Instant Profit Silos Review: Is Instant Profit Silos A Scam

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Mark Bishop
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On September 6, 2014
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It is possible to make money with Instant Profit Silos. The ad campaigns will cost money and success cannot be guaranteed. Overall: A decent program

I recently came across Instant Profit Silos while working on the article “Do Mini Sites Still Work After Google Panda Update”?

The concept of Siloing websites for SEO reasons has been around for a while now. What grabbed my interest about Instant Profit Silos was Mark Bishop’s claim that you can make money within days after you create a website.

That seemed a little bit too far fetched. I know from experience that it takes at least 3 days before a new site gets indexed by Google. Then it takes much longer to get a decent ranking; sometimes weeks if not a couple of months.

How in the world can this guy make money off a new site in just 3 days?

I had to find out what this is all about and off I went to the Instant Profit Silos Website.


The Sales Page


mark bisho owner of instant profit silos
Mark Bishop – Owner

I buy a many products for my reviews, as you can imagine, and expected the same old and tiring sales video; the showing of fancy cars, mansions, yachts and promises to make you rich over night.

To my surprise, Mark Bishop’s presentation is nothing like that. He provides a decent looking sales page with detailed information, and a video without the usual artificial hype build-up.

The sales pitch is “mild” (in lieu of a better word), Mark Bishop tells you that setting up a site takes about 2 hours and you can make $600.00 a month.

I was skeptical about the claim of THINGS YOU WILL NOT NEED (screenshot below)




Does this sound real to you? Honestly, I had my doubts. What better way to find out is there, but to buy the product and have a closer look!


Buying Instant Profit Silos

The product is sold on a dime sale (the price goes up with each sale), high limit is $27.00. I bought it from JVZoo for $22.20. There is ONE upsell, also a dime sale, which cost me $19.23. You will buy 3 Bonus videos to raise your profits.


The Product Instant Profit Silos Consists Of:

 1) Ten (10) Videos: The quality of the videos is good. I was really impressed with the content. Mark Bishop is explaining the method of making money online in an easy to understand and realistic manner.

You will learn how to pick a niche and product, research keywords and create your mini website, which is the core function of Instant Profit Silos.

2) Four (4) e-books in PDF format: These e-books supplement the videos. The main book (14 pages) lays out the whole concept, while the other 3 books describe in detail how to build a WordPress website and how to write ads.

3) Case Studies & Sample Websites: This material is excellent and particularly helpful for newbies. More experienced internet marketers could find tips and tricks, which may be new even to them.


instant-profit_silos review


How Exactly Does Instant Profit Silos Work?

Earlier, I mentioned the article I wrote about mini sites and if they still work. This is a hotly discussed subject within the internet marketing industry,

The opinions differ; lots of people say that mini sites are not working anymore, many folks, myself included, say that they still work “if done correctly”.

Barring the reasons for the different opinions, Instant Profit Silos may work due to a “simple twist” Mark Bishop put to his system. I will explain in just a few moments’

Here is how it works:

1) Find a niche that generates decent search results (500 – 1,000 per month) and relative low competition (QSR of 200 or less). This could be a niche topic about issues people are not comfortable talking about (certain health related problems, skin conditions etc.).

Or find a niche with a hot selling products (iwatch soon to be released, android accessories, etc.)

2) Create a 1 or 2 page WordPress website. Talk about the subject and product on one page, provide a review about the product and/or add customer reviews on the other.

3) Buy ONE domain name (about $10.00 for the year) and Website Hosting (NameCheap as low as $6.00 per month)

4) Create an ad Campaign with Bing: This is the “twist” I mentioned earlier. Using Mark Bishop’s system, you don’t have to worry about getting visitors to your site by organic searches. You will ONLY rely on generating traffic thru paid advertising.

Lean back and wait……………..for people buying the product thru your site!

In the meantime, you create another mini site and “silo” it with a sub-domain into your existing domain. Start another ad campaign and

Lean back and wait……………..see above.

 Now you see how Instant Profit Silos is supposed to work. Let’s have a look at what I liked and what I didn’t like.


The PROS & CONS of Instant Profit Silos



  • Mark Bishop is honest about earning expectations
  • The training and the material is above average
  • The concept is well thought out and applicable
  • You can make money this way



  • PPC (pay-per-click) is a little bit like gambling (sometimes your ad-campaign can and will fail)
  • You need to invest money to get started
  • The training does not include SEO
  • It may be overwhelming for newbies


My Verdict: Instant Profit Silos Is Legit And Can Make You Money

It is refreshing to review a product/program that really works and is worth the money. The only downside, in my opinion, is that Instant Profit Silos is not for people with no or very limited budgets.

Let’s be honest about it; 99% of all people looking for a way to jump on the “internet marketing band-wagon” have either a very limited budget or none at all.

This is the reason why I cannot recommend this program hands down. Let me show you how my #1 recommendation compares compares with Instant Profit Silos.



The Bottom Line: If you want to make money online and look for the best way to get started, take a FREE TEST DRIVE with Wealthy Affiliates


John Worthy ProfileHi, I am John and I help newbies to start their own online business. If you have any questions about this review or how you can get started, leave a comment below and I will get back with you asap.


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2 Responses


    I googled Mark Bishop to research if he’s legit or not. I do online surveys on a minimal scale and signed up for an evaluating WalMart thing. Next thing I know I get a cashier’s check for $1995 in the mail with a letter. Then an email the next day with instructions on what to do. Part of the assignment is to go to 3 different local stores and purchase 3 different reloadable cards totaling $1500. Supposedly I get to keep $350 and spend about $55 at Walmart, etc. This seems fishy and wonder if this cashier’s check is any good. And when I deposit it into my bank account, then complete his assignments, does this check bounce? And I’m out $1995?

    • John Worthy

      Hi Terri, this is most likely a scam. I ran across it some time ago. ‘Who in the heck would send you a $1995 CC….out of the blue? Take the check to the bank before you spend a single dime.

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