits If It’s Not Working

It’s working alright. But only for Dave, Ginnie and Steven. When you fall for this scam and sign up with the brokerage of their choice, they will get a one-time commission of up to $500.00.

Obviously, they rotate the brokerages. The first time I logged on to their sales page, the broker of their choice was Banc de Binary. The next time it was CITRADES and after that bee options.

It really does not matter. The only purpose for Insured Profits is to have as many people as possible sign up with a binary brokerage.

They will get their commission right away, because you will not be able to withdraw any money until you have consummated a certain number of trades. I never reached the threshold because my deposit was gone long before.


Here Is My Take On Insured Profits

Dave and his crew think they are smart, They have taken a position against all the other shady binary trading programs by basically acknowledging that there is no software that can predict the fluctuations of the stock market.

They try to sell you the idea that “their software is able to cheat the brokers by re-shuffling the deck after the deal was done”. Their angle is that you make money, no matter if you were right or wrong with your bet.

Clever, but not clever enough, When you take a close look, they are operating like all the others. You will get the software for free, but you can only use it after you spend at least $250.00.

Personally, I believe there is no special software. You will be able to access a program every brokerage offers their clients. Their software handles the trades and the book keeping. Included is a “Trending Module”, which records the trading trend and sets trading signals. That’s the end of it.


My Verdict: Insured Profits is a Scam. Avoid getting involved.


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John Worthy ProfileI am John and I help newbies to start their own online business. If you have any questions about this article or have had any experience with programs like Insured Profits, we would like to hear from you. Leave a comment below or send me an email


8 Responses

  1. profits

    Thanks for your great article. I am running a small blog which is related to binary options. I’ll definitely share your article with my subscribers.

  2. Anasticia Lirnyks

    Hey John, you are really joking with us. Do you ever use the Insured Profits? or you just tell this like your won imagination. You are providing people false news nothing else!

    Lets have a look of The Insured Profits why I’m using it. I give Some most reasonable points:

    01. Its easy!
    02. No difficulty with graphs & charts.
    03. 70%-93% accuracy.
    04. Balance put & call.
    05. 24/7 customer support.
    06. Income in 60 seconds.
    07. Good Major pair and Cross pair.
    08. No risk!!!

    I got those facilities and money more and earn a lots of money across my desired level. Every 60 sec I profited 80%-93% on trade. Now tell me why shouldn’t I use this binary bot. I guarantee you that you must have 100% satisfied by read the review. Insured Profits Official:

    For Proof =>>>

    Also Check this =>>>

    • John Worthy

      Anasticia, just for the sake of correctness let me say this:

      1) I am not joking with you
      2) You claim 70% to 93% accuracy of predicting the outcome of the bets. Absolutely impossible
      3) 24/7 customer support is absolutely incorrect
      4) I understand your desire to make money. Don’t we have all the same goal? However, Insured Profits is not the right vehicle to achieve this goal
      5) If you would be forthright and honest, you would post how much commission YOU get if a person falls for this scam and creates an account using your links
      6) Speaking of “PROOF” Your link leads to a sales pitch for Insured Profits
      7) Have you ever tried to withdraw money from your account and how many trades did you have to consume before you were able to? (if there was any money left in your account, that is)

      And finally: Yes I have tried several of these Binary Option Trading Scams………..did I make any profit? NO

      But thanks for your input

    • Cliff

      Just wondering, how are you going to find some one who is stupid enough to pay you $20 on a coin flip you win and only take $2 if you lose?

      I don`t know if it is a scam or not as I am only trying to learn about these things but where are you going to find a broker who is dumb enough to go for that?

      • John Worthy

        Hi Rand, thanks for stopping by. This is just one of many scams based on binary option trading. There are about 150 of these out there and they all need a special “selling point’. Whoever the folks behind the scams are, they need to come up with something new with every launch they do. I just hope that people recoggnize that will be had, if falling for their lies and false promises

  3. Jerry Snyker

    I joined Insured Profits a month ago and have never been given access to their members area where the software is. They keep telling me they will fix the problem but never do. It looks like I’ve lost my deposit as the broker ,Bee Options will not shift the funds to another system.

    • John Worthy

      Hi Jerry, sorry to hear that. That’s a new wrinkle in their game. Unfortunately, the only way to recoup your money will be through your credit card company. Dispute the charge and you may get your money back. Bee option is located off shore, of course, and legal action is almost impossible. Thanks for letting us know.

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