I have a BEEF

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with  “How To Make Money Online SCAMS”!

 …………………………….and the “Internet Guru Scam Syndicate”


I have a beef

The Easy Way To Find Victims!


ways to avoid scams onlineMore and more people looking for an opportunity to “jump on the Internet bandwagon” for ways to start their own Internet Marketing Business. Preparing for this article I ran TWO simple searches on Google. I used the search criteria “how to make money online” on the first search.

As you can see in the screenshot to the left, there are almost 1.8 million searches on average per  month where people use the exact wording for their searches.

how to make money online

And then I just added ONE word to the previous search and typed “how to make money online scams“. Now look at the picture on the right. The result on top of the list is for the exact wording I used, whereas the other 5 results are very similar with minor differences. That’s just the way people are searching for the same thing, I guess. 

Important is however, that “only” 32,304 searchers (less than 2% of the almost 1.8 million) must be aware of the fact that there are indeed scams out there. Scams that cost unsuspecting and vulnerable people hundreds of million dollars every single year.

My experiences with SCAMS


Let me tell you a little bit about my experiences when I was looking for ways to make money online. I fell for scams. Not only once but 3 times, I have to admit. I remember how mad I was. With THEM of course,  but more so with myself for not doing what would have been the normal thing to do. Research, research and more research.

But what prompted me to forget all about common sense, rhyme and reason? Simply put, I was taken by the presentation of their advertisements and fancy videos. I wanted to believe that it is indeed possible to make thousands of dollars a week with just 8 mouse clicks.

The thoughts of being able to buy a Ferrari or a big yacht without having to work for it was really appealing to me. Yes, I acted like a total dork. And I forgot what my parents taught me: “From nothing comes nothing”!


My BEEF with the Scammers!

I am sure you can understand why I am more than mad with those that take advantage of regular people trying to make “their dreams” come true. I am more than mad with their tactics and practices to swindle folks out of their without any remorse whatsoever. I am more than mad that our governing bodies turn a blind eye on something that is so obvious illegal it literally stinks to the heavens.

how to make money online scamsThe worse of all is this particular group of about 10 so called Internet Gurus that formed a SYNDICATE and started promoting each others junk products (here is a Review you may find interesting). Have you ever seen that Mercedes promotes BMW, or Dell is promoting Toshiba? I surely have not.


Recently I attended one of their seminars which is nothing else but a big SALES event. They bore you with a parade of people giving their “testimonies” how easy it is to make tens of thousands of dollars “even while they sleep”.


Then followed a ceremonial presentation of over sized checks to TOP EARNERS in amounts ranging from $12,000.00 to over $300,000.00. This is a cleverly build-up of hype and enthusiasm which subsequently leads newcomers to buy the over priced, and in fact worthless product(s) or join their MLM system. And this is my BEEF with those individuals giving the whole industry a bad name……..


Moving on

I got burned alright, but I did not want to give up on my dream to achieve financial independence, being my own boss, work from home and what not! Reading many reviews I came across one that really got my attention and I left a short comment for the author of the article. To my surprise, there was an e-mail from him just 2 days later with some more and very interesting information.

He introduced me to a program which  sounded to be the “real deal”.  No up front cost, no upsells and, most importantly, the opportunity to “try out what they offer” for free. And the rest is, like the old saying goes, “HISTORY”.

He recommended Wealthy Affiliate (also known as WA University) as the best program in the industry. A place to learn everything necessary to build a successful online business. I was skeptical at first and did some more research, targeted my online searches at this outfit and found many more reviews.

Wealthy Affiliate UniversityTo make a long story short, I finally took the leap, signed up as a Starter Member (for free as promised) and started the excellent course lessons the very same day. Yes, there is a Premium Membership with a monthly membership fee of $49.00, but there was never any pressure at any time to upgrade.

After about 4 weeks I decided to upgrade, purchased my own domain name, transferred the FREE website I was working on to my .com domain and now have FREE WEB HOSTING for several websites.


THE LIST: In front of me I have a list with over 80 products and programs and my plan is to write reviews on a regular basis. Some of them seem to be legit and offered by the few “good guys” out there, most however seem to be outright scams. I know that it will cost me some money to get “inside” and be able to write objective and truthful reviews. But this is one of the missions of myself and my website. To help people like yourself to avoid the scams!


What can YOU do?

  • Do your diligent research
  • Read Reviews (you may start with my Wealthy Affiliate Review)
  • Pick a proven program that is NOT a product with “some secret” thing in it
  • Avoid those products that promise you “the pie-in-the sky”
  • Learn everything you need to know about Internet Marketing
  • Set yourself a goal and commit to it
  • in short: give Wealthy Affiliate a try – I promise you will not regret it.




jump on the internet bandwagon

John Worthy ProfileMy name is John and would like to hear from you if you have had any bad experiences with scams. Please drop a comment below and I will get back with you within 12 hours. e-mail: john@factsaboutinternetmarketing.com



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  1. JK

    It is a good thing that you didn’t give up John. Many people end up not trusting anyone anymore. It is sad that these people are missing some opportunities like the one you discovered because of what the scammers did to them. Keep up the good job of informing people.

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