How To Succeed at Affiliate Marketing

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What It Takes To Be Successful at Affiliate Marketing


How to succeed at Affiliate Marketing
What does it take to succeed at Affiliate Marketing?

In two of my previous articles, we explored “How to get started in Affiliate Marketing” and “How to Choose the Best Affiliate Program”. Today we are looking at ways to make your marketing efforts successful.

You chose to earn income in Affiliate Marketing, built your website and added some content to it.

Now its time to monetize your site, and promote the products or services you feel are best suited for your business.

And that leads to the question: Where does “to promote start”?

You Must Promote Yourself First!

Online Affiliate Marketing is different because there are no “window shoppers” so to speak. People arrive at your site as the result of particular interests, and the searches they perform.

In most cases, they are not planning to buy something right away. They are looking for helpful information, or solutions to problems they may have. If they do not get what they are looking for, they just leave.

Promoting yourself is a lot like applying for a job. For the sake of this example, think of yourself as “your website” and the company as a visitor to your site.


  • What are you doing when invited for an interview? Of course, you switch your sneakers, jeans and T-shirt for a pair of trousers, dress shoes, button down shirt and a nice sports coat.

Your website’s “outfit” is the first impression your visitor will get when arriving. The design of your site is the way “you dress for the interview”.


  • Preparing for the interview: You rehearsed the answers and questions you will encounter. You will prepare yourself to demonstrate your knowledge about the job and the skills involved.

Compare this with the content of your web pages, articles and posts. The content will represent your knowledge, and establish you as “authority” in your niche.


  • The Hiring: Finally, you will be talking about your compensation. The company wants to know why they should hire you and why you think you are worth the salary. You may know from experience that “gloating” about yourself is a bad thing to do. Instead, you would point out the benefits to the company by using your skills and expertise.

The same is true for your website and the product or service you want to sell. By pointing out the benefits to your visitors, you put them on stage, not yourself or the merchandise. Doing so will help to gain your visitor’s trust to do business with you.

There is another important reason for Promoting Yourself First before you start promoting products and services.


Where Is Your Website Ranked?


ways to succeed at affiliate marketing
Improving Website Ranking is important for success!

You know that most people browsing the web will not look past page 2, or maybe page 3, of the search results. Therefore, it’s imperative for you to work hard to improve the rankings of your website.

Creating and publishing “Quality Content” on a regular schedule is the only way to get high rankings.

Let the “crawl bots” know that your site is a “living thing“, providing new information regularly. It’s a fact that rankings will improve with every new article or post. It may take some time, but be persistent in writing articles related to your niche.

Product or service reviews are a proven method to attract traffic to your site. People are looking for honest comparisons that help them to make purchase decisions.

Google’s ranking algorithm is a mystery to most of us. Yet Google releases many memos and short videos that can help you to improve your site. Keep in mind, that without decent traffic to your site, you will not have enough potential customers to succeed.


Zig Ziglar Motivational SpeakerThe well known motivational speaker and author

Zig Ziglar said:

“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

Seven Tips for Successful Affiliate Marketing:

1) Give Your Visitors What They Want

Zig Ziglar said that more eloquently than I did. When your content is good and makes visitors to your site come back and again, they will be inclined to follow your recommendations and purchase from you.

2) Choose the Products and Services Carefully

You can be selective. Never recommend products/services you would not buy or use for yourself. Never forget that your name and reputation rely on your recommendations.

3) Use Different Merchants for Your Niche

You can and should promote products from different merchants. It will give you greater sales potential and a better variety for your visitors. But spread the offers over your website – don’t bunch the different offers all on one page

4) Avoid Overcrowding of Promotional Offers

Don’t stuff your pages full of Banner Ads or other promotional materials. This can and will turn off your visitors, and search engines are not very fond of this technique either.

5) Make Use of Personal Recommendations

Banners do have their rightful place on your website……….on the sidebar. I found that personal recommendations work better, especially when recommending products I use and be satisfied with.

6) Stay Away from Private Rights Articles

There are free and paid-for articles you can use on your website. Your original content is much better for your visitors. Even Article Spinners are not good enough to prevent you from getting penalized by the search engines for “duplicate content“.

7) Updates are Good

Over time your website grows but also gets older. And so does some of your content. Check your content on a regular basis and see if there are updates necessary. Your visitor will like updated information and so do Google, Bing and Yahoo.  Updates will improve your site rankings.


“See You At The Top”

This is another famous quote Zig Ziglar was known for. I hope my article was helpful for you to make you “Successful at Affiliate Marketing“. Allow me one last word and a final tip.

BE TRANSPARENT to your visitors. Don’t hide the fact that you are making money at Affiliate Marketing. They will understand and appreciate your honesty about it.

John Worthy ProfileMy name is John. I always let my visitors know that I am a Wealthy Affiliate member and recommend the services of the Best Affiliate Program in the industry.

Let me know if you liked my article or not. I appreciate your input and critique. Just drop a comment in the box below or send me an e-mail:



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