How To Make Money With A Website!


You Want To Kiss Your Boss Good-Bye And Make Money Online?

….then you have to learn “How To Make Money With A Website!”


how to make money with your websiteApproximately 600 websites are created every single minute, including web pages on social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. This amounts to 864,000 per day, and roughly 320 million per year.

Infographic also shows us that 80 new domains are registered every minute, for a total of 43 million per year. However, over 80% of these ‘paid for’ domains stay active for only 100 days.

Unfortunately, there are no statistics that can tell us the reasons why people purchase a domain and create a website, only to abandon the project after a short while.

Most people think they won’t have to work to make lots of money on the Internet!

Their belief is reaffirmed when they come across websites that promise “you earn $3,000 per month with just 5 mouse clicks a day”, or similar BS.

The truth is far from it. To be successful in Internet Marketing you need to work, and work a lot. Your success depends ON YOU, the knowledge you acquire and the quality of your work.

First off, you need to understand that making money online IS A BUSINESS, and have to treat it as such.  If you take the ‘hobby approach’, you will fail!

Secondly, you need a plan, determination and the willingness to learn, and work hard.

There are many ways to take advantage of the Internet and make a livable income from the comfort of your home; too many to count. I am going to show you the most common, and easiest ways to get started, and some methods to leverage your business.


1) Promote Products As An Affiliate with a Blog Site

how to make money with a blog websiteThis is probably the easiest way to get started in Internet Marketing. The steps are:


Did you notice that I omitted the “Promote Product(s)” in the list of steps? There is a good reason for it. Your BLOG is about the TOPIC of your niche, and you specifically target ‘information seekers’, folks still unsure what the best product for their purpose is.

For example: You are an expert bass fisherman and have won a good share of tournaments. Of course, Bass Fishing is the perfect niche for your online business. You would write about your experiences, tell your visitors about the tournaments you competed in, the BIG ONE that got away…..funny, and not so funny fishing tales.

And in a very subtle way, almost like an afterthought, you’ll tell your readers what lures you use, why you use different ones in the morning than late afternoon; get my drift? You are NOT selling them any thing; rather provide information that will make them better bass fishers.

Needless to say that you also provide links from your articles to vendors where your readers can purchase exactly the same stuff that makes you a tournament winner.

You see, many people use the web to get inside information about something they contemplate to buy. It does not matter if the product is a low or high priced item. People do listen to other people’s opinion before they make a ‘buy decision’.


2) Promote Products As an Affiliate with a Review Site

The steps here a basically the same as above, except that you will, obviously, promote a certain product with your review. Reviews make great quality content and give you the opportunity to point your visitors to products from different manufacturers.

You gain your reader’s trust by delivering an honest and objective review, and if you are able to establish yourself as an authority in the field, you will make good money.

If you are promoting physical products, remember that many customer have a strong ‘brand loyalty‘. When comparing Product A to Product B, and Product B is superior to Product A, don’t rip Product A to pieces. Simply state the fact that, in your opinion, Product B would be a better value, but leave it up to the customer to decide what he wants to purchase. Even if it would be against your nature to promote a crappy product, make sure you have an affiliate link, otherwise you’ll leave money at the table.


3) Create And Sell Your Own Digital Products

You are an expert in your field, a talented writer, have a ton of great ideas for eBooks, but have no clue how to get about publishing and selling your potential masterpieces. KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) is for you. This FREE service from Amazon provides everything you need to get your book published. They guide you through the steps of …

  • Preparing your Manuscript (Word Doc / Docx, HTML, Mobi, ePub formats)
  • Publishing (Title creation, Cover creation, rights & territories, Setting your prices)
  • Promoting your Book (Seven topics covered in this section)
  • and selling your eBooks on Amazon.

Promoting your eBooks on the usual social networks and linking to your website will generate lots of traffic, which then creates an ever growing pool of return visitors to your site, leading to more sales of your books. 


4) Ride The FAB Wave!

how to earn money with a websiteThis method, although pretty simple, is not suited for beginners. It requires excellent knowledge of website building, SEO techniques and marketing tactics which takes time to acquire. 

Realizing ‘What’s Hot & Trending Upward‘ can make you a ton of money in a very short time. A few years ago, the most famous female daytime talk show host in the U.S. shed a bunch of unwanted pounds off her body weight, supposedly by using a dietary supplement based on the now equally famous “Acai Berry“. 

My friend, a long time Internet Marketer, immediately realized the business potential and jumped on the Acai bandwagon. It took him about two weeks to build a 4 page, one-category, one-keyword niche website, and an investment of about $500 for a PPC ad that brought his site to Page 1, Pos. 2 on Google search results. 

The site made him on average $1,000 per day for about 70 days; then the ‘Acai Berry FAB’ slowly died; and so did his site. Altogether, he netted a bit over $90,000. Not bad for two weeks of hard work. Like I said, it takes knowledge and experience to pull off something like that!


These are four ways to get you started in Internet Marketing. There are many more which I will cover in future articles. Here are TWO methods to leverage your business once your first site is up and running.


Pay Per Click

Ranking high in the search engines takes time and PPC is a strategy to jump ahead of those sites ranking higher than yours. You choose keywords or keyword phrases people use to search for information and bid on ‘how much you are willing to pay-per-click on your ad‘. It’s imperative to research and find keywords with low numbers of competing websites to keep your cost for the ads at a minimum. I need to point out that PPC does not guarantee you to make profit or break even!

Pay Per Action

PPA is a money making method that does not require any investment on your part. Applying with PPA Networks is a tedious process, but once accepted you will place ads on your site and get paid whenever a visitor clicks on the ad and completes an action; this can be subscribing to emails, fill out a simple form, or agree to try a certain product. Whenever the action creates a ‘lead for the advertiser‘, you will get paid. The pay is typically from as low as 50 cents up to $20 per action. Not too bad!


A Penny For Your Thoughts!

Like I said earlier, there are many more ways to monetize your website, but this is a good start. I would love to hear your opinion about this article; so don’t be shy and chime in on your way out.


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  1. Garry Tatnell

    Great ideas you have. It is helpful to me as I newly launch my affiliate marketing website. Seems I can smell success.
    Thank you for sharing your insights. Hope to read more from you.

  2. Timothy

    Finaly! What a refreshing article, i have been looking for ways to make money online, but i kept on bumping in the scam sites, people asking money to just tell me how they do it, you are the first who just lays it down for me in plain language, so thanks alot

  3. Anna

    Affiliate marketing is very popular between bloggers who want to make money from their blogs. Affiliate marketing strategies involve continuing to think creatively about where your demographic is most likely to be so that you can have your advertisement present there as well. Good post. Affiliate marketing is very common today. That is a good way to earn. I’ve also found here how to make money from a website What do you think about this article?

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