Income Blueprint X Is Worth Nine Bucks

When internet marketers say “the money is in the list”, they talk about email marketing as an efficient way to promote your business and turn prospects into customers.

This is not a new idea; many ebooks and online courses about email marketing are already available. The latest addition to this long list is the subject of my review today.


income-blueprint x- review


What is Income Blueprint X?

Income Blueprint X, created by Kory Pearman, is a series of videos to teach you how to make money with email marketing. Kory claims on his sales page that you can…..

“Create the income you’ve always wanted by building 1-page systems that run on complete autopilot! If you can follow simple instructions, you can have your very own system up and running within 1 week!”

That sounds a lot like typical ‘marketing jargon’ to keep you on the page and listen to the sales pitch. I did and decided to buy the darn thing.


Income Blueprint X cost a mere $9.00!

Once you are done shelling out the nine bucks and have access to the member area, you will be offered two upsells.

1) The Complete Autopilot Version: $47

2) A “Done For You Premium Package”: $67 (this is where you have ‘almost’ nothing to do)

This is a common marketing tactic, you may just skip these and move on to the real thing. 


What you get for your $9!

The training is done in 9 steps, supported by a total of 15 videos, each about 12-20 minutes long

  • Step 1: Pick a niche (Clickbank, JVZoo) –  1 Video
  • Step 2: Create a squeeze page (demonstrated on OptimizePress) – 1 Video
  • Step 3: Creating an incentive – 1 Video
  • Step 4: Redirect to CPA offer 13 min
  • Step 5: Finishing up (setting up autoresponder) – 1 Video
  • Step 6: Automation (creating follow up messages) – 1 Video
  • Step 7: Sending emails  – 1 Video
  • Step 8: Everything about Solo ads, Facebook, Pinterest Traffic – 3 Videos
  • Step 9: Get Social – Forum, Google, YouTube Traffic – 3 Videos


owner of income blueprint x Kory PearmanKory Pearman has produced a high quality video series that provides lot of good information. He presents the material in an ‘over-the-shoulder’ style which makes it very easy to follow and comprehend.

Only now will you find out that you will have to purchase 2 additional tools in order to make the thing work. Kory recommends Optimize Press for $97 and Aweber which will set you back $19 per month. Of course, this is an unexpected business investment, especially if you hoped that $9 will be all you have to spend to get started.

It seems that Kory is not an affiliate with either of them since he does not provide links. He actually suggests that other tools, like Thrive or GVO are alternative tools to use.

Watching him creating a squeeze page using OP in less than 5 minutes was impressive, to say the least. Another outstanding topic was to have your opt-in redirect to a relevant CPA offer of which you can make money from, instead to a commonly used ‘thank you’ message that will pay you nothing.

There is a lot of solid advise in the training, and if you are new to email marketing Income Blueprint X is a great beginners course.


What I did not like!

The main beef I have with Kory’s course is that it does not go deep enough. Many newbies are going to be left with many unanswered questions to a variety of topics:

  • What if I don’t get any sign-ups?
  • What should my follow up messages look like?
  • Should I change my landing page?
  • How do solo ads work?
  • How does CPA work?
  • How much money should I budget for solo ads and CPA?

I admit that Kory covers a lot of topics, but not detailed enough that newbies are ready to get started. You will have a lot of questions and nobody to around to ask. So you will be stuck and have to look some other places on the net to find solutions to your problems. 


What is the target market for Income Blueprint X?

Obviously, the course targets the ‘make money online (MMO) niche’ and people looking for these opportunities. Kory teaches you how to select products from Clickbank and JVZoo, which are the major affiliate networks for  digital MMO information materials.

This is easy to understand because the MMO crowd doesn’t mind being bombarded with new offers on a daily basis. I just can’t see that Kory’s teachings would work in the ‘home entertainment’ niche, for example. It wouldn’t make any sense to promote a different TV set to your list every other day. Or would it?


Conclusion to my Income Blueprint X Review.

Kory Pearman created a very good video course that teaches the rudimentary fundamentals of email marketing in the MMO niche. His course is geared to create one-page squeeze sites to build a list of potential customers and promote products to them. His course is not half-ass bad, even I learned a couple of new tricks, but does not go deep enough into the topic. It just scratches the surface of email marketing and is missing many important details.

If you are a total newbie and trying to get a first understanding of email marketing, Income Blueprint X would provide a very affordable starting point.


What’s an alternative to Income Blueprint X?

Internet marketing is a compact beast with many teeth, and email marketing is just one of these. One-page squeeze sites were very successful a few years back, but algorithm changes in the search engines rendered many of them useless. They still can work if done correctly; this however requires knowledge of many other things that are not covered in Income Blueprint X, and many other similar programs.


If you are serious about making real money online, I suggest you take a look at My #1 FREE Recommendation and find out how I got started. Let me show you how Wealthy Affiliate compares to Income Blueprint X:


You can easily see why Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 Free Recommendation. I am not crazy enough to say that Wealthy Affiliate is the right thing for you, that’s for you to determine. What I can say however, it’s absolutely risk free to come on in and take a look around. Enjoy 10 lessons of the Entrepreneur Certification Course and, at the same time, build your first website for free. Then decide if this is what you were looking for. It’s up to you to take action, and ONLY YOU can stop you from success.

That’s all for today folks. I hope you enjoyed reading my Income Blueprint X review and would love to hear your opinion. So, please chime in on your way out and leave your 2 cents worth in the box below.

Thanks for stopping by

John Worthy


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4 Responses

  1. rick

    Thanks for the review. I heard about this and found your article when stopping by. Not a very good program thats for sure. I wonder how many of these people who start stuff like this actually make money? And if not many of them do make money, why do so many keep trying this? It doesn’t make sense to me that if it really doesn’t work that well, why someone would keep offering so many of these type programs. Seems the world at large would already know these things are scams! Right? What is you verdict? Why do you think they keep putting these type of program on the internet. It must take them time and lots of money to come up with something, even if it is crap!
    Thanks John, always love reading your reviews.

    • John Worthy

      Thanks Rick. I believe that people do make money with crappy products, especially in the MMO niche. There a literally millions of folks from all over the world trying to make money online. It only takes 20,000 folks buying this $9.00 product to make a nice little extra money, don’t you think? At least this one here is not completely useless. Again thanks for stopping by.

      • rick

        You are right of course. I would love making $9 dollars times even a thousand folks! We should do this as well. Everyone seems to buy into crap no matter the result! Of course I’d be more pleased about helping others I guess if it was a way to show them from start to finish what I’ve accomplished online.

        We are not knowing just how many people buy into a basic course though. It could drastically depend on how much traffic he gets and whether he uses paid traffic or not. He as a review writer, why not ask?

        • John Worthy

          You hit it on the head, Rick. But I must say that I would not feel good putting out a crappy product, even if it only cost $9 bucks.

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