How to Start Affiliate Marketing

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What is Affiliate Marketing and How does it work? I will show you the Best Way to get started in Online Affiliate Marketing.



how to start affiliate marketing
Affiliates made an estimated $10 billion commissions in 2013

There are many different ways to make money online on the Internet. More and more people are shopping online and that creates opportunities for the “aspiring Internet Marketer”.

Affiliate Marketing is a popular method to earn money in the Internet Market. I will show you what it is, how it operates, who the players are, where the money comes from and most importantly,  how you can get started today.

”Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. The industry has four core players: the merchant, the network, the publisher, and the customer”.

From all the different definitions that float around out there, I like this one the best. It makes it sound easy and simple. But hold on……..There is way more to it than that. Let’s take a closer look at that one.

Who Are The Players?

1) The Merchant, also called the Advertiser is the business selling a product or service.

2) The Affiliate, also called the Publisher is the entity that promotes said products or services. In the world of the Internet, this is done with website(s) which “publish” free information

3) Customer is the person or business that buys the product or services

4) Affiliate Network is a contract entity to track affiliate transactions. The merchant out sources the task of recording the transaction and payment of the commissions, to the affiliate network. The best known affiliate networks are Commission Junction, LinkShare or ShareASale. For example, BestBuy uses LinkShare as the “go-between”, while Amazon handles the task itself.



What are Affiliate Programs?

What is affiliate marketing
Many merchants maintain an Affiliate Program

Many companies have an affiliate program to form a partnership with a person or company, which are willing to promote the merchant’s product or services.

The affiliate agreement, which the affiliate will have to agree to, includes many terms but always these:

  • The compensation structure
  • Advertisement regulations
  • Copyright Infringement terms
  • Cookie duration

Finding merchants with an affiliate program is very easy. All it takes is a simple Google search. Assume you want to target a customer group that is interested in purchasing a digital camera. Type “Digital Camera + affiliate program” into the search box and you will find a high number of merchants with an affiliate program

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Let’s suppose  my search “Canon EOS review” leads me to your review about this particular model. You provide a link to a merchant you have an affiliate relationship and I decide to buy this camera and click on the link.

I purchase the camera, pay with my credit card, and in a few days I will be the proud owner of a new camera. You, however, have earned a commission for connecting me with the merchant.

Your affiliate link cookie lets the merchant and/or the affiliate network know “that it was you” sending the customer. Being an affiliate has it’s advantages

  • You don’t  have to buy and inventory any merchandise, or perform any services
  • You don’t have to ship the product
  • You get paid for the referral

Sounds too easy, does it not? It is not that easy. To begin, build and maintain a successful and lucrative Affiliate Marketing business requires a lot of determination, a lot of effort and a lot of work.

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How You Can Start Your Affiliate Marketing Business?


Overcoe the Pros of Affiliate Marketing
A Private Partnership with the Merchant provides you with higher and residual income

Like any “Newbie“,  you will “Start Off At Level Zero“. That means, you will go through the “Ups & Downs” until you find out what works for you. There will be a period of “Trial and Error” you have to go through. And this is also the period for you to learn important details about the business.

I can’t teach you everything with this article. But I can tell you what I do, and show you where I learned how to do that. First off, I am building websites that target a particular “Niche” and the products and services related to each niche.

Next, I write articles and reviews that attract people looking for information to my website. I keep on doing that until traffic to my site is steady, before I start promoting product and services.

This is not going to happen over night. However, with the increase of articles and reviews, the site ratings of the website also increase, and so does the volume of traffic to the site.

The Importance of Quality Content:

I explained to you “what I do” and must warn you of a mistake many newcomers are making. They stuff their website pages full of product promotions. This is a big “NO-NO” if you want to be successful. Their websites will fail to get high rankings by Google, Bing and the other search engines.

You need to provide quality articles and reviews and establish yourself as an “authority” in your niche. People will only by from you,  or through you, after you gain their trust. You can only achieve that with “Quality Content“. But before you get to this point, you need to take action and……..


Build The Foundation Of Your Business – A Website!

You need a Website you own! This is important because the website will be the foundation or “store front” of your online business. I always compare websites with houses. There are very nice looking houses and there are, to be honest, not so nice looking houses.

I feel much more comfortable visiting a nice looking house than a “shack”. The same is true in respect to websites. So in actuality, the website is your Virtual House in the online business world.

So keep that in mind when you start building your business. You don’t have to worry about the “actual process of building the website”. Over the past 10 years the process as been simplified so that anyone, and I repeat that, anyone can build the framework of a professional looking WordPress website in less than one minute.

Watch the video “Build a Website in less than ONE minute

Buld a website in under one minute
How to build a website in under ONE minute


You see how easy it is to build a website. You don’t need any programing experience. Of course, you will have to build your site out with pages and posts, menus and other items. And to do that, you will need some training and tools.


The Training You Need and Where You Will Get It


affiliate marketing program
So much to learn – where will you go?

Building a website is not the only thing you will need to learn. Let my give you just a “short list” what’s in store for you:

  • Niche and Keyword Research
  • Understanding SEO
  • Setting up Google Author Ship
  • Understanding Affiliate Programs and Networks
  • Leveraging Product Reviews
  • Getting Paid Ads for your website
  • Understanding Google Analytics
  • Creating your own Logos and Videos

and much more.


Wealthy Affiliate University


Wealthy Affiliate University
The Best Place To Learn

I learned everything at Wealthy Affiliate University, an online training center that specializes in educating beginners as well as the more experienced marketers. This is an “All in ONE Platform” that provides excellent training and all the tools and services you will ever need.

It’s the best place to learn and practice. There are NOUp-Sales” or “hidden back-office pressure sales“. In addition, you have access to a community of thousands of members, willing to offer their expertise 24/7/362.

The Help & Support System at WA is second to none. Premium Members have “Unlimited Website Hosting“, even for previously owned websites.

The Starter Membership is FREE, gives you 2 (two) free websites and you can stay at this level as long as you like. Join WA as a starter member (Credit Card is not required) and find out it if this is right for you.

Read my Wealthy Affiliate Review for more details.

John Worthy ProfileMy name is John. I’d like to hear from you. Let me know how much experience you have or what kind of training you are looking for. Drop a comment below or send me an e-mail:

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